its like he's at school for the first time

Reasons Lukas Waldenbeck will be the death of me:

(Saying this right now, I have always loved Lukas. Yes, he made me angry at times but he was trying to figure out who he is like every other goddamn high school student. These are some of the reasons why I love Lukas)

1. He sought out Philip

2. He kissed Philip first.

3. He gently held Philip’s face to kiss him after shoving him away

4. He pulled Philip back onto the bed to keep him from leaving after shoving him

5. He saved Philip with a frying pan

6. He hugged Philip tightly at the lake as Philip panicked about almost being killed.

7. “I fixed your flat tire”

8. “I’m not supposed to like you this way”

9. “Because you know I like you”

10. “I’ll teach you how to ride the bike.”

11. “Because I like you, idiot”

12. Bought Philip a Polaroid camera 

13. Thought said camera was a Star Wars spaceship(fekin nerd)

14. “Liking Philip, out here, the way I do…”

15. Took heavily drunk Philip home after Rose’s party

16. His world literally stopped when asshat of a father said Philip was leaving

17. “I’m sorry for the things I said about you”

18. Played with Philip’s fingers/held his hand

19. Cuddled with Philip

20. Looks genuinely happy when he smiles now

21. His eyes aren’t cold and distant anymore

22. Wanted to swim and have fun with Philip

23. Didn’t push Philip to go swimming and sat next to him instead

24. Was willing to ride up to the school with Philip on the back of his bike

25. Broke up with Rose

26. He doesn’t want a girlfriend

27. Looks at Philip with lOTS OF LOVE

28. Got bashful when Philip took his picture

29. Complains about 30 seconds being too long(literally me)

30. Kisses Philip neck and head

31. Accepting who he is

32. Literally the perfect boyfriend once he opens up and is less guarded

acouple things i noticed after watching SING for the second time! (spoilers? probably. watch out)

  • i was looking out for that possible picture of meena’s dad, turns out its NOT her dad, its her graduation picture (and shes all shy and stuff how cute) there could be some other detail somewhere alluding to why her dad seems to be out of the picture, but what this DOES tell us is that meena is def out of high school at least
  • ms.crowley helping a nervous johnny backstage before hes about to go on (my boy is very nervous)
  • speaking of which, after johnny’s performance he looks like… really surprised! considering how hard he went and how much passion he put into that song, hes probably never done that before and was surprised at himself that he could even DO that (i love him so dearly)
  • i noticed this the first time i saw it but its such a good reference considering the theme of the movie: fkngn becky with the good hair. that must have happened during/after production and they were like WE HAVE TO GO BACK
  • ash changes guitars (or paints over hers?) from white and red to red and black (vurray nice) and theres a little sticker of a porcupine skull and cross bones :9
  • buster’s reaction to the very thought of just sitting around and playing video games with eddie for the rest of his life. not to say he doesnt like playing Driver™ for the PS1 with eddie! buster is just very driven (hurr) hes got passion for his work and all these ideas and literally the only time he ever sits down is when hes being a cheeky shit and scaring the daylights outta eddie.
  • johnny’s dad punching the speed bag in the beginning and johnny messing with it before he gets the call from moon. i feel like that says alot about his relationship with his dad? like the whole time he’s wanted to be his own person and not just go with what his dad wants but now that hes gone (atm) he still misses him. my poor gorilla son :(
  • i figure that all the kids are out of highschool (johhny can drive, ash is living on her own, meena’s graduation picture) so a nice thing to think about is alla them going to community college part time while working for the theater :9 im thinking that eddie and buster are out of college-age (buster meeting nana at eddies graduation, and buster’s Depression Big Shirt™ is deffo an animal college shirt from eddie) buster probably didnt go to college because of money and also the theater
Family Meetings (Tony Stark!Dad x Reader)

Request: Hiya! Can I have a request where the reader is about 18-19 years old, and her mom married Tony when she was 16 and she’s really close to him bc she’s never had a fatherly influence before and he’s really protective over her bc hes determined to be the best fatherly influence to her. And she brings her boyfriend home for the first time to meet her family (her mom, dad and the Avengers) and its kinda cute and funny and everyone loves her boyfriend and yeah, thank you so much! I love u & ur writing

Words: 2, 372

Warnings: None! 

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 

I haven’t posted an imagine in what seems like forever, ugh blame school and work and me being tired all the damn time. I hope you lovely people enjoy this slightly humorous imagine! 

“On a scale from one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?” 

“Oh it tops the scale, it’s gotta be Australia level dangerous. We got two legged kicking kangaroos, perilous spiders, and the koalas may look cute but they have long claws and sharp teeth that will destroy you in less than a second.” 

“Kicking kangaroos?” He raised an eyebrow, and even in the dimly lit car you could see him fighting a smirk. “Really, Y/n?” 

“Yes really. Trust me, his name is Clint and he will kick you with both legs! At the same time!” 

“You’ve seen him do this?” His laughter filled the car and even though you had been dating for a little over a year, it still made your chest feel tight and fluttery. A blush tinting at your cheeks as he looked over at you, you twisted your lips in attempt to keep a straight face. You failed. 

“Several times.” Your voice waved as you held back a laugh long enough to speak. “Once he went out to dinner, by himself because apparently we annoy him so much that he needs to have alone time like five times a day, but anyway. He brought home this huge box of chicken tenders, with an extra side of ranch and you do not mess with Clint and his chicken tenders and ranch, so he wrote his name in really big bold letters on the box when he got home before he went to take a shower.”

“This isn’t gonna end well, is it?” He laughed softly, and by the look of your face as you tried to hold back giggles, he knew the end of this story was going to be good. 

“When he came back to get the remainder of his food, in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers with his face on it, he found Thor next to an empty box of what used to be Clint’s food. Crumbs were everywhere around the box and the ranch was completely gone, Thor was putting the final bite of chicken tenders in his mouth when Clint walked in. Clint was furious, his face was turning the purple shade of his shirt and I shit you not, he flew at Thor and jumped so high with both legs stuck out, his feet slammed against Thor’s chest!” 

You had to pause as you tried to contain your laughter for the final part of your story, he was laughing with you but he was also mainly focused on your face as you giggled. It made his own heart race a little too fast and his chest feel tight and fluttery. It made him fall even more in love with you as your nose scrunched and your eyes were squinted so tightly that a tear rolled down your cheek. 

“H-he went flying backwards, his body still in the same position with both legs stuck out in front of him and his face scrunched up. Thor didn’t even move an inch, he just watched and finished chewing the chicken, he didn’t even react to getting kangaroo kicked in the chest by half naked Clint. Clint ended up sprawled out on the kitchen floor like halfway across the room because he hit Thor with all his weight and it turned on him, sending him flying through the air. He just laid on the floor for like twenty minutes, and Thor just went about his night, as if nothing had happened.” 

“That sounds amazing.” He giggled like a maniac and you joined in, a hand covering your mouth as you laughed and tears rolled down your cheek several more times. His laughter combined with your laughter, was one of your favorite sounds. 

Minutes passed before either one of you calmed down enough to realize you still had a dinner to go to. 

“We could just ditch-” 

“Babe.” He looked over at you with a sly smile and you shrugged your shoulders. “We’re not ditching, we’re going to go in there and I’m going to meet the family you never shut up about. Okay?” 

“Okay, I guess.” You pouted, turning to look at him with a forced pout and pleading eyes. This was your first boyfriend you had ever brought home to your mom, step-dad and Avenger family. 

He reached over and squeezed your hand in his, you squeezed back tightly. You were glad he was finally meeting your family, but at the same time, they could be a bit…intense. 

“It’ll be fine, babe.” You looked over at him, a giggly feeling taking over your stomach as you admired his sparkling eyes that calmed your nerves and made you blush. 

You used your free hand and caressed his cheek softly, tilting your head as you looked at him for a moment. 

“Oh I really hope you don’t die.” 

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Boyfriend! Mark~

Hi! Can you make a Boyfriend!Mark ~ you probably know who this is but I’m being lowkey 😏😏😏

thanks for the first request egfauyerbcrh I’m cryingggg

Dis my first request wgfwdfhjbef I’m so excited and nervous feel free to give meh feedback yeah?

  • Lets start with how you guys met
  • You were both lost on your first day of high school and were running around the school like crazy trying to find your class and because both of you only had attention for the numbers on the doors, you both run into each other
  • You almost end up with a concussion or something
  • Mark being the nice Canadian boy he is apologises first.
  • He’s yelling out “sorry” like 20 times a second and you’re kind of angry that this is how your first day went but… he’s so cute looking so you just tell him that its okay
  • You both find out you’re in the same class so you walk run to class together
  • When you finally get to class everyone is staring at you two
  • He tries to play it cool and walks in to find a seat but he trips on his own feet
  • His ears are all red now but he’s still playing it cool and you kind of stand there stifling a laugh
  • There’s only one seat left and that’s next to Mark so you just sit there
  • Mark tries to be all Mr. Absolutely Fully Capable but inside he’s dying because he thinks you’re super pretty and cute
  • You guys continue to sit together in class and become pretty close
  • Mark like really likes you. Reeeeeaaallly likes you.
  • He’s been wanting to ask you out but he doesn’t know how to and complains to Donghyuck and Donghyuck has seriously had enough so he secretly writes you a letter pretending to be Mark asking you out to a café near school and gives it to you at the end of class.
  • When Mark found out about Donghyuck’s evil act he almost burst into tears but then he gets a text from you saying you’ll be happy to go
  • Now his heart is about to explode from emotions
  • He is so nervous during the date he’s stuttering every time he talks but tries giggle his way out of embarrassment
  • You love his little giggle so much (I love it more than anything omg you don’t even know man)
  • He buys you a hot chocolate and asks the waitress to write a message on your cup
  • When he sees the waitress come towards you guys with your drinks omg he becomes so nervous and almost runs away
  • When the waitress puts the drinks down you smile and thank her then look down at you cup and you have the biggest smile ever
  • Mark is about to puke when you look up - he’s going green
  • The lid of the cup reads “I like you”
  • He tries to explain to you that he’s liked you from day one but he’s stuttering hard and you couldn’t help but peck his cheek and tell him that you like him too
  • Now we’re up to the dating part
  • He’s still nervous but happy that all that weight of asking you out is gone
  • Skin ship is rare but holding hands is fine
  • Occasionally gives you a kiss on the cheek while in public but not too often
  • If you gave him a kiss, hug, back hug any sort of affection in public he would be so shy and giggly
  • He likes to buy you food
  • When its that time of month he knows what’s up and buys you extra food and gives you more affection but he’s nervous af because you can get kinda aggressive
  • Lots of late night calls even though you tell him to sleep early
  • Often calls you over to his place so you can play video games together
  • He often writes songs for you and plays guitar for you and he would giggle and blush like crazy when he’s done
  • Likes seeing you in his hoodies because you’re smol and they are oversized on you
  • Always blushing when you’re in his hoodies and just wants to hug the hell out of you
  • You like wearing his hoodies too because they smell of him dshfiugbrv
  • You guys barely get into fights but when you do he always apologises first
  • Buys a stuffed animal to give you when he apologises
  • Whenever you wear your hair up he really likes it and finds you really really pretty
  • Likes to send cute messages in the morning and it really makes your day
  • Lot’s of lame jokes
  • A lot of the time you’re laughing at him, not the joke
  • He likes to play with your hair
  • Poking his cheek is fun
  • He’s not much of a jealous type but if you get too close to another guy he’ll probably become really angry and nervous that you might leave him
  • But like, who would leave him? He’s too cuteeeee
  • Request for a part 2 if you want because I really bloody love Mark omg
  • omg i hope you liked it reughv iuehgv iehr
More haikyuu!! body headcanons


Yahaba’s hair curls are natural. Shittykawa is jealous

KYOUTANI’S CHEST IS THE BEST PILLOW. Like, its firm, but not too hard and its really warm *Sobs*

Kindaichi’s hair is gelled up (duh) but because when he was in middle school, alot of girls found him cute and he gets really nervous so he asked kunimi what he can do, thus turning his head into a turnip (he looks like a dork but what he didn’t know the girls still found him cute lol). Oikawa cried the first time he saw Kindaichi when he got out of the shower, hair down and showing his upper body and all *wink wonk*

Kunimi fucked up his body clock. He looks sleepy a lot because he is sleepy, and its all because he likes to read and would read until 3 am without even realizing it.

Hanamaki’s eating habits are unbeatable. He’s proud that he still has something where he can beat Iwa-chan, but because of volleyball (and constant exercise to beat Iwaizumi), everything he eats burns up quickly.

Matsukawa’s voice is always husky for around four hours from when he wakes up. It won’t even matter when its just a nap (Matsun and his very hot voice *FAintS*

Yaku once carried Kuroo when he twisted his ankle. The team was shocked (except Kai, who was silently laughing at pain-in-the-ass Kuroo-san’s scowl)

Yamamoto’s sleeping face is kawaii af. Ignore the mohawk and you’ll see the ikemen that he wants to be when he’s asleep.

Fukunaga’s hair is soft and he knows it. Probs because he’s an actual cat and grooms his hair like one.

Konoha can play any instrument but he can’t read notes. Like if he hears it, he can play it, but when it’s written on a piece, he’s lost

Terushima can knot cherry stems in his mouth. A potential expert kisser.

Daishou’s lips are always dry. This is why he has the habit of wetting it.

anonymous asked:

Hey b can I get some cute johnny hcs... What he's like in a relationship ly!

Yee yee, I gotchu x3

Thank you to my Sunshine @talk–greasy–to–me for helping ;w; ily

-Cuddles, okay? So many cuddles

-Seriously, Johnny is a big cuddler, like not at first, but sometime he’ll get her on the couch cuddling and its cute

-He always meets her at her locker at school tbh and always smiles so happily when he sees her coming to her locker :’D

-They put love notes in each others lockers honestly xD

-He’s a natural at waltzing and slow dancing and taught his girl how to dance so now they dance together all the time when they’re home alone tbch

-He waltzes and does the fox trot <3333

-Like, Dancing is one of the only things that makes him happy honestly but he’ll dip her and look her in the eyes and just alkfjsldf

-Johnny kisses for attention. kisses your arm, cheek, hand, whatever, just for your attention

-He stresses himself out when its your anniversary tbh like, he feels like you NEED the bestest of the best and fffffffffffff 

-He makes himself cry because the poor baby gets too overwhelmed about it

-Like he gets you a whole boquet of roses okay but he’s running down the street to give them to you but he ends up falling and running out of breath and losing them all but one or something and he just :“)

-Sometimes when they’re cuddling, and everything is silent, Johnny will mumble "I love you” “You’re my whole world” or “You mean everything to me”

-Like okay he’s the perfect boyfriend he’ll give you all the money he has just so you can go out and have fun with your friends he’ll day dream about you

I hope this was okay!! :D Thank you for asking!! :’3


Being Liam Dunbars supernatural twin would include… 

-Arguing about who is the better supernatural being.
-Being super competitive.
-Always watching his lacrosse games.

-”Stop staring at my friends Y/N.”
“But he/she is cute though.”

“Don’t you dare flirt with them.”

-Stealing each others snacks/food.
-Being known as “The Clumsy Twins” or “The Dumb-bars” by the pack…especially Stiles.
-Being best friends with Mason and Liam not liking it because he is his best friend.
-Being each others anchors.
-Being protective of each other.
-Annoying each other.
-Always begging Stiles to drive you and Liam home.
-Sometimes talking at the same time and the pack thinking its creepy.
-Him worrying about you when you get bit.
-You being the first one he tells about Scott biting him.
-You yelling at Scott the next day at school.
-Stiles and Scott trying to explain to you what happened.
-Being part of the pack.
-Thinking of Lydia, Kira and Malia as your older sisters.
-Sarcastic as hell.

-”Why do you smell like dirt Liam?”
“I fell in a hole.”
“Wow, good job little brother.”
“Your only a few minutes older Y/N!”

-Scott acting like a protective older brother and Stiles acting like the annoyed older cousin.
-Being the only one who can help him through his anger issues.

-”Get out of the bathroom!”
“I need to pee!”
“Wait ten more minutes!”
“Oh my gosh I hate you! I really need to pee Liam. Get out!”
“Pee outside.”
“I am going to kick this door down and throw you out the window Liam!”
“Okay I’m getting out.”

-Making each other tea when your sick.
-Watching funny movies.
-Being friends with Brett Talbot and Liam being mad about it.
-Brett annoying Liam by always talking about how beautiful you are.
-Liam snapping at Brett and telling him to stay away from you.
-Liam asking you for help whenever there is trouble.
-Helping each other with full moons.
-Making fun of Liam because he has to be tied to a tree during a full moon.
-Running after Liam during a full moon and trying to catch him because he was running around town naked.

-”Am I scary?”
“No I’m a sweetheart.”
“Not when your angry.”

-Him asking you for advice on girls.
-Being very awkward and dorky.
-Getting in trouble whenever you two try to make a plan.

-”Did you use my toothbrush?”

-My brother, my responsibility.” (vice versa)

-Helping each other get out of trouble….cuz thats what siblings are for.
-Getting each other in trouble….again that is what siblings are for. XD
-Always getting the front seat because you are older….by a few minutes.

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Please make a scenario where Nishinoya is falling in love for the first time with his long-time female childhood best friend who moved during his middle school then suddenly went back and enrolled to Karasuno. I really like the idea where he turned shy and awkward and tries to avoid her after realizing his feelings and she's very confuse because she knows Noya ain't that type of guy, and the whole team then turned into the best wingmen/women to him (including Saeko!!!) Thank you!


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Nishinoya Yuu/Reader
Characters: Nishinoya Yuu, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Tanaka Saeko, Ennoshita Chikara, Narita Kazuhito, Kinoshita Hisashi, Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, Azumane Asahi, Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Tsukishima Kei, Shimizu Kiyoko, Yachi Hitoka, Original Characters
Additional Tags: nishinoya yuu - Freeform, Reader Insert, Fluff, Childhood Friends, Jealousy

“Man,” Nishinoya groaned. “Guys, now she probably thinks I thought she was ugly or something! I mean, yeah she was a tom boy, but I never thought she was ugly! Damn, how am I supposed to tell her how I feel without getting rejected now?”

“With a great plan I have,” Saeko announced, clicking her tongue happily.

“Huh?” Tanaka and Nishinoya looked to Saeko bewildered. She hadn’t faltered an inch even as Tanaka and Nishinoya looked to one another, then back to her.

“Nee-san… What are you talking about?” Tanaka asked.

And as she sneered to the second years, Nishinoya couldn’t deny a nervousness he never knew he could feel.

“Okay, so here’s the plan.”

“Oh, God,” Tanaka groaned as he palmed his forehead.

misspeggy-longleggy  asked:

Since we did your house with V already, what kind of vacation would you take with V?


  • ok,
  • assuming that V and i live in america,
  • cause i live in america
  • i would ask him to go on vacation in korea
  • and he WOULD BE ALL OVER IT!!
  • he would show me his hometown, his favorite restaurant growing up,
  • we’d go around his neighborhood and he would tell me stories about anything he saw
  • “see that building over there? thats where my and Jumin first met. its our elementary school”
  • he would tell me the story of how they met, and tell me all about what Jumin was like as a kid
  • but we probably cant stay in his home town for too long, because it also might harbor memories of R*ika
  • so!! we stay in Seol and he gives me a tour of the city
  • we spend some time in Jeju too, because i really wanna and he thinks its a gorgeous place anyway~~
  • mostly nature oriented
  • probably traveling on a budget so we spend nights in some questionable places but thats fine
  • backpacking? probably, yes

it really makes me day when u ask me this stuff :3 its nice to think about a life with V~~ thank you!

Something really interesting about the worldbuilding of Harry Potter that is never outwardly discussed but I find to be extremely likely and often think about is that

Harry and his friends are likely going to see the end of the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy within their lifetimes and honestly, it’s already on its last threads while he’s at school. With everyone so busy with what Voldemort is doing, the entire Wizarding Community fails to see what the Muggles are doing.

It’s the 90′s. Our 1990′s. The internet is starting to grow and comes into nearly every UK and US household. Video cameras are becoming thinner, sleeker, more user friendly, and above all, cheaper. By the time Voldemort is dead, the first camera phone is only three years away from being made.

Yes, these things don’t work in Hogwarts, or likely in the Ministry either, and maybe even the biggest Wizard towns block electronics, too.

But Muggleborns exist. They exist and canonically are able to do uncontrolled magic, with eleven years of life before their questions about how and why are even begun to be answered.

It’s 2015 and there are more than a few eleven year olds who have their own cellphones, which now almost all come standard with cameras. Or they have older brothers and sisters who have them.

YouTube exists in the modern world and anyone with an internet connection can post to it easily.

Even if the Ministry has a new special division to monitor the internet for leaks, they don’t REALLY understand most Muggle technology and this isn’t likely going to be any different. They won’t be able to get every video and picture and post.

It starts with a video of some kid blooming a flower in their hand like little Lily Evans did in front of her sister some forty years ago. People will just think these are pranks, tricks of editing and lighting like that one guy does with his Vines. But then some other kid sees it, and recognizes it as real because they can do this same thing, too, and no one believes them, either.

Muggleborn children start finding each other on the internet long before Hogwarts finds them.

Hogwarts is still, quite literally, in the Dark Ages. They’re too slow. They’re too outdated. They can’t keep up unless they change.

The world is different and a big secret like the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy isn’t going to stay hidden for much longer.

Maybe not even “19 Years Later.”

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RFA reaction to a foreign MC, super strong accent when she speaks to them, missing home and trying to not be super western (I'm abroad for school right now and missing Canada and all of its lovely weather this time of year:( )

going abroad sounds so amazing, i hope you have a great time there :) i hope i can go in the future too! i get what you mean about being homesick though, there’s truly no place like home… lol canada sounds so nice and friendly, i wanna just move there given how the US’s presidential election is going


  • he was surprised when he first heard your voice over the phone, but immediately falls in love with it
  • can’t even play LOLOL properly if you’re talking because he zones out and just listens to your voice instead
  • sometimes asks you to give him pep talks for no reason because it sounds so unique and motivating when you say it
  • feels bad when you’re homesick, and will go look up a bunch of pictures/videos of your hometown to watch with you
  • stares at you attentively when you relax and start rambling excitedly about the things that are back home
  • he likes learning new things about you all the time


  • he’s heard his share of foreign accents when watching movies or other actors, but thinks your accent is the best out of all he’s encountered
  • “babe, you sound magical. i could listen to you talk for all eternity”
  • jumps at every opportunity when you offer to practice lines with him
  • not only because practicing with you is fun, but because your voice adds a new dimension to each scene
  • sometimes he likes to try speaking in an accent too, but it’s pretty bad
  • at least he’s cute when he tries
  • snuggles up with you when you’re homesick and tells you to list the places you miss the most
  • “if i ever get an acting gig abroad, i’ll definitely be sure to take you back there for a visit”


  • secretly loves your accent
  • finds it really intriguing and fascinating to listen to
  • she doesn’t make a big deal out of it though
  • just revels in the moments when you do speak 
  • one time you were ranting about something that annoyed you, and she just sat there wide-eyed
  • she looked like how she does when she’s watching a DVD of zen
  • “jaehee are you even listening”
  • “i’m sorry? i apologize, i wasn’t paying close attention to the contents. i’ll be sure to listen this time.”
  • she likes to sit by you and hold your hand when you’re feeling particularly homesick, both of you sharing stories about where the two of you grew up


  • he’s travelled around the world plenty of times, so accents aren’t new to him
  • he does notice you have one, but it’s not something that shocks him for long
  • most of the time he has a small grin when your accent is more noticeable during certain situations because you sound adorable
  • “i can’t believe they ended the episode like th– jumin, stop that”
  • “stop what?”
  • “you’re wearing that weird smile again”
  • “i am? this is how i normally look”
  • the first time he saw you get really homesick, he immediately cleared his schedule for a week and booked a flight to your hometown
  • had you help plan the places to visit since you’d probably know best


  • for the first few days, he literally giggled every time you spoke
  • he loves it so much
  • gets pretty jealous that he doesn’t have an accent too
  • “can i record you reading something? for science”
  • “…this just says ‘i love seven’ though”
  • “yes read it just like that. i’m gonna start recording!”
  • whenever you’re homesick, he always stops working and hangs with you
  • if you want to be distracted, he’ll play games with you
  • if you want to talk, he’ll sit and listen (while trying not to fangirl about your accent)
  • promises that if he can’t take you to the space station, he’ll at least take you back home one day so you can show him all the places you love and missed

are there no headphones coming with this thing

Pokemon Go™ Headcanons

this game has almost taken my life on several occasions

* Hinata drags Kageyama ALL around the school because “wait there’s an arbok over there! no wait…..its right here!”
* Yamaguchi managed to pull Tsukishima into it because the cubone he caught kinda looks like a dinosaur, ofc he named it Tsukki
* Nishinoya has tried and failed to get Asahi to play it. Every time he shows him the game, scary pokemon show up and asahi just can’t deal with that
* At the training camp, Kenma shows hinata all the pokemon he’s caught and the gym he owns, hinata is so awed because “wow kenma!! you’re like a master!”
* kageyama has like 3, the first one hinata helped him catch and he names it after his favorite boxed milk
* lev bugs kenma to go hunting with him at the WORST times like “Kenma-san! if I do this super cool spike you have to come hunting with me!”
* oikawa gets a geodude and names it iwa-chan. it’s his favorite
* kuroo is baffled because kenma wants to go out on walks ALL the time, but really it’s just an excuse to get kuroo to chaperone him


ok doing this bc kenma is a massive cutie who needs sm love ok

-OK so kenma would like probs realise he “likes” u sorta out the blue like yh u guys have been friends for a while probs bc u saw him playing pokemon or smth one day and were like “OH MY GOD !!!” but then he looks at you and he’s like “what the HECK who asked you to be so cute”
-probs too insecure to ask u out so you need to take the initiative ok LET THIS LIL BABY KNOW YOU LOVE HIM!!
-so like idk you decide to go to his house after school for abit and ur super tired so you fall asleep and kenma is just like Oh God Save Me and tbh he probs stares at u until u wake up and then blushing !!!
-you confess to each other and its v cute and simple but you don’t kiss you just cuddle for a v long time
-ur first date would be somewhere like the park sorta late at night where there’s no ppl and ur just on the grass cuddling some more and kenma keeps staring at u and wants to kiss you but “IDK IF THEY WANT TO KISS ME”
-so he doesn’t kiss you then
-ok you guessed it,you gotta initiate the kiss
-you go to watch him in a match and nekoma wins and kenma looks so tired but sorta happy and u just run up to him on the court aND IT HAPPENS
-U KISS !!!
-it’s v short like kenma doesn’t kiss back but judging by the blush on his face he’s rly happy
-kuroo wolf whistles and probs follows u guys on the way home saying things like “lovebirds look here!!”
-like go away kuroo u need to sort ur hair out rn ok
-ur relationship is v sweet and you don’t really display affection much unless it’s in the comfort of your homes
-but WOAH HOLD ON,, jealous kenma?? he’s probably gonna cling to u like ur both super glued together honestly
-he’s just a smol cat boy who needs reassurance
-i don’t imagine u doing the ‘do’ until like 7 months-a year after u start dating he wants to make sure you’re both ready
-it’s a spur of the moment thing like u both just make out one night and one thing leads to another bc he needed u
-it’s very sweet tho and makes it very comfortable
-all in all, a seriously cute relationship with lots of cuddles and nerdy stuff ft a tall cat man stalking u both bc ur both his children he needs to make sure ur ok

Headcanon: Isabella or Isa

During the first few months, JJ tries out different nicknames for Isabella. He didn’t dare call her any pet names yet. They’re still getting to know each other further and… he’s still terrified of her dad. The man saw the neck kiss and has been giving him the evil eye since. Who knows what he’d do if he hears him calling Isabella “honey”, “sweetheart”, or its like.

So JJ instead tries out nicknames. First was “Ella” and receives a frown. An awkward silence had followed. He quickly changed topics to salvage the conversation.

Next was “Bella”. It was disastrous. It was then that he discovered his girlfriend’s passion for literature and Harry Potter. At the same time, she almost skinned him alive for calling her that. Apparently there’s this book that she had come to hate so much because the main protagonist has the same name as her. She was teased about it a lot at school especially since there was an “Edward” and “Jacob” in her class. The nickname was forever spoiled for her.

JJ did his best to read all the Harry Potter books and finish watching all the movies in just a month to make her feel better. The first time he did a HP reference, it flew over Isabella’s head. When he kept at it and Isabella finally catches on what her boyfriend is actually doing, JJ finally receives a proper kiss from her.

But JJ was still hellbent in his quest in giving her a nickname. He tried “Bells”. It was a half joke. Well, not really but he will never admit it. The result was just as bad, if not worst, as the “Bella Incident”. Apparently, “Bells” is a trigger to a lot of terrible memories (of her helicopter parents always yelling “BELLS, OUR BABY GIRL! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU! WE LOVE YOU!” in her recitals even when she’s already 14.)

He was about to give up when suddenly, in the middle of a date, Isabella said “Isa”.

JJ blinked. “What?”

“You’ve been so desperate enough lately that you tried Bells” she shuddered “So I’m picking one myself. Isa.”



JJ smiled. “Isa”

Isabella blushed. “Just- don’t use it too much, alright. No need to spoil it.”

JJ laughed. “Ok. Ok, Isa.”

“You’re doing it.”

“No, I’m not, Isa.”

“JJ! Stop!”

“But it’s a really cute name! Isa!”

JJ was promptly shut up with a second proper kiss.

46. my strength

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Title: my strength

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Genre: High School! AU/ Jock! Taemin

Summary: Even the most valuable players need someone to support him. Taemin finds out that there was only one person he needed.

Sometimes she wonders if Taemin likes overachieving or maybe he just enjoys playing a lot. The first time she saw him, the last thing that crossed her mind was that Taemin was part of the football team, after all, his cute features and humble personality was not something that stereotypically talking was considered as a best player demeanor, but later on, she discovered that Taemin was in a hundred of ways different. Surely, he took his talent seriously, but he also knew how to be the best and stay on the ground, which was one of the things that made her fall in love with him a hundred times over and over again.

It was late at night when she had gotten out of the library, and she half expected to see a text from her boyfriend once she got out, a big amount of emoticons and exclamation marks that were usual of Taemin. Nothing, there wasn’t even a small ‘okay’ texted to her and that made her worry. What if he was sick? What if he didn’t get home safely? However, her mind lit up with an idea when she remembers that Taemin’s big game was only a week away and that only meant a simple thing…

Taemin stayed to practice.

So she knows where to find him, in the middle of what he called his stage as he throws the ball as far as he can, not even failing to take it various meters far away. Sweat collected on his forehead as his blond hair moves with the air, his plump lips parted as he pants, his varsity jacket over his body as he throws the ball once again. She stands a few feet away from him, looking at him with a smile on her face as she feels like Taemin finally belongs in there, with his head in the game that he plans inside his mind.

Like he had said once, this was his dream since he was a kid, his short limbs and big dreams growing as well as his legs and she only imagines how much it could mean to him. When he throws the ball once again and it jumps against the grass, she lets out a soft whistle, catching his attention as his wide eyed gaze settles on her, making her smile lightly. Taemin looks at her as if she was the sun in the middle of his dark night and the sound of the air around them as well as a few night insects are the only things that can be heard. Taemin picks up the ball once again as he gives her a soft smile.

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big bro mattsun hcs
  • matsukawa has a younger brother, seiji, whose really soft spoken and well mannered 
  • seiji doesnt have much friends due to his shyness and will always eat his homemade bentou alone (which were made by mattsun)
  • every time mattsun come back from school or volleyball practice, seiji will always greet mattsun with open arms and hug him like theres no tomorrow 
  • its very rare to see them separate actually
  • the first time makki saw seiji was when he was invited over to study, and seiji opened the door
  • makki respose to seeing seiji was “MATTSUN???? OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED???? WHY HAVE U SHRANK???”
  • seiji thought makki was a very interesting guy and if his brother likes him, he must be an ok guy 
  • that entire “study session” was seiji clinging onto makki, and makki spoiling seiji (mattsun wasnt very pleased to say the least)
  • it became routine for makki to visit seiji and mattsun every week after saturday practice 
  • matsukawa “im totally not jealous of my little brother for getting all of my boyfriends attention” issei 
  • makki thinks its the cutest thing to see mattsun jealous over something little (and thats one of the reasons why he spoils seiji so much)
  • seiji really really loved heros and would show makki all his toys and talk nonstop about them
  • seiji nicknamed makki “hiiro-nii” because he reminded him of a super hero (makki nearly died when he heard this bc it was the cutest thing)

Summary: It’s Gerard’s first time going into a heat, and Frank is the only one there to help. 

Warnings: Omegaverse, first time. 

Gerard felt strange today. It wasn’t that he was sick or anything, at least he didn’t think so, but he was just hot. Everything was too close together in this damn school corridor, and it was making it hard to breathe. Gerard continued his way down towards the school gates, wanting to get home and get a damn glass of cold water.

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