its like 200 dollars

heres my new meme…inspired by the meme where its like bank account: 200 dollars, me: spends 20 dollars, bank account: 180 dollars, me: : O  

except in my meme its like me: takes melatonin, melatonin: makes me tired, me: : O

Okay, so, this was really kind of difficult for me to actually cave into, but after a lot of thinking it’s the only way I’m gonna be able to do this. I’m trying my best to move out of a toxic environment where my mother basically wants me dead because I’m transitioning and I’m finally on the waiting list. I can’t stay in that house anymore and spent Christmas with Amie’s family, and even though I’m welcome there, I can’t stay because it’d cost me £40 to go to my psychotherapist and that’s only for one ticket to get there. I get next to nothing every 2 weeks because I am physically incapable to work until I actually have somewhere to live. 

I’ve got two great friends who are hopefully moving out in the New Year but they can’t pay for me to live with them and I could literally only give them under half the months rent and then have no money for travel, food or general living expenses. As soon as I move out I’m going to be looking for a job and forcing myself to work because I can’t accept donations or expect people to help me until I start university because that’s incredibly unfair and against my morals. 

But until then, I’ve made a donation button on my blog. I don’t mind if you can’t donate, that’s fine, I’m not asking people to lose out on money just for little ol’ me. And I’m not going to go on about how I’m going to be collecting pennies just so I can save for surgeries or whatever because I’ve still got a few years until that’ll even happen. (unfortunately). But any type of help is greatly appreciated. If you do donate, please message me and I’ll probably cry and put you on a list of people who get discounts on commissions or get a tiny drawing of something or even a hand written letter saying how God damn thankful I am for helping me move away from my mother. 

This got incredibly long, but.. Please help an old fellow move out. It would mean the world and more to me. Thanks.