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Havana is home to many contradictions. When I first visited in 2010, I arrived to see family and explore my Cuban roots. Like many Americans, I imagined the capital city would be full of old cars, broken buildings and downtrodden people.  

All of those things exist in Havana, but there is much more to the island than poverty and time capsules. Appearances can been deceiving and Cuba’s constant change is perhaps most evident in its fashion. In Havana, unlike in Brooklyn, no one steps out for coffee in their pajamas. Being primped and pressed is important at all times. Men often wear tight-fitting shirts, along with jeans or capri pants. Most are always clean shaven and their hair is always neatly groomed. Women tend to favor short skirts and spandex in the Havana heat, and everywhere you look, someone sparkles with gold: earrings, necklaces, teeth. Looking good “is just as important as eating,” says Kiriam Gutierrez, a transgender stage performer whose income depends on her appearance.


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I really doubt this, but is being manipulative a bpd thing? Like just over random things like. Where you wanna go to eat? Or buying you something? And then feeling really really guilty over it and trying to take it back but secretly hoping it'll still stand. Idk..

oh boy

nah man being manipulative is like one of the main traits of bpd everyone hates us for

I do it ill admit it like i used to plan out elaborate ways to fuck people over and i caused a lot of damage that way but now i’ve calmed down to just using it for little things that dont really make a difference

once you realize your being manipulative its really hard to stop too because its almost like a natural reflex and it takes some training to catch yourself because half the time i dont even notice im doing it until after i already succeeded

and yeah the thing with this is it’s one of those ‘i love being evil’ bpd things like my emotions are conflicted about it but theres a part of me that understands i have a talent for being an asshole so its kinda a waste not to utilize it? like obviously you have to fight that (which is where the conflict starts of not wanting it vs secretly wanting it) but on a deeper level yeah i get satisfied when i successfully make someone do what i want out of a complicated formula of guilt tripping and black mail

and then I feel guilty about feeling satisfied about it and it starts this whole shame spiral bc i want to be a good person but im good at being a bad person so what do i do

If you’re manipulating people its better to stop doing it if you can though bc it really doesnt get you anywhere in the long run and it can be source of a lot of anxiety and guilt when accumulated over time which could easily be avoidable by just stopping for a minute and deciding its not worth the time and energy




Don’t Fuck With Me I Read, Turtleneck’s

I really hate the laidback vibe of a Sunday morning. There’s just something so perfect about the total and utter chaos of a Tuesday morning. Tho I may start to embrace the epic calm of a Sunday. I mean its not like I have to go to work Monday morning, and I guess the traumatic last supper before school the next day is no longer a thing for me. Then I could get into very sunday leisure garms and cop this sweater for next week. Check the rare neckline. Yo, I mean a summer turtle neck is a very very DO NOT FUCK WITH ME, I read look. I can browse the farmers market for no reason, and casually snap a gram of a basket of plums. I’ll carry one of those canvas tote bags that has a funny saying or the location of an indie bookstore I went to once in London so you know I’m not only well versed and well traveled, but I exclusively eat organic. I’ll be posted on a quiet summer street very relaxed on the bench outside Box Kite with their freshly baked biscuit egg sandwich, listening to pizza money respect on beats 1 radio.

Box Kite Coffee

Tip: fresh baed biscuit with egg is the truth. But they also have a full breakfast menu.

Tip: coffee situation is very serious, get into it.

When to come here: really any time. They have an amazing coffee program, the breakfast is sick, coffee meetings, east village chilling, dinner, date night, wild chefs table acton in an unsuspecting place.

Where: 115 St Marks Pl, New York

Times:  Monday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Phn: (212) 574-8201

Tbh this tag reaches so much to get ppl in every season to be looked at as racist/homophobic/sexist etc. Like i thought we all hated that from season 15 and now all everyone wants is that type of drama. (Yes some people are really those things but like a lot of them you guys are reaching) Like with liz saying day shouldve gone to the bad girls club if she wanted to fight… How is that racist?? Girls fight in the bad girls house thats not racist. Its just so annoying that this tag will unstan someone just bc of one little thing they said, which you guys are reaching to make it seem bad. PICK A FAVE AND STICK WITH IT.

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Wouldn't Jupiter have a different amount of time zones since the day is a different amount of hours? Planets rotate at different speeds so it would depend on the speed of rotation.

Not if we lived on Jupiter, if our planet was the size of Jupiter. But it could also stand that the hours are just… longer, if that makes sense. Like, if it takes longer for the planet to rotate then obviously the days would last longer and when divided into hours they would be longer too. Our concept of how long an hour is is 100% dependent on the size of our planet, its distance from the sun and how fast it rotates. So if one of those things were changed then it makes sense that our measurements of time would change too.

This is just me guessing. I could very well be wrong.

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Pisces are sweet and all, don't get me wrong, but I feel like (at least with the ones I've met), that they tend to go with the flow and don't really have their own opinion or just don't express it, like they're afraid of confrontation or something?? Idk I like when people tell me what they think, and Pisces is one of those signs that usually agrees with everyone else or something

ahh i guess so. pisces can be opinionated but they tend not to voice it maybe bc they dont wanna hurt anyone’s feelings or get confronted. i dunno its just a natural thing to do for us i guess.


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Idiocracy is pretty average but in its defense, like 90% of the people who are like "idiocracy is coming true" don't get that it's a comedy and not, like Brave New World or 1984 or some shit like that. It's one of those things I think people really hate less because of the thing itself and more its obnoxious fans (see Fight Club, Homestuck, MLP)

the fact that it’s a comedy doesn’t really change the fact that it has a very clear opinion about society, the direction its headed, and who’s to blame.

and its opinion is classist and ableist as fuck not to mention its an opinion that anyone who actually vocalizes outside that film it basically advocates eugenics

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Please do what you need to in order to protect yourself, Lethel. The community supports you and has witnessed your bravery and strength. You have a beautiful relationship and it is your right to protect it, fuck any haters that give you drama. You two are too badass for that. We will miss you.

yeah so that made me cry

idk what else to say…

strength is like, its weird, i dont feel strong but i know ive had a lot on my shoulders and i didnt realize just how much it was and i wont be crushed by it. 

i will protect her, she’s important to me, and i know i definitely get all derpy when people say nice things about her or us and i dont deny i take those positive words back to her 

i’ve not really been open about my relationships before but i dont regret being open about this one, so many of you have said the nicest of things and shes been the greatest of people to me

people like to joke about how i blush and shit and i dont blush thats not manly and its not a derpy grin its a manly smile of indifference and masculinity 

literally nothing is worth more to me than the person that puts that big dumb grin on my face and makes my heart race just from a  smile

im glad i could share that with you all

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Yeah that's what I thought.. I think that I've already heard some girls claiming that they were pregnant with a baby from a famous singer or actor, but like, the rumor was denied in the next day. There's no point in letting it run like this, except from raising Louis' image! But the thing is having a denial will actually revive the headlines, whereas letting it crawling like that doesn't. If we don't get one in the next few days then the people doing this are not clever

If they are using it to increase his name, which I think is the case, then letting it run its course is smart, then right when it dies, bring it back to life with a denial or something along those lines. 

The story is dying, but it is not completely dead. 

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4,6, and 20 for the munday thing

4: Is there anything enjoyable about writing your muse?

  • Oh good god yes - I love throwing her into scenarios where she could potentially die, I love making her interact with others and watching my awkward child make friends and enemies, I love watching other muses underestimate her and get their asses handed to them…there isn’t much I don’t like writing about her

6: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves?

Yes, my biggest one has to be when I go out of my way to write a detailed, carefully crafted reply for someone, taking a lot of time, effort and editing to make sure its perfect…to get a one liner in response. There are those rare occasions where its appropriate and fitting, but most of the time its not, and I’ll just sit there wondering why I even bothered to make an effort at all - its one of the biggest things that will turn me off of writing with you; you don’t need to match or exceed my post length, but please Please PLEASE match my enthusiasm.
That, and poorly written smut - I’ve nothing against people who RP smut but really…I’ve read some so poorly written that I had to lie down and just stare at the ceiling for awhile and wonder if the writer has even the most basic grasp of the way the human sexual organs actually function and if they slept through Sex Ed or even bothered attending.

20: [OC] How did you choose their name?

Maggie is an Outlast OC, and I wanted her name to connect with Eddie Gluskin somehow and I kept coming back to the song he always sang, “I Want A Girl.” - one of the lines in it is, ‘She was a pearl’, so I looked for names that meant pearl, and came across Margaret, which is derived from the Greek Margaritari - meaning Pearl

If this is your book, what would you write about?


HKY91 is that you? Thatโ€™s an amazing edit! If I gave a lil summary of what I would write, I may as well write a little something instead. I hope you like it? ^^

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gem politics aside i want to say sherlock would be a diamond but like one of those fake diamonds- a cubic zirconia?? bc like, everyone would think hes unbreakable but its a facade- also hes still beautiful and clear and sharp and something people would THINK is unattainable but hes not…..also like, love symbolism (also his gem is in the middle of his chest- he keeps it covered up with his clothes bc hes vulnerable, and bc he wants to blend in- and mary breaks it by shooting him in the chest 😰)

So I’ve spent some time this weekend finally putting up my pictures and painting the frames I had. But one of the frames has this odd bulky bit on the back so it wont lay flat and then falls off… and its got like four pictures in it and it’s heavy… so I’m just going to leave that one off the wall until I find a better way to secure it… or just get a different frame.

But my wall looks really cool and I am slowly getting things organized… 

It only took me almost a year of living in this house… but you know what… small steps.

ALSO. I realized how I don’t actually take photos with my friends because I have very few recent ones/anything except the most recent 1D concert… and then before that it’s like college graduation… which was over a year ago.

Being genderfluid is awesome and all...

But tbh it has its downsides. It’s not always “handsome, dashing man” one day, and “pretty, graceful woman” the next. I feel like people don’t talk enough about the shitty things that come along with it. 

  • Suddenly switching genders after you’ve already left the house with no hope of returning. Nothing is worse than, in an instant, being a dude in public wearing a tight dress that shows off way too many curves.
  • Those days where you just can’t figure out your gender, no matter how long you think about it. No word feels right, and you just go throughout the whole day going “I am ????????
  • Going long periods of time without changing gender, and you start to doubt if you’re even really genderfluid. 
  • Any day you identify with your assigned gender at birth, you think you just made up your identity to be special. 
  • When most days, you’re ok with your birth name/assigned pronouns, but on the days when you’re not…. You’re really not. And you don’t want to bother asking people to switch name/pronoun use for you, because it’ll just change soon anyway, so what’s the point. 
  • On that note, forget thinking about hormones or surgery. You’re just gonna feel different in a little bit, so why bother? 
  • And ya know… No societal recognition or representation. 

What 3 years of hard work and dedication can do 😊😊😊.