its like one in the morning

so also Maya stays behind in LA for a week or two to watch Miles and Phoenix’s apartment for them while they’re on their honeymoon and Miles is like “i hope nothing goes wrong while we’re away” and Phoenix is like “Miles relax i’m sure Maya can handle everything and the kids are there to help her”
so Maya and Apollo turn out to be very competitive with each other because Apollo is very insecure and thinks Phoenix likes Maya better than him because he asked her to apartment-sit for them instead of him and also Apollo thinks Maya is kinda hot so she intimidates him
so at one point Apollo shows up at the apartment in the morning (in my mind the apartment is above the agency i know its not in canon but listen it probably is and at one point during AJ or something Phoenix is like why am i paying rent on an apartment when i have one above my office hmmm and Miles probably chose to move in with Phoenix into the apartment because Miles’s mansion is too big even for the three of them so Miles keeps it as a vacation home bc it has a pool and stuff and ja i think about it a lot ok but anyway) so Apollo shows up because he’s just inviting himself over to check over Maya’s work and see if she’s doing anything wrong im sorry Apollo is so competitive and insecure and so Maya is making coffee but she cant really figure out the coffee maker and Apollo’s like “Mystic Maya allow me” (if the kids do not address Maya by her formal title in AA6 i’ll yell) so he pushes past her and he’s like hehe wow she cant even work a coffee machine a simple thing like th- holy shit what do all these buttons do
long story short Phoenix and Miles walk into their apartment after the honeymoon and half their cabinet is charred black and and their coffee machine is laying broken on the floor and Apollo is trying to scrub it away and Maya comes in from the other room yelling “do you think bleach would work??” and her robes are a little burnt and her hair is standing on end all over the place and then she sees Phoenix and Miles standing in the doorway and Apollo follows her gaze and turns around and sees them and immediately they’re like “lisTEN i can eXpLaIn”

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can we have more clawen morning fluff? those two waking up in bed tangled in each other's embrace is just so sweetttttt

First off: I apologise. This isn’t the best I can do, but I’m honestly feeling myself slipping into such a writing funk right now. Eurgh. Usual service will resume soon, I hope! I hope you can still sort of enjoy this.

Sunday morning made its way through the windows, uninvited, determined to disturb their slumber. Owen opened one eye gingerly, one arm under his head, before settling back down into the duvet with a sigh. His wife was still asleep, and he wasn’t about to take it upon himself to wake her up. Claire was entitled to any precious time she had, and Owen enjoyed moments like these; one arm slung round her waist, keeping her close to him.

Claire was slight and soft; her body warm against his, Owen’s nose in her glorious red hair. He never tired of the scent of vanilla; it was Claire’s trademark, and she was never without it. She was breathing deeply, her form rising and falling peacefully, dressed in a simple grey nightgown. Claire had bewitched Owen the very first day he had seen her, and he fell for her smart mouth just as much as her sensual grace. Owen still felt like the most privileged man on earth to see her like this; a raw beauty, his ring on her finger.

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I started college this  morning at 7am and finished it up around 9am. My first class ended 30 minutes early so I wandered around playing Pokemon go for awhile and then my next class was from 8 to 9. I had nice professors, I didn’t talk to anyone but I found a old friend of mine and we hanged out until I left around 10am.

I really like college, I have a feeling this is gonna finally be a good school year for me :3


(´。✪ω✪。`) Jacksepticeye- Pixel art


I’v received soooo many fan art recently! A bunch of them were Pixel art and oh boi. I LOVE pixel art. I can’t do it mahself buuut today i pushed my kyotie patootie face for this one !Took meh all mah morning but i guess it maybe worths the time passed on it ! i had fun!  (⊙ꇴ⊙)

I may have gotten incredibly bored and written some Troyler fanfic....

I’ve never written fanfic before so I’m sorry that it’s shit…

Troyler finally announce that they’re dating, and they’ve now been together for two and a half years. Tyler is vlogging a day out with Troye…


As Tyler and I walked through the park, I looked around. It was virtually empty, no viewers that could ruin what I was about to do. I reached for Tyler’s hand and dragged him over to sit underneath a tree with me. Tyler got out his camera, once again.

‘HEEEEEEEYYYYYY. So Troye and I are just chilling in the park, having an amazing time. Just because we can. And if this vlog annoys you then I’m sorry but you can fuck off. I spent over a year keeping this little munchkin quiet so now I want to share every single moment with him, with you. Well. Not every moment….’ He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. 'Though seriously, obviously we don’t share everything, so please don’t think that we do. But we just wanted to share a nice chilled day with you!’

'Speaking of sharing’ I piped up. 'I want to do something now and I want Ty to film it. He can choose whether he wants to upload it afterwards.’ I leant forward and kissed his cheek.

'Wait, babe, what are you gonna do?’ Tyler asked me, looking confused.

I smiled. 'I’m going to sing to you. It’s an old time classic of mine, 'We’re My OTP’, with a couuuuuuuple of changes.’ I took a deep breath. 'You ready?’

'Let me just set up the camera.’ Tyler replied.

Come on Tyler! I was nervous enough as it was. Was I really going to do this?

Tyler had balanced his camera on the bench next to us so that it was the perfect height. 'Okay, ready.’ He said.

'Okay.’ I smiled. And then I started singing.

'Valentines day is creeping up on me,
Still staring at you on my computer screen,
Trying to skype you in the middle of the night,
You’re gonna pick up, right?’

Tyler giggled, and I smiled back at him, before continuing.

'Long distance won’t work, the peasant cries,
Shut the fuck up bitch, do you wanna die?
And I’ve told you before, can you hear?
I’ve fallen in love with a youtuber…’

I looked over at Tyler and he was welling up. And so was I.

'Fuck I’m so emotional’ he muttered.

'OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh

We worked real hard to keep Troyler quiet,
We tried to say we’re friends but our people didn’t buy it,
Well now we’re public I can say how I feel,
I love you so much and it doesn’t seem real,

I love you always, I love you 5ever,
I love you even more than I love Nutella

(That’s a lot)’

Tyler was now full on crying. I swallowed and blinked back tears before carrying on with the song.

'OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh

OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy…’

I paused. This is it. I’m really going to do it.

'No, literally the only thing that’s stopping us from getting married is that… Oh wait… There’s no reason.’ I pulled the ring out of my pocket. 'Tyler Oakley, will you marry me?’

'What the fuck are you doing to me Troye Sivan?!’ I’d never seen Tyler cry so much. 'Of course I’ll marry you, you romantic idiot.’ He leant forward and we kissed passionately, before I broke away and said 'we’re still recording…’

Tyler shrugged and said 'I’ll edit it out…’

I nodded, then said 'and we’re in a public place…’

’…oh yeah.’

'Now stop fucking crying and we’ll talk to the camera properly. Oh, and put the fucking ring on’ I laughed.


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doctor’s appt. this morning. now about to read some Huckleberry Finn before going to yoga tonight. preseason(aka death) starts next week.

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I thought v was saying "why am i here" because the caption in v live vid like that

noran explained it and also another 2 translators i’ve seen, say also that he said “Why are YOU here?” …the subs have been off before during videos

….so basically Taehyung could be half asleep when he felt Jungkook next to him or he could be subconsciously reacting to him (people that sleep with someone for years,i believe they’ll know what i’m talking about) ..and since they weren’t suppose to be 2 in that small bed, he wasn’t expecting to find him there <3

..but really,Jungkook… why were you there?!♥ (¬‿¬ )

ok but imagine you and calum going on a roadtrip and as much as you begged not to leave early in the morning you knew calum would get you in the car super early in the morning so he shows up at your place at like 5 and youre half asleep still but you make your way to his car and end up falling asleep again in the passenger seat and by the time you wake up its daytime and ‘endless bummer’ by weezer is playing on the radio and calum has his hand on your thigh gently tracing random patterns onto your skin and when you slowly flutter your eyes open he notices you starting to wake up and he looks over at you and smiles so big at how adorable you look whenever you wake up and he says to you “good morning sleepy head” and you just slip your hand under his and intertwine your fingers together watching as he looked ahead at the road and you couldnt stop thinking about how gorgeous he was and how lucky you were to have him for spontaneous adventures like these and fUCK I WANNA ROADTRIP WITH CALUM


andrew and neil probably show up late one day to practice because andrew didn’t want to wake up and just laid down curled into the corner of the bed and neil opened the blinds like ‘rise n shine asshole’ and when they get there everyone misreads the situation and they get side-eyed the whole practice with lil smirks thrown in periodically

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holtzbert flowershop au!

this is…………beautiful

also lets up one this and make it a tattoo/flower shop au bc why the HECK not

  • erin owns a small bustling flower shop right across from holtz’ tattoo parlour (I’m imaging the kinda shop kristen wiig’s character had in bridesmaids bc its cute ok) 
  • and holtz always comes over with morning coffee and a “fresh batch of your finest red tulips please gilbert” accompanied by a wink. erin always rolls her eyes bc they’ve known each other for 5 years yet holtz always acts like a new customer. 
  • “holtz i’ve known you forever” “can i not treat my fave flower girl politely? also they ran out of your fave coffee bean so I’m buying u flowers, does red tulip mean ‘I’m sorry?” 
  • erin just smiles with a “it means ‘declaring my love for you’ holtz” “oh” 
  • holtz sometimes wears short sleeves to work and erin can see from her shop window holtz’ tattooed arms and she accidentally snips her fave roses buds off in an overwhelming burst of gayness 
  • holtz loves coming to her shop. bc erin lives in a small apartment built into it and she always feels happy and safe surrounded by the smell of flowers and little watering cans and soft cotton bed sheets whenever they have lunch together; just laughing and talking in erin’s bedroom. 
  • (erin also reminds her of the feeling of spring, but holtz always tries to bury that thought) 
  • !!! also:  “hey ez i should tattoo you” “um wait holtz-” “baby’s breath on ur wrist!!! that would look perfecto” and erin actually pauses with a “huh”
  • so now erin has flower tattoos trailing her forearms and the first time holtz did one for the other woman it ended in erin grabbing holtz’ thigh like her life depended on it
  • “shit, this hurts WAY more than it looks” and holtz is just “oh come on gilbert, woman up” with her tongue poking out in concentration
  • also erin now relates the feeling of “comfortable and warm” with the smell of coloured ink and leather chairs
  • im ahdeuadhuas

oh man oh man oh man

@malcolm6 here’s a thing for you


morning things I love:

– waking up to whatever nature’s got brewin’ – from a pastel sunrise to heavy rain to quiet snowfalls. Every morning has its own kind of beauty.

– messy hair, messy bed linens.

– the inviting aroma of breakfast. Fresh coffee, sizzling bacon, and warm baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves filling the air.

– the crinkly, white noise of newspaper pages as they’re being turned.

– that newly-awakened sleepy morning voice of a loved one. (There’s nothing quite like a simply uttered ‘good morning’.)

– the slow-start kind of pace that only a weekend-kind-of-morning can bring, and the vibrant buzz a busy-kind-of-morning ushers forward.

– and most importantly: the glittering promise of a new day


I can still rember the day I found out. The day that I wasn’t just (y/n) anymore, I was mom. I can still picture the smile on my fiance, Barry’s face when I told him. We were excited, everyone on team flash was.

But 4 weeks later, that changed.
I woke up one morning in pain from the side of my abdomen. Looking down, I saw that there was a bump that wasn’t apparent before. I instantly called Caitlyn for help, Barry was still on another mission in Star City.

When we got to the cortex, she took a scan and was in shock.

“What is it” I ask

“(Y/N), the pregnancy, it ectopic.”

“What the hell does that even mean?” I snap.

“It means the fetus didn’t form in the uterus like its supposed to. Its in your fallopian tube and I’m sorry, but it’s inoperable.

“Thats not just a ‘fetus’, thats my baby you’re talking about!” I start to cry.

“Its still alive? How?, this shouldn’t be possible” Caitlyn looks at the ultrasound “I need to run some tests!”

By the time she was done and had gotten results, Barry had already been notified of the situation and was sitting on a chair next to me, on the hospital-like bed in the lab.
He held my hand and had tears in his eyes like me.

“You’re not going to believe this!” Yelled Caitlyn “Your baby’s cells are regenerating, like Barry’s. That’s why its still alive!

“Can we save her?” Blurts Barry

“Her?” I asked

“I had a feeling.” Smiles Barry, his hand resting on my belly.

“Not only do I think it’s going to survive, but I think at the rate the cells are developing, you may even be giving birth in as little as little as a couple of months, But that means your going to be in agony until delivery. ”

Caitlyn’s statement cause sighs of relief. I didn’t care about pain, my future son or daughter was going to live! Yet, we both started to worry. The rapid development meant indeed that the baby was a metahuman. But its was quickly cast a side by their overwhelming happiness that there child was going to be ok.

3 months later:

Because of the abnormal situation the baby was delivered in STAR Labs. Barry was indeed correct! It was a baby girl! I was exhausted from the delivery. Caitlyn cleaned her and placed her in my arms.

“She’s perfect” Barry cries

“Yeah, she is!” I reply.

I look at him, we laugh and although, I’m covered in sweat, he doesn’t care. He leans over and kisses me and looks back down at her.

“What do we call her? What would do her justice?” He asks as I pass her over to him

“Nora, after your mother.” I smile

He says nothing, he just looks down at her and smiles. Joyful tears are pouring down his cheeks.

“Hello, Nora.” He whispers. “Daddy loves you So much and won’t ever let anyone hurt you


Hey so like the school year is starting up again and I want to say something to all of you queer kids who figured yourself out over the summer and are really scared right now to be surrounded by school again with all this new information. This is going to get long but I will not use a read more because I think it’s important for everyone to read.

Of course I had always known I was gay, on some level, and I tried really hard to ignore it but 2014 was the year that it got hard to ignore. It was the year where I most aggressively and most often thought “I can’t do this.” It was that summer (mostly July-August) where I finally worked on this. It was the first time in my life where instead of coming up with excuses or ignoring whatever feelings I had I talked to someone. It was late July I think when I first texted my best friend of the time about a girl. Except it took me like 10 minutes to get to that point because I spent the whole time avoiding pronouns and basically trying to ask my best friend “Am I allowed to think I’m gay just because I might have a crush on a girl I know over the internet?” (The answer is yes by the way.) Bless my best friend, she was great. After a lot of dancing around I finally remember saying “The problem is…she’s a girl.” I don’t want to get too off topic here but basically that summer was life changing for me. After that I told two more of my best friend friends and through me talking about it often, my best friends being totally chill, and the fact that all of this only took place online (as they were all online friends) I was pretty casual about it by the end of August. 

And then I had to go back to school. September of 2014 was…terrifying. I had just started to learn how to be okay with myself via the help of my online friends when suddenly I was thrown into a school atmosphere. I went to a Catholic all girls highschool where just the year before two girls had been heavily bullied after some of their friends outed them. I remember that I started to go back to that “I can’t do this” head space. I remember spending the year being paranoid, scared, disgusted (with myself), and just really sad. On my Tumblr I analyzed every single post I reblogged. Was this too gay? How much gay was too gay for a “straight” person? Am I being too obvious? I wasn’t even safe on my blog. I wasn’t particularly attracted to anyone in highschool but there was one girl, who as far as I thought was easily the prettiest girl in my entire school. I remember sometimes I would look at her, just casually most of the time she did sit next to me in class so it was kind of unavoidable, and I’d think something like “god she’s so pretty” and I would immediately be terrified someone saw me staring and would know I was gay. Or a lot of the times I was terrified I was being a disgusting creep. In gym I was terrified someone would think I was staring or something stupid like that in the changing rooms. I could look at a girl (in an all girls highschool) for like one second, just passing in the halls or something, and would be terrified for a moment. 

I didn’t come out to anyone until January of 2015. This was the very first time I ever told someone in my real life that I was not straight. I wrote a letter to my closest highschool friend during this senior school retreat because it was some mandatory religious lesson or something and I remember thinking for the first time “I can do this.” I actually almost had an anxiety attack when I realized she was going to open it in front of me a few days later (I’d assumed she would be reading it later at home). I remember I was seconds away from taking the letter away and pretending this never happened but she was on the other side of the room and I can remember grabbing the ends of my chair to physical hold myself down because this was something I had to do. I couldn’t look at her and I think I almost threw up. I remember someone was sitting next to me reading some stupid joke letter I’d written her and she was talking to me but I don’t remember listening. Then my friend who I’d written the letter too came over and hugged me. I still had a lot of anxiety for the rest of the day, I’m not sure why exactly, but I was really happy. My friend was amazing and I’d actually told someone. (I did however not come out in the perfect way. I can’t remember exactly what the letter said but I do remember it included words like “might be” and “sort of, kind of” and later I told her I was biromantic which is not true because I’m a lesbian.) The same week that I finished highschool I came out to the rest of my friend group through a tumblr post mostly because I didn’t want to analyze every post I reblogged anymore and also I knew I would not really see these friends again. I remember it being a lot easier to make this post. It did take me three hours to actually post it but I did. 

It is August 2016 and I am proud to be gay. When I was starting school again in September 2014 I never thought I would be where I am today. I never thought I would ever come out to my family (which I did in April of 2016!). I am that friend who never shuts up about being into girls. I love being gay. I love saying that! I’m gay. (I’m still working on being comfortable with the word lesbian.) I’m into girls!! I love it!! I never thought I would say that back when school was starting for me two years ago. 

So my point is, for all of you starting school again with this newfound queer knowledge, is you are loved. You are important. You are not disgusting or creepy or a pervert for liking whoever you like. You are not a coward for being scared or questioning or not out. No one is questioning you for looking at that person for a few seconds or liking a tv show with queer characters in it.

You are loved, you are wonderful, you are important, and you will  be happy one day. It does get easier to love yourself. I know it is hard and scary and it doesn’t feel like things will ever change but I promise you will be okay one day.