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I kinda like the idea of tres horny boys finding paintings of the adventure zone k/nights crew. With like, Taako and Merle looking up at Troth and Lenny with a weird feeling of kinship and approval, and Magnus looking at them all and just feeling a little stressed and confused and like, protective maybe and not knowing why. 

  • Sting: Rogue, I think it's time to come clean.
  • Rogue: About how we give each other haircuts?
  • Sting: No! We'll take that secret to our graves.
I Found - Leonard McCoy

Summary: Len is scared to lose any more people. based on the song i found by amber run

Prompt: bones imagine based on the song I Found by Amber Run? - @uhura-ny

Warnings: language, lil angsty

A/N: lil less than 2k words. one of my favorite people requested this piece. i was so happy when i finished writing it that i sent her 8 messages screaming about it. it’s a good piece, not exactly what was wanted, but i’m pretty satisfied with it! i obv had to add some jim to hold myself over. ENJOY and tell me what you think! 

A novice in the art of ignoring those on his mind, Leonard found it difficult to keep his mouth shut and in his most neutral scowl— especially when you were the one in question.

His palms were growing tired of his fingernails just as his teeth grew tired of being constantly gritted and he thought maybe his eyebrows would be stuck in a permanent furrow while his jaw would never come unclenched. He couldn’t stop, though.

He couldn’t just not dig his nails into his skin with enough force to draw blood— it kept him from reaching for you. It was compulsory that his teeth remained gritted with such strength— there was no chance any words meant for you could leave his lips that way. He absolutely needed to furrow his eyebrows, knit and screwed together— it prevented his eyes from softening for you.  And he knew there was no way he could ever unclench his aching jaw— it made sure to keep intact the slipping tension he so desperately needed to keep from sinking into you.

He didn’t dare forget about you, either. While he did his best to choke back the feelings that awoke for you just by the smell of your shampoo or the sound of your voice, he couldn’t afford to forget those feelings ever existed. They were a warning for him— a cautionary tale that laid before him the outcome of ever feeling that way again, the outcome of ever falling so hard again.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried. He’d actually tried so hard. He kept himself locked in the medbay, tied to his desk, drowned in a bottle of cheap bourbon. But that made it all worse— quitting you cold turkey just wasn’t an option.

He then resorted to limiting his exposure to you. Just lunch every afternoon! Sometimes dinner, usually breakfast. A little pop-in to see how you were fairing in the bowels of the Enterprise as Scotty’s favorite engineer beside himself. But that was it. No more than that.

He was rethinking things as he sat before you now, though. With the way your finger-mussed hair brushed against your cheekbones and your eyes sat widened in amusement, he needed to rethink things.

“— so they keep injuring themselves! Out of spite!” you said loudly as you laughed, waving your hand around so your water came dangerously close to sloshing over the rim of your glass. “Can you imagine having such little regard for your superior officer that you’re willing to risk knocking your teeth out?”

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i lov u long time honey!!!!! happy birthday to the brightest star in this constellation of a fandom, @victuurificthings <3 plz take my “”art”” as a gift <3


L is for (my) LIFE N LOV
Y is for YOUR FAV

That soulmate glowing chest AU with hidekane tho
When they were kids, they were always together, so one day Hide’s parents invited Kaneki and his mom over, and they had a lunch together. When Hide and Kaneki ate their meals, as always, they were going to play outside, so when the blond grabbed his bestfriend’s hand and looked into his eyes, excited to say something about a new game he just imagined, their chests started glowing. Both of them were confused at first, but then they giggled and commented “We’re superheroes now! The best duo is up to save the world”, because they were kids and didn’t know about soulmates. Hide’s parents just smiled and told them to take care of each other, while Kaneki’s mom felt relieved, because her son is in good hands.

Hundred More Years
Francesca Battistelli
Hundred More Years

Just.. Ben and Leslie..

Here’s some filler for my huge absence of drawing. I haven’t drawn shit for centuries so why not have a little fun by having flashbacks of your WEEB days of the South Park fandom from 2008-9.

My favorite gay shit from those times is when black rock shooter AU of Craig and Tweek was like the in thing when in reality it was the gayest phenomenon the fandom shit out of its anus.