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someone/something makes connor laugh (which barely ever happens) and to everyone’s surprise connor’s laugh is really soft and adorable?? everyone is dying

tree bros addition bc i’m trash: evan getting all blushy over it and when connor asks him why his face is so red evan is just like “you um.. have a really. uh, cute laugh,, is all *sweats*” and connor starts blushing too and they’re just gay nerds in love i’m sorry


Day Five: Emptiness / Late Night Talks

For @bsd-rarepairweek !!!! Sadly I didn’t have time before the week to get ready for various reasons so this is the only day im doin,,,, im sorry;; /);O;/) ;;

i feel like i shouldnt have to say this but quick psa dont like. Spread rumours about ppl unless u have all the info/sources

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what are some of your favorite blogs on here??

oh shit……

well my blogroll is HERE!

well the top 9 blogs that I get my content for this hell site are @cages-boxes-hunters-foxes @problemdan @new-septembers @fifth-harmony @hopeless-and-lesbian @reshipped @gay-4her @taylrswyft and @queen-olivia-benson 

BUT my friends are (in no order also sorry if i forgot someone haha ily)

@heartofagirl @phillyswift @tshifty @noitsydney @tayswiftnation @ohkimani @straightlinedownx @backseatfreedom @taylorswift (lol) @millicnlittleshiningstars @in-her-wildest-dreams @jtmaster13 @stillgotscars @juniorjewel @keepyasecondguessing @ofrunningfoxes @ladysansa @sanssa  @gay4tay @dec13th1989 @havingcoffeeall-alone @nineteeneightynine @shakingoffcenturies @iwishyouweed@shes-so-swift @daisyridlay @taylena @thiselove @longlovelive @belleswift17 @sadbaeutifultragic @beautifulstragic @thatsthat24 @thehound @tylorswft @struggledthroughthenight @ninetay89@wereabetterman @daerysa @screamedsooloud @elliewilliams @joel-ellie@iwishyouwouid@wlws@wearenevergettingbecktogether @thatwasthenightthingschanged @burnendbreak @jaimelannistre @stormborn @dqrthvader @greyjoyvs @kyloren @manbunjon @dianacprince @wonderswoman

HONESTLY i have so many like most of these are just taylor blogs and I have so many favorite fandom blogs but im tired so if i forgot anyone im sorry ilysm 

So I wanted try a new brush since a got a few hours of free time this weekend but then I accidentally became fe13 trash. I’m blocking grima-of-nohr​ and ur robin headcanons

It’s just a crush is all — Harry just thinks that maybe since he sees her around and hasn’t got much of a chat with her, that he’s assuming he’d like her more than he actually would. Maybe he just likes the idea of her, which would make things a lot easier. Maybe he just likes the thought of being in Zayn’s position or something — maybe it’d be better if he just ignored her.



Y/N takes Harry’s yoga class and Harry blushes a lot

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night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

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Could I have some domestic/married life head canons of America and Germany (separate) thank you!!

America (Alfred F. Jones)

  • Always forgets his house keys and locks himself out of the house. Expect at least one call each week from him begging you to come home early and let him in the house.
  • He’s terrible at cleaning. He’s not messy or anything, he just really hates cleaning. If he sees that you are cleaning, he’ll immediately get up to help you.
  • You two will take turns giving each other massages every Monday. Mondays are the hardest, and you both need the relaxation.
  • Friday night is date night. It’s usually nothing huge, renting a movie or playing a board game, but you always make sure to have it so that you spend enough time having fun together.
  • When you two argue, he’ll be angry for only like, an hour before he’s desperately clinging to you, kissing your cheeks and forehead, and trying to get you to stop being mad.
  • He insists on having really expensive stuff. Like, a lot of it. He can afford it, so it’s no problem financially, but really, it can be a bit troubling how he’s so careless with how much he spends at a time.
  • You will have to pay all the bills and taxes. He forgets. He always forgets. He’s caused for you both to go through periods of time with no hot water, no power, no phone service, no television, and no internet, each at least twice. You have to do it if you want it to get done.
  • Don’t take him grocery shopping. Don’t take him grocery shopping. Don’t takehimgrocery shopping. Don’ttakehimgroceryshopping. DONOTTAKEHIMGROCERYSHOPPING. HE WILL BUY 3 OF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE.

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)

  • Pretty obsessed with keeping the house clean. If you are messy, you better stop quick, because Ludwig is not having any of that in his home.
  • Sometimes forgets that he needs to spend fun time with you to keep the relationship healthy. You have to plan some fun activities for the two of you to do together once in awhile because he’ll just keep working alone in his office all day every day if you let him.
  • He works so much. So much. Some days he just gets to be too tired to move. If you would massage his back and cook for him and force him to stay in bed, dammit he CANNOT be allowed to get up sit down, then he’d be able to recharge for the next few days.
  • Works out every morning for 30 minutes, and works out after work every day for an hour. He’d love it if you would join him, but he understands if you don’t want to.
  • You will have a closet filled with sex toys. You have a secret closet that nobody can ever under any circumstances look inside of.
  • Not a huge snuggler or cuddler, but he enjoys simply being near you. You will always feel welcome to just walk into his office and sit there doing something so he can just feel your presence in the room. 
  • He’s not really “romantic,” but he’ll do little things that prove his affection for you, like making you coffee in the morning, carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch, and waiting for you to get out of the shower before he flushes the toilet. Little things that you hardly even notice, but they’re his way of saying “I love you.”

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【 Let's waste 'em!】

Ben, using the ouija board to talk to Jean ( @rapidrecovery ).
           ❝ You up ? You up ? Sup ? Wyd ? You up ? Send nudes. Pizza y/ n ? You up ?  ❞