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best trainee reactions to performances: part one

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Have you listened to the soundtrack for Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812? If you have, what are your thoughts?

lmao yeah I’ve been listenin to the off bway one for like a month now and i just found the obc yesterday
it’s super good!! i feel like the instrumental rlly brings in the mood for the songs and the vocals in both versions are fucking incredible

Must be a particularly warm day~

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Happy birthday!!! I know it's a little late, but I do hope you had an exceptional day!! For the prompt fill, I was wondering if you could do some platonic kidge? I just love to see pidge and Keith bonding over mutual hatred, cynicism, teasing, sarcasm, and giggles. Maybe Pidge giving Keith a hard time about his crush?? Or them being stuck/stranded somewhere? Idek, I know it'll be great as long as you write it, lol. I love you and your blog and writing so much! Thank you for continuing to share💖

ANON WHAT A GREAT CHOICE i love platonic keith & pidge so much lakjdf

“I’m bored,” Pidge says, flopping back onto the couch. Keith glances over at her from his end of the seat, used to her dramatics at this point. “Keith,” Pidge says. “I’m bored.” 

“I heard you,” Keith says idly, not looking up from his book. He sticks a thumb in it, though, because when Pidge was bored, something dangerous and/or hilarious tended to follow. 

She shuffles her body around a little, making a face. “I think we should fix the antigrav in the room,” she says. 

“The antigrav isn’t broken,” Keith points out, as they are, quite clearly, sitting on the couch, following the rules of gravity. 

“That’s a matter of perspective,” Pidge says. “It’s broken if the goal is that we actually don’t have antigrav and you and I try to duel with our bayards while floating.” 

“Hm,” Keith says, because he’s actually kind of intrigued by that. 

“C’mon,” Pidge says, trying to sound convincing. “You’re the one that ends up floating in space the most often, wouldn’t you like to practice fighting in similar conditions?”

Keith glances at the doorway, and then back at Pidge. “No one is supposed to be back from the supply run for another hour,” he says. 

“I can have us in the air in three,” Pidge promises, eyes flashing behind her glasses. 

Pidge manages it in two, and after a moment of spinning in place, Keith whips out his sword and very quickly realizes that he has little to no momentum, especially without his suit and its jets. 

“Ha,” Pidge says, grinning as she pulls out her own bayard. The cord of it whips past him, wrapping around a light fixture. “Lance really is the tactics in your relationship, huh?” She zooms past him, kicking out, and he leans back just in time to avoid a foot in his face. He manages to snag the back of her shirt, and gets pulled along in her wake, and although he ends up hitting the wall, it works out in his favor – he springboards off of it, launching himself at her, grinning when she shrieks with fake terror and swings out of his way again.

The others find them still floating in the air, laughing at each other – Keith has been gently shocked multiple times, hair standing slightly on end, and Pidge has been wedged upside down under a chandelier light and can’t move. Lance mutters something about children and goes to get Hunk, but not before blowing a taunting kiss at Keith.

“I didn’t think about us getting back down,” Pidge admits to Keith, still grinning, and he bursts into laughter again.

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I would absolutely love a bit more on the "like arthur under the hill" universe. If it gets a bit more Peter/Nightingale than the original I'd be delighted, but I'd also be really happy with gen. Maybe a scene of Nightingale teaching Peter magic or Peter teaching Nightingale about something modern he doesn't understand? Only if you're up for it of course :)

 You’d think that someone who’d fallen into a magical sleep in 1945 and woken up in the twenty-first century would have the greatest difficulty adjusting to things like high-definition television or fluorescent lights or gay marriage, but Nightingale didn’t blink at any of those things - in fact he seemed to be rather pleased by at least two of them. But he’d never developed the habit of wearing a seatbelt, and it showed. He lost it - for the Nightingale version of losing it, which was so low-key as to be nearly unnoticeable - about the tenth time we got in a car and I politely reminded him to put it on. Which was only the times I was driving, so it took a while to get there.  

 "Is it really that important?“ he said, with a sideways glance at me. "We’re hardly going to be going at high speeds.”

 "I can show you statistics whenever you like,“ I said. "Biggest road safety improvement of the last half-century.”

 He didn’t quite roll his eyes. 

 "And it does wonders for my peace of mind, okay?“ I tried. "Attend a few high-speed road accidents and it’ll do wonders for yours, too.”

 Amazingly, that shut him up. But just to be sure, I found a couple of long review articles about their effectiveness - not actual scientific journal things, but with some nice graphs - printed them off, and put them on his desk. He’s adapted to TV, like I said, but we’re still working on computers and email. One step at a time. 

 "What’s this?“ he asked me. 

 "Seat belts,” I said. He scanned the first page, flicked through and paused on a graph, and a smile started to grow on his face. 

 "What?“ I asked, because I wasn’t totally sure I liked his expression. Then he looked up at me, and I thought maybe it was alright, even though he hadn’t said anything. 

 "You wanted to make sure I took this seriously.”

 "If you don’t believe me, believe the science.“  

 He looked down again at that, but I couldn’t work out why. 

 "Anyway,” I said. “I have to go bash some Latin verbs into submission.”

 "Peter,“ he said, as I was almost out the door. "Thank you, but your peace of mind was quite enough motivation to be going on with.”

 "Yeah, well, we’ll see what else that works on,“ I said before I thought about it, and then left before I could think about it. (When I told Lesley about this later, she put her face in her hands and groaned theatrically, but she does this a lot when I tell her stories, so I didn’t think it meant too much.) 

 I hope he still read the articles, though. My peace of mind is all very well, but it’s physics you really can’t argue with. 


I lied again, I went and rewatched the bit much later where they’re all separated and singing to each other and Rei’s all “JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE I BELIEVE IN YOU DAMMIT” and Minako’s singing about how she just wants to be with her girls and Usagi’s like “what am I going to do I need my friends” and hahaha kill me i love themmmm

can I just say that Taemin trying out a much more contemporary style of dance in Flame of Love is literally everything i could have ever wanted

if people start to complain about ok ko being “off model” and “not using character sheets” keep in mind that the creator doesn’t really believe in those things and the zany “"off-model”“ style will forever be more expressive than something model-driven and it also gives the show some of its charm

Marichat May Day 9: Bell collar

Sorry this is very late 

Sometimes in battles, when Chat gets over the board/overexcited with plans, Ladybug pulls him by his bell to keep him focus. It’s a good way to make him to pay attention to her (in both ways, only she doesnt know about the other one)

Well then, sometimes…Marinette forgets that when she is not transformed into Ladybug, she shouldn’t interact with her partner the same way she does when she is transformed, because then you will have a very confused and flustered Chat Noir.