its like him in every other band


I made a new urchin and he has a lot 2 do w/ another oc AHUE

Anyway, his name is Eduardo but anyone who knows him calls him Yayo and he’s in the lead guitarist/singer in his own band, Buena Vida, and he’s a sad old dude who cant keep his name out of everyone’s mouth for something stupid hes done recently but its a miracle he’s kept his face out of every piece of media with a career like his but it makes going outside easier

either way he’s sad baSTARD but hes a decent guy

the first pic i did last night and the other was his initial sketch and the last is his finalized arm tattoos kjfghdfsg

bad boy woozi au

this is an on going thing between me and @leejihoonz​, who i promised i would make a post abt it bc i think about this all the time ngl

  • hes like the typical bad boy u read abt in books who likes to wear leather jackets n flannels and shit like that bc its hot
  • has some piercings on his ears
  • dyes his hair a lOT like a lot a lot, where its changing every 2 months or so, but he tends to lean towards blonde when he doesn’t wanna do something too crazy
  • likes metal and rock and roll on the outside but loves him self some good italian baroque and big band music when hes alone 
  • despite his bad boy image, he doesn’t do the typical bad boy stuff like drink and smoke 
  • he does fight tho
  • before u came into the picture, hoshi or scoups would clean up his wounds, they his bffs
  • people usually initiate fights with him instead of the other way around 
  • took martial arts throughout his younger years, and stopped his 2nd to last year of high school because he didnt have much time, with college coming up
  • basically he knows how to fight
  • likes to stop and take pics of pretty scenery
  • woozi says he can only play the electric guitar but when you find out he used to play clarinet when he was younger his bad boy demeanor crumbles right before his eyes (cr. @leejihoonz​)
  • is actually very pouty and is a total softie, its real cute
  • calls his mom and dad every sunday to talk to them because he is away at college in seoul 
  • he becomes a giant nerd at the mention of music and is really excited and happy and if anyone gives him a weird look he gets really defensive (even if its u) (cr. anonymous)
  • cares a lot about his grades 
  • one time you took him to go see footloose the musical and he knew all the words to EVERY song
  • owns a motorcycle bc what bad boy doesn’t
  • can dance really well
  • and he STILL knows how to play the clarinet because hes a total nerd. 
  • also big fan of classical music, his favorite piece is cello suite no. 1 in g major. 
  • the kid also sings to himself when he thinks no one is around. but sometimes you catch him. especially when he’s walking around the garden bc no one really goes there
  • he works hard, yeah, but he ALWAYS has time for food. don’t believe those other scenarios………he loves food.
  • very very headstrong but has a super soft spot for u
  • u guys met in music theory your guys’ freshman year, he accidentally tripped you while you walked in late to class
  • he got super red but never apologized until like 3.5 weeks later
  • “hey……………im sorry for tripping you that one time……….”
  • “oh.. thank you for apologizing “
  • “yeaaaaaaaah……”
  • after that he was always kinda pissy and one time you caught him fighting at a frat party (he was sober) and you had to drag him away with blood all over his face and you took him to the bathroom and cleaned that shit up b c 1) it was nasty and 2) u didn’t want any of his cuts getting infected
  • then he avoided you for like a week until u stopped him in the courtyard where u meant to confront him but he just confessed to you awkwardly and right on the spot

just a reminder that very few bands actually come out after their shows to meet fans. just bc matty did it a few times in the past, people always expect him to now and its really weird. you literally do not need to meet him after a show to have a good time at the concert or to enjoy the music. meeting ‘celebrities’ has become so over romanticized that people forget theyre literally just human beings like everyone else. stop using musicians as a way to gain followers or popularity amongst your peers bc its really shitty, especially to the people youre using

You and Luke have been in a relationship for eight months even though it feels like you just met him. The first months were wonderful. It was like living in a fairytale, but when the fifth month came knocking on the door he jumped on a plane to the other side of the world to tour with his band. About half of the time has passed now, and the fairytale that you once lived in reached its end at the same second as he kissed you goodbye on the airport. It’s been hard. A lot harder than you imagined it to be, but every day you’ve managed to talk with each other via Face time which has made it a bit easier. At least for those moments. 

The clock is three minutes past midnight when he calls and wakes you up. You answer with a yawn and he laughs in respond. He apologizes for waking you up, just like every other night, but you don’t care. Waking up in the middle of the night just to see him for a couple of minutes are the highlights in your life right now. It’s in the middle of the day where he’s located right now, so the picture of him is bright. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and a red snapback in the wrong direction and he’s smiling. For a second he turns his head to listen to something Michael’s telling him, but he almost directly ignores him to look at you instead where you’re laying in your bed in the glow of your night lamp. He asks about you day and you tell him that it’s been good, although that’s a lie. You don’t want him to know how hard it is for you to be apart from him. You just tell him that you miss him, and that you can’t wait until you get to meet him again in four weeks. This makes Michael appear on the screen, wiggling his eyebrows as to prove a point not by using any words. “Speaking of that,” Luke says, stroking his chin “, did you pack your bag?” You shake your head slowly, asking him why to do that this early. He doesn’t respond though. He just looks at you, smiling, and for a second it feels like he’s there with you and not on the other side of the world.

And then the door to your room opens up. Your mom steps in, dragging your purple suitcase behind her. “You ready?” she asks. A huge smile plays on her lips as she waves to Luke on your phone screen. “What’s this?” you ask surprised as you look back at your boyfriend who now smiles so widely you can see his white teeth “Why wait four weeks?”