its like one of those things

Why is it that I am not surprised that Calum has a dog on his lap?


"hiro is a shota"

"hiro loves his oniichan!!<3<3<3"

"bakadashi, bakahiro"

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What are your throughts on people who say that "male feminists are pathetic"?

Ugh these people. “Oh you want feminist pussy” “oh you hate yourself” or whatever”

Honestly I think anyone who says those things (and especially those who stick to it) are, well, pathetic. Like if you look at the motivations of people saying these things, they sex obsessed or deeply insecure. “Why wouldn’t an interaction with the female be motivated by sex? Why would you be interacting with e female?! FEMAAALE” or just being so insure in one’s masculinity that admitting or giving up anything related to gender is like admitting defeat.

But its all just insane. Like, personally I don’t have any privilege related guilt because like, why? I didn’t control who I am and honestly, I’m glad I’m on the path of least resistance? But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and I can acknowledge it and in the small ways I can, try and dismantle it without feeling guilty about it… and the sex thing isn’t even worth addressing because it’s so sad.

Like if someone wants to disagree thats one thing (especially when so many have been fed the strawman version of feminism) but the “how can you be a feminist if you’re a man” stuff is just pathetic as fuck. 99% of the time it’s a sign that the person is not worth arguing with.

I still think one of the greatest things about this movie is Bog’s character development because he literally spends the first half of the movie smacking around all his subjects due to their incompetence but after his interaction with Dawn he softens up and when the goblins are falling asleep on the job he doesn’t even get mad he just sends them off to bed.

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Coulson DIDNT found the Avengers or any of those things. Its cool to like Coulson but not to ignore or pretend Fury wasn't the one to do any of those things esp since he's one of the few POC in the marvelverse.

I will kindly ask you to avert your misconceptions of my view on Nick Fury towards the exit sign above. His skin color has nothing to do with the fact that I like Coulson more. I did say that Nick is a badass. His character is compelling, and totally “I don’t take shit from nobody”. Who doesn’t admire someone for standing up for what they believe in?

However, sometimes, the method in which he conducts himself for the greater good, I find downright deplorable. Have you seen the show, Agents of Shield? That was one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing anyone do to someone that they were supposed to be friends with. While I understand his motives, I cannot relate on a personal level. Fury’s character does not resonate with me like Coulson’s does.

Coulson, the big nerd, is completely likable. He’s a true do-gooder. He’s like Cap, but without all the super strength and decades of history behind him to back up how amazing he is as a person. I not only like this character, but I feel sad when he’s sad. My heart aches when I see him in pain. I’m happy when he is. Hell, I even I laugh at those cheesy one liners, because he probably practiced in front of the mirror a hundred times before laying the smack down on someone who could go toe to toe with a GOD. (IE, the supernanny comment he made to Stark so long ago, or “Oh, that’s how that works” line to Loki.)

Coulson not only inspires people to kick butt and take names. He inspires you to be a good person.

So if you seriously just cannot deal with how I like Coulson better than Fury, click the unfollow button. Have a nice day.

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I know this is an unpopular opinion ask but what do you think when people put watermarks on icons they made from art that isn't their own? It really just kind of rubs me the wrong way. And it's kind of the same thing for me when others are very…passionate about making sure their icons aren't stolen. I kind of get why but I'm also like ??? but you didn't even draw those icons though so why ??? but in the end I just deal with it

Capeless. Oh! we’ve had a large discussion in the past about this!

But! I am with the artists side on this one, not the iconers, Unless its from the Canon show/manga/NOT FANART AT ALL, People shouldn’t place watermarks/insignias on icons that they have not drawn.

Unless asking the artist permission fully that you can use their artwork for icons specifically for roleplaying/non-profit services, you shouldnt take their art work and watermark it. its Disrespectful.

I’ve really kicked up my fitness since last fall, and one of the things I love doing is flexing for myself. Like sitting on the couch watching TV, and I’ll flex my calves and admire my progress. “Look at those muscles! I’m so ripped!” 

My calves have been looking great for a few months, and last night I noticed that my quads were getting beefy. And just now, I was feeling my biceps and there’s actually enough muscle under all that fat to be visible. 

Seeing my body’s progress is super motivating and encouraging. 

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such a fucking stupid thing to say about depression. its like saying to someone stop having cancer. no one one wants to be depressed you pathetic fuck, its a disease that won't go away. unfollwed you uneducated twat.

Alright motherfuckers I’m not talking about you people who have chemical imbalances and can’t do shit about it. I’m talking about the people who are just depressed cuz they ain’t got nothing better to do. Unfollow me I DONT GIVE A FUCK! If you’re one of those people who are just depressed to be depressed slap yourself👋

just. idk sorry that sometimes my mental health needs a break from trying to be responsible and i need to relax because im overwhlemed sorry i act like someone with one of those “”cute”” mental illnessss or some shit because reading something I like or spending time with an animal cheers me up a bit (also its not like therapy animals are a thing /sarcasm)

I’m seeing a lot of sadness on my dash, and I want to hug everyone.

However, because I can’t physically do that, words will have to do;

You’re worth it. You’re so much more than you know.

Those who you look up to, aspire to be like, or wish you could do the same as, just remember;

The singer you think has a perfect voice?
They may not think they’re anywhere good enough, and hate their voice.

The writer you think can do anything?
They may not think they can, and struggle whilst getting upset easily.

The editor you think does things with ease?
They may get frustrated, and disheartened with what they do.

Just remember we all work at different paces, but at the end of the day, we’re all doing the same thing; constantly improving, whether you think you are or not, because I’ll tell you this; you are.

It’s hard, it’s goddamn hard to keep going and be positive, and sometimes you have major step backs, but that’s fine, it’s natural, no one expects you to be perfect, in reality, there is no such thing. However, even with that?

You’re you, and that’s goddamn ‘perfect’ enough. ♥

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Im not sure if this is to late for the HC thing, or if someone already did it, but i can just imagine Fili and Kili one day using those hair bun head things from Claire's to keep their hair out of their face, and one night one of them forgot to take it out before they went to bed, and the next morning it wasnt coming out. and they start crying becuase they dont want to cut their hair.

oh noooooooooooo but then they get it out of course cause lbr we cant cut that hair

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for matt - isnt this more of an abstract concept oh well