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Phone Tag
Modern Baseball
Phone Tag

Modern Baseball - Phone Tag

Some days I hear it ring
Most days I stay in bed
Maybe I’ll see you when I get home
And we’ll avoid all the things we’ve said


Stiles x Reader

Part One

Requested by Anon

“This is our year!” Stiles cheered as he scored and rounded the team so he could take his spot next to Scott.

“Dude we’re only practising and have you seen the new teams this year!” Scott chuckled despite joining in his friend’s enthusiasm.

“Yeah but the old teams back, we’ve got you, Jackson and Isaac and I’m on a winning streak!” Stiles frowned when Scott seemed distracted by something but ignored it and went for another shot, grinning at his friend when he scored.

“You lot take a lap then hit the showers!” Coach called and headed back inside.

“Can you guys smell that?” Isaac asked as he jogged up to the pair.

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  “In contrast to the opulent interior, with its voluptuous curves and gilded surfaces, the space just outside of it is the exact opposite- cold fluorescent lights flicker onto hard concrete walls covered with fading puck rock posters, like a club that has taken over an abandoned underground bunker…We have designed the lobby and entrance path to be of the "other” Russian aesthetic- rather than lush, czarist Russia, its post-Cold War era.

  For us, the contrast between outside and inside was important to define spatially, and is the reason for the two environments- its literally “war” and “peace.” Inspired by Dave’s lyrics: “There’s a war going on out there somewhere,” and “The war can’t touch us here.” -Mimi Lien, A Total Environment

I’m probably reading too much into this, but oh well.

So a lot of fans have noticed that Ruby’s new outfit looks a lot like both Penny’s and Pyrrha’s.

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But can we talk about how:

Jaune has a belt like Pyrrha’s, in addition to her armor.

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Ren also has a red belt, as well as sleeves like Pyrrha’s.

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Weiss’s new dress looks more like Pyrrha’s, similar to Ruby’s outfit change

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Yang is now wearing her hair in a ponytail, like a certain deceased red head, even though it must be harder to put her hair up with only one hand.

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And Blake’s new thigh highs look somewhat very familiar.

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Can you,,,,give me some more,,, autistic! Nico headcannons?? I just,,,I NEED them ~Local autistic boi

>:3c little did u know, local autistic boi, that I am Always Here To Dispense My Autistic Nico Headcanons

• he CANT eat warm food cold like. pizza is supposta be WARM and here u are tryna convince me its fine cold??? fuck no the feeling is WRONG

•sometimes there is a smell so Bad™ that he kinda gag-chokes w/out thinking and he feels Really Bad about it cause he feels like hes bein ungrateful (he still lowkey blames himself whenever he exhibits symptoms like this my poor child …….)

•nico: *blames himself for exhibiting symptoms*

reyna: *nico senses Tingling*


•(real talk,,,,,,,,,,,,, Autistic Reyna tho 👀👀👀)

((i am here to rub my filthy gay autistic hands on everythinf in reach))

•nico hears the words “Autism Speaks” and loses 10 years off his life span, also kills all the flowers within a five foot radius

•sometimes words jus. dont Happen for him and he is left gesturing in frustration


•ALSO CONSIDER AUTISTIC ANNABETH honestly im lowkey projecting on all my faves rn i just want them to be Relatable™ to my worn and broken autistic sou l 

•he has a Very Difficult Time speaking to and even, like, looking at people in the mornings so he gets he breakfast an hour early 

•srsly tho some other demigods eatin their frosted flakes at 5 am? Bad Time™™™ they r like “hi nico” and hes like “mhmrdfmkmd mmhrfUCK You,,, FUCK!!!! “ and then he snatches he coffee and a pastry and Absconds To His Cabin

•he feels kinda guilty later but in his defense no other words were poppin into his brain at the time and apparently saying nothing is Bad™ (@neurotypicals why u got so many Rules im an old man who cant keep up)

• sometimes he doesnt get jokes or sarcasm, he doesnt know when ppl are being serious or not BUT! he has Quality Friends Who Inform Him

anyway that is all for now love u local autistic anon,,,,,, -gem, ur local autistic Gay

Welcome To D. Store! - ASTRO D. Store AU - Baby「 Prologue」
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1557
Summary: Bright Neon lights flash before you. A new attraction had been added to your street, however, it received little attention and promotion. The fact that it was so unspoken about piqued your curiosity, but before you could consider turning back and ignoring it, a friendly voice called you, inviting you in. With that offer, you couldn’t help but take a look. As you step through the doors, you are greeted with 5 other voices.”Welcome to Dream Store!” 

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Note to self:
Never trust a photographer when she says “Can I practice shooting with you??? I know it’s cold out but It’ll only take a minute, and we’re already here!!! and it’s not even that cold!❤️”  She was supposed to come and help me pack(her and Roman) but she ended up taking shots of us for an hour.
But at least these were cute….*sobs*

[FAN ACCOUNT] 170304 INFINITE Fan Gathering III

******* WARNING: Super long post ahead! Like super duper extra long post this time! We apologize ahead of time!

Hi everyone! We know it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted anything besides asks, so we first want to thank you all for your patience and understanding! We’re not too sure why, but life has been kicking both of our butts simultaneously for quite some time now. Also, sorry it’s taken so long for me to do this. I’ve been hit hard with post-concert depression and I’m still quite busy. I also needed some time to collect all of the memories that have been slowly coming back to me. Good news is that our boys had a fan meet and I (dayounggie) was lucky enough to nab a ticket for the Saturday one. Unfortunately, since I work late hours, I was unable to even attempt to get tix for the Friday meeting, but luckily and LOTS of stress later, I managed to get a ticket for Saturday. I was really bummed out to miss out on L-soonie and the ladder game to pick the next member for the v app show, but the Saturday rally had its own perks!

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[It's been so cold here, brrrrr!] A Saniwa goes out before sunrise on a winter's morning to check that a nearby shrine wasn't damaged in last night's blizzard. They come back to the gates and realize they've accidentally locked themselves out. They holler, but no one is awake yet, so they have to wait out in the cold until sunrise [around an hour later]. What happens when the Secretary [Hasebe, Kashuu, Kogi, Mika] follows their tracks and finds them huddled against the gate shivering like crazy?

I’ll be answering nsfw requests later, sorry for those having to wait a bit longer.

I hope you’re keeping warm sweet! It’s easy to catch a cold if you’re not careful.

• “Aruji!”
• Incredibly startled and instantly takes off anything he was wearing to be warm (jacket/scarf/gloves/etc) and shoves them onto you.
• Is spouting how disgraced he is to let you get into such a condition as he walks you inside, holding you close to him to try provide more warmth.
• His concern when inside is first to warm you up, he gets blankets and blankets to cover you and makes you tea.

• “What the hell!”
• First thing he does is pull you to him and wraps his scarf around you.
• Once he’s seen that you’re definitely alive, he controls his worries enough to get you inside and call out for help.
• When you’re getting warmed up and fretted over by many including himself he finally asks what happens and scolds the heck out of you for your answer telling you it could have waited till morning.

• “Are you okay?!”
• Without even waiting for an answer he scoops you up into his arms and brings you inside.
• He calls out for Yagen to check on you and Mitsutada to bring you something warm while refusing to move from your side.
• He’s worried and guilty but also hoping his body heat will help. He’s probably ashamed and apologises a million times over at your explanation.

• “This is not good.”
• He calls out for other swords to get into action as you need help and presents you some of his own clothes to keep warm in the meantime.
• Once inside and helping calm the nerves of any especially panicked sword he sits with you holding your hand for both comfort and warmth.
• He lightly scolds you at your explanation telling you that you should have taken him with you. More than anything he shares how important you are to then all.

{Traveling!AU} Bangtan


  • prefers traveling by plane. really wants to explore central europe because of it’s architecture and rich art history 
  • spends 50% of the plane ride sleeping the other 50% he has headphones on and is lyric writing 
  • every now and then he’ll look up and make sure you’re comfortable and you don’t notice how he smiles to himself when he sees you sound asleep or giggling at something you see on the movie thats playing
  • is pretty organized despite his suitcase looking like a mess and doesn’t get you two lost
  • holds your hand at all times when you’re walking around just to make sure you’re safely beside him
  • tried to get you guy to coordinate the outfits you brought but it doesnt really happen but its ok because you guys shop and buy matching clothes and it’s cute
  • you wake up later than him in the hotel and he’s already out on the balcony drinking coffee and when you go over he pulls you down into his lap and you guys enjoy the view
  • buys a tour book and reads out the little passages about all the monuments and tourists spots you visit 
  • secretly writes a song about the way you make him feel while you guys are on this trip and it’s literally just how happy he is to be alone with the best person in the world (you)


  • prefers traveling by car because he can take photos if you’re driving and when he’s driving he can show off how cool he looks (he doesn’t tell you this but you can see from the way he tries to look suave by putting his hand on the back of your seat when pulling out of his parking space and how he refuses to take his sunglasses off even when you’re driving in the rain)
  • ideal traveling situation is you guys take a roadtrip up into the korean countryside 
  • neck pillows all day everyday even when he’s out of the car 
  • took the pro camera with him but keeps teasing you because you’re like !!! yoongi take a photo of me here and he’s like pretending to oblivious taking pics of trees and you’re like yOONGI pLEase and he’s like “take it with the selfie stick???” and ur like but!!!! and it’s cute he like leads you on a bit and then ends up taking endless photos of you because you’re amazing and he loves you
  • takes secret photos when you’re not looking and even if they’re blurry he saves them because ur his everything 
  • hes ok with directions but it’s a roadtrip so yoongis like lets not even spend money lets sleep in the car and ur like ok but how will we shower and eat?? and yoongi is like ……true
  • huddling together when its cold and you two didn’t pack jackets or scarves 
  • vice versa you’re like airing out your t-shirts together sharing cold drinks when you packed too many sweaters and it’s like 99 degrees out 
  • you and yoongi don’t plan ahead unless it comes to the $$$$$$ 
  • but yoongi has never felt more free and comfortable and there is just pure joy in being out here with you by his side to enjoy all these new things


  • doesn’t have a preference when it comes to traveling as long as he gets to rest his head on your shoulder and you guys get to bring snacks along 
  • would like to go to other countries in east asia like indonesia, burma, thailand 
  • makes a list of restaurants you just HAVE to visit and a list of street foods you HAVE to try 
  • “we don’t need souvenirs, we need another plate of food, baby”
  • insists you guys get matching pink luggage so it’s easy to spot your bags from the rest 
  • you catch him taking selfies with random people and you’re like oh my god 
  • pulls you into his arms and starts taking photos and you’re like jiN my mouths full of food or jIN im still blowdrying my hair?? and he’s like “we need photos to send to my mom”
  • tries to pretend he can speak the native language and then he turns to you and is like i didn’t understand a thing and you’re like uhuh i can tell
  • downloads duolingo three days before your trip but only remembers the word for chicken
  • plans a surprise, romantic little thing in the middle of the trip for you like maybe going to get a couples massage or attending a performance in the town and then afterward while you’re gushing about how thoughtful and romantic he is he just grins and thinks about how your smile is worth just about anything in the world 


  • prefers traveling by plane because he has a curiosity for the world and he’d love going from europe to africa to australia all in one trip because he’s got an endless amount of energy 
  • reminds you to pack your toothbrush ike 5323 times because he “wont share his” but thats a damn lie hoseok will give you anything you need because he’s an angel and loves you
  • gets super into souvenirs and buys one for each bts member, each manager, each dance instructor, basically something for every person he’s ever meet in his life
  • is willing to talk to strangers for directions because you two are dumbfounded but instead of talking he’s dong charades with his body to try and get the people to understand him
  • when i doubt hoseok just smiles and gives you thumbs up because even if yall are lost in the middle of sydney or in the middle of the safari soMEhow he promises you two will be fine
  • fixes your hair after youve slept on the plane and you also fix his and hes like my face is puffy but youre like i love it and lean in to kiss him and the stewards on the plane are like “this is the cutest couple to every travel on this airline ????”
  • hoseok can get you guys discounts on anything because he’s a shining ball of light and everyone he meets instantly likes him because how can you not 
  • you guys try to challenge each others fears by having adventures on your travels and it’s how you grow closer because you have each other the whole trip to lean on and when you’re going back you guys just cuddle sleepily into each others arms and like it’s just an experience that’s unforgettable 


  • prefers travel by overnight trains because there’s a bed and he can knock out in comfort 
  • would like to see more of south asia like india, sri lanka, bangladesh and especially traveling through rain forests and places with gorgeous warm nature would be such a sight 
  • except he sleeps the entire time really no point in even trying to keep him awake hes like nope 5 min in he was snoozing (except for when you wake him up like elephants JIMIN and he falls off the bed like ELEPHANTS
  • it’s cute tho!!!! whats not cute is the fact that jimin gets distracted by everything so you literally keep reminding him not to forget his bags anywhere
  • “jimin, tie your suitcase to your wrist because you’ll forget it.” “no i won’t.” “where’s your suitcase right now?” “…………….don’t hate me but we might have to go back to the dorm.”
  • is horrible when it comes to money like he’d spend it all in one day if you let him and he doesn’t keep track of purchases so you’re always like “no jimin we can’t buy that.” and he gets pouty but its nothing a couple of kisses cant fix 
  • dances to bangtan songs when you guys are waiting in line to get tickets for something 
  • at first you were a lil embarrassed but soon enough you learned that just dancing along with him makes it better 
  • gets shy when he has to ask a stranger for help but he doesn’t want to let you down so he does his best to ask for directions or help but sometimes you’re like “jimin, let me handle it ^^” and he thinks ur so cool and brave
  • park jimin is astounded by anything you do honestly he is Head over Heels 
  • keeps squeezing your hand and asking you if all of this is real and you’re like ofc!! and he just can’t believe he’s doing this right now with you


  • like jin, he doesn’t have a preference but once you get to your destination he loves things like bike tours or hiking 
  • south america would be a spot he’d really love to see, countries like brazil, argentina, and venezuela are all colorful and so new to him that he’d love to just go and explore
  • taehyung would want to go anywhere there’s an ocean so he can pull you into the warm waves and play around with you and just laughs and love everywhere
  • imagine riding horseback on the beach with taehyung??? or ziplining through the rainforest with taehyung??? or learning how to dance the samba with taehyung ????
  • you guys dont plan, like a lot of stuff is spontaneous stuff that you just decide would be amazing to do like taehyung’s just like you cant live life knowing whats gonna happen lets just wing it
  • except ur also like lets not wing it and go bankrupt on this trip or lose our passports cough COuGh
  • if there’s anyplace that looks remotely scenic taehyung is like pls take a photo of me !!! and so you’re walking around snapping photos of your boyfriend pretending to be a model in the middle of the street or on a bus bench but like he looks good so why not
  • taehyung facetimes the hyungs whenever u two are gonna do something cool just to show off about it 
  • aside from taking photos of himself and nature he also takes photos of himself kissing you in all the different places you’ve been and he makes it like a little project of his and every time he pulls away he’s like “this can’t be more perfect” but he says it EVery TIMe and you’re like you said that last time and he’s like yeah ur right every moment is perfect to me if it’s with you…………


  • prefers traveling by plane because there’s less confusion and less work that way 
  • wants to see more of the states because he likes busy cities but he also likes national parks and nature and the states have a good mix of those 
  • you guys go super lite on the packing like literally you guys brought one suitcase and it has all your stuff in it because you and jungkook are like clothes dont matter as much as making memories
  • until youre like jungkook give me your sweater mines dirty and he’s like heck no and youre like jungkook i have so much blackmail material on u dont test me and jungkooks like ???? excuse me i have blackmail material too- but he’ll give u the damn sweater because he loves u
  • does this thing where when ur taking a photo he photobombs it 
  • also rests his camera on the top of your head because hes tall and ur like jungkook im not the pod for ur dslr and he’s like dont move ull make the picture blurry 
  • directions? talking to strangers? nope he’d rather get the two of you lost 
  • steals the sample bottles from the hotel and ur like wow and he’s like right now im making jin hyung proud also look now we dont need to buy shampoo 
  • by himself he’d be shy to go off alone and try new things but with you he’s so much more comfortable and u two are able to have so much more fun supporting each other 
  • jungkook can come off as someone who doesnt know the definition of romance but when he buys you a little plush bear with san francisco written on it’s t-shirt at the airport gift shop and then gets red in the face when u kiss him for it well then like you can see that real boyfriend material come out and it’s ADORable 
blood status



I took yet another deep breath as I walked up the long, cobblestone path leading up to the towering black gates.

Once I approached them, they began to swing open before I had even reached up to touch them. I gasped at the sudden motion, which just made me realize how jittery I had become because of this.

I walked through the gates and up to the front doors, which were painted black, extremely tall, and each had a golden knocker.

I ran my hand through my hair and pulled down my dress a bit before knocking on one of the doors.

Almost instantly, the doors opened. Draco Malfoy, who wore a black suit and looked like he had worried a little too much about his hair, stood in the doorway and looked at me.

I grinned. “Hi.”

He returned the smile. “Hi.”

I stepped forward, and Draco put his right hand on the left side of my head as he pushed his lips onto mine for just a moment.

“Do I look okay?” I blurted. I was beyond nervous, and desperately wanted this to go well.

Draco smiled and said, “Yes, love, you look fine. Stop worrying about it, okay? They’re gonna love you.” 

I sighed. “We’ll see.” 

The Malfoys were known for being prejudiced, which already sickened me to the core. I had no idea how they would react if they found out the type of blood that flowed underneath my skin.

“Come on.” Draco said, holding his hand out to me. I threaded my sweaty fingers with his cold ones and stepped inside. The doors closed behind us.

I couldn’t help but look around in awe at the inside of the manor. It was huge, with high ceilings, chandeliers, and what I guessed was very expensive furniture.

“Oh my god.” I whispered. “You’re rich.” 

Draco smiled and shook his head. “No, my parents are rich.”

“Well, they gotta die someday.” I whispered, half-joking.

He just laughed and led me down a darkened corridor. “They’re in the dining hall.”

I pushed my glasses an inch up my nose and followed Draco into a large room, containing a long, wooden table and dark maroon curtains hanging on the walls. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were seated at the end of the table and stood up when we entered.

“Hello.” Draco’s mother said. “You must be Y/N. We’re so delighted to meet you.”

I removed my hand from Draco’s to shake his mom’s hand, but she pulled me into a hug instead. Surprised, I hugged her back and then pulled away. She smelt of mahogany and vanilla.

“It’s really nice to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Please, call me Narcissa.” she replied, and I smiled. “This is my husband, Lucius.” 

I held my hand out and repeated myself, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Malfoy.” with a smile.

He looked reluctant to shake my hand, but proceed in doing so, along with a curt nod.

An awkward silence followed.

“You have a lovely home.” I said, trying to break the silence.

“Why, thank you, dear. Why don’t you come help me put the finishing touches on dinner, while the boys set the table?” Mrs. Malfoy said, gesturing to the door behind her.

“Oh, okay.” I said, an anxious twinge in my chest. I was not ready to be alone with one of Draco’s parents, but I didn’t really have a choice. I was also a little surprised that the Malfoys didn’t depend on magic and house elves to do everything. 

I followed her into the kitchen.


I removed the placements from one of the cabinets and began to arrange them, when my father finally spoke.

“So that’s the Mudblood.” he stated so naturally, as if he were talking about the weather outside.

I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins. I had no clue how he knew that Y/N was muggle-born, but that didn’t even matter at this point.

“Please don’t call her that.” I said, not looking up at him.

’Please’? My god, Draco. What has she done to my son?” he said, and I could tell without looking that his mouth was turned up slightly.

I swallowed my anger and said, “Nothing. I just… don’t use that word anymore. And I’d like it if you didn’t either.” I continued to set the table by myself, as my father just stood there and enjoyed making my skin crawl.

He chuckled, which just infuriated me even more. “Wow. She really has changed you.”

“No, she hasn’t.” I lied. She actually had, and definitely for the better. But I couldn’t admit that to my father. If he found out about my newly formed opinions on blood status, he’d disown me.

“So, is she?” he sneered.

I sighed. “Her parents are muggles, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Okay.” he replied, coldly. “So she is a-”

“Father, please.”

He just stared at me and smirked, clearly amused.


Draco’s mother had assigned some small cooking task to me as she finished up something else. The kitchen had fallen silent for a while, until she finally spoke.

“How long have you and Draco been dating again?” she asked.

“Um… seven months.” I said after thinking back, because I had honestly lost track of time. 

“Does he treat you well?” she said, and I could sense in her voice that she desperately wanted to hear a certain answer.

“Yes.” I said immediately, smiling. “He really does. Your son is… really good to me.”

I saw the relief wash over her face, and I saw Draco’s smile in hers. “I’m glad.” she said, squeezing my arm.

Dinner was fine, although I had a hunch Lucius didn’t like me very much. I tried to push that behind me and focus on Narcissa and Draco. My anxiety dulled as Draco sat at my side, offering me smiles and squeezing my right knee when I started to shake it subconsciously.

But, at one point, any hopes I had for pleasing Draco’s parents flew out the window.

Narcissa had just finished talking about Lucius’s job at the Ministry of Magic, when she asked me, “What about your parents? What do they do?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, my mom is a nurse-”

“At Saint Mungos?” Lucius intervened. The look on his face told me he already knew the answer to that question.

“No, at a muggle hospital.” I said, slowly, dreading what was going to happen next.

“Oh.” Mrs. Malfoy breathed. “Is she-”

“A muggle? Yes.” I said, proudly. “So is my dad, he’s a-”

“So you’re a Mudblood.” Lucius Malfoy spat before I could even say the word writer.

I opened my mouth and closed it again. I had no clue how to respond to that.

Draco sucked in a breath. “Father, don’t-”

“Don’t what, Draco? I deserve to know about the types of people you are… surrounding yourself with.” Lucius said, then turned to me. “And, I’m afraid I don’t approve. I don’t want your kind being associated with my son.”

That pushed me over the edge.

My kind?” I retorted, bubbling with anger.

“Yes. Your kind.” he stated. “Mudbloods do not deserve - quite frankly - to be considered wizards and witches. Or, to attend such a nice school for learning magic.”

Narcissa looked shocked. “Lucius!” she exclaimed, appalled at her husband.

Before I knew it, I was firing back.

“Excuse me sir, but - quite frankly - my blood status does not make me any less of a wizard as you.”

Draco’s father looked amused, which just infuriated me further.

“I beg to differ-” he started, but I cut him off.

“Yeah, well, I beg to leave this loathsome conversation.” I said, abruptly standing up. I turned to Draco, who stared angrily at his father. “I’m sorry, Draco.” I said. His eyes met mine, and the anger quickly fell from his face, replaced by a look of shame.

Before he could say anything to me, Lucius turned to Draco and very sternly stated, “You will not be seeing this girl anymore, under any circumstances. Do you hear me?”

Draco sighed. “You can’t-”

I couldn’t help myself. “Well, that works out for me!” I yelled, not meaning it, but blinded by rage at Draco’s father. “I luckily will not be forced to cross paths with you, ever again.” I snapped, glaring at Lucius, who just stared back, no emotion in his face.

I turned and started to walk out of the dining hall. “Thanks for the lovely dinner, Mrs. Malfoy!” I called over my shoulder.


I stood up, the chair legs scraping the wooden floor behind me. I shot my father daggers with my eyes, as I had a very strong urge to leap across the table and punch him across the face. But, I had something more important to do.

“I can’t believe you.” I said coldly, and stormed out after Y/N.

I found her halfway down the walkway outside the front door, heading towards the gates. I called out her name, but she didn’t seem to hear me.

“Wait!” I yelled, and she finally whipped around to face me. I met her halfway down the path, the pebbles crunching beneath my feet being the only noise in the air as I made my way over to her.

“I’m sorry.” I said, ready to apologize for my father’s actions.

“No, I’m sorry.” Y/N said, meeting my eyes. “I really shouldn’t have talked to your dad like that.”

“Don’t apologize.” I replied. “He had it coming. He had no right to speak to you like that.” I pushed a loose strand of hair out of her face.

“I…” I started again, but decided against it.

“What?” she said, taking my hand in hers and fiddling with my fingers.

“I was going to say that I wish I had stepped in, but… you seemed to have it under control.” I said, smiling.

Y/N grinned as well, but that smile faded quickly. She looked down at the ground and said, “So, I guess we can’t see each other anymore.”

“Are you kidding me?” I said, causing her head to snap back up. “I’d never let my parents stop me from…”

The words died in my throat as I suddenly looked down at the spot where the mark was stamped forever onto my forearm. That was definitely my parents’ doing.

Y/N sensed what I was thinking and squeezed my hand, her palm cold against mine. I looked into her eyes, licked my lips, and softly said, “Nothing can keep me away from you, okay?”

She smiled and lifted her heels off the floor, leaning up to press her lips to mine. Her hand found its way to my neck and my hands dropped to her waist, pulling her closer. The cold air around us couldn’t compare to the warmth I felt in that moment, despite her cold hands pressed against my skin. After what felt like an eternity, she pulled away and whispered, “Okay.”

I glanced at her, back at the manor, then back at her face.

“Let’s get out of here.” I said, holding my hand out.

She took it.

i wrote this a while ago, and i’m not sure how i feel about it. i know this scenario has been written many times, so i hope i did it justice. i am planning on posting at least two more fics these next few days!! 

also, to the anon that sent me a request earlier today: i am currently working with your idea & hope to have it posted this weekend!!!


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Prompt with Scott: *shivering* " are you not cold, babe? It's like an igloo in here."

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You were shivering lightly wrapped up in what felt like a million layers! School was freezing, but standing outside waiting for Stiles and the others was worse. It felt like you had be dropped into the Siberian Winter with nothing but a bikini…yeah, you weren’t liking the cold. Scott on the other hand looked positively cosy. He wasn’t even wearing that many layers! Maybe it was a werewolf thing? Whatever it was you were incredibly envious of it. 

“Scott…how are you not cold, babe? It’s like an igloo out here.” It was so cold that it couldn’t even snow because it had reached a ridiculous point, you didn’t really want anymore snow if you were being honest, it was already thickly laid over everything and the roads were pretty unsafe to drive on let alone response to supernatural emergencies. 

“You’re cold?” The boy honestly looked confused, eyebrows meeting in a furrow and that concern that never seemed to quite fade shining through. It was testament to some weird supernatural heating system that he’d been completely oblivious to the cold. Yeah, you were definitely envious about that, not so much the claws and the fangs though…

“I’m literally freezing!” You didn’t even need to shake on purpose for emphasis, you were already shivering badly, your body attempting to create some form of energy to warm you up…bless it’s soul…

Scott looked at you for a long moment, before grinning suddenly arms open, “Well, come here then, you doofus!” You probably had never dashed faster to be held by someone, but Jesus Christ Scott was like a  furnace, a supernatural, furry furnace. 

“You’re cute when you’re cold” It was mumbled against the top of your head and if you weren’t currently reveling in the warmth that you’d found you would have hit him at least once for being cheeky like that, but your wish to simply stay wrapped up like that was far stronger than any want to hit Scott McCall for being a cheeky bugger. 

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Christmas Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1338

Warnings: Kissing

Request: (markimoo28) Hello! Im here to request a “ Merry Christmas to all and to all- wait not you, i dont like you.” for Alex. They start out as enemies but fall for each other in the end? or maybe a “ baby its cold outside” for alex please? Im in a Alex fluff mood XD

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR READERS! These Christmas Specials wouldn’t be possible without you guys, otherwise we would just be two weird people writing Christmas fan fiction for no one to read. Thanks for making us feel less like weirdos lol. I think this is a good salute to the Christmas Specials, and it’s been a fun 12 days. I loved writing this one, and I hope you will love it as much I do. (P.S. Markimoo28, I hope this is similar to what you were looking for. I tried doing the “I don’t like you” and it really didn’t turn out. I hope you enjoy this one just as much as you would the other one. Merry Christmas!)

Alex was busy pointing out the oddities of classic 1940’s Christmas Songs. A smooth jazz voice played over the radio when Alex said, “Who roasts chestnuts on a roasting fire? Like why would you even want to eat chestnuts? We aren’t squirrels!”

He was bundled on the sofa in a heavy blue blanket. He shook his head at every word an iconic artist sang. He picked the songs a part. He was too distracted to notice you were leaving. You had just got off the phone with your parents; they never liked you staying out late. Let alone with Alexander Hamilton. Trouble followed him everywhere he walked.

You shoved your belongings angrily into your bag. You didn’t think about saying goodbye to Alex, you were too annoyed with your parents already. You had two moods with Alex. The first, you laughed at everything he said and you were comfortable. The other was you wanted to just straight up shoot him in the face.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Alex shout, followed by a thump on the wooden loft floor. He had gotten tangled in the blanket and fallen face first to the floor. His hand touched your ankle. You looked down at him, currently in your “other” mood. “Where are you going?” he asked, his hand wrapped around your ankle like a little child begging someone not to go.

He had that kind of look to him. He came across as childish but strong-headed at the same time.

You felt the blanket wrap around your leg, you began to slide across the floor away from the door, back to the sofa. You looked down and about laughed. Alex was dragging his stomach backwards across the floor, both his hands around your ankles. You would have laughed or smiled at this usually, if your father hadn’t just threatened to pull you out of school.

You were attending King’s College, and your dad didn’t want you staying at the college by yourself or being paired with a eccentric roommate. Your family house was only two blocks away from the college. You loved the college and you couldn’t ever imagine what it would feel like to leave. You felt so free here.

So you frowned.

Alex picked himself off the floor and stood up. You cracked a smile as he only came up to your chest. He was always the shortest in any friend group. The person who always stood in the front in school pictures and had to swallow his pride to ask someone to reach for something on the top shelf. Alex was full of only two things; caffeine and rage.

“Hey,” Alex said. “What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?”

“My dad.” you replied, shaking your head. You kept tears from falling. “He is threatening to pull me out of school, because he doesn’t want me to get into any trouble.”

“Education is important.” Alex said.

“Yeah,” you laughed half-heartedly, “I know. I love learning so much and every aspect about it. I wish I could move out entirely, that way my dad wouldn’t have control over me anymore. I just don’t have any place to stay.”

Alex was silent for a moment. Then he said, “You could move in with me.” he said it casually, as if you were two passing neighbors on the street.

“Alex.” you laughed. You shook your head. “That’s crazy. I mean, I don’t know. That would really change things between us.”

He smirked and fell back onto the sofa (he missed the sofa halfway down and landed on the floor, he then stood up and sat down). He patted the sofa suggestively and pulled the blanket from the floor.

“Who cares what your old man says? There is no way he can expect you to walk home in this weather.” Alex gestured to the window. A blizzard was raging on outside. “(Y/N), just stay the night. You don’t have to sleep with me,” he laughed and winked. “Unless you want to.”

You punched him in the arm. He laughed. You shook your head at him and let your head hang in defeat. You were torn. If you went home, you could possibly die in this blizzard. If you stayed, and slept with Alex, or even slept in the same vicinity as him, your father would kill you.

You frowned at the snowflakes painted on the windows.

The radio switched and a jazzy tune played. “Oh no.” you laughed.

You turned around to Alex on his knees singing, “But, baby it’s cold outside.” he took your hands in his and sang to you. You blushed. You shook your head.

“No.” you said. You threw his hands off yours and headed towards the door.

He ran from the sofa, bounding over the cushions and slid in his wool socks across the wooden floor, in front of the door.

“Alex.” you said, hopelessly. “Please. I’ve got to go away.”

“Hey, you gotta sing it.” he said in a sing-song voice.

You rolled your eyes and repeated it, following along with the song.

He pulled you away from the door, to the TV. A burning log on one of those long live streams appeared, he sang, “listen to the fireplace roar.”

You burst out laughing when he sang in a high-pitched voice. “Say, what’s in this drink?” he had ran from the TV to the kitchen. He had picked up a half empty Mountain Dew bottle and gave his best impression of a drunk man.

Alex continued his antics, you spun around watching him run around in every direction putting on a one man show of, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

He ran back to you for the last line. He looked at you longingly.

Oh baby it’s cooooold outside.” the two of you sang in unison.

The song faded and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer began to play. “You’re stealing my spotlight, Rudolph!” Alex said, yanking the radio plug out of the wall.

He turned back to you and smiled. He got down on his knees and held out his hands to you. You smiled and placed them in his. “I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.” you stifled a laugh.

Alex sat back on the sofa and pulled you forward on top of him. You screamed as you fell onto his lap. He threw a blanket over you. You turned to face him. Your faces an inch away. “Your eyes are like starlight now.”

“I wish I knew how, to break this spell.” you stared into his blue eyes.

“Mind if I move in close?” Alex said in a soft non-singing voice. You nodded.

Alex rolled around you, throwing the blanket over the two of you. You were pressed into the sofa cushion, while he sat on top. You both laughed. You turned around to face him. “(Y/N),” he grinned. “It’s cold outside.” he said in a regular voice.

You and Alex shared a look that was filled with a thousand words of understanding and so many other feelings. You put your head on his chest and pulled the blanket around you. Alex reached for the remote and switched off the lights.

“Oh baby, it’s dark in here.” Alex laughed.

A moment away from his lips, you said. “I like it that way.” you took his head gently in your hands. His hands came from under the blanket and ran under your hair. The moment hadn’t passed yet. It was only preparatory. You stared at Alex in the darkness. “Screw it.” you muttered before kissing him.

He pulled away. You frowned at him. “I wish it was colder more often.”

You laughed, your smile returning, as your lips found their way home.

These four walls

Based off of These Four Walls by Little Mix 

Jason Todd 

man oh man this is sad also im finally acknowledging jasons death who am i 







It had been almost a year since his passing. Every moment felt like your heart was stop its self. You wished it would. Your bones ached, your stomach refused the food that your forced down your throat. You sat in the showers, the cold water felt like needles piercing your skin. It felt good. It was the most feeling you had felt in a long time. 

You slowly stood up, you felt the tiles beneath your finger tips. More feeling. You turned the cold water off and stepped out, the carpet was fuzzy underneath your toes. What was all of this feeling? You had been deprived of it for so long. If he was here you would be in his arms, your lips on his, your skin burning against his. 

You slipped one of his old shirts over your head, it didn’t smell like him anymore. The collar slipped past your right shoulder, it was loose when you first slipped in on over two years again but today, it swallowed you. The rough fabric brushed your thighs in a angry way, almost like wearing it was a sin.Why wouldn’t it strangle you with it’s tags of fabric. The small balls of fabric were never ending, you constantly picked at then until you couldn’t feel your finger tips. Not feeling was good. 

Yesterday morning you looked in the mirror. Your skin was a blistering red but pale all at the same time. Your bags were purple, it looked like someone had punched you and caused two black eyes, it felt like it. You were skinnier, you had run your hands over your stomach and you felt the slight outline of your ribs. Your hair was flat, greasy, and dull. You were falling apart. Good, then you would be with him.

Last night you couldn’t sleep, which wasn’t unusual. Your barely touched his pillow, you wanted it to smell like him forever , but if you laid just close enough you could pick up his smell. Why wasn’t he here? The musky, wood smell that would make you weak in the knees. Your pillow was wet with your tears. He held you so close. You can’t seem to say good bye. 

This morning you called his phone again, just to hear his voice. The voice that would care for you when you were sick, make you feel amazing in your most in intimate moments, and woke you up every Sunday morning with breakfast. Was he okay where ever he ended up? That voice kept you sane, but now all you had was a voice mail. 

You wanted the room to take you under. What if you had kissed him harder that night? What if you had begged him to stay? This man was your everything and he was gone. The man you loved was dead. You felt like you were dead. Jason Todd was dead.

Beneath the Waves (Part 2)

Part 2 of my mermaid!snowbaz AU! @ismill is doing the amazing illustrations for this story! 

Part 1



That dirty thief, I thought, scowling as I hunched against the early November winds. My fingers felt brittle, like they were about to break off. I pulled my sleeves down as far as they would go.

If only bitterness kept you warm.

In my haste to chase Bunce down, I’d forgotten a coat, so all I had was this sweater I wore way too fucking much. But it wasn’t like I could just go out and buy new clothes, not on this godforsaken island.

If we wanted to get things that didn’t come from fish or livestock, we had to spend three hours of our lives making it down to bloody Ponteland. And if we wanted chocolate, it was damn near a day to get to London.

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Water in Have One On Me

Or how I am worn to the bone by the river, and, in the river made of light: I’m your little life-giver, I will give my life.

Sit and see how the fog from the port of the bay sits like snow at the foot of the roanoke.

Saying, even then, that there’s a light in the river, and there’s a river made of light. Come on, you little life-giver: give your life.

It was hotter'n hell, so I lay me by the spring for a spell, as naked as a trout.

Farewell to loves that I have known; even muddiest waters run.

Like after the rain, step out of the overhang. That’s all.

We heard the rushing slow intake of the dark, dark water and the engine breaks.

We take a walk along the dirty lake. See the goose cussing at me over her eggs. You poor little cousin, I don’t want your dregs; a little baby fussing over my legs.

The creek is lying flat and still; it is water, though it’s frozen.

We picked our way down to the beach, down to the waves dragging out of our reach. Tangling tails like a sodden sheet. Dangling entrails from the gut of the sea.

My heart became a drunken runt the day I sunk in this shunt.

My home, on the old Milk Lake, where the darkness does fall so fast it feels like some kind of mistake.

But there is another, who is a little older. When I broke my bone, he carried me up from the riverside. To spend my life in spitting-distance of the love that I have known: I must stay here in an endless eventide.

Some nights I just never go to sleep at all, and I stand shaking in the doorway, like a sentinel, all alone. Bracing like the bow upon a ship and fully abandoning any thought of anywhere but home, my home.

Well, the water, it ran deep, my darling, where it don’t run wide.

Breaching slowly across the sea, one mast a flash like the stinger of a bee, to take you away - a swarming fleet is gonna take you away from me.

I’ll wait for you along the ocean and make do with my no-skin.

I took a blind shot across the creek at the black bear.

We lay on the rocks in the sun, watching you and your mama row in.

It’s a beautiful town with the rain coming down: blackberry, rosemary, jimmy crack corn.

And all the while, rain, like a weed in the tide, swans and lists down on the gossiping lawns saying “tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Over the hills, the rain clouds roll. I’ll winter here; wait for a sign to cast myself out over the water, riven like a wishbone.

There is a spring not far from here. The water runs both sweet and clear. Both sweet and clear, and cold. Could crack your bones with veins of gold.

I stood a-wagging at the tap, just waiting on the lagging, rising sap. I held the cold tin to my lips, and in the shrine of a thousand arms, I lowered my eyes to sip.

We came by the boatload and were immobilized.

And, with your knife, you evicted my life from its little lighthouse on the seashore.

I picture you rising up in the morning, stretching on your boundless bed, beating a clear path to the shower, scouring yourself red.

  • Maeve: wow its really cold and rainy out here
  • Lucent: here babe take my coat <3
  • Violetta: ha yeah it IS really cold and rainy...
  • Sergio: well damn i don't control the weather

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Where I'm from, it's freaking cold over here. Can you do the M!Shepherds protecting Femu from the cold plz? Dank u~

bundle up anon!

Chrom: He offers to share his cape with you, but you end up being the one having to warm him up, thanks to his questionable fashion choices. He’ll stick the arm that is sleeveless underneath your cloak, and you work together in an awkward fashion. He does make a good cup of cocoa for you though, in return.

Frederick: You feel like you’ve made a mistake when you uttered the words “I’m cold.” He immediately sets to work on bringing out an entire winter wardrobe of knitted attire that he’d been knitting during gods knows when. He has you bundled up in so many layers that you can’t even walk properly, and while he does a good job of warming you up, you fear that you’ll overheat from Frederick’s over-affection.

Libra: He uses what meager savings he has to buy you a cardigan for when the robes are too much to wear. He then knits you a nice scarf and makes you wear it each time you go out; even if it’s for just a moment. If you complain about it, he’s good at gently reminding you about how much love he’s  crocheted into your scarf, and that he’ll make you a nice warm cup of tea when you come back. Damn that man.

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  • Coffee Shop Scenery
  • Better be Sure
  • That time a Few Years Ago | Part 2
  • He’s home to me (MJ/Eunwoo)
  • A Secret Relationship
  • Just a masterpiece (Smut) {Deal with it}

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(STARTS: Monday 18 | 7 |2016)

  1. “Take my jacket its cold outside”
  2. “It’s ok I couldn’t sleep anyways”
  3. “Can I kiss you?”
  4. “Close your eyes, and hold out your hands”
  5. “Go back to sleep?”
  6. “Please don’t cry”
  7. “I’d like it if you stayed” Rocky
  8. “Stay”
  9. “You don’t have to stay”
  10. “I was just thinking of you”
  11. “You’re important too”
  12. “I will come into your house and, fucking nap with you if I want”
  13. “I’m here for my daily dose of hugs and kisses”
  14. “I’m cold, com closer”
  15. “All I want is you”
  16. “Could you more a little to the left? You’re in my instagram shot”
  17. “You’re not allowed on my blog anymore?”
  18. “My blog is better than your blog”
  19. “BE careful”
  20. “I was just thinking of you”
  21. “I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes before….”

Winter Edition (STARTS: Monday 19 | December | 2016) {List will be posted on the 18 of December, just so you guys can think it through

Countdown to Christmas:

  1. “How do you mess up instant hot chocolate?!” “No, get out of my kitchen! I’m not letting you cook again NeVeR EVeR!”
  2. “Get out of my kitchen or you’ll burn the house down”
  3. “Christmas dinner? I don’t cook, more like christmas instant dinner”
  4. “I hate christmas” “You’re not human”
  5. “You’re not going to be home for Christmas this time?”
  6. “You’re not spending christmas alone. Shut your pretty little mauth and let me stay”
  7. “My mom made you this really sick scarf”
  8. “Your hands are freezing don’t touch me”
  9. “If you’re such a star, get on top of the tree loser”
  10. “Did you just make a flower crown? Are you 16 year hipster girl?”
  11. “Don’t kill me but I kinda blew up the light fuze with too many christmas lights”
  12. “Mistletoe is there, no one noticed. Want to bail…. or do?”
  13. “My Christmas horoscope said no”
  14. “That mistletoe was not there a second-” “Yes it was”

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  • Intro (I don’t think this one is going to happen, but who know. I have part written down but I?)

Barely Heroes 

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