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I’m in a weird mood bc my brain feels like it’s moving 5x the normal speed, like I’m lying here in bed and my body is sleepy and sluggish but my brain is like on OVERDRIVE, not in a bad way necessarily but everything is moving REALLYFAST and I kinda wouldn’t mind having it calm down a bit

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did you stop posting pll, and you are a tylor swift blog? i really dont like her, it will be sad to unfollow you

No, I’m not a ‘tylor swift’ blog. I’m still PLL. I do like Taylor Swift and I do post Taylor Swift sometimes because I want to. So you can unfollow. 

so byeeee :)

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um hey sweetie, can u stop saying you're "going to kms". You shouldn't say things like that so lightly. Its insulting. K thanks bye.

Tgis message makkes me wannan kmms ahejajjsosoi

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Headcanon: Remus Lupin often forgets sleep after the full moon because he wants to read and eat chocolate. Something he thinks he hadn't done in too long. Sirius joins him most nights.

this took a very long time because im a mess buut:

  • ok so Remus started having nightmares when he was around 10
  • he used to wake up 5 or 6 times a night because he’d dream about being a werewolf and the people he hurt
  • and they pretty much stopped half way through first year because of the marauders, but after the whole thing with snape they got really bad again
  • so Remus stopped sleeping
  • because potions made him groggy and the nightmares were too much for him to handle and he really loved muggle literature
  • especially Jane Austen, and Lily constantly teased him about how much he loved Pride and Prejudice
  • “and honestly Remus Persuasion is so much better” “Evans you are literally only saying that because P&P could’ve been written about you and James”
  • so he reads
  • and he ends up lighting a fire in the common room and helping the house elves clean (despite constantly being reprimanded) and one night Sirius joins him
  • he doesn’t say anything the first night, he just sits in the usually vacant spot next to his best friend and watches him
  • Remus thinks about making a joke but he just can’t because he knows why Sirius can’t sleep and he sees how Regulus can’t look his brother in the eye anymore and he’s just so tired 
  • so he starts reading out loud, in this soft raspy Remus Lupin voice
  • and Sirius leans in closer and puts his head of Remus’s shoulder (only to read along obviously its TOTALLY platonic)
  • and that’s how they fall asleep every night
  • its usually around 3 am and they still get little to no sleep but Sirius can actually stop thinking and Remus doesn’t get anymore nightmares
  • and they start to forget what it was like not sleeping together??
  • and James and Peter pretend like they don’t know what’s going on but Lily keeps giving them these eyes and Jesus Christ Lils you are such a hopeless romantic nothing is going on
  • until Remus full on grabs Sirius’s face one night and kisses him with everything he’s got
  • they stop sleeping in the common room

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(1) I just wanted to say that I am not even halfway through the treatise, but I'm now a believer. I am being 100% honest when I say I couldn't have cared any less about 1D or its internal scandals. I liked a few songs here and there, appreciated their looks from time to time, but that was it. I never looked into ships, never cared about their love lives, absolutely NOTHING. But then this baby thing happened and all of a sudden my once peaceful dash was flooded with Larry posts from people I

(2) didn’t even know were fans. And again, being honest, I thought ‘why not look into it? This ship’s gotta be absolutely destroyed right now, it could potentially be entertaining for me to see the denial posts.’ But while I was browsing, I came across a post about the treatise, and I wondered how in the hell someone could possibly contort a ship that much that SO MANY pages and words could be written about some fanservice ship. So I opened up the ‘They are not straight’ chapter and I skimmed it

(3) I skimmed it, only clicking on links that jumped out at me, and after a few gifs of them looking at each other… I was hooked. Relationship or not, those are the kind of fond looks I want for myself some day. So I went back to the beginning of the treatise, clicked on every link, made sure I knew every backstory. I even looked up videos on my own to see if there was any bias in what you had chosen to include. And after my millionth time watching the Little Things video n 1D Day I had to say

(4) that there’s no way there’s not something more between them. And it broke my heart. I started this journey at midnight, maybe? And I saw the sun come up before I finally had to cave and go to sleep for a few hours before resuming my reading. I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to write this superfluous ask, but I know there are fans out there legitimately distraught over the possibility that Larry might no longer be a thing. But from someone who came into this with no bias, with no attach

(5)ment at all to any of these boys, I could see something there, and I know there’s something sketchy about this baby scandal. So just hang in there, Larry shippers. It might not mean anything, but you’ve gained another faithful believer.

Alright, this is a message from the original poster of the “How to keep yourself safe during the 4chan raid” post.

Today is the supposed day the raid will happen.

I am here to safely tell you all that that entire thing is BULLSHIT.

And before you say anything, no I’m not a liar. That is my point. The 4chan raid happened LAST year. The post was made LAST year.

Someone revived it for… Whatever reason.

And suddenly thirty thousand people are paranoid for no reason whatsoever. There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. There is no raid. I am checking the 4chan raid tag and it is a SHITSTORM. I want to message people to say it isn’t happening but ironically most people have their ask boxes shut because of it.


It isn’t so hard to do one quick Google to find this entire Tumblr VS 4chan Warfare happened in 2014.

Spread THIS around instead of telling people the raids are happening. They’re not.  

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Seeing that this has been in my draft for ages, I thought it would be a good time to post it already. I was originally going to post it when I hit 300 followers but I have 299 now so, that’s good enough for me. ╮(─▽─)╭
No but seriously, why do you people even follow me? I don’t get it. Either way I’m very grateful that you all do; thank you so much!

To all of my followers and the people I follow:
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for being here,
Thank YOU!

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Oh man, I can’t believe I hit my first big milestone!! I meant to make this earlier in the week but what can I say? I’m lazy.  So before I list off everyone I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers, especially the ones from way back when I was a glee blog, I’ve definitely gone through some changes, right?  But thank you to my new followers! I love all of you~

Okay so first my favorite/close mutuals

sooyyoung i’m only putting you first because you told me to. anyways you know i love you and you’re a sweetheart and i’m really envious on how dedicated you are to sooyoung, but thank you for always listening when i need someone to talk to and even when i just want to be a little shit to you, keep growing into a better person okay?

icesicales oh man kyle im still waiting for you to find me a sugar daddy tbh and 97% of our conversations relate to random memes which is honestly great like im always laughing and you’re always trying to make me listen to new groups and even tho im hella lazy i do appreciate the exposure, also glub glub 

pyogom we actually didnt start talking to pretty recently but we’re already otp like i love all of the plots that we come up with, theyre literally the only way i make it through work (although its a struggle not to die in public) nonetheless i already love you and lets be friends for a long time

bootycalljung kim you never cease to make me laugh with your need to fight, when i say i wanna fight im joking but youre ready to go to war its so great and youre the only person who appreciates fancy water and bless you for that and one day i promise ill tag team with you 

jungssooyeon we’ve known each other for like… 4 years? that’s like insane tbh you’re only a year older than me but you’re kind of like that older brother i never had (except you refer to me as your child) but oh man havent things changed so much over the years? Also send me cards on superstar smtown even tho ive been slacking 

blondesojin bruh you need to get on line more often bc who else am i supposed to spazz over sixteen/twice with???? 

persefonee ok bruh i love the fact that you actually watched sixteen because of me and we honestly need to get closer because we’ve been mutuals for awhile so like dude hmu

exidorks so like we havent been following each other for long but i knew of your blog from before (kyungri and hani’s tags are to thank) so i died a little when you followed me so like lets be friends and ship kyungri/hani together because yes pls

namyulover my bby youre literally a bby and its my job to protect you, we havent talked in awhile since you started up school and time zones are horrible but ily and don’t stress yourself out too much okay?

camiladorkable annie idk what else to say other than i miss you <3

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why is the clique adding “stay low” to everything now like it’s a positive message ?? its what tyler is saying people/society/the industry has told him to do, in life and with his music, and the whole point is that he didn’t. he spoke up about his mental illness, he wrote music, he spread positivity to other people with it like…staying low is keeping your head down. it’s about fear. its keeping your eyes on the ground and your opinions to yourself. “staying low” is not the inspirational message to spread it’s the mentality people need to overcome