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The View From the Edge

Another delightful story for @caped-ace, this time for some Reaper76 from Overwatch! Enjoy these old men, proving that being edgelords doesn’t go out with age.

Cut is for length, not for content. 

Originally posted by etlabetes

It had taken nearly thirty minutes after the battle with Los Muertos for Soldier: 76 to finally collapse in the Dorado alleyway.

Clearly, he had known it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to the injuries he had sustained. That’s why he had concentrated on taking an aimless, twisting path through the Mexican city, avoiding major thoroughfares. Generally he kept moving south - which must have been where he had left whatever mode of transportation he had used to get there - but then, near an industrial scrapyard, his knees buckled. One arm against a building wall, the other clutching the heavy pulse rifle. Of course that would be important to him, but soon it fell with a clatter as he gripped his side, where he had taken the brunt of the grenade blast.

Idiot, Reaper thought. The child had foolishly put herself in danger, had lingered too long, and then the rogue had hesitated in deciding what to do about it, waiting for the last possible moment, losing the gang and just barely rescuing the girl. Sloppy. Careless.

After a moment, it had become too much, and Soldier: 76 sagged to the ground in an unconscious pile.

“Old habits die hard.”

And now that old habit was going to kill him. Ironic.

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Perfect-A Josh Dun Imagine

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect. Check it out my frens it’s pretty sick. I’ll get on with it. Hope you enjoy.

TW: slight cursing?


You and Josh had been best friends since you were little. You’ve been attached at the hip ever since he punched the kid that pushed you over and yanked your pigtails in first grade. You went to the same junior high and high school as well, and everywhere you guys went you always got the same question, “Why aren’t you two dating yet?”

At first it always bothered you because you and Josh were best friends and nothing more, and you couldn’t understand why society couldn’t just accept that guys and girls could be friends and nothing more. You were his wingwoman. always helping score dates or kisses with his crushes by talking him up to all the girls or distracting other boys. seduction seemed to be one of your greatest skills, as Josh once mentioned after you would willingly stick your tongue down a guys throat as a distraction. Over time, though, the question bothered you less and less.

Things got harder during college when you went to Ohio State and Josh stayed at home, but you always met up on weekends and days you weren’t stuck with shittons of homework. You were both in the same city, but heading on different paths, but despite that you two were still as close as ever. Soon, however, he got into twenty one pilots, and the friendship went worldwide. It hurt that your best friend was so far away, but whenever he got back in town, you were always the first on his list.

That brings you to now, sitting on Jenna’s couch waiting for the boys to come home while reminiscing about your elementary escapades with Josh while Jenna laughs out of pure entertainment while you retold the story of the previously mentioned make-out distraction which Josh calls ‘the seduction expedition.’ His words not yours.

“So you actually made out with this random dude from your class just so Josh could get some action, really Y/N?”

“We were freshmen, Jen. Would you have rather I strip tease as a distraction?” you laughed at Jenna’s reaction.

“OH gosh no!” She yelled while gasping for breath.

“Could you imagine, Jenna?” you began “little 14 year old me with no tits stripping to help my best friend score?” You both broke into hysterics again only to be interrupted by the doorbell.

“Y/n could you get that I have to grab something to show you.”

“Sure Jen.” You drag yourself off the couch and to the door. Opening the door while shout back at Jenna “Just wait ‘til you hear about Josh falling out of a tree to get a girl’s attention.” You chuckle to yourself turning back to the door. “Oh Tyler. Sorry I was just telling your wife embarrassing stories about our best friend.”

“It’s alright” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a hug. “It’s good to see you again.” You step aside and allow him in.

“Jen it’s for you” you call for Jenna, and she comes bolting down the stairs, and flings herself into her husbands arms. They hug for nearly a minute before they let go, and even then they just stare at each other. Feeling awkward for interrupting you decide to take your leave. “uh, sorry to interrupt this beautifully tearful reunion, but I’ll head out so you two have some alone time.”

“No please, y/n” Tyler begins “I would love to hear all the embarrassing things Josh did before I knew him.”


“He didn’t?” Tyler giggled at the latest story about yours and Josh’s escapades. 

“He did! He jumped in the 5 degree water because he was trying to impress his crush.” You wheezed while you thought about the look on his face when he jumped in. You smiled to yourself.

“Did it work?” Jenna asked from her spot on Tyler’s lap.

“No that’s the best part. She was so unimpressed.” 

“Did it impress you?” Tyler asked, smirking for a reason unknown to you. 

“A little. I never would’ve done it.” You clutched your stomach, the three of you flailing around with laughter. You were happy with Tyler and Jenna, but you felt a hole because your best friend was missing. 

“You okay y/n?”

“Yeah, Ty. Just missing Josh s’all.” You shrug. “Where is he anyway?” 

“He had a rough couple of nights the past couple of weeks.” Tyler replied. “I’m sure he’s just catching up on sleep. He’ll visit soon.” 

“Is he okay? What happened?” 

“His anxiety spiked, but he’s okay. Calm down y/n”

“I know I’m sorry. I’m just worried about him ‘cause–”

“Cause you’re in love with him.” Tyler finished for you. 

“I-I’m” you stuttered shocked at the accusation. “I’m not in love with Josh. Are you insane?”

“Think about it y/n.” There you sat, thinking about Josh and how he is the only source of light in your life. You think about his smile and his crinkly eyes and his laugh. You think about the times when you hang out together, and how at those times it’s like nothing else matters. You think about all your romantic relationships and how none of them have worked, and you think about the cause and how none of them have made you feel like the way that Josh made you feel.

“Oh my God I’m in love with Josh.”

“Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Tyler you owe me five bucks.” 

“Guys this isn’t a joke! What do I do?” 

“You love him.”


You go home after a couple of hours with Tyler and Jenna. The revelations taking their toll on you, and as soon as you get home you fall on your couch and fall asleep. 

You wake again, a couple hours later to an incessant and annoying pounding. You check your phone, noting the 3:00 shining back at you. The knocking continues, realizing its the door, you stand, fix your hair, straighten the dress you fell asleep in, and head to the door. “Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning?” you mumble on your way to the door. “What the fuck-Oh Josh?” 

“Y/n!” He grabs you by the waist and pulls you into a hug. Oh how you missed his hugs. “I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I missed you too, Jishy.” You pull back. “What brings you here at this ungodly hour where no one should be standing let alone awake.” You giggle.

“Sorry,y/n. I know its late, or early, or…whatever, but I’m awake and jet-lagged as hell, but most importantly I missed my best friend. Come on, let’s go.” 

“Jish, it’s 3 am. Where could we possibly go? Nothing’s open.”

“I planned a picnic come on.” He smiles that crinkly smile, and your resolve disappears. 

“Alright, Jishy. Let me get my shoes.” You run upstairs to your bathroom to fix your makeup and hair. Grabbing your shoes, you rush downstairs and out the door, locking it behind you, and to Josh’s car. 

“Buckle up, buttercup.”


You and Josh drive outside of town to a field on the edge of a forest. He pulls out a couple of blankets, a picnic basket, and a small speaker. “Josh this place is beautiful how’d you find it?” He sets a blanket down, and places the basket and speaker down on top of it. Plugging in his phone, he turns on his music turns toward you. 

“I found it a while ago when I needed to sort through some things in my head. I thought it was pretty refreshing.” 

“It wonderful” you said as you stared at the stars. There was little light pollution over the field so you could multitudes of stars, something you always loved to see. 

Josh stared right at you, “It sure is.” 

Unaware of his gaze you turn to the picnic. Slipping off your shoes and taking a seat, you begin to pull out the contents of the basket. “Hey drummer boy, are you gonna join me, or am I going to have to eat this dessert feast by myself?” 

“I’m coming, princess, calm down.” You laugh.


Josh’s POV

Y/n and I spend the next hour and a half laughing, talking, reminiscing all while stuffing our faces with all different kinds of desserts. Y/n was in the middle of retelling a story about a hobo who she found chasing a rat when the song playing through the speaker caught her attention.

“I found a love for me. 
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead.
Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.”

“Oh my gosh I love this song.” She stood and began to twirl and sway to the music. 

I watched her dance lightly, unable to keep my love for her from showing on my face. Luckily, she didn’t notice. She just danced and danced to the music playing from my phone. “I know. You wouldn’t shut up about it. It’s all you talked about.” I replied. She stopped and stared at me. Her y/e/c eyes met mine, and I felt my heart speed up a little. God, she was beautiful. 

“Dance with me” was all she said. Pulling me to my feet and bringing my hands to her waist, we slowly rocked to the music playing softly from my speaker. 

“’Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling just kiss me slow
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine”

“Can I tell you something?” she whispered looking up at me through her eyelashes. She took my breath away. God, why couldn’t I just tell her how in love with her I am. 

“Yeah.” I whispered back. I don’t know why we were whispering, it just felt right, like we didn’t want to ruin whatever moment we were trapped in

“I was with Ty and Jenna earlier, and I realized something” she began  “something that could change everything.” She glanced to our feet, blushing. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
listening to our favorite song”

“Give me a second this is hard for me.” She let out a breath. “This thing has always been there, you know, and it really didn’t hit me til today…god, I’m a mess.” She let out a breathy laugh, playing with her fingers that were linked on the back of my neck. Why was she nervous. 

“When you said you looked a mess
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why are you so nervous y/n? It’s just me.” 

“I’m nervous because this could ruin everything!” She stilled,but her hands remained wrapped around my neck. “I’m nervous because this realization changed everything and if I don’t say anything it’ll eat me up inside.” She sighed.  “I’m nervous because we promised that we will always be honest with each other, but this is the only thing that I have ever doubted telling you.” Then quietly, like I wasn’t supposed to hear, “I’m nervous ‘cause I could lose you.”

“Well I found a woman
Stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams 
I hope that someday I’ll share her home” 

“You won’t lose me, y/n.” She looked up, surprised that I had heard her. “Whatever it is it won’t scare me away.” I smiled. “I’m here to stay.” 

“I found a love
to carry more than just my secrets
to carry love, to carry children of our own”

“Okay here it goes.” Her eyes met mine, once again taking my breath, and all my coherent thoughts, away. “I’m in love with you, Josh Dun. I’ve been in love with you for years. I’ve been in love with you for so long that I can’t even remember when it began, and I know you don’t feel the same, and I’m sorry if this makes our friendship weird, but I’m so in love with you it takes my breath away, and I don’t want to be anywhere else when I’m with you.” 


Your POV

There was a pause. You held your breath waiting for any reaction from Josh. Still there was silence, so you unlatched your finger from Josh’s neck. “I’i m sorry I-I” You pulled away, readying yourself to run. This was a huge mistake. But you suddenly find yourself pulled against Josh’s chest with strong hands holding you still and Josh’s lips moving against yours. Bliss.

“We are still kids, but we’re so in love
fighting against all odds 
I know that we’ll be alright this time
Darling just hold my hand 
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes”

Josh smiled that Cheshire cat-like grin. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years.” Relief flooded your face and you laughed. 

“Me too, Jishy. Me too.” You pulled him against you again. Chests meeting chests, lips meeting lips. Hearts meeting hearts. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this 
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Josh laughed looking at you like you tend to look at the stars. 

“Because we’re idiots.” You leaned against Josh, burying your face in his neck. He kissed your hair. 

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” 

“And I’m yours.” You smiled. Your lips meet Josh’s once again.

“Now that I’m allowed to do that I don’t want to stop.” Josh kissed all over your face.

“Me either.” 

“I love you so much, y/n.”

“I love you too, Jishy.”

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
No, I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight”


I hope you enjoyed this. I do take requests just hmu. Should I start writing more? Let me know. Feedback is appreciated.

Marked One

HELLO! Just a quick thank you to everyone for the amazing response to my first ever reader insert imagine! I am glad you all enjoyed it and I am glad to have given back a little something to this amazing community. 

PROMPT - @spnstarships requested: “Reader gets really sick, does not tell anyone until Bones comes to check because he has not seen her, finds almost dead then saves her.” - Sorry for the delay in posting this, but it took a while to write and I really hope it was the kind of thing you were after :)

PAIRING - Reader X Bones

WARNINGS - Slight cursing, Angsty but also fluffy to in places!

Marked One

White lights streaked in a steady rhythm above your head, as your body laid parallel on a medical stretcher. Your eyes were heavy as the cold white light reflected off falling dust particles creating an angelic halo around you. The moment would have been so utterly perfect if one figure above you, hadn’t had to consistently slap the side of your face whenever your eyes threatened to give in to the darkness.

“Don’t fall asleep.”

The order had been spoken with a commanding tone, however the subtle worried edge which laced it did not go unnoticed. Frowning towards the shadowy figure, you reached your arm up high; clinging to the blue cloth which surrounded them.

“I don’t know if you’ve had to do this before- but it’s hard.”

The figure blew an amused raspberry, their face turning away as they begun to murmur to the other unfamiliar shadows which lurked around you. Once finished, the silhouette leaned closer; their features forming clearer as you recognised the face before you with relief.

“I take it that the anti hallucinogenic hypo helped then.”

“Leonard?” You interrupted, your hand falling from his shirt and back to your aching chest.

“Good. You recognise me, thats-” Leonard paused as he nodded to himself in determination, a sense of relief seemingly washing over him. “It’s a good sign. Better than earlier.”

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Carry On Countdown -Fifth Year

This is the first writing I’ve ever posted online and I’m sorry it’s shit, there are better things to come!

Written from Baz’s pov, basically just pining oops

This is getting ridiculous. It’s 3am. In the past four nights I’ve had less than twenty hours sleep combined. I close my eyes for the millionth time, knowing full well that they’ll have opened again within the the next minute.

It’s not like I’m trying not to sleep -quite the opposite. I just can’t stop thinking. My brain won’t shut up. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past few months, but it’s never got this bad before. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried going for walks once Simon’s fallen asleep, but that only makes me think more and I end up wandering across the whole site, aimlessly, for hours on end and come back no less weary but a hell of a lot colder. I’ve tried listening to classical music through earbuds. I’ve even managed to blag some chamomile tea from the kitchen, but it didn’t help. It just tastes faintly like piss.

Simon rolls over in his sleep and I let out a sigh. How can he sleep so easily? How can he do everything so easily? His whole life is just one big long walk in the park. He doesn’t agonise over homework, he’s in a happy relationship, he hardly even does a thing between getting out of bed and going down to breakfast -just brushes a hand through his hair and he’s good to go.

I’d brush my hand through his hair.

Wait. What. No. It’s 3am. I’m knackered. I don’t know where that came from. I roll over, blushing despite the fact that no one could know I’d thought that. I’m now facing the window. It’s open, of course, and I realise suddenly that I’m absolutely freezing. Bloody Snow and his stupid.. stupid… argh. I don’t even know what I’m trying to think. I get up to close it, a little too quickly, and stumble slightly on my way across. It takes two attempts for it to actually shut, the rotten wood swollen bigger than its frame. I am forceful the second time round, and it slams loudly, the metal catch rattling against the glass. Snow stirs and I worry that I have woken him, before I realise that I don’t actually care. Why shouldn’t he wake up? He left it open to begin with. Stupid. And that stupid hair.

I lay on my back for a while and think about nothing. Well, I probably was thinking about something, but it wasn’t significant. I trace patterns on the sheet instead, my finger joining up creases like those dot-to-dot things I remember doing as a child. Like little constellations, I think. Like Simon’s freckles. The ones on his back are spread out enough to do an actual dot-to-dot. Spread out enough to be actual constellations.

What the fuck? I’m thinking about Simon’s moles. That’s like, the third time I’ve thought about him tonight. Then I try and remember, and I decide it’s probably actually more than three times… Does this count? Does thinking about thinking about Simon count as thinking about Simon? I laugh suddenly and unexpectedly, a sort of choke, and bury my face in my duvet so as not to wake Simon. There we go again, I think. Of course Snow doesn’t wake. He never does. Never has. All these five years of me banging around doing whatever I’ve been doing and he just snuffles through it, only turning occasionally, or flickering his eyelids.

I almost wish he would wake up. Dev tells me about how when he stays with his cousins they don’t really talk much, but they all share a room at night. He says once it passes about 2am, different rules apply. They talk about everything, he says, stuff you would never dream of telling anyone when you’re fully awake. I’ve never had a sleepover that wasn’t with him or Niall, and we did have deep conversations but I don’t think that really counts because we’re already close. I don’t need to be half asleep to talk to him. But then I start thinking. Do I? Do I tell him stuff? Real stuff? I complain about how fucked up my family is and what Snow’s up to, and, sure, when we have sleepovers we talk about stuff. Girls. We’ve talked about girls. Is that what he means? Girls? Because that’s where my problem lies. I’ve spoken to Dev about girls. Girls. Not about boys.

Would I talk to Simon about boys? If we were both tired and we reached the magical 2am and forgot our feuds, would I talk to him? It’s hard to imagine. The forgetting feuds part. I look at him. His head is laying in a pool of moonlight on his pillow and he looks like a hand tailored mannequin. Nobody is this flawless naturally: his skin looks like pearl, his hair like silk, and his features ethereal. ‘Snow.’ It’s suits him, as a name. Fun and childish and exciting, but also.. stunningly beautiful.

What the fuck, Baz. Shut up. Simon Snow isn’t fucking beautiful.

But he is. You can say that. It’s fine to be able to appreciate beauty. Dev is quite good looking.

Now you’re being stupid. Dev is not good looking.

No, Dev is good looking. He’s just not Simon Snow.

My knuckles whiten as my grip on the duvet tightens. I loosen them. It’s just Snow. He’s still sleeping. Fucker.

There is silence again. I imagine shaking him awake. How is it fair that he is so asleep and I am so not? I need it more than him; he doesn’t have to worry about how well he does in lessons because he’s not battling for top against that stupid Bunce friend of his. I imagine shaking him awake and pinning him against the wall. I’m shouting at him, I don’t know what but I’m shouting something. I’m angry and I’m I’m holding Simon Snow against a wall and shouting at him and my spit is flying into his face. I’m furious and he’s not doing anything to stop me. He’s just hanging there limply and letting me do what I’m doing. He’s in my hands. I have control.

And then I stop. I look at his face, scrunched up, little flecks my my saliva mingled with freckles.

I brush them from his cheek with my thumb.

He’s staring at me. His eyes are the most penetrative ice blue I’ve ever seen. I’m staring into his eyes and I’m shivering and my thumb is still on his cheek. And suddenly his eyes are closing. His eyes are closing and his head is tilting and it’s moving towards me. Simon Snow is… going to kiss me?

“M-Bazz..” I jolt my eyes open. Simon fucking Snow is laying in his bed, as asleep as he’s ever been. I glower at him. He murmurs my name again and I nearly throw the lamp at his head.

All. I. Want. Is. To. Go. To. Sleep. You. Stupid. Fucking. Dick.

I roll over determinedly. When I close my eyes again Simon Snow does not have time to kiss me because I am banging his head against the wall. Those stupid fucking eyes flash at me. They look hurt.

Good, I think. And I throw the lamp.

Rain Pt.2

Am I someone who engraved, like the rain,
my existence to you?
If not, am I just someone
who came and went like a rain shower?

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

I decided to post this in two parts, since it was too long, next part will be up in the next few days. Hope you enjoy the fluffiest thing I may have written in my short fic writer life.

Word Count : 4K

Genre : Fluffity flluffing fluff/ A tiny bit of angst.

Request based on this :  Hi I don’t know if your request are open but if it’s could you do a second part of Rain, please. When Jeongkook shows how he apologised whit you and everything. With a happy ending please. 

Originally posted by jinkooks

To say jungkook was trying would be an understatement. That much you could attest to. He made sure you would feel how sorry he was, how remorseful he still is, and you did. For the most part.

Most nights you would peacefully sleep in his arms, with not even a pinch of worry as you listened to his heartbeat, but other nights weren’t the same. Other nights, insecurities would swarm down on you, scenes of them together – scenes you’ve never witnessed – would stream behind your closed eyelids.

A faceless figure touching him, kissing him, and …

Your eyes shot open and you jolted out of sleep, not daring to see what your nightmare had for you next, cold sweat and shivers covering your body. You sighed. To night was one of those nights.

Did I make the right choice ? You thought rubbing your eyes in attempt to adjust them to the slightly bright room. It was already morning.

“ Are you okay ?” Jungkook sat up, half awake and a little dazed. An expression that would have made you burst into laughter with his messy hair. If it you weren’t for your state of … Fear.

“ Yeah, Just … a nightmare ” You smiled back at him.

“ You’ve been having them a lot lately ” He massaged your shoulder with a guilty and apologetic tone.

“ Go back to sleep, kookie ” You glanced at the clock by your bedside 6:25 AM “ You still have time before you need to get up ”

“ You do too ” He pouted when you drew the cover away from over yourself.

“ I’m already up, might as get a head start ” You straightened his hair, yawning.

“ Five more minutes, please, come here ” Jungkook pulled you down into his embrace, sinking further down the bed, and practically trapping you with his legs over yours.

“ You’re really heavy, you know that ?” You whined already breathless from trying to get away from him. Half trying.

“ I love you ” He whispered nuzzling your hair “ I really do ”

Your heart fluttered, a little painfully, and you inched closer. Wordlessly deciding to believe him, comforting yourself with his warmth you fell asleep again.

“ I missed that ” He spoke after he felt your body relax into a deep sleep “ You calling me Kookie”


“ Hey there, sleepy head ” Jungkook cooed as you stepped out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

“ Why didn’t you wake me up ? I’m going to be late for work now ” You whined, frustrated with him and more with yourself, seeing him hum an unrecognizable melody.

“ It’s sunday, you idiot ” He laughed shaking his head in dismay.

“ Oh .. Right” You shrugged idiot indeed “ I forgot ”

“ Sit down, I made coffee” He held up the two cups moving them to the dinner table.

“ Like you know how to make anything else ” You joked making your way towards him, leaving a light peck on his cheek.

“ Are you … Are you making fun of my cooking skills ?” Jungkook dramatically gasped “ How dare you ? ”

“ I should die for my sin ” You laughed as you sat down taking your cup from him. These days you weren’t reminded of then anymore by being like this, sat face to face on this same table, instead you enjoyed the time you were spending together even with vain discussions like this. It made you feel normal. Safe.

“ Why are we drinking coffee on a sunday ? Should I make you something ?” You looked up at him from your cup

“ Because I wanted to make you something but … ” Jungkook paused, not daring to continue, he knew if he was to say it you would tease him for the rest of his mortal life.

“ But … ” The grin on you face was growing at his shy expression “ Go on, say it.”

“ I don’t know how to make anything else ” He said quietly, hoping you wouldn’t hear but by the way you burst out in laughter, you did.

“ Well, you do make the best coffee ever so it’s okay ” Yes, that was the best you could do at comforting.

“ Was that a compliment ?” He looked up at you wide eyed and a childlike smile on his face. You couldn’t help but smile back. Your heart leaping undeniably.

“ Yeah, I’m completely capable of those” You laughed “ You just have to deserve it ”

Jungkook didn’t know why but that statement on its own was like a painful stab to his chest. Even though he knew you didn’t mean anything by it. Not what he was thinking.

“ What do you want to do today ?” He suddenly asks after a long silence of the both of you just sitting there each checking your phones like you always did before.

“ Clean ?” You stated, the obvious for you, putting your phone down.

“ The house looks clean though. Wanna do something fun ?” Jungkook said looking around the living room. Brat.

“ In your eyes it is ” You looked away. Your mouth mouth was too fast for you brain “  But then again a lot of things seem clean to you ”

Jungkook froze, taken aback by your sudden words. This was not going how he planned.

“ Y/N” He stuttered.

“ Forget about it. I’m sorry ” You were, you didn’t mean it. You really didn’t.

“ You have the right to still be mad at me ” There it was again. That guilty tone.

“ I’m not mad !” You yelled, standing up, “ It was just a slip of tongue okay ? Let’s not talk about it. Ever again.”

“ Babe ” He hugged you “ I love you ”

“ I know ” you circled your arm around him, burying your face in his neck “ I know ”.

“ By the way ” You hit his back for him to let go and he hummed, refusing to, for you to talk “ You’re acting really suspicious today ”

Jungkook laughed finally letting go, hiding his face “ Me? Not at all !”

“ What did you do ?” You pouted at him.

“ Hmm … Remember how you always talked about taking a week off from work ?”

“ Jungkook …” You started walking towards him as he stepped back.

“ Not me but someone might have called in to get it for you ” He smiled from ear to ear holding both his hands up in surrender.

“ Not you ?”

“ Definitely not ”

“ Come here ” You motioned for him but ended up being the one to close the distance pinching his stomach “ And why did the ” not you “ do that ?”

He groaned in pain when you twisted the skin you were able to grab hold of.

“ Maybe … Maybe he wanted to take you on a trip. Just the two of us” He smiled again and you slowly released him. Surprised.

“ Really ?” You asked and he dipped down to kiss your forehead.

“ Really. Go pack.”

“ Where are we going ?”

“ Somewhere warm and beautiful.”

“ You’re not going to tell me ?”

“ Nope” He teased earning him another pinch.

You quickly headed to your bedroom before stopping and abruptly turning on your heels to face him, slightly glaring at him.

“ Is it even sunday today ?” you squinted at him.

“ Monday ”

“ Jungkook !”


Not once did he let go of your hand while walking around somewhere in Jeju. That’s all you knew. From the moment the ferry dropped you off until now you just followed him around.

“ Are you sure we’re not lost ?” You said for the thousand time as you tugged at the back of his shirt. Your hands sweating from being held for so long.

“ No ! Absolutely not ! I know where we are ” Jungkook let go of your hand to get his phone out searching through the maps nervously “ And that is … Okay maybe we’re lost ”

“ Ah ! Jungkook-ah, really ? I told you to ask around 50 minutes ago ” You brushed your hair back from your face, tired and your legs hurting.

“ I knew I could do it myself !”

“ Clearly” You scoffed taking the suitcase from him and sitting on it to catch your breath “ You’re lucky I love you ”

“ I am ” He said absentmindedly as he looked around. You glanced up at him, something inside you feeling warm. Just two words were enough to bring tears to your eyes, why you were so emotional right then ? The exhaustion You justified.

You stood up again, stretching a little before smiling “ I’m hungry, let’s eat first then solve this. I saw a restaurant back there ”. Dragging the suitcase behind you, you pushed him forward before he could protest.

Jungkook just kept pouting throughout the whole time staring down his own food, moving the rice from one side to the other. He only looked up when he heard the camera shutter from your phone. Jungkook stared at you with scrutinizing eyes “ Why ?”

“ You looked ugly while frowning” You laughed “ I wanted proof for future referrals ”

“ I … ” He sighed looking back down “ I just wanted this to be perfect ”

“ It is ” You put your palm on his cheek, your thumb creating circles “ Good food, good view and an okay company. It’s perfect ”

“ An okay company ?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

“ Don’t push your luck ” You joked “ Let’s get to the hotel first, we can turn this around. Still.”

“ Thank you, love” His expression brightened. You didn’t know why he was thanking you but you finally felt like you were able to breathe.

Jungkook was trying.

“ Finally ” You yelled out plunging down on the bed, rolling around in joy as he stood by the door watching you. You never realized how precious the comfort of the bed is until now, when you couldn’t take another step even if they killed you. The whole day was lost in trying to find this place which looked less like a hotel and more like a huge house run by an elderly couple.

“ I’m so~ tired ” you whined moving up the bed to lean back on the headstand before you looked at him “ Aren’t you ?”

“ hmm ” He nodded slowly moving towards the bed, leaving your luggage by the door, his eyes half closed “ I am”. You patted your side for him to lie down.

Jungkook rested his head on your thighs, his hands massaging the back of them and down your legs. “ I’m sorry. I thought I would know the way on my own.”

“ It’s okay, kookie ” You tangled your fingers in his brown locks “ We got to tour the island on our first day. It’s a good thing”

“ I love you ” He pushed further, hiding his face completely from you.

“ I love you too ” You whispered.


You looked away in the distance, a few houses located just a small walk away from the beach where you and Jungkook sat. He, as always, taking pictures of everything around him. Sneaking a few takes of you as well, when you weren’t paying him that much attention.

“ Wouldn’t it be amazing if we got a house just like that and lived here until we grew old, just the two of us ?” You breathed out laying back down on your beach towel. Neither of you wanted to swim since the sun was too hot and you were keen on keeping your complexion the way it is with no unnecessary sunburns.  

Jungkook put down his camera to look where you were pointing and nodded before turning his attention to you “ Just the two of us?”

“ Who else ?” You sat up again laughing “ Are you planning on adding anyone ?”

“ Kids ” He mumbled, shyly eying the sand as he passed his fingers through it “ Maybe ?”

“ Kids ? How many ? Don’t say a crazy number ” You glared “ I’ll leave you.”

“ Two ” He held up two digits with a bunny smile “ A girl and a boy ”

“ That sounds nice ” You leaned your head on his shoulder closing your eyes and breathing in the salty aroma of the sea “ Really nice. Just not now ”

Jungkook rubbed the side of his cheek on your head smiling “ Whenever you want ”

“ I’m tired of sitting down, let’s go ” You shook him awake after a few minutes “ I want to see the fish market ”

“ Fish market ?” He said baffled by your choice “ I thought you girls like beaches and flower fields ”. You just laughed standing up and dusting the sand off your clothes “ Are you coming or should I go alone ?”. He quickly followed.

It didn’t take you much time before reaching it, and just you thought it would be. The smell of fish and unrecognizable other things hit Jungkook’s nose immediately, he couldn’t bear with it. He always had a sensitive sense of smell, something you knew but seemed to forget in the moment. He put his hand over his mouth and nose as he walked with you. An excited child that was seeing the world for the first time, or at least that’s what you looked like to anyone else.

“ Babe, I feel sick ” He mumbled in your ear just when he couldn’t take it anymore. Jungkook didn’t want to disturb you happy time, asking about all the kinds of fish and their names then showing – scaring – him.

“ You don’t like the smell ?” He shook his head with apologetic eyes.

“ But I thought they used to call you Seagull in high school ” You laughed “ Don’t Seagulls love fish ?”

“ Y/N !” He screamed in frustration. However, he always loved that you knew a lot, maybe too much, about him. So did you.

“ Go wait for me somewhere, I’ll take a few picture and be right there. Hm ?”

“ Okay ” He nodded slowly “ I think our ’‘hotel” is just around there, I’ll be waiting for you in the cafe. Don’t get lost “. Jungkook kissed the side of your temple before handing you his camera.

” Right back at you “

” don’t even bring it up “

” Bring what up ?“ You innocently replied, blinking a few times.

” That I got lo- damn you “ And he fell right into it.


The next day was the same, the two of you walked around hand in hand, taking pictures of all the murals and paintings that decorated what was closer to you. It felt like a second honeymoon which depicted your second beginning. Or as you wanted to think.

You realized that a lot has changed in Jungkook, after spending these couple of days alone with him and uninterruptedly so, he smiled more when looking at you – the sincere kind -, he made those stupid jokes that made your entire entity cringe away from him, he was more affectionate than those hellish thirty days that you had to spend in pain.

With every giggle, every touch, every hug, and every kiss your pain was being wiped away. It wasn’t easy to forget but he made it a lot less hard to live with. He was yours, he made sure you’d know that, he had only eyes for you now. Which made it a little awkward from time to time that he’d stare at you for long quiet minutes like he’s never seen you before, then just smile like a child.

Jungkook changed. He was trying.

” Look at those “ Jungkook turned you roughly towards a store ” It will look goo-“

” Jungkook, no “ You made a I’m-disgusted-by-you face while inching away from him ” We are not getting couple shirts “

” Come on “ He whined ” We used to wear them a lot “

” That was when we were in college “ you stepped away even further ” I’m not wearing that “.

However, there you are, sitting down in a bright pink shirt that read ’'I love you ” in big bright colors like a teenager out on her first day. You didn’t really hate it. While Jungkook said he had to talk to the owner for whatever reason. “ It’s a secret ” He had told you before springing away into the abyss.

But at the end of the day, after all the wandering around and laughter, you liked laying on the bed in his arms as he hummed tunes into your ears. His warmth enveloping you in a protective cocoon, you felt loved.

He was acting the weirdest on the sixth day, you were to leave the day after so you spent the entire morning packing all your scattered stuff back into the luggage, he was no where to be found. You woke up to an empty bad with a simple not that said to pack and that he will be right back. It’s been six hours already and still no trace of him.

Jungkook, finally, opened the door to find you glaring right back at him. He smiled innocently, waiting for your wrath.

“ Where were you ?” you raised an eyebrow crossing your arms “ How could you leave me alone on our last day ?”

“ I know your mad but for now listen to me  ” Jungkook stepped in closer to you but stopped when you didn’t look so welcoming “ Did you bring any long dresses ? Particularly long white dresses ?”

“ You’re acting suspicious again ” You unconsciously looked down at your clothes wondering if you did “ What did you do this time ?”. He took matters upon himself, undoing all the packaging you spent your precious time figuring out. If you weren’t so curious as to why he was doing this, you would have murdered him right there and then.

“ This will do ” Jungkook pulled up a light long dress, mostly white, that you brought to wear at the beach but never really did “ This will be perfect ”. He handed you the dress pushing you towards the bathroom “ Wear this and do … Do something about your hair ”.

“ What’s wrong with my hai-” You couldn’t finish your sentence when the door was closed tightly with him still holding it on the other side so you wouldn’t be able to push it open. “ Jungkook! I swear to god I will kill you once I go out ”.

Yet, when you did come out, he just stared at you again. It the same manner which made you too shy to even speak. His eyes glistered and you would have mistook it for tears if you weren’t too preoccupied with straightening the fabric and fixing the few strands of hair that were already not behaving.

“ Are you really not telling me ?” You said as you stopped in front of a large wooden door, somewhere in the huge house you were staying at that you didn’t have time to explore and Jungkook opposed you doing so, you were about to find out why.

“ Our wedding. Well, second one ” Jungkook sheepishly said while offering you his hand. You looked up at him with a questioning look.

“ Is that why ?” Suddenly everything fell into place. The white dress, him weirdly not wearing his plain shirts and loose jeans and actually looking like a human being, the prolonged talks with the owner, and your trip here. “ Wait, Jungkook-ah … wait ” You said but had no time since the door was pulled opened and the music started.

There was almost nobody in the big empty space. A long path of flowers and small candles trailing down to where an older man stood, wearing the usual priest attire and a book in his hand. A few people, clearly employees, were giggling and whispering to each other while Jungkook started walking. You held onto his arm too overwhelmed and too taken aback to speak a word. You just kept looking around before your eyes fell on him and your head went clear.

It was like the first time, the nervous butterflies in your stomach as your father walked you down the aisle to hand you off you off to Jungkook, the prick of tears slowly turning into a well then a waterfall, the happiness.

“ Kookie ” You rasped when you both stood face to face at the end of the long aisle, tears dried on your cheeks.

“ I know this is not the most perfect ceremony in the world ” He started and already you could feel your heart beating faster and your eyes watering again. Jungkook reached for your hands holding them tightly in his “ I know I’m not perfect and that I wasn’t the best husband to you, that I don’t deserve you”

“ Don’t say that” you interrupted but he hushed you.

“ I know that I will have to spend the rest of my life trying to pick the broken pieces of your trust and I’m willing to do that and more. Much more. I’m lucky that you took me back, I’m lucky that you accepted an asshole like me ( you abruptly looked at the priest following the swear word who just laughed it off ) back into your life. I can’t promise you that our forever will be the best out there but I can promise you that I will, with all my heart, love you and only you forever. I can’t promise you that I will be the best husband but I can promise to try as hard as I can to protect, love, and make you happy just like you deserve to be ”

“ I love you too ” You took a step forwards to kiss him, ready for that forever, when a rough cough snapped you back into reality.

“ Not so soon, my child. I still have to do my job ’'The priest motioned for the two of you to part a little and everyone burst into laughter ” I know it’s hard but be patient for just a few more lines “.

You wiped your tears, repeating the vows you have given before then hearing him do the same, both of you putting more determination into them. Because this time, you wanted them to not remain as pointless words you were to say in front of your family and friend for them to clap and cheer. These were promises for just the two of you, for no one to make lightly of.

” You may kiss your bride, at last “ And yet another outburst of laughter as you tried to sloppily kiss between giggles and tears. You pulled away looking at him, tears in his eyes and cheeks flushed, he never looked so perfect. Jungkook seemed to be thinking the same as he dipped down again to capture your lips in his.

” You sneaky little shit “ You said as the evening he had planned for you ended and you were heading back to your room.

” Are you sure you want to call your husband a little shit the night of your wedding ?“ Jungkook laughed putting his arm over your shoulder and letting his lips lightly touch your temple.

” I can always change my mind “

” Nope, you’re stuck with me now. Forever.“ Hearing it didn’t sound that bad to you either but you weren’t going to agree, not going to give him the satisfaction of triumph.

” Jungkook “ You stopped him as you entered the room, his lips having already found their way onto yours, hands starting to wander ” I … “  

” We don’t have to go further if you don’t want to “ He kissed you again, hugging you closer ” I don’t want you to do something you don’t-“

” It’s not that “ You stopped him again ” I wanted to thank you. I know it’s been hard putting up with my mood swings over the last month and that I said some mean thing along the way. Thank you for this wonderful trip and beautiful 'wedding’ “

” You deserve much more “ Jungkook tightened his embrace on you for a moment before letting go completely ” Sleep, sunshine. We have to get up early tomorrow “

” No, wait “ You looked down at your own feet, embarrassed ” I want you. Tonight. I want to you “

” Are you sure ?“ He curled his finger under your chin tilting you up to look at him ” Say it one more time, please.“

” I want you “ You smiled, and Jungkook felt his world completed, pushing your body against his as he arched down to leave small and short kissed on your cheeks and forehead. Pampering you cutely.

Sorry for the slightly boring part and don’t kill me for stopping it here. Please.

Request for next part will be :  Where he make it up to the reader and she got pregnant and he just shower her with his love. just continue the story until the child has been born. Pretty please?? 😙 !!!!

Feedback, as always, is welcomed and needed. Thank you for reading, hope this made someone’s day better in the middle of these sad times <3 

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if you're still taking prompts can you do a sick!Isak drabble/one shot, not sure why but I HC him as being the kind of person who ignores the fact that he's ill until he's actually really really ill, queue collapsing in front of people (because he's too much of a stubborn arse to tell people that he's not feeling well "its just a cold" and also maybe he feels like he has to be the strong one and he's not "allowed" to be ill because he never really had someone to take care of him in the past

Prompt: isaks really sick but refuses to admit it to anyone or let anyone take care of him 🙈❤️

you know… I’ve been thinking about this and thinking about this long before I was ever prompted about it. I mean- what kind of sick is Isak?? Is he cuddly, is he whiny, is he one who refuses to admit that he’s sick?



“I’m not sick.” Isak groans, the little half- sniffle and half- cough completely contradicting his statement.

Even arches an eyebrow over his shoulder, folding down Isak’s bed spread and readying it for one very reluctant inhabitant, “Oh no, you’re the perfect bill of health.”

“I am.

“Baby,” Even says patiently, looking upwards in hopes to gather what strength he could from the gods to deal with a petulant boyfriend, “you’ve sneezed seven times in the last five minutes. You’ve used almost a full box of tissues in the last hour. You are sick. Come lay down.”

Baby,” Isak says, ignoring the narrowing of Even’s eyes as he mocks his usual pet name, “I have a party tonight that I am not missing because of allergies.”

Even sighs, trying to stomp down the irritation building, “Allergies my ass. You’re sick and you look like you’re going to collapse in front of me.”

Isak turns around and walk out the door with a curse and another sneeze.

Even groans and flops down on Isak’s bed, pointedly not staring at the mountain of tissues that bounces as he lands. This fucking boy was going to kill him-

Even hears a gross-sounding cough from the kitchen

-if he didn’t kill himself first.


“He’s sick.” Even murmurs to Jonas as they both stand off to the side watching Isak’s attempts to dance and drink and laugh with a couple of second years from his biology class.

Attempts being the main word. Because with the way Isak’s eyes are going heavy lidded and the sway to his feet, he seems to be having a rough time focusing on staying awake, let alone charming his classmates.

“No shit,” Jonas responds, taking a gulp of beer and shaking his head, “I thought I needed a hazmat suit when he walked in the door. You let him come?”

Even sighs, “I don’t let him do anything. It’s one of our rules. We don’t control each other. We can pointedly suggest and try to persuade, but- right now, trying to persuade Isak is like trying to persuade a brick wall. One who can’t take four breaths without collapsing a lung.”

See the thing is, Isak and Even do have a rule- one made after a particularly rough night in which they did more yelling at each other than they did kissing, or even speaking. Because the thing is, Even is really fucking finicky about taking orders. He chafes and he resents when other people feel like they can tell him to do something and he’d do it.

Maybe it’s because he’s lived nearly his entire life with people expecting him to follow a strict regimen so he doesn’t have an episode, maybe its because he was born with a natural issue with authority, maybe it doesn’t fucking matter because Even does not like to be told what to do.

And as it turns out, neither does Isak.

Unless they are in bed, which is a completely different conversation.

Bottom line is, they don’t tell each other what to do and as much as Even would have loved to take him aside and force Isak to go home, or have forced him to stay home in the first place- they don’t do that.

Though this seems to be biting Even in the ass though as his boyfriend looks increasingly like death warmed over.

Speaking of which, Isak seems to freeze in the middle of some story he was telling, face suddenly paling under the strobe lights. Even can’t help but straighten when Isak runs a hand through his sweaty hair and wobbles dangerously. He seems to cast his eyes around the room in a daze, not quite catching on any one figure.

Even shoves his unfinished beer into Jonas’s hands and strides across the room, having to jump the last few steps as Isak takes a wrong step and near collapses.

Even snakes an arm around his waist and catches him before any damage could be done, “Hey, baby, how you doing?”

Isak groans, head lulling to the side and eyes blinking in and out of focus, “Maybe I’m a little sick.”

Even bites back a smile, even as worry churns through his gut. He waves off a couple of third year boys who eye Isak warily. “Yeah, maybe a little.”


“I don’t want tea,” Isak sighs petulantly, throwing an errant arm over his eyes as he snuggles back into his pillows.

Even agrees easily, unbuttoning Isak’s jeans and sliding them down his thighs, “Then no tea. Is there anything you do want?”

Isak is quiet a moment, then mumbles something incoherently into the junction of his arm.

“What was that?”

His arm slides free of his face and Isak meets Even’s eyes, “I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to be this weak, little brat who loses it after getting a cold. I don’t need this, you don’t need this-”

“I don’t need what? To take care of my sick boyfriend who takes care of me?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I mean,” Isak groans, “Fuck I don’t know what I mean. I don’t feel good and you’re making me think.”

“Being sick doesn’t make you weak, baby,” Even slips off his shoes and jacket before crawling in on his side of the bed.

“I know,” Isak starts, “But like, I never get sick. I’ve never had time to get sick between my mom and school and- I just don’t have time to be sick. What if something happened and I’m like, passed out with snot coming out of my nose and you need me?”

Even snorted and pressed his face close to Isak, pecking his red raw nose. “You’re the most dramatic person I’ve ever met.”

Isak swats at him, “I don’t like you.”

“Well that’s too bad because I love you. Even when you’re being ridiculous. You can still take care of me when you’re sick- not that you fucking need to take care of me at all.”

Isak harrumphs, but let’s it go. He lets out a wet sounding sniffle and smiles slightly when Even hands him a tissue.

“Don’t look at me when I’m blowing my nose.”

“What? Why? I’ve never found you so sexy.”

“Jesus Christ, you’re weird.” Isak sniffles again and coughs, flinching at the feeling of his raw throat. He looks down at Even under his lashes, “Can I have some tea now?”

Even laughs, ducking his head into the hollow of Isak’s throat before pushing himself up, “Yeah, I’ll get you some tea. Anything else?”

Isak shrugs, “Maybe a cookie? I think Eskild has some on his shelf… and Noora always has really good chicken soup on hers. Maybe some of that for later?”

Even stares down at the pitiful creature in Isak’s bed, feeling an overwhelming sense of fondness and love. “Anything else?”

Isak smiles shyly, but the movement triggers a coughing sick and Isak groans, taking Even’s pillow and putting it over his face in an attempt to smother himself. When that doesn’t work, he lets the pillow go, “Maybe just come back to bed and lay down with me?”

Even can do that too.

I am Beautiful

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Klance (Keith/Lance)
Rating: General Audiences; swearing
Summary:  (no matter what they say)


For @miraculousstorytelling, since she prompted it in chat! Drunk Klance, not edited, by yours truly!

Also on AO3.

Working a drive-thru wasn’t always the most entertaining thing. Lance McClain had had his fair share of the job, and he’d only been working there for a few months now. Everything was Welcome to Altea’s! Can I take your order? and Would you like fries with that? and he was so over it.

It seemed like almost every day since he started working at the Altea fast food chain had been just the same old thing. He asked for orders, accepted money, and passed food out the window. The daily grind, as some of the older employees often joked about. But Lance wasn’t made for that kind of monotony. He liked a little bit of flair in his everyday life, thank you very much. And while the moments he got to see Allura, his manager and the boss’s daughter, were fantastic, he couldn’t quite shake how boring the rest of the job was.

Can I take your order? Would you like fries with that? Can I interest you in the seasonal Altea Freeze? Are you interested in adding an extra order of tater tots today?

Keep reading

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Can we get a part 2 of the camping scenario with jungkook and bts it's just so cute! :) love it you're such a great writer


Words: 1541

Originally posted by jinkooks

Part 1 // Part 2

“Are you awake now?” You mumbled to him, fluffing up the hair around the nape of Jungkook’s neck. He stirred slowly, before sitting up with a little too much force. Jungkook’s eyes were still half closed, and he looked around to make sure of his surroundings.

“Am I still dreaming?” His voice was rough, and his throat sounded a little dry. Still, he didn’t seem to mind because of the large grin he wore plastered on his face. Jungkook tangled himself up in your arms, his large sweater smelling somewhat earthier than what you’d expected even sleeping in a tent.

“Why would you still be dreaming?” You wondered, lightly kissing the tip of his nose and rubbing it away as if you’d left a mark.

Jungkook pulled you back down onto the sleeping bag, cuddling his face against your chest. He sighed loudly, as if all of his problems in the world would disappear today.

“I’m being woken up by the prettiest person in the world.” He sighed again, and you weren’t sure if Jungkook was trying his best to be left to sleep longer.

“Jin’s getting breakfast ready, you know. He made ramen, though.”

“Ramen, you say?” He sat up again, practically shoving you to the inner corners of the tent. Jungkook’s hair stuck up on all ends, and you couldn’t help but look at him like a hungry animal.

“Yeah, ramen. I’m not sure if he made meat. It’ll probably all be eaten if you don’t get out there quickly!”

“Did you make meat this early, hyung? Don’t eat it all!” He shouted, his voice cracking in at least 5 places. There was a loud crackle of laughter from outside the tent, and Namjoon shouted back “there’s only 3 pieces left!” or something along those lines.

“No, just wait!” He was gone. Jungkook had forgotten you entirely, but you could understand because he really needed his breakfast to function properly. Never in your life had you seen a more miserable looking bunny when he was denied breakfast once. But, never again had he been disallowed to eat to his hearts content once he’d missed a meal.

You slid on another sweater, aware that the morning was much cooler than usual. Once you stepped outside of the tent, you could smell the mildew in the air. That, and the smell of Jungkook’s desperation growing larger.

“Hyu-ung! Stop lying, I know there’s still beef somewhere.”

“Just eat the ramen.” Yoongi waved his hand towards Jungkook, who looked about ready to explode. How long were they going to play up that there wasn’t enough food for him?

“It’s under the grill, I was keeping it warm.” Jin pointed towards the mini grill with the lid closed. Jungkook looked over at him, looking like he’d just been blessed from the heavens.

You decided to just sit, getting passed a spicy ramen already made for you. Taehyung mentioned how amazing your hair looked in the morning, and you just thanked him in your half tired out of it nature.

“What time is it?” You wondered, rubbing your eyes. It didn’t help anything at all.

“Around 9:30 AM, I think?” Jimin answered, stuffing his face with the rest of his ramen. His plate of meat had already been cleaned, and all he had left was to finish off his little plastic cup of hot chocolate that probably tasted like watered down rubber.

Jungkook sat down next to you, shuffling his pullout chair closer to yours. He looked happier now that his entire plate was covered in meat, and you told him he was allowed to eat your portion of the plate.

“Are you sure you won’t die from starvation? I’ll feed it to you.” He picked up the plate, sticking it practically under your nose. Despite him trying to tempt you into eating it, Jungkook looked pretty pleased you were letting him take your half.

“No, just eat it. There’s still snacks and stuff. We’re not going to be here forever, anyway.” You replied, Pushing the plate back down onto his lap. Shrugging, he began to eat it very happily. Everyone had finished eating by now, and they were beginning to talk about what to do next.

“Let’s go swimming. I want to go swimming!” Taehyung pointed towards the lake nearby, and was immediately answered with distaste and loud disagreeing.

“No way, we just ate!”

“I’m not going into water so early in the morning, do you know how much my face puffs up?”

“Have fun freezing and dying!”

You watched as a fight broke out, and were rather glad you’d picked an isolated camping spot, or else you’d probably be kicked out by now. Taehyung didn’t respond well to the disagreeing, but dropped it after all of them came to a responsible agreement to stop thinking about the lake for now.

“Let’s just find a nice place to go, like somewhere in the forest.” Jimin suggested.

“Did you know there’s a waterfall if you walk up far enough?” Hoseok seemed excited, but Yoongi was having none of it.

“Alright children, have a good time. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“You woke up like not even 30 minutes ago.” Jin wasn’t even surprised anymore. He was only making a statement at this point. For some reason, everyone didn’t seem to care much Yoongi was just being his usual self.

“It’s alright, we’ve got (Y/N) to take your place in the selca’s.” Namjoon held up both thumbs in your direction, which made Jungkook high five him due to being unable to speak with his mouth full of food.

“Nice.” Namjoon replied for him, flashing everyone a dimply grin.

“That’s fine. Wake me up when the food’s ready.” Yoongi got up and stretched. Man, did he resemble a hunchback…or maybe a turtle…

“You can starve.” Hosoek snapped back, earning a karate chop to the forehead by Yoongi.

“You can sleep outside. Remember who you share a tent with, nerd.”

Hoseok looked over at Jimin quickly for support, who quickly shrugged him off and turned towards Jin. Yoongi snorted, before climbing into the tent and zipping it closed.

“Hyung, I didn’t mean it!” Hoseok clawed at the tent door, and Yoongi muttered back a “yeah okay, that’s cool.”

“Should we bring some snacks with us?” Jin wondered, counting your heads. He wore a back pack with a front strap, making him look oddly like a camp counselor. You were’t surprised, though. He was always the one to keep everyone in proper order, and you appreciated that. He gathered up a few snacks, and made sure everyone had a water bottle before they set out.

You got about half way up to the waterfall, before complaining began. It was mostly Namjoon and Taehyung complaining. Taehyung was complaining about how he just wanted to play at the lake, and Namjoon was actually agreeing with him now.

“Hyung, we only have a few days off. Why are we spending it tracking through wilderness?”

“You all agreed! Why am I being blamed? Jimin suggested it, honestly…” Jin snapped, pointing to Jimin, who was at the front of the pack along with Hoseok. You and Jungkook hung back and held hands, sometimes stopping to take video’s of the bickering, or just screwing around together.

It took about an hour or so to actually get to the waterfall, and you all seemed pretty exhausted. Seriously, without Jin you’d all probably be dead from dehydration or worse, Namjoon’s complaining. There was no way you’d be able to carry the big back pack like Jin had, and he had to carry it for a very long hour.

“Let’s sit here, the view is nice!” Jimin was snapping pictures already, of anything he wanted too. Wearing a grin, Taehyung  began to help Jin unpack a quilt to sit down on by the nice little waterfall. It was loud, but all in all the waterfall was quite small.

“I brought some cookies, but not much else. We’ll probably have to go back soon. Just go play.” Jin was partially mumbling to himself, before dragging out a 3DS from his back pocket. He brought that camping?

Taehyung went right towards the water, only engulfing his legs knee deep in the little stream. Namjoon joined him, kicking water towards everyone else who wasn’t even near enough to get hit.

“Let’s go play.” You pulled Jungkook along, who tried to refuse. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, leaning his head against yours.

“If we play I’ll have to throw you in the water.”

“You’ll be wearing my wet clothes all night!” You snapped, attemping to pull away. Jungkook laughed, holding you at arms length so he could kiss you. The kiss was swift, and like a soft peck more than anything.

It still didn’t stop Jimin from snapping a picture.

“Let’s make a scrap book of pictures of them just kissing.” Jimin choked out, covering his mouth from laughter. Hoseok clapped his hands in agreement, looking very excited.

“It’ll be full in like, three days!”

“That’s no fun.” Jin agreed, playing around with the hat residing on his head. Jungkook held up the least intimidating fist towards the older boys, who just broke into more laughter.

We Will Never Sleep, Cause Sleep Is For The Weak

Alternatively titled; the forgotten journey

Summary: Dan and Phil travel together (and spend most of it unconscious) 

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: swearing (mention of flying?)

A/N; Essentially I am crap and haven’t written anything in ages mostly bc no inspiration and laziness but I went to Romania on a charity trip 2 weeks ago and this is essentially phan doing the 16 hour journey that I did. Hope u enjoy (if there’s anybody still left around to read this at midnight on a monday night laughs)!


He didn’t know anyone who could sleep on such a mode of transportation. Or, as it turned out, he did.

Phil’s head fell against his shoulder, his glasses clutched tightly in one hand and his lips parted slightly. His arms were curled compactly beneath his thick mop of black hair and his long legs sprawled out into the aisle. There was a crinkle on his left cheek. Dan could feel his breathing through his left shoulder.

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A/N: I posted this before but tumblr screwed up so I’m posting it again. 

Description: Phil isn’t sure what they are any more. Then he screws up. 

Word Count: 2K

Their situation is fucked up. Like… well and truly beyond what is normal.

Phil first met Dan four years ago. At the time Dan had a girlfriend. Phil can still remember the disappointment he’d felt at that. Dan was… everything he was attracted to. Smart, funny, sarcastic, quick witted… the fact that he was also very nice to look at didn’t help Phil’s immediate crush at all.

The first year he knew Dan was confusing. There were moments. Many moments between them. And Phil wasn’t sure if he was just projecting the feelings he couldn’t seem to will away on to innocent situations, or if there was actually tension between them.

They were glances amongst conversation when no one else was paying attention. Late nights texting each other well in to early hours of the morning. It was Dan always making sure he was sitting next to Phil and nudging him at every inside joke they had (because in that first year they shared so many jokes between them).

And it could have all been innocent.

But Phil wasn’t sure.

Then, exactly a year after they had met, Dan told him.

‘Emily and I broke up.’

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Final Exam Anxiety

Requested: hi!! I loved your “anxiety” Shawn imagines! They were really realistic for me (I have anxiety). I was wondering if you could do another one like that? Not the same ‘series’ as the original ones, but a new one where y/n has a bad anxiety/panic attack and Shawn helps her through and loves on her and makes sure she’s okay and stuff. Thank you 💓



With your final exams coming up, you’re functioning on very little sleep with a lot of stress in your life. Stress, as you know all too well, leads to anxiety. And the pressure that you always put on yourself does not help. You’ve only got two more days left of finals, but they’re also your three hardest finals. You have your Physics final at nine am, then Microbiology at two in the afternoon, and then tomorrow at nine am you have your Chemistry final.  

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dlartistanon  asked:

Ah, how about Mokou & Futo, 43 (Old-fashioned)?

Mokou and Futo - Old-fashioned

“Ho, Lady Fujiwara! I hope that thou art well this day?”

Mokou could hear the greeting from halfway across the bar, and she certainly didn’t need to see the speaker to recognize Futo. She didn’t even turn around as she replied, and only slightly raised her voice. “Yeah, just peachy. Have a seat. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

“I am greatly pleased to have received an invitation from a distinguished lady such as thee. Although, I must admit…” By the time Futo settled into her chair, she was already fishing in the folds of her robe, and she soon withdrew a piece of paper. After unfolding it, she gave it a thoughtful inspection, then spread it out on the table. It read:

Meet me at the bar
with the fish sign out front
in the village
river district.
5 PM

“… I am not familiar with the meter or style of thy response.”

“Yeah, see, that’s the thing.” Mokou reached into her own pocket, pulled out a piece of paper, and slapped it on the table. “I’m a little confused, myself.”

It had started this morning, when a squeaky, nervous supplicant to the Taoists—an errand boy, in practice—had shown up on Mokou’s front step. Stammering about an important message from Lady Mononobe no Futo, he’d bowed and thrust the letter into her face. She’d hoped that reading it would explain why the hell somebody wanted to talk to her at six AM. She’d been wrong.

The letter, now spread out in front of her, read:

Mine eyes grow weary
each night that I sit awake,
and yet, I still must,
for one waking glimpse of you
outweighs every dream’s bounties.

“So, uh.” Even after rereading it four or five times, Mokou still felt bewildered every time she looked at the thing. “I’m not really sure what this is about, except that I think it says you’re watching me at night.”

“… ah? Perhaps my choice of words was unclear. It is a figure of speech.”

“That doesn’t explain much. Why’s it about figuratively watching me at night, then?”

Futo glanced down at the letter, looking confused, herself. “Lady Fujiwara, I must apologize, but I do not understand. Dost thou mock me?”

“Look. I just want to know why you’re sending me poems about…” Mokou gestured at the paper. “… watching me all night being better than sleeping.”

Futo looked at her in bewilderment. She looked to the letter again. She looked back up, eyes wide in growing realization. “Lady Fujiwara, might I be correct in guessing that the exchange of poetry was not yet a common part of courtship in thy time?”

“Uh? I mean, I didn't—wait, courtship?!”

Futo’s face was quickly turning red, and she dipped several hurried bows in her seat. “Mine apologies! I had only meant to treat thee with the care that I might any other lady of noble blood, but…!”

“Hey, hey, whoa.” Mokou raised a hand to cut her off. “Okay, so let me get this straight. This thing is, uh… you asking to date me, pretty much?”

“Thy words are astute.”

Mokou glanced back to it. “… by writing a letter about how seeing me is better than dreaming.”

Futo was slumped down in her chair now, fidgeting and blushing. Her voice was rather quieter. “Yes.”

Mokou studied her across the table, then let out a long, slow sigh and folded the letter up. “First of all, it’s just ‘Mokou.’ Nobody’s called me 'Lady Fujiwara’ in a millennium.”

“Of course, but I had only—…!”

Mokou cut her off again. “Second, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but nobody writes love poems anymore. … uh, well, some people probably do, but it’s a kind of weird way to kick things off. Maybe save that for special occasions.”

“I understand,” Futo said, meekly.

“Third… nobody really calls it 'courtship’ anymore. Or, uh, really handles it like that in general.” Mokou leaned back in her seat, with a slight smirk coming to her face. “Things have changed a lot since your time, huh?”

“Yes, I… am discovering such.”

“Yeah, well, the good news is, if you’re going for modern, er, 'courtship,’ a bar’s about as good a place to start off as any.”

It took a few seconds for Futo to grasp the full implications of the comment. When she did, she jolted up in her seat, her expression brightening in an instant. “A-ah, thou meanest…?!”

Mokou waved it aside. “Eh, sure. It isn’t every day I get to call somebody old-fashioned, but you’re not half bad.”

“My thanks, Lady F—ah, Mokou! I shall not disappoint thee again!”

“Hey, easy, I didn’t make any promises or anything. Just a few drinks to see where things go.”

“Ho, but 'twould not be the first time that a young maiden hath grown infatuated with me after seeing my charms.” Futo ended the comment with a confident wink, and practically leapt to standing from her chair. It didn’t particularly help, since standing, she was still barely taller than most of the seated patrons. Fortunately, she was loud enough to make up for it. “Barkeep! Prithee, your finest for me and my beloved, and a round for all present!”

The other patrons erupted into cheers, and Mokou hurried to hide her face in embarrassment.

Make A Memory

Description: The reader wakes up in a hospital bed with no memories of the past 4 years of hunting with the Winchesters or of angels. So of course, it’s all hands on deck to help the reader remember.
Words: 2,472
Warnings: Amnesia?
Author’s Note: Seeing the length of this and the fact my plan is barely in motion, you’ll get why a one shot would have been war and peace! Part 2 will be out ASAP! Subtly named after a Bon Jovi song but not based off it. We all know Bon Jovi rocks on occasion, right? ;)

Request: (anon) Hi! Could you possibly do a one-shot where the reader loses all of her memories of the Winchesters and the angels (Balthazar, Cas, Michael, Gabe) after a really bad hunt. So its up to all of them to help the reader remember who they are. The rest is up to you, feel free to pair the reader with whoever you want.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

You opened your eyes to be met with a stark white ceiling and fluorescent lighting. You blinked a few times taking in the surreal brightness. Shuffling slightly to get a better view, you felt a small pain in your side but nothing serious. Pulling yourself up into a seated position you took in the tubes that were sticking out of your arm.

“Y/N? You’re awake,” you heard a deep male voice at your side, it sounded croaky as if he hadn’t spoken in a little while. He jumped up and called for a nurse before turning back around and gripping one of your hands.

“What? I…” your voice came out scratchy as you tried to focus on the man’s face, “wait, who are-”

“Don’t worry, the nurses are here now, I’ll leave you to have a quick check, we’ll be right outside,” he said, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. You looked at the space the man had just been in but were quickly distracted as two bubbly nurses came in and started doing health tests on you.

It was about quarter of an hour later and after what seemed like endless pokes and prods that they’d established that you weren’t physically hurt.

“So, what do you remember, sweetie?” One nurse asked as she shone a bright light into one of your eyes.

“About what? Why am I actually here, I was fine earlier? Oh, and who was that man a minute ago?” You babbled. The lady who had asked you exchanged a look with her colleague.

“Your friend there and his brother said you had an accident.“  Friend?

The confusion must have been evident on your face as the lady tried a different tact.

"Do you remember how old you are, sweetie?” She asked keeping a warm smile on her face as she began to shine a bright light into your eyes.

“I’m 25, I’m an older student but I should be able to cover my health costs!” You replied, keeping your voice level and calm.

“Oh, that’s fine, don’t worry, we can sort it out later! Do you know what the date is today, by the way?” The second nurse said with an unreadable expression on her face.

“Oh god, um, April the 20-something 2006?” You pulled a face. On seeing their faces, you quickly added, “sorry, I’m rubbish with dates!”

“Right. I just need to confer with a doctor for minute, don’t you worry, it’s probably nothing,” the second lady smiled before giving you a glass of water and ushering her colleague out of the room before you could get another word in.

Within a few minutes, you heard voices outside of the room. You picked out at least two distressed male voices as well as the main nurse. The men were seemingly concerned but you had yet to work out why the strangers had an interest in you.

You began to sip on your water as you heard the door open.

“Hiya, you must be Y/N, lovely to meet you, I’m Doctor Fairbourne, the specialist from the neurological ward,” a tall man holding a newspaper said as he extended a hand.

“A pleasure I’m sure?” You shook his hand politely before settling back into your pillows, “mind telling me what the hell is going on?”

“There’s no easy way to put this Y/N, so I’m going to come straight out with it. We found no physical damage to your brain’s limbic system, but you appear to be suffering from dissociative amnesia,” the doctor said solemnly.

“Wait, what? No… That’s hilarious. I’m seriously fine Doc, honestly though, I must just have been drunk and…” you trailed off as you realised the Doctor’s face was not changing.

“Y/N, you’re not 25, you’re 29. The year is 2010,” he passed the newspaper in his hands to you so that you could see the date. You could barely see the numbers as your world felt like it was beginning to spin.

“I know this is very strange and scary but you’ve had an accident, you have minor physical injuries but you’ve suffered a trauma…” The doctor was talking in a soft voice but you barely heard him.

Four years? That wasn’t a drunken night out with the girls. That was a long time. Had you finished college? How were your parents? How were your friends and on that note, were they still your friends?

“You should regain your memories but usually there’s a reason you shut them out. They should come back in their own time…” the doctor kept talking calmly. “Stimuli will probably help jog memories but there’s never any guarantees.”

You took a deep breath and returned your eyes to the date on the newspaper. 2010.

“I know this is difficult, Y/N, but if and when you’re up for it, there’s a few people here who would love to talk to you. I can send them in individually if you’d like or if you need some time, I can send them away for a while?” The doctor said with a reassuring smile.

“Send them in, that should stimulate something, surely?” You muttered, half serious and half joking.

“Time will tell, I wish I could give you something concrete. I am sorry Y/N.” The doctor said standing up and walking to the door.


Not five minutes later, three men entered your small hospital room. Two of them were muscular and had small cuts and bruises on their faces, you quickly recognised the tallest of those two to being the one who had been sat by you when you had woken up. The last man to walk in looked out of place with the other two, he had a suit and trench coat and regarded you with less concealed alarm than the others. It was clear that they all were concerned for you, but as of yet, you weren’t sure the exact relationship you had with each or even if you knew them before whatever happened to get you here.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as any of you tried to find what to say.

“Hey, Y/N, look, we’ve just heard the news, how are you?” The smaller of the two injured looking men asked you, his green eyes boring into your own.

“I’m fine.” You said, eyes darting between the three of them. “I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you know my name? How do any of you know me?” You said, shrinking back into your bed slightly.

“You don’t remember us at all?” The man replied before the tall man cut him off with a glare.

“No Dean, she won’t for now,” the tall man snapped at the green eyed guy, giving you an apologetic look, “this must be really weird, but I’m Sam. This is my brother Dean and this is our friend Cas,” he said pointing to each person individually.

“We’re all your friends, honestly, we have been since the… Well… Since we met you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember.” You muttered, feeling slightly guilty.

“It’s okay, Y/N. Humans have complex but delicate neural pathways, it’s a fault my-” The man called Cas began to talk before Dean cut him off with a glare.

“What he is trying to say is we’re here for you.” Dean hurriedly said over the top of whatever Cas had been about to speak of. It was suspicious, but you barely noticed over how surreal the entire situation was.

“Thanks, I guess.” You said to them with a weak smile.

“The doctor wants you in for observation for the rest of today, but if all is good you can go home this evening.” Sam added.

“Oh. Great!” You smiled properly, the idea of some familiarity sounded perfect. You suddenly realised, however, that you must not be in college anymore and probably not living with your parents. “Um. Hold on, where do I live?”

“You live with Sammy and me.” Dean said before seeing your shock and quickly adding, “You have your own room and bathroom and everything. I promise.”

Apparently my housemates got upgraded a little, you thought to yourself before you responded with a thank you.

You learned small facts about each of them as you spoke. Sam seemed to be quite caring and concerned for you, he spoke as if you had been close friends too. Dean seemed to be trying to lighten everything with sarcasm which sometimes wasn’t very helpful when you were trying to find out information but he definitely meant well. Cas, however, was a little ‘off’, he seemed to struggle the most to hide worries but also stayed quieter than the other two. After an hour of talking and you having sparked no memories more than you had earlier, they decided to leave you for a short rest. You savoured the time in your own company as you tried to let everything sink in.

—- In the hospital canteen —-

“She doesn’t remember a damn thing Sammy. Nothing. We’ve got to do something.” Dean grumbled as he picked aimlessly at a piece of cake. “It’s not safe for her to not know what’s out there, especially when it knows her.”

“I know that, but we can’t tell her out right, she’ll think we’re insane.” Sam replied.

“You think? Oh by the way Y/N, you dropped out of college after a haunting to hunt the things that go bump in the night.” Dean said in mocking tone as Sam gave Dean an annoyed look. “Cas, what angel mojo can fix this?”

“There’s no physical damage. I doubt her soul was damaged so I cannot do anything. It’s her head, Dean, I don’t know what I can do.” Cas sighed.

“Nothing? Come on, give us something to work off of?” Dean said.

“I’m not exactly the most powerful angel, Dean. Not every angel is the same, I don’t know everything.” Cas muttered back.

“What about archangels?” Sam said quietly.

“You’d trust Michael? Seriously?” Dean scoffed.

“It’s better than leaving her high and dry without anything to go on and definitely better than Lucifer.” Sam snapped back.

“Sam is right, other angels may have different experiences and abilities with this.” Cas said before going very quiet and staring without focusing. “I can arrange a couple of meetings, at least. I’ll be back in a few hours.”


It was a quiet park, somewhere in Ohio, Cas sat on a bench awaiting his brothers. He had grown attached to the Winchesters but also to you. The whole situation was unnerving for Cas, it reminded him of how fragile humans were and how he couldn’t heal everything. To feel helpless in a situation was a strange feeling and one that he did not enjoy. A rustling sound behind him indicated the arrival of a brother and the start of his only idea.

“Castiel.” Michael said in a cool tone.

“Michael, thank you for coming.” Cas said with a curt nod which Michael returned. Before he had chance to say anything else he was cut off by another flutter of wings.

“Cassie, how are you?” Balthazar’s British accent appeared from behind him. “Oh, Michael too? Well this is a party.” The angel said with a smirk.

“Balthazar, good to see you.” Cas said.

“Of course it is. Can we make this quick, though? I’m a little busy elsewhere if you catch my drift.” Balthazar said with a wink.

“I’ve got the pair of you here to ask a question. How can we fix a human with amnesia of only recent years?” Cas said, ignoring Balthazar’s comment. Cas would have preferred to ask more than just the pair of them, but his angel contacts were limited to those who did not hate him, which currently left him with few options. 

“A human? Castiel, father created them as delicate beings, especially their brains. Their modern medicine is better now, it’s best not to meddle too much.” Michael said, walking over to join Cas on the wooden bench.

“She is important.” Cas replied back.

“This isn’t your little Y/N we’re talking about, is it?” Balthazar said raising an eyebrow. Cas deep breath and avoidance of eye contact gave Balthazar the answer he wanted. “It is? Oh Cassie, between her and those Winchesters! I know she’s a pretty little thing but ever thought she’s better off without remembering her topsy turvy change in life plan?”

“She had to become a hunter, yes, but she needs to have her memory restored. It’s not safe for her to be unaware.” Cas said, biting back his annoyance. “What can I do?”

“I can’t do a thing. I apologise, brother.” Michael said with a slight grimace. “Gabriel and Lucifer used to be the brothers to influence people’s minds more than I ever could, they’re both dead or banished though. I’m sorry Castiel.” Cas perked up at the thought of Gabriel, but kept it hidden. He had mentally contacted Gabriel before meeting Balthazar and Michael but the trickster being his normal self had not replied.

“I understand Michael.” Cas nodded but chance to utter another word, Michael was gone in a rustle of feathers.

“Really, no need to say goodbye brother, it’s not like we haven’t spoken in a few centuries.” Balthazar said sarcastically to the space where Michael had been. He rolled his eyes before turning back to Cas. “Honestly though brother, I want to help but I can’t think of anything remotely useful. I swear to Daddy that if I find anything, I’ll let you know straight away. I do like Y/N and I sure know you do.” He added with another smirk. “Where are you going to go from here though?”

“I have one last person I can talk to.” Cas said as he mentally began to contact the one brother he knew Sam and Dean would be even less happy to work with again.

“Right. Well, I’m going to get back to where I was.” Balthazar said, beginning to walk away before stopping himself and turning. “Tell me if she remembers me, okay?” He flashed a smile as he disappeared in a flap of wings.

Cas had barely a minute to collect his thoughts from his hurried conversations before he heard footsteps from a few metres behind him.

“Gabriel?” Cas said bluntly.

“Hey Bucko, thanks for not inviting me to the family powwow, I do hate telling people I’m alive.” The cheery voice said behind him.

“How long have you been there?” Cas asked turning to face the archangel.

“Oh, long enough!” Gabriel said wiggling his eyebrows, “Now, I haven’t had chance to create some false realities in ages I think it could be great fun. Fancy hearing my plan for your favourite little Bourne identity?”


Part Two Here


Anon: A dan imagine where you’re on your period?:)

Word Count: 1538

*Just a quicky fluff no smut srs*


I was never comfortable with talking about that one girly thing. Just from that sentence alone, I think it becomes blatantly obvious. I mean, I know half of the population goes through it, but for some reason the topic of conversation was never really conversed. But you know what makes the topic even more uncomfortable?

Living with two males.

Even just biologically, boys will never understand the pain of, well, you know, the time. Even when they try, we know they really don’t. But of course, boys get this impression in their mind that just because I’m a girl that a few days a month I want to rip their head and they should be weary. I told them from the first day I moved in that is not always the case and they should not be obligated to ‘take care of me’. I try everything in my will to make that stereotype non-existent but when its days like this, it becomes close to impossible.

And curling up in a ball watching The Notebook with a bag of chocolate and a heating pad on my stomach is the most stereotypical thing I could do.

I thought I would be spending the day alone to let myself drown in sorrow and theoretical heartbreak, but of course, things never go to plan.

“Y/N?” I hear Dan’s voice echo from downstairs and I instantly awake from my impetuous daydream. I quickly get up from my mess of blankets and food as I hid all the evidence behind the sofa. I wipe all the melted chocolate from my mouth with the back of my hand as I pull the chips out of my hair. I know I looked like something straight from a horror movie, but there was nothing I could do now.

I hear his heavy footsteps get louder and louder, moving at a perfectly rhymed pace. I try to compose myself further, but at this point it’s helpless. Finally, the door swings open and there’s Dan with messy hair and wearing a slightly wet leather jacket. I don’t know if it’s the out-of-place hormone pattern or his appearance, but I can’t help but bit my lip as he walks in.

“There you are love.” He smiles as he leans down to leave a gentle- and to my misfortunate- quick kiss on my lips.

“Here I am.” I smile back as he takes a spot next to me.

“So what you watching?” He smiles over at me showing off those adorable dimples. I swear it takes everything in me to not pounce of him. Although, my smile quickly diminishes when I realize what I actually am watching but I hope he doesn’t think anything of it.

“Oh, you know, just another chick flick. We can change it if you want-” I say as I start to reach for the remote but his hand goes to grab mine, stopping my actions.

“No, no why don’t we watch it? We can make fun of how cheesy it gets.” He winks and I remember how we sometimes watch romantic comedies just to point out the ridiculous dialogue and never-to-happen kissing scenes. I fake a smile and nod, honestly not in the mood to make fun of the movie but more to cry along to it. He opens up his arms signaling for me to crawl into them and I accept. I rest my head against his chest as we cuddle underneath a soft blanket.

As time moves on, Dan makes jokes and whispers in my ear how stupid he thinks the movie is but I hardly listen. I am well distracted by the excruciating cramps that start to kick in. Of course, they chose to happen during the one time I want to hide them. At first, I do a pretty good job at disguising the stabbing happening in my abdomen from the inside out, but after only five minutes everything changes. I clutch my stomach, hoping maybe the pressure could lessen the pain, but it doesn’t. Then, I bring my knees up to my chest, expecting the position to help the situation, but it doesn’t. And in my last attempt to bring some peace to in the war between me and my body, I take deep breathes in and out, but like any girl knows, there’s no way that can help.

Then, around fifteen minutes, the pain heightens to its full potential and to my fullest ability, I try to stop the tears, but I surrender. I cry silently, hoping Dan won’t notice as I’m still clutching to his chest. It seems that my tears aren’t voluntary anymore, and leak from my eyes like an old faucet. I don’t mean to, but they won’t stop.

“Look, Y/N, here comes another kissing in the rain scene!” Dan says as I nod against his chest. He moves his arm to get into another position, but accidently brushes my face with his hand. “Sorry.” He mumbles but soon finds the water left on his hand. “Y/N are you okay?” He says as he moves out from under me and before I can react, he is looking at me straight in the face. “Oh my god, what happened?” He says softly as he notices my tear-stained and wet face. I look the opposite way, wiping my eyes with my hand.

“Dan, it’s nothing.” I mumble.

Then, before I know it, he hugs me close against his chest and I take in his scent and warm touch that has been the only sign of mercy against my body. They stop for a few seconds, but suddenly, hit me like a bullet. I bite my lip and cry out, but there was no way he didn’t notice. He quickly lets go and looks at me, trying to find an explanation.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

I shake my head but don’t give him another word.

“Okay, now I’m worried. Please tell me what’s wrong.” He says sternly yet sweetly wiping my tears with his thumb. I don’t say anything but I notice something captures his eye. “What’s this?” He thinks out loud as he reaches for the not-so-well-hidden bag of chocolate and heating pad. “Wait, are you-”

I quickly swipe the items from his hand and set them on the floor. “It’s not what you think.” I whisper. He raises an eyebrow and I sigh out, knowing that I’m caught. “Okay fine, it’s what you think.” I mumble but to my surprise, he chuckles. I look up at him and smile back. “What?”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

I look down and shrug my shoulders, suddenly very bashful. He laughs quietly and lifts my head up with his hand. He slowly leans in and kisses me passionately, but before it gets heated, another shock runs through my body and I cry out in his mouth. He detaches and nervously runs his hands up my sides. Once he figures his next move, he gently pushes me down and positions a pillow at the end of the couch, letting my head rest on it. He takes the blanket and gently drapes it over me. I smile at him and he rests the hot water bottle on my stomach. I instantly start to feel a bit better but not sure if it’s from his actions or his presence. He kisses my cheek and tells me he’ll be back soon.

I close my eyes and try to relax as I patiently wait for him to come back. The cramps continue and I cry softly hoping they stop soon. After what seems like a lifetime, Dan enters the room again.

“Shh, it’s alright sweetheart, you’ll be okay.” He whispers and kisses my forehead. He sets everything he’s brought down on the coffee table. I look over and see he’s brought some tea, a cold washcloth, some aspirin, and of course, more chocolate. I smile and he lifts my head so I can swallow the pills. He rests the washcloth on my forehead and I finally feel at ease. I close my eyes and hear him get up, but I quickly grab his wrist.

“Thank you Dan.” I whisper and he smiles at me. He leans down to kiss me and butterflies flutter in my stomach.

“You’re welcome darling.” He whispers back.

“You know, if I could, you would totally get laid.” I joke and he laughs at me.

“I’ll never understand girls.” he chuckles.

“I know you won’t. But, I’d rather you not anyway.” I giggle.

“Me too, it seems like it sucks.” He jokes, but we all know that sometimes it really does.

I laugh and take his face in my hands. “I love you.” I whisper looking straight into his deep brown eyes

“Love you too.” He smiles. “I’ll leave you to your bleeding.” He says quickly before standing up laughing.

“Dan!” I scold and throw a pillow at him. I could never be mad at him right now and let a smile peek through as my face turns bright red. He laughs and runs out of the door, shutting it softly. I laugh to myself and I finally find why I was never comfortable with well… girly things.


*So first thanks for reading! And second, thanks for all the requests I didn’t think people would actually send some in.  I will try to get more requests up as soon as possible but for now, as always, send me requests, ideas, or just ask me questions and I will love you lots! Check out my other writings (that would be wonderful) and till next time. Bye bye blossoms <3 M-out*

Sterek Fanfiction Recs Under 500 Kudos - 1/5

(2) (3) (4) (5)

It’s finally here, after how many days working on this! *wipes forehead*

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who helped me bring this to life by reccing stuff from other people. In alphabetic order: accordingtomel (AO3) || alocalband (Fic Tag) (AO3) || blamethewolf (AO3) || ccainewise || dream-about-dancing (AO3) || erciareyes (Fic Tag) (AO3) || fuchswrites (Fic Tag) (AO3) || greyhoundsgirl || hailtohale (AO3) (Fic Tag) || halesmut || herosterek (AO3) || knoxyd (AO3) (Fic Tag) || kolornadziei || pale-silver-comb (AO3) || picara93 || redvelvet-things || scruffysterek || shut-up-and-sterek (AO3) || stilessredhoodie (AO3) || vintage-bispy || warlockintothetardis || wolfcured and also, of course, the anonymous users. (If I didn’t add your AO3 and/or fic tag was because I couldn’t find it, so please message me if you do have one! Also, if I forgot someone - PLEASE message me. There were so many of you and so much to do, I don’t really know if I’m missing people or fics anymore. It’s all jumbled in my head. :3)

The following fics are all under 500 kudos and ordered by word count. Remember that a lot of people will be recced, but there are still thousands more who didn’t make it to this list. It’s now up to you to make your own lists or even just rec one fic at a time. Please don’t let the injustice of before prevail. I really hope this doesn’t stop with me. :)

I didn’t have the time to find the author’s blogs so I could tag them, so if you know who any of them are on tumblr, please reblog this post and mention them so they can see they are loved. And even if you don’t know any of them, please reblog anyway to help these authors get the attention they deserve.

Now to the fics! Happy readings. ^^

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The Invitation - Part 2 of more than 2

A/N: I was completely overwhelmed by the response to the first part of my CSSS gift for @auguststolemyheart - thank you so much!! Apparently a bit of fake dating is a thing people like. And once again the one shot that became 2 parts will end up more…I need to plan better I think. 

You will need to read PART ONE for this to make sense - at the very least so my Thor joke makes sense…

Thanks to @tnlph and @wheres-your-rum for beta duties.


Part 2

As they drove the snow covered route to Storybrooke, Emma had a pang of regret about the whole venture. She was fine with her small deception of her family - after all, it was like giving them their Christmas wish, really - but she was beginning to have doubts of the actual practicality of the plan as a whole.

Because after 4 hours on the highway with Killian Jones and his current level of smug superiority, she suspected she would kill him before they got there. Which would, of course, negate any of the positives a fake boyfriend was supposed to accomplish.

He tended towards over-confidence at the best of times, but there was that little something extra in his swagger now, the innuendo a little more overt, the flirting a little more outrageous.

He lounged in the passenger seat, creating inane ‘what if’ scenarios about their trip and trying to make her laugh. Or lose her cool. She wasn’t sure which.

“What if we end up having a row when I get better presents than you?”

“Who says you are getting any presents?”

“Come now, Swan, these people will be eternally grateful to me for finally taking the slightly insane Emma off the market. I imagine they will lavish me with gifts.”

Emma kept driving, a wry smile on her face. They would too.

“Or what if your gorgeous cousin Ethel makes a pass at me, ey? How will we handle that?”

“No Cousin Ethel, so you are all good.”

“Or what if I am so convincing as your fake boyfriend that you fall hopelessly in love with me for real?” She heard the tiny intake of breath he made as he finished this sentence. Her eyes stayed firmly planted on the road in front of her, unsure of quite what route to take.

She opted for the safe one.

“Hasn’t happened so far, so I think we are safe.”

He clutched at his chest in pretend pain, but Emma caught a flash of something else in his eyes when she glanced his way. She waited for his usual retort, but instead he just nodded his head.

“True enough, Swan, true enough.”

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Fic: Friendships and Fandoms I

Summary: The popular TV drama Star Force is coming to an end. Actor Rum Gold realises how little time he has left to spend with his make-up artist Belle French, and determines to make the most of the coming weeks before they have to part for good.

Then Belle accidentally introduces Rum to her tumblr blog…

Note: This is going to get long.

Hugemongous thanks must go to the wonderful forzaouat for her invaluable insights. Forza, if you read this and cringe, I apologise most profusely. I daresay I will be coming to you again in coming weeks with more questions!


It was five o’clock in the morning at Storybrooke Studios and the set of popular prime-time drama series Star Force was seemingly deserted apart from security (one of whom was sleeping), and a rather dishevelled figure wearing jeans, an undershirt and a bathrobe, limping in the direction of hair and make-up with his cane in one hand and a battered newspaper from the previous day tucked under the other arm.

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