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this is late orz @leojiweek day5: AU: Soulmates/College
the Red Thread of Fate

shout out to Saria ( @leoji-prompts ) because her “guanghong wearing leo’s clothes” was what eventually led to this lol.



they say grief is a well.
deep with creeping water that
seeps first into your socks. it climbs
like ivy, making an abandoned
building out of your bones.

i can see it. the well, i mean,
the grief and the water and the
creeping. i can see it.


i think grief is more like a storm.
clouds that hug the horizon, caress
the sky with fingers that leave bruises
the colour of the skin under your eyes
when you haven’t slept for a week.

lightning bolts that illuminate
the shapes in the dark for just long enough
that you get to see remnants of a normal life,
picnic blankets not abandoned to rain,
beaches covered with sand and not hail,
but the light never lasts.

and thunder. thunder that drowns out
the sound of laughter. thunder that only knows
how to emphasise the gaps of quiet
in between each earth shaking sigh.

they say that grief is a well,
it collects in your chest and fills and spills over
as the walls wage war with the water. i can see it. i can.
but my grief is more like a storm where lightning likes
to strike the same place a thousand times each day.

l.s. | ON GRIEF © 2016

so i’m flipping through some screengrabs for a ref for somethin’ about ritsuko  and actually -

i’ve actually been wondering lately - now that there’s some major distance between me and nge, both time-wise and where i was mentally when i first started the series - what is it about nge that was so cohesive, that was the singular vibe you saw in each of the characters.  like, they all felt like they were part of a set, the same notes in a tone, even with fantastically written differences in stages of life, motivations, ways they held other people at a distance (or too close), etc.

contempt.  i’m pretty sure that’s what it was. 

you see it most in ritsuko (like, go look at the screenshots even on the first page of google; it’s ridiculously obvious in her eyes, not to mention how she views her mother, misato, gendo, herself), and asuka (gad damn that final shot of her in eoe isn’t iconic for nothing) - but it’s there in varying levels in all the others, even shinji, fuyutsuki, rei … (you could probably write an essay on each of the characters and how they echo that, that’d be fun, actually)

they say that contempt/disgust is one of the ….7(?) universal expressions in humanity and i dunno how much of that is b.s, but contempt is such a crucial part in viewing nge, i think - you have to start out with understanding that as a defense mechanism, and go from there.  you miss so much of the subtle bits in shinji’s story if you don’t see how tiny bits of that leak out in how he interacts with everyone (especially the girls holy shit); how asuka tries to use her contempt as literal fuel for her fire until she burns from the inside out, how kaji thought he had it under control and stuffed down too many layers of lies but it poisoned him in the end, too -

anyway, -waves a hand- one last thing; it’s there.  oh hell it’s there. but the pinnacle of nge is not just that exploration of contempt and what it takes to be truly loathe yourself and others (a light series it ain’t) - but, ultimately, how nge doesn’t give you (or the cast) a bullshit excuse to wave off every one of your issues with that, and instead sits you down and says ‘you can be better than this, you know.’

imo that’s something that needs to be said more.  with that honesty.


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL



Pairing: Kagehina (loosely)
Show: Haikyuu!!

At the bottom of the garden, there is a hole. It sits in a wall shrouded by foliage, by long, creeping vines and sharp, spiked leaves, and through the hole—the ceiling is low, remember to crouch—there is a lane.

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I hate going to school hearing all the bullies and rude kids peach about 13 Reasons Why and how its important to be kind when they are all guilty of doing the similar terrible things everyone did to Hannah Baker


When you go and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love you, that’s all I do. I love you.

anonymous asked:

I've seen a few posts about what Supernatural would be like if HBO or Netflix had it, and ugh, do I wish that could have been the case, and I think they should buy the rights for the final season because it could be awesome haha in our dreams, right?...but then I also think about how devastating it could be if HBO or Netflix had it lol. A trade I would be willing to make, none the less.

Heh so yeah I have mused on this point before as well. I guess the thing is, consider the kind of concepts that Supernatural explores:

Hell, demons, monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, death, religion, torture, violence, murder.

It would be a horrifying show if that were the case. 

Have you seen the show Penny Dreadful? it was pretty awesome. Its set in Victorian England and its all about the Victorian Gothic monster stories like Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and Warewolves are in it, and the devil is in it as is Dracula and other Vampires… Also two of the main male characters fucked each other the first time they met… soooo yeah. 

Penny Dreadful is a Showtime show, so I guess its a similar kind of network to HBO. Therefore this is as close a show as I can imagine to Supernatural being on HBO/ Netflix that is currently available. 

With Penny Dreadful as my template therefore, here are some things that I think we would see on Supernatural if it were a cable show:

  • Dean is openly bisexual and is seen sleeping with men and women… sometimes at the same time.
  • Sam’s whole BoyKing arc is much darker and more graphic in the way Penny’s arc with the devil was *shudders*.

  • We would see Dean in hell. It would not be pretty.

  • The monsters would actually be really fucking horrifying.

  • The gory stuff would be even gorier. 

  • Dean and Cas would have hooked up in season 4. 

  • They would have then proceeded to have an on again off again relationship that spanned the course of the show. They are of course endgame.

  • But really fucked up stuff happens to them all the time.

  • we would see demons true faces.

  • Including Deans.

  • Dean and Crowleys relationship would have been super twisted.

  • What happened with Dean and Alistair.

  • What happened with Sam and Lucifer.

  • *shudders*

  • We would see Angel’s true forms (or an interpretation of them)

  • We would see angel wings

  • The characters would suffer SO MUCH more than they currently do. I mean in really twisted fucked up ways.

  • It would also be hauntingly beautiful at times. Like when Dorian and Lily dance in the ballroom with blood pouring out of their wounds. I wanna see moments like that on Supernatural. The mix of the beautiful and the horrifying.

  • There’d also be a shit ton of swearing… just the idea of Cas saying the word ‘fuck’ gets me all hot and bothered. LOL.
  • It would NOT have a happy ending. This is just from my experience watching darker shows on HBO/Netflix. They tend to have dark endings that leave me either angry or in tears. This is the downside i guess.

Anyway, would it be better? In some ways OF COURSE. But I also don’t think it would have gone on for as long as it did….I also just remembered True Blood. That was a vampire show on HBO so that’s another good comparison for what Supernatural could have been. Though I have never seen that series and my only knowledge of it is my friends description which was “Vampire Pornography”. So um yeah? Maybe also more pornographic. I suppose that would go down well on tumblr anyway! 

do you ever love one of your characters so much more than is necessarily appropriate ….

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Can you do a TFLN between H's girl and Niall but like Niall is her best friend or something and Harry's asking for hr number and Niall wants to make sure its ok to give him xx

I’ve kind of done something similar to this request and I think this one will fit in perfectly with that; TFLN #112. TFLN #138. x

Niall. Missus.

Harry told me that you both got on really well at my party. That’s great!

I told you he’s a great guy.

He was so lovely, Niall. 

He kept getting me drinks when I was out of juice, talking to me even though people were eager to have a conversation with him during the night, he gave me his jacket because your house got cold, and, he was just so interested in me and getting to know me. 

He hasn’t shut up about you.


He’s so sad you had to go back home. He wants to catch the train to see you and have a coffee with you. Honestly. When he’s not in the booth, he’s talking about you.

In fact, he even talks about you in the booth. He’s smitten.

Oh, my god.

He wants you number.

Why didn’t you exchange numbers? I could scold you, right now. Like your father would do if he found out you’d been underage drinking. I thought you would have.

I forgot! 

We were so caught up in getting to know one another that it never popped up in conversation. When he took me home in the car that came for him, we shared a kiss on the cheek before he said goodbye.

Didn’t walk me to my door but that’s a good thing because my neighbours are nosey fuckers.

Also, I think one of the small girls is a huge fan of him because I’ve seen her wear your shirts. She has a school bag with your face on, too. As sweet as she is, I can’t have my neighbours spreading so much crap.



Yes. We shared a small peck on the cheek. He kissed me on the cheek and I gave him one back and then I climbed out the car, waved goodbye and then ran up the stairs to my flat.


Why are you talking in all-caps? You’re like a teenage girl fangirling over your own band, you idiot.

That’s so great for you! The first male action you’ve had in years!

Piss off, you wanker.

God, I bloody hate you sometimes.

I see why he hasn’t shut up about you.

The girl he really likes gave him a kiss.

You make it sound like he told you I sucked his cock and fondled his balls. 

You would jump to that opportunity if he offered for you to be the one to do that to him.

I’m not even going there with you, Niall.

Oh, come on, love!

If you were his girlfriend, you’d get to suck his cock and fondle his balls all you like.

Can you shut up? I kissed him on the cheek. Jesus Christ.

I’m just playing around with you, love.

You always embarrass me.

I’m sorry. 



Is it okay to give it to him?

Of course it is.

He’ll be so happy. Expect a text or a phone call later on today or tomorrow. We’re a little swamped in the studio right now. Especially Harry; he wants to focus on nailing his vocals today.

How are you talking to me?

It’s lunchtime. I’m eating my food. They all popped out to the cafeteria down the road to get some sandwiches. 


It’s definitely okay to give him your number?

It’s more than okay, Niall. 

Thank you.

For what?

For this chance to meet someone. Harry’s great.

I’m glad to have been matchmaker. x

colored and finished piece from this sketch i did last night! i have a ton of work to do, but i wanted to do one more fun personal piece before i dive into technical work! it’s available in pretty huge sizes in my society6!!

i love messing around with color palettes and making my colored stuff just that borderline of “my goodness this could probably be a little less vibrant couldn’t it”

I’m… cringing… These subs have Rin asking Karen, “And what about your husband? What will he be like?” but the actual word she uses is aite which literally just means partner… Rin isn’t implying Karen is automatically going to marry a man, so why… is the translator?? I hate it when translations are like this…

ask-leora  asked:

Im curious how did you find all the names of the children you draw? ^^

//I googled a lot of desserts/foods let me tell you. I also tried to make their names kind of relevant to the other parent involved. 

Churro(Dofys), Tarta(Dofys), and Catalan(Bellamys) are all spanish desserts. Churro, obvious anuf. Tarta is spanish for cake. and Catalan is Crema Catalana, its kind of similar to creme brulee. 

Taiyaki(Hachis) is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. 

Jubilee(Sabos) is a common cherry dessert topping that is set aflame. 

Melanzane(Kiamanas @askeggplantchild​) is Italian for eggplant, I found the name looking at a eggplant dessert called melanzane al cioccolato. 

Apple(Buggys) was named because of her red nose. 

Maple and Corn (both Usopps) are both named after syrups, this being a pun from the village Usopp is from. 

Plum(Marcos) got his because of a dessert called Christmas Pudding, also sometimes called Plum Pudding even though their are no actual plums in it. Also usually set aflame.

Ali(Vivis) is from a Egyptian dessert called Umm Ali. 

Smore(Dazs) is from you know the classic roast a marshmallow over fire and put that shit between two graham crackers. No real reason for this one. Just cute name. 

Éclair(Sanjis) is a french pastry. 

Cherry(Teachs) is named because of Teachs love of cherry pie. 

Mousse(Taysir @ask-the-blackcapes) is like a airy pudding, no real reason i named him this just needed a dessert name. 

And the three terrors are named after fruits, Tieton(Ichijis) Cherries, Rubel(Nijis) Blueberries, and Torentel(Yonjis) Grapes.