its like a disease on the human race

He Had The World 1/5

Author: @is-youawuss

Artist: @orchidlester

Beta: @just-phantasizing

Word count: 34,700

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Major character death, mentions of sex, pretty cool superhero action.

Summary: AU in which Phil is hired to kill Dan, superheroes are real, and Dan falls in love with God.

Author’s Notes: This was such a wild journey. From silently considering dropping out because of panicking to staying up late on spouts of creativity to creating an entire universe, I’m really glad I had Bekkah and Karoliine to tolerate how bad I am at communicating and also to encourage me on many creative decisions. 

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This is Part One of Five Parts. You can find them linked below.

Part II

Part III

Part IV


When we, as humans, are so terrified of the desolate nothingness brought on by routine based jobs and marathons of shitty BBC reality shows, I believe we cling to anything that seems to shed even the dimmest, most distant light on the foreseeable future.

I, in this situation, was no exception.

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starryperi  asked:

there's a op theory that sanji might be a lost prince and at first i was like bullshit but now it kinda makes sense?? what do you think

That’s one of the reasonable theory till now because there were so many times that Sanji claimed himself in the role of ‘prince’, some were his dream too (kinda “I’m the prince charming and come to rescue you, my princess.”) It’s more funny to me when I remember that just a previous chapter last week, chapter 800, Oda drew Sanji in prince role trying to kiss Robin Princess, later now on chapter 801 we received a very mysterious identity of him on his wanted poster as if he’s a precious/important person or at least holding something precious/important so that they don’t want to have him dead. OR I could say, a dead Sanji lost his worthy to those one wanting him.

To be a Prince of some kingdom seem to be a legit theory but personally I don’t follow that. I do follow Prince role for Sanji but just on fun purpose or enjoy fanmade and I’m not into it to the canon world.

I just… think that it’s one of his dream, he’s a boy that living in many tales/fairy tales/folks ever since he was a kid. 

Moreover, to be a Prince of a kingdom is not much worthy to the edge that the government won’t give you a dead wanted. Vivi can be an example, the day Straw hat crew say goodbye to her, they had to keep their mouth shut to protect her from not being related to Pirates, it would harm her reputation a lot (might give her a dead wanted too) - Especially things that Straw Hat Pirate had done till now are very very much destructive to the marine and the government. The Dead Penalty for each member of the crew is an certain price, even they’re prince/princess of some far far away kingdom. Remember that Nico Robin and Franky are once the people that government wanted to have them alive more than dead, they’re both holding very important information but their wanted had come with DEAD or ALIVE not only ALIVE.

Sanji is the first pirate in one piece till now, till chapter 801 has his wanted “only alive” -  Thing seems to be highly related to his true face - like they finally see his face then this event just happen.

And for that super weird mystic fog surround the cook, I can only think that he may be a lost family member of someone has a very high position in government or a celestial dragon but not king and queen of a kingdom. Following this, the theory of Sanji is a Prince seems to have its legit too if his kingdom support somethings to the government or celestial dragons.

Let try a traumatic theory that his family, may be not any high society position, they’re not  king/queen/prince or anything like that but they’re a very special race human that holding something like medical enzyme which can only get if the person is staying alive, and it can cure a shitty disease of those celestial dragons or more bullshit it helps them to have a more beautiful skin blah blah so that they hunted the family down. And all of Sanji family had died to save him - he’s the only one left, the only of his race left. Now they recognized him by his eyebrown??? and his true face, and want to have him alive to continue get the enzyme from him. Yo!

One more funny gag theory that he is not a lost family member of anyone but he is being got interesting in by some of them - Example a daughter of a celestial dragon fell in love with him for the first sight when she saw his true face - like “dad, he’s so handsome I want to have him as my new pet, go and get him alive for me!”

All are theories, theories are always theories till the day Oda tell us what was/is actually happening.