its like i can hear him say it

I’m yelling my ear buds broke so I can only hear the instrumental of songs and so I was listening to agust d and its just silence for while and then you hear him yelling random words at you like “CONCERT” and “FIRST CLASS” lmao and after he yelled “MY ASS” he kept saying “ass ass ass ass” in the background omg can you imagine him recording this bye

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I read somewhere todd/darren said in 2b we will get Magnus' side of story. Thank God?! Finally? I can't really blame the interviewer by saying Magnus was not as into it because did we really get any magnus pov of malec besides his short talk with maia at the bar? Alec, to me, has always been the protagonist in malec's storyline.

I will agree that Magnus’ feelings were pretty sidelined in 2x07 regarding them taking the “next step” and that was problematic, but outside of that we actually did get strong insight into how Magnus felt. It seems people forgot about season 1, but it’s worth noting that in s1 most of the complaints were that Magnus expressed his feelings too much. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Anyway, their relationship is about them growing together as individuals. It’s always odd to me because there seems to be two parties: people who think he’s expressing too much and people who think he isn’t expressing enough The criticisms always seem to land on Magnus’ behavior or character, often while disregarding multiple scenes in the past that have shown the contrary.

Magnus is a complicated individual and it’s important to take into account his development from season 1, where his pursuit of Alec made it quite clear he wanted to be with him. As sloppy as the writing has been in s2, the setup has always been pretty obvious with malec: in 2x01, it’s acknowledged Alec abandoned his wedding for himself, not for Magnus or for their relationship. And so the majority of s2a from then on has been about Alec taking steps forward to show Magnus (and viewers) that yeah, he did that for himself, but everything he’s doing here onward? He’s doing it for Magnus, for them, for this relationship, because it’s important to him and he wants it. And so you have Alec coming to Magnus after Jocelyn, his choice at the end of their date, the gift, the this, us, it’s not going away, the i was terrified. These moments aren’t strictly about Alec’s pov; it’s also about demonstrating how invested Alec is in the relationship, as well, after Magnus made all of the initial moves in s1 (calling him, inviting him to stay the night, that talk in 1x12, showing up at the wedding) not to mention the things he’s done in s2 (saving Alec’s life in 2x03, prodding Alec into taking a break so they can have a real date, etc.)

You also have to realize that Magnus has fallen in love before. Like, yes, every love is new, but Magnus is significantly more emotionally self-aware. He knows he’s in love with Alec because he’s felt these things before. Alec is not only falling in love for the first time but also struggles with processing his emotions in general, so what triggers his realization and thus his declaration is more dramatic.

That said, there should be more of Magnus initiating the physical aspects of their relationship, like kisses, but that’s a different issue altogether.

malec 2x06

rushes to his boyfriend thinking its an emergency 

magnus doing stocktake

face off after hearing magnus did this to get him to relax

alec stops his eyes close when he hears mangus say 
“Im not okay”

they open when magnus finishes his sentence
“Because your not okay”, for once someone puts him first 

magnus getting through to him

Alec happy!!

after alec takes a sip, magnus knows he doesnt like the beer

alec loosing so magnus can have a turn

magnus didnt need a free pass

realising his boyfriend is good

competitive spirit is awakened 

they both have a healthy competitive spirit

awkward conversation about alec’s ex’s

realising alecs had virtually none except lydia

now time to talk about magnus’s

alec’s happy hearing the number 

magnus’s face makes him realise it was thousands

i appreciated that they had a late night stroll back to the house (it was like the first date from the book even if silent) 

magnus saying alec was silent on the walk home, i love the way it sounded. as if its their home

alec about to walk away, magnus is going to let him

but alec cant

when alec comes back, steps up for their relationship - it takes magnus a second

alec’s eyes are focused 

there both in this 

look at his face, he’s met the one

about to go again but they are interrupted, love magnus’s hand placement

the disdain on magnus’s face

alec’s like wtf is happening I want to make out with my boyfriend

hearing jace wants to stay with magnus, 
magnus wiping his lip, alec’s like shit all the things i was about to do i cant

magnus is like fuck this shit, alec’s like okay wow alone times goign to be hard

ps. loved alecs husky voice after their kiss. boy was turned up 

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congrats on 1000 followers!!! #125 please if you dont mind!! its so cute 😊


#125: robert loves playing with aaron’s hair and spending his time delicately twisting his fingers around his boyfriend’s curls as they lay in bed.

It’s dark, always dark when they are ever this relaxed in each other’s company. 

It’s like the darkness makes everything melt away, leaving nothing but this softness between them.

Aaron’s propped up against Robert’s chest, looking down at his hands, his wedding ring, and feeling completely content as he hears Robert breathe against him. 

“I can hear you thinking.” Aaron says, feels Robert tense a little around him.
Robert shrugs, holds his hand up and then he’s combing through Aaron’s hair, feeling at his delicate curls and smiling. 

“Sorry.” Robert whispers out, kisses Aaron’s head and then sighs. 

Aaron knows there’s something not exactly right, something bothering Robert and so he takes the plunge - 

“Something’s up.” Aaron says, attempts to turn, to look up at Robert and face him directly but then Robert shakes his head, turns him round again and then sighs.

“Nothing’s up.” Robert declares, chews his lip a little and then he smiles, feels at Aaron’s hair again, twisting the curls in his hand. “Not anymore anyway.”

Aaron frowns, touching Robert’s naked stomach and prodding it lightly. 

Robert rolls his head back and let’s out a little laugh. “Oi, stop that.”

“I will when you tell me what’s up.” Aaron snaps, holds out his hand for Robert to take. 

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bughead 1x05

when a guys being super chipper with her, look at him in the background - like wtffff

when betty and the other guys date is mentioned

when there talking about the fact betty says its not a date, jughead says she literally used the words its a date 

jughead hearing crap about the date, 1. i think he could give two shits about peoples dating live 2. he might deep down care if its betty 

she shares with him about polly’s past (its not archie but jughead she goes to with this stuff) 

when she jokes about sayonce he cracks a little smile/grin

she doesnt need to say words

he can tell what shes thinking (by the way love that it has suspenders) and his cut little grin

sitting together

gettings a scare - proximity

his hand guiding her forward

they’ll do this together

he hates seeing her in pain and he will be there

he might not fully get what hes feelign, and i think for betty will pop up. her focus is on this and her sister and hes slowly beocme her safe place, remeber how she no longer feels like she has a safe place with archie

After Nationals

Request: Hey there! All good? I was wondering if you could a Seb fic where there’s a party after nationals (you can choose which glee club won; the reader in part of new directions) and all the glee clubs that were competing were there. And the reader is dating Seb but no one knows, so all night he has to watch her dancing with other people until a romantic song comes up and he’s like “screw it!” And leads her to the dance floor and its all fluuuuffyyyy?! 😍😍😍 I hope you can! Take your time, thanks xx

Notes: So, I’m actually pretty happy with this fic and how it turned out, there are some points where Sebastian says stuff I don’t normally associate with him, but I’m still happy with it, I hope you guys will be, too. 

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I'm thinking reverse anon?Like Michaels and Gavins relationship is pretty much yelling and cussing based and Gavin its okay with It,that is How they work and its funny most of the time but every once in a while Michael hits to close to home and Gavin has to lock himself away sothe others wont see him cry.Its fine when he says bad shit about himself bc he knows its Just some dumb part of him who doesnt think he is good enough but hearing the others say It can be heartbreaking sometimes-rockfriend

oh yes, michael has been known to say somethings that hurt the others when he’s angry or when he’s just running his mouth without thinking. It’s not the first time he’s hurt someone with his words in a rage, probably won’t be the last.

But it’s different when it’s Gavin. it’s worse. Gavin always takes insults in stride, always just laughs it all off. So when Michael says something that hurts, that actually upsets him, Michael becomes determined to make it up to him in anyway he can
Reuben Hudson - Noise Control
Inspired by flat times. For the Auckland City Council and their noise control, our over curious and overze...

Noise control man you’ve got a bad habit of breaking the silence, its like you planned it out. Crashing our party and showing up late, now you’re nicking our speakers, who the fuck invited you anyway?

I just wanna talk with my baby alone, tonight

Baby, be mine.

That next door neighbour’s a problem I swear, says to quit with the racket, how the fuck can he hear it? Paranoid I know it or a sensitive ear, maybe just a sensitive guy, we’ll tell him fuck off we’ll see if he cares.

That I just wanna talk with my baby alone, tonight.

Take me away, I can take you away now

But you wanna stay, well fuck it I wanna stay now

I’m hiding party tricks up my sleeve

They got nothing on you, got nothing on me

And nothings gonna come between

This little new night romance starting for me and you

Sorry officer, you’ve got it wrong. That weren’t excessive noise just my favourite song. Everyone knows the words, no one needs you here so get the fuck out the door or turn the fuck up I swear man 

I just wanna talk with my baby alone, tonight

Baby be mine.

Baby I don’t think I crossed no line, just partied with friends had a fucking good night. Few of us raised our voices proper shouted at cops, but we got what we wanted, they fucked off got lost. I don’t know

All I really wanted was to talk with you baby, alone tonight.

Take me away, I can take you away now

But you wanna stay, well fuck it I wanna stay now

I’m hiding party tricks up my sleeve

They got nothing on you, got nothing on me

And nothings gonna come between

This little new night romance starting for me and you

Some dude stopped me and gave me a lecture about “being aware of my surroundings” all because I didn’t hear him say “to your left” as he rode by me on his bike and he saw me on my phone. A) Maybe speak up so I can actually hear you, and B) Maybe ride your bike in the street where there are perfectly good bike paths like you’re supposed to? Regardless if I’m on my phone or not, I couldn’t hear you, and you’re technically not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even a lecture that came from genuine concern, it was obvious that he was bothered because I didn’t hear him and didn’t get out of the way. AND THEN HE RODE AWAY BEFORE I COULD RESPOND. dICK.

The alarm clock roused him from his slumber- it was just like any other day, with the exception that it was currently 3 in the morning. Unfortunately, this was not a mistake. His job had a habit of taking him all across the globe and at all hours of the night. He switches it off quickly, in the hopes his loving wife won’t be disturbed. He didn’t sleep much anyway.
Benedict swings his legs out from under the covers, stands and stretches. He can hear his back pop. He thinks about getting older with a sigh. All his health and fitness can’t prolong the inevitable. But he doesn’t mind. With a family, growing older only has its pleasures for him now.
Though, currently, he has a less pleasurable task, which is getting ready to head off to the airport before the sun rises. He’s beginning work on a new film today, an exciting one with dangerous plot twists, romance, and a setting which is miles away from home and hearth. He hates to complain, but nobody enjoys this side of the job.
Flicking a light on, he enters his bathroom. Step one: Brush, step two: paste, step three: clean. Ben was bleary eyed, scrolling through the news on his phone as he brushed his teeth. step four: spit, step five: rinse. He locks the screen and smiles at the photo of Sophie with their two beautiful children. He’ll have just enough time to give them each a long kiss and hug goodbye before having to brace himself for the mayhem of airport navigation. It only gets harder as his star rises. Sometimes he considers going the route of more eccentric icons and donning a mask or a wig, but maybe that’s the sleepless night talking.
What’s next? Ben feels his chin- stubbly, but not in an attractive way. He had better shave, he has the time.
It is at that moment, razor in hand, that Ben finally turns his head up and gives a proper look in the mirror- to find to his shock, this is not his face.
Ben blinks. Blink blink blink. He rubs his eyes. The face looking back at him in the mirror is not his own. It’s not even movingbwhen he moves. What the hell is this? He opens his phone to the front facing camera to make sure he’s not in some sort of film plot- as often is the case in his nightmares- he pinches himself; not an actual nightmare either then.
Just as he reaches up to touch the glass of the mirror, the man looking back at him blinks too.
He’s odd, he looks almost like Ben, perhaps if viewed from afar. He’s wearing odd clothing- nothing Ben could put a label to, however. Finally Ben finds the energy to speak: “What- who are you? What the fuck is this?”
An ethereal voice echoes back to him, high and sounding like it’s coming from everywhere:
“I am Sufjan Stevens”

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Okay so for how long ive played swtor im hopelessly otp-ing Arcann and my lovely Imperial Agent and god damn it do i want to hear him laugh cause of what my Agent (or any other Commanders) response to him. Like i can just imagine it being so silky smooth. Damn it i love this game despite all the stuff we deal with when we play it.

I am so deep in Arcann OTP land that I dream about him. It doesn’t help that I am trying to write about him and spend every second thinking of plots but (I say plots but mostly its tender sweet moments and him talking and…) I digress. I have a lot of characters but who do I play the most? The one with Arcann… I would say send help but we are all having too much fun I think:-)

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Sorry to hear abou Monet. It sounds like you gave him the best. There are a lot of things that can happen with a growing frog and it sounds like you ran into one of the things that you just had no control over. I just wanted to say that it was nice to see that he got vetrinary care, medicine, and everything. A lot of people don't even bother because its 'just a toad'. You really love your animals beyond just the fun parts, and it shows. RIP Monet. He was lucky to have you.

Anon, this is really sweet of you to send this..! Thank you.
It’s always hard losing an animal to an untimely death because there’s always the nagging feeling that you didn’t do enough for them. In the end, it’s our responsibility as care takers to provide the best possible life for an animal–and sometimes it’s hard to tell what you could be doing better (which is why petblr in general is such an invaluable resource). 
Anyways, ambiguous doubt and guilt aside, I’m very happy that Monet isn’t suffering anymore. Even though I couldn’t save him, I’ve learned a lot. And some of those lessons have been immediately applicable to my current ward.

i was suffering from scourge urge today and so this was born.

as for the speech bubble xD i saw an image here on tumblr with scourge, and how he would mix swares with silly words and this one stuck in my head, like oh my god i can actually hear him saying this in my head its great.

somewhat getting used to this new tablet, making progress but still pretty far behind from what i used to draw like. fingers crossed i can catch up to myself at somepoint.

Yuuri is slowly learning to pronounce “v” and it’s beautiful

I noticed this in the last episode but after watching compilations of Yuuri calling out Viktor’s name it became obvious. 

In the beginning of the show when Yuuri says Viktor’s name he pronounces it more like “biktor” which, many Japanese do with the letter “v”. But now many months later when he calls on Viktor we can actually hear him say a “v” sound instead of a “b” sound.

Tiny details like that are put into this show, and I think we should all appreciate the amount of care taken in showing realistic progress in the main characters.

hoo oh my god.. hey ! my name’s eli ( he/him pronouns ) and i am so excited for this..  i’m in the est timezone & ik i’m late, but whatever ! here’s some information about my little babe under the cut & i also have some wanted connections and shit.. its a wild ride, so buckle up ! ( ps… give this a like if you want to plot ! )

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Quiet little headcanon #7

Ryan, with his oddly specific knowledge about many things, also has a fascination with birds. Specifically Ravens.

One day Michael is out on a roof, scoping out a location when a black bird perches next to him and proceeds to just watch him and caw.

Bored out of his mind, he calls Ryan, “Hey man, did you send one of your minions to keep an eye on me?”

Ryan plays along, “What’s he saying?”

Michael holds the phone up so Ryan can hear the call.

“Oh, that’s a Western Raven, Corvus corax sinuatus.”

“Bullshit! You’re kidding right, like, you just made that up, you can’t really tell that just by its call.”

“Little guy, right? Narrow bill, shiny black all over?”

“You’re a freak.”

“I like ravens… he says ‘watch your back’, by the way.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

Ryan just laughs and hangs up.

Michael turns around to check behind him… Just in case.

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i really don't think jin meant that maliciously you know? i'm not just brushing it off but i really don't think he meant it?

okay here’s the thing, i don’t for a second think that jin wanted to hurt jimin. jin obviously cares for him. they all care for each other but that’s not the point. sometimes people can unintentionally say awful things to or about someone they care for? i mean it happens in families too? 

it might not be done maliciously but it still doesn’t make it right. 

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i'll will never understand why fifa gave him four match ban for just saying negative words to the ref when the ref didn't give him a red or a yellow card on that match

Poor chile are so bitter they lost they thinking “it’s not enough that we already took from them 2 copas how can they win against us we should do something to make their situation even worse oh yeah ban their most Important player and so they won’t be able to qaulify to the WC brilliant!!” Like the ref didn’t hear anything and even if he did its something all Argentineans say no big deal but just to give him 4 fucking matches on it is so nonsense like Im so mad right now I’m soo ready to kill every one who took that stupid decision right now!!

Brightness To A Rainy Day

This is when you’ve been dating Sebastian for over a year


You wake up on a rainy spring morning to the sound of your phone ringing. Looking at the caller ID, you see its Sebastian.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” You ask in you usual cheerful tone.

You hear Sebastian chuckle, “Nothing much, but can you meet me at our usual spot by the lake sometime today? I wanna show you something,” he says, sounding a little nervous.

You pick up on his nervous tone, “Is everything ok, baby?” You ask, reading him like a book.

“Yea! Don’t worry everything is alright!” He answers, his voice more steady.

You giggle, “Ok well I’m going to get my chores done then I’ll meet you this afternoon ok?”

“Sounds good to me! Love you, hon!”

“I love you too!”

After hanging up, you get dressed and fix yourself some breakfast. Looking out the window at the rain, you smile, knowing that the rain has done half of your chores for you. All you need to do is take care of your animals.


Once you finish milking your cows and collecting the eggs from your chickens, you are drenched from the pouring rain. With how many times you have done this before, you shrug and enjoy the weather. You figure now that it’s early afternoon, now would be a good time to meet Sebastian. What is it he wants to show you, you wonder. You walk towards the lake, past Robin ’ s house and see Sebastian under a giant pine tree on a tiny island in the middle of the lake.

He pulls out his umbrella and meets you halfway across the wooden plank bridge and takes your hand, “I’m not letting you fall in this time,” he teases.

You nod as you hold onto his hand as he guides you across.

“Figured you’d be soaked,” he chuckles as he brings out a towel and wraps it around you.

“You know me too well, sweetie!” You giggle.

“Well who else is silly enough to go out in the rain without an umbrella?” He asks as you both sit under the pine tree, putting away his umbrella.

You just giggle and shrug. Sebastian then joins in and you both end up laughing. He puts an arm around you and pulls you close to him. You lay your head on his shoulder, lookup at him, his cheeks rosy red.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says softly.

“N-no I’m n-n-not!” You stutter, looking away as your face turns red.

Sebastian brings his hand around, cupping your cheek as he turns your gaze to meet his, “To me you are!”

You feel your face heat up more as he leans in and presses his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You don’t notice his other going to his pocket. You feel something slip over your head as he breaks the kiss. You look down and notice you are now wearing a mermaid ’ s pendant. You feel your heart race as you try to steady your breathing.

“Baby, I can’t live without you in my life,” Sebastian says tenderly as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you in a tight embrace.

“Neither can I,” you whimper as you bury your face into his shoulder.

“Please marry me?” He asks as he rubs your back, still holding you close.

You nod frantically, struggling to find words. Tears stream down your cheeks as you hug him even tighter. Sebastian chuckles as he too has tears of joy in his eyes. This was the brightest rainy day of your life.

so a customer literally DROOLED all over my counter first thing when i got into my shift yesterday, like a mASSIVE puddle of saliva. and im trying to discreetely tell the customer behind him to not put their stuff down so i can clean it up *the drool guy is taking his sweet ass time getting his shit together* this guy either doesnt fucking hear me or ignores me and just SLAPS his shit down RIGHT IN IT. and i say sir….sir….and try to explain to him to NOT do that and he CONTINUES TO SMEAR IT AROUND AND SAYS ‘ITS OKAY, ITS JUST WATER’ and i mutter ‘sir….its not…water’ AND HE HOLLERS ‘ITS NOT WATER???’ so i just sigh bc dude if you are that dumb you fucking deserve what you get honestly.