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#18- Luke Sleepy Fluff Imagine

               You look up from under your reading glasses when you hear the door softly open and close, a sigh coming from the front of your apartment. You close the book you were reading, gently placing it on your coffee table and stretching your legs under your fluffy blanket.

“Luke?” You called out, throwing your arms down and sitting up.


“Babe? You’re still up?” Luke asked, walking into the living room and plopping down next to you.


“It’s only eight, dude. Why are you home so early?” You leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips, resting your head on his lap.


“Michael has a hott date tonight so we all got to leave early. Best thing ever.” He mumbled, snuggling his face into your neck. His nose grazed your face as he smooched your face. You giggled at the ticklish sensation that engulfed your body.


“Luke, quit it that tickles.” You stated as he sighed into your neck.


“I’m so tired, babe.” Luke whispered, his eyes slowly closing. His arms wrapped around your waist, snuggling his face into your boobs. You smiled and ran your fingers through his soft, blonde locks.


“Cozy?” You questioned, rubbing your hand up and down his muscular back that was covered by a black tshirt. He nodded his head and smiled.


“Your boobs are just so comfy. I can’t help myself.” Luke stated, causing a scoff to erupt from your throat.


“It is upsetting that I will never experience the coziness of my own breasts.”


“The world is so unfair. More for me though.” He pecked your boob through your shirt, causing you to gasp and softly slap his head.


“Go to sleep you perve.” You grumbled playfully. He smiled up at you innocently, his blue eyes shining through his thick lashes.


“Okay.” Luke stood up, cracking his back before he leaned down and picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder and stomping off towards your bedroom.


“What the Hell, Luke, I can walk!” You laughed, slapping his fit butt lightly with a smile on your face.

“I know but I just love carrying you. Plus, I need someone to snuggle with as I sleep and your boobs are a great partner.” You roll your eyes and sigh.


“Is that why you’re with me? My great boobs? You know, they aren’t even that big.” You stated, trying to look at your breasts but they were smooshed against Luke’s back.


“Oh no, babe, your boobs are perfect.” He said. Luke lightly placed you on the bed, crawling on top of you and kissing your lips. “Your lips are perfect.” He moved down to your neck, kissing a small bump that was there. “Your neck is perfect.” He moved down and pecked your cleavage, sending you a goofy smile. “And last, but not least, your boobs are super duper perfect.” You laughed and threw your head onto your pillow. Luke crawled back up and rolled over onto his back next to you.


“You’re so stupid.” You told him, rolling over onto your side and using your arm as a pillow.


“You’re stupider.” He replied, also rolling onto his side and staring into your eyes. You grabbed his hand and squeezed it, bringing it to your lips to peck.


“I love you, Luke.” You whispered, looking at all the small bumps that covered his face. The little imperfections that you loved dearly. They were all so perfect to you, but to others were considered ugly. Something that had to be hid from the world in fear of judgement.


“I love you more, gorgeous.” He stated, putting as much power into the three little words that mattered the most to you.


“No way.” You exaggerated.


“Yes way!” He shouted, pulling you into his chest and wrapping his arms around you. “I love you more than life itself, Y/N.” You smiled and nodded.


“I do too, Lukey.” And with that last statement, you and Luke both fell asleep, a smile on both of your faces.

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