its like hes a model

The implication of Owen Lars not recognising C3PO in New Hope is that he doesn’t associate with droids or value their personalities enough to remember them when they get slightly different paint jobs

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Easy way to draw Benny: take bugsy siegel's face, give him a sharper jaw, then squash it in a box. add checkers

I GUESS??? I mean did I draw a dead mobster from the 50s or did i draw a (hopefully not) dead mobster (wannabe) from the (post apocalyptic) 50s???

me: *falls in love with kim sejeong, choi yoojung, kang daniel, and park jihoon in a span of a week*

991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

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"I don't know what Carol told you. But this hipster shit ain't working for you. You look like a Rue 21 model. "

 who are you callin’ a  HIPSTER,  kid  ?  seriously  ?  you think i spiced up my  style  ‘cause Carol said somethin’  ?  psh,  i did it for me and i gotta say,  i love it  !  but for argument’s sake,  what is it that’s  NOT  working  ?  i’m curious.  

I’m putting that piercings(x1000)!Barto design into my modern AU where Cavendish is appalled by how pretty Barto is.

P.S. Cavendish always carries roses so he can give it to people so they can throw it at his feet as he passes by.


Looks n Books 😍