its like my first picture in months



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So there was this picture I saw months ago that made me want to draw Hunt and the MC in the same pose, and here it is ( ◉ 3 ◉ )

Also, my first fanart in months! School is over now so probably I can start drawing more often. \(*T▽T*)/


I haven’t posted some selfies in awhile so here ya go. My hair has become shorter since then. This is what I looked like last week and about a month ago with my awesome winter hat.

I never had a problem with cosplay pictures (at least mine) behing used in a graphic, even if uncredited, but what I saw today really made me draw the line.

It’s NOT OKAY to take a cosplayer’s picture and replace their face with someone else’s for your fancast/aesthetic/whatever.

We put month’s worth of work in our costumes so erasing the person behind that work is a really shitty thing to do (regardless if you credit or not and if you ask for permission or not. And damn, you gotta have some guts to go up to someone and ask them if you can photoshop some actor’s face on their own because you don’t think they look enough like the character or whatever).

I see 100000 posts about not reposting and editing art out of respect to the artist but I never see such posts when it comes to cosplay photography. When a cosplayer posts a cosplay picture, they’re not just posting a picture of themselves to show their pretty face, it is by all means a fanart. It’s not a fucking selfie, it’s the result of hard work both on their and the photographer’s part.

So, if you are not okay with people editing or reposting art (often without credits), you should be against it when it comes to cosplay too. Because, let me tell you, it happens A LOT, a lot more than it happens with art too, and nobody beats an eye.

It’s Time

a/n idk what this is just popped into my head first drabble ever lol ( so be nice)sorry for any grammar errors in advance okay bye!!

It’s Christmas evening Z and V are chilling on the couch with noon

Val: So don’t you think its been long enough

Z looks up from petting noon

“huh…long enough for what?”

“It’s been 7 months since we’ve posted any pictures, I know you like to keep them waiting forever (lightly chuckles) but I think we can share one now don’t you.”

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160630 21:20. the end of june is approaching – and just like that, the year has gone halfway to the end. time is so weird with its speed. i can’t believe i’m going to year 10 in just like, one and half months? ughhhh that’s scary. i’m not ready for my last year of ib myp…

first picture is a closeup of my current wall! thank you @arystudies for making such a great calendar printable, i love the grid lining. and on the right handside i have sort of a goal list for this school break. and then beside it is my ibdp subject choice planning. i can’t believe it’s just a year from now. everything is moving so fast. T_T

i’m currently journaling my reflection on the 2015-2016 academic year – it was a rough, patchy one, but i’m glad i went thru it.

Hey Studyblr, this is my very first post! At the start of every month, I like to sit down and draw myself a calendar so I can see a big picture of the Month, I’ve been doing this for years, and its very helpful for me to stay on track.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to start a studyblr for a while now, so in the mist of my IB exams, I’ve finally gotten around to starting one. I’m hoping this will keep me motivated and sort of capturing my journey as I start University in the Fall.

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((please note that i wasn’t really happy in these pictures i only smiled b/c i was like “o thats right its a picture…” i wish someday i’ll get the chance to show you my actual happy smile…))

if i ever do get the chance to change my appearance

whenever i can wear the hairstyle i want, the clothes i want, the makeup, piercings, and tattoos i want,

then i’ll be happy i guess.

my appearance is one of my main factors of depression and no it was not white people that made me feel inferior about my appearance

it was seeing nearly everyone in school/i know get loved and obtain a significant other. sometimes in their first month of high school or meeting on tumblr or w/e, but i’m still here


with like a pinch of friends and without a guy to love.

and i’m not sure when i’ll get told “i love you”

or “you’re beautiful”

heck or even “i love being friends with you/you’re amazing/you’re the best!”

with honesty and not out of pity

but i hope for that day.

and the fact that i can upload the selfies with out huge issues surprises me too (i do tend to hesitate a lot) and i hope to take better steps forward

i just need others’ help for it to happen…

i’m seeing all these steven universe fans on my dash like “omg…look at this meme picture someone made…lmao this hiatus is killing us amirite !!!!!!!!!”

meanwhile over here, gravity falls is fucking bone dry

we’ve gotten NOTHING in fucking weeks (months?) and this isn’t even the longest hiatus we’ve been through. and its not the first time we’ve been left on a MASSIVE FUCKING CLIFFHANGER either

it’s like seeing southerners in the U.S. complaining about the cold to a northerner

like do they even know