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allura’s a teen i guess??? so shayllura is back in business, here’s all the shayllura art i anxiety-deleted a few months ago

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after a crazy night of going back and forth i think four times? on whether or not i was going to grandmas… i went to bed thinking i wasnt, mom woke me up at 6 am and said “pack ur bag lets go” so… HERE I AM, I HAVE INTERNET LOL 

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Lornester for the meme thingie

(AHAHAAHAAHAHAHA *coughs hard*)

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses

Lester. definitely Lester. but sometimes Lorne will do that if he’s in the mood or he just want to annoy Lester. 

  • who cooks for who

Lorne and Lester could cook, so they might take turns.

  • who is the morning person/night person

Lester is the morning person, Lorne is the night person (killing people is much easier to do when night time, right? but that doesn’t apply much in Lorne Malvo’s rule).

  • who is the romantic one

both of them could be. Lester probably with his sweet words (but no really) and Lorne who secretly likes to observe Lester.

  • who is the top when it comes to sex


  • who would lead in ballroom dancing

Maybe Lorne will do. but both of them will avoid dancing in any cost.

  • who is the more cuddly one

oh my god, Lester!

  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch

Lester is the one, but Lorne is like the most annoying partner to watch movies together…. he will not stop commenting every scene until you turn off the damn movie then he will be satisfied.

  • who is the one who would pay for dates

Lorne is the one with the money so he is the sugar daddy so yeah

  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes

Lorne, hell. Lester doesn’t like the idea so much of getting dirty in public places but afterwards he doesn’t care about that because Lorne fucked him good.

Alright, I haven’t done this until now, but I thought it’d be a good chance to. This is my official starter call that I’m gonna link to my sidebar. By liking this, you give me the okay to:

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It's like 5 am here and I haven't eaten anything since 8 am yesterday But do you have any Halloween headcanons? I like to think that Marinette is like that one person who starts decorating in June.

Wtf go eat and take care of yourself you silly goat

Nino prepares for Halloween super early. He practices his evil laugh regularly.

Marinette also does early preparations, but only because she makes her own costumes. She wins best costume every single year. She will never lose.

Adrien doesn’t really do Halloween. He does fancy Halloween parties that are basically just for the upper class, but that’s all.

Alya does not prepare early so much as her siblings prepare early. They get really into it and Alya handles giving out the candy and making sure that her siblings don’t get into it.

Marinette doesn’t really like trick or treating for some reason, so she and Alya have a movie night after Alya closes up shop at her house. Nino joins after he’s done trick or treating, and so does Adrien after he manages to convince his father to let him do his own thing.

It’s really fun and Alya rigs it to Marinette and Adrien sit next to each other during the horror movie. Adrien can’t handle horror movies and basically spends the whole time in Marinette’s lap and Alya is officially the best friend ever


first reaction post, 6x01/6x02!!!

1. BLAINE IS GOING TO THERAPY.  I.  Just.  There has been screaming, and crying, and jumping about, and inability to really focus for long on anything else for hours.  And who knows how much longer to come.  I have wanted this for him so badly for so long, to get help - for years, literally - I never thought he actually would, I hoped sometimes but I never thought they’d actually ~go there~ on screen and.  Somebody hold me?  (Well, we already did that, lol, but still.)  (I am so freaking glad I watched these episodes the way I did - wonderful life choice.)  ~Hold me close, I’m falling to the ground.~

(if you do not think this is something that has been needed for ages, that’s fine, be wrong if you want, but don’t talk to me about it please >_>.)

2. KURT IS GOING TO THERAPY TOO.  I?  Or at least he was - he did - if it was in New York like it sounded like I’d probably think, then maybe not still in Lima.  But anyway?  God, all the ‘let someone in’ meta that I never quite managed to write - thinking that he never quite managed to let Blaine back inside his walls, and it’s fine to have walls, you don’t need to let them down, but if you want to have relationships you ultimately do need to let people in….

I’m not sure what I think about the gender-essentialist bit of advice that he quotes - well, that’s a lie, I think the gender-essentialist bit is obviously bullshit :p - but does the fighting for a connection thing apply to Kurt, especially at that 'fighting all the time’ end stage of their relationship?  Well, maybe, hm.  But most of all!  How he said 'Blaine’s not like that’ and I… yes.  Kurt.  Other people aren’t you.  Wow.  But it is so damn hard to learn - peoples’ minds work differently, what is this craziness - and such an important breakthrough for him, I feel?  God, what is this feeling of hope.

Of course there’s a ton of not-fixed on all sides too and… but that’s what therapy looks like, even if it’s working, it’s tools and insights to apply and a process, (even if one that we don’t see much of), not a magic fix.

3. New newbies!  I am really really really quite fond of both Jane and Roderick.  Mason and Madison the creepy incest twins are… an interesting note, potentially, I’m not invested or all that intrigued but I did like the uniqueness.  And Spencer the asshole football player I am so not particularly here for, even if I do appreciate the meta convo about Glee’s social function and shoulders and what does that mean etc.  But Glee’s done the ~mean popular kid~ infiltrating story so many times and I’m just not really invested in assholes becoming slightly less of assholes because music and secret pain?  Whatever.

I find it really interesting just how easily Glee was able to get me to care about Jane and Roderick in a single (or, well, maybe double - I didn’t keep good track of what was where) ep, when it struggled so much with the original newbies.  But Jane not really wanting after all to be where she’s not wanted - despite Blaine’s efforts to get her in - gah they’re both so sympathetic there and I love it so much - and she was so incredibly dynamic in her audition, too, made the new Warblers feel alive for once.  And Roderick’s headphones!  Still don’t know if they’re noise-cancelling I guess ;).  But the way that both of them have these stories that echo, wanting friends but also the difficulties with that, holding onto themselves and the things that define them, their chosen lines and symbols, but struggling with loneliness too.  Yes, here for it.

4. Rachel.  She’s still… after everything, she floundered so badly, and then she went back to her first dream to hold on to.  Not New Directions, now, even if she’s there for a while; her Broadway dream.  That really works for me… and what I want, of course, is for her to learn to locate her own value and worth outside of it?  But, maybe.  I feel like… I want to say something here about advice, maybe, her seeking out and more importantly reaction to Will’s advice here.  I don’t know.

Oh - and her TV show failed for reasons nothing to do with her.

5. Overall, that was just such a great episode?  Or, well, two episodes.  How much do I just think that because some of the things they gave me, I don’t know… but they felt so packed, it was amazing.  So very little in there that felt like 'I don’t care’ or 'we’ve done this before.'  Just so much STUFF.  Great meta-level stuff too, of course, songs to break down that aren’t all obvious to me at first glance, just so so many details to unpack and build up into castles of cards again….

One last thing.

Narratively?  Maybe promises are meant to be broken.  Not in real life, but that’s an opportunity that every promise creates.