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Headcanons of Akira with an s/o that actually doesn't like coffee. They try to hide it because everyone says Akira's coffee is great but s/o really is more of a hot chocolate kind of person but didn't want to decline what Akira made since it's like his specialty?

Akira feels happy , like really happy to have his partner drink his coffee. But he can immediately tell that they dislike coffee. From the scrunched up nose and the forced smile , he knew that they weren’t a coffee person.

— He stops offering them coffee. But his partner goes out of their way to drink his coffee , which moves him. He sits them down , and tells them that its okay if they didn’t want to drink coffee.

— Akira is multi talented. This boy can do almost anything , and one of his skills is that he can make a mean hot chocolate. And he’ll do it for his partner.

— he starts to make them hot chocolate whenever he can , always smiling widely as he sees his partner drink what he poured his heart into.

— He starts practising making hot chocolate just for his partner , and will learn how to make those cute little whipped cream animals or heartshapes. Just watching his partner’s eyes light up with joy is enough to brighten his day.

@magnusbaene you’re absolutely right. That’s exactly what love truly is, two people fitting their strengths and weaknesses and personalities together to make something that brings them both so much happiness and joy. To have a love that satisfies your lonely heart is a dream that few manage to achieve and yet Alec and Magnus absolutely have found that in each other—a love that doesn’t complete them, but instead makes their lives better



Sora (or Sky)

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this because it felt like something that was forbidden territory, and I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly his design came naturally to me. (Especially the hair). After receiving an influx of messages asking me to do my take on Sora (AND I MEAN A LOT OF MESSAGES) I figured I’d at least try it. So here he is. I based this outfit of the “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH 3D” outfit. I wanted to show that you can put POC (Especially black people) in these kinds of stories and still get the same effect. It’s really not as hard as people think and it can be done without making them stereotypes or tropes. The “Key” is to have a love and appreciation for the core of who the character is. The essence of who they are.

In this drawing, Sora reminds me of my little brother, Julius. Its probably because of how warm his personality is and how much he doesn’t hold grudges and has a genuine love for people. Like Sora, He’s playful, but he’s got a lot of wisdom for his age. There’s an innocence to him, that I feel is prevalent here. I guess I subconsciously ended up drawing that here. Now that I think about it, He’s 13 going on 14 years old now, which is the age of Sora in the 1st KH. So maybe that’s why…. He’s also is a big KH fan himself. (That’s my fault) I guess, I’m doing this for him too.

And Yes, you can cosplay as this and yes I’m doing Riku and Kairi and a few others later. Don’t worry. Mkay. I’m rambling. Back to work!

Here’s a fun little experiment.

over 2 years ago, right when tumblr was at its most biphobic, I made a separate blog. A secret bi discourse blog, basically, where I could reblog things and fight biphobes without worrying about people i know irl finding out things about me that i’m not ready to come out to them about

Not long after making this blog, I kind of drifted off and did other things. This blog has been primarily abandoned for a long time. I’ve occasionally popped back on to post some things, but mostly it’s been left to gather dust.

And then I realized something. Every single person that I followed on this blog, which began its life as a blog to fight biphobia on tumblr, was a bi person or someone who also was vocally against biphobia. I blocked a lot of people for being really awful biphobes… and then I kind of left. This blog and its following list and block list are a time capsule from the heyday of biphobic discourse on tumblr

So I came back on again, and I went through a bunch of blogs, and here’s what I’ve found:

I have scrolled through my dash, I have checked the blogs that I followed for being vocally protective of bi people on tumblr. And what did I find? FOUR exclusionists. All of the rest are either inactive, have not posted enough to determine a position, or (overwhelmingly) inclusionists. In fact, my dash on this blog is almost ENTIRELY inclusionist posts. On a blog I created to follow people defending bi people.

So I’m checking the block list. All of these people I blocked for being biphobes. 

I went on their blogs and to /search/ace 

Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped clean.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe Terf.
Outlier, mega racist anti-sjw
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Exclusionist. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.* 
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Blog has been wiped
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe, hasn’t posted in over a year, no ace discourse.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.

* - I wasn’t looking specifically for truscum or transphobes but in these instances it was readily apparent just by clicking on the blog! Fun.

Is this a scientific experiment? Nah. Are the sample sizes large enough to say anything definitively? No. But it is really telling that a dash that, 2 years ago, was full of bi positivity and defending against biphobic tumblr discourse, is now entirely the same thing but for aces. 

So the next time an inclusionist tells you that this is ALL rehashed 2014 bihet discourse, maybe listen to us.

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This is me opening up a request for mild one-sided sheith. Where Keith once had a crush on shiro and lance is a bit jealous and gets into an argument with Keith over his crush, but Keith yells at lance and tells him he doesn't like shiro anymore and that he likes someone else. lance is confused and confides in hunk because of this mystery person Keith's crushing on and he hates that it's not him although it is.

this request was super interesting to me and i really hope this is kind of what you were looking for… 

i plan to end this happily in a part 2 if anyone is interested lmao but i thought i’d leave this kinda angsty since so many people have been sending me messages like “MOM I NEED LANGST/KLANGST PLS IM DYIN GIVE IT TO ME” and i just don’t understand why you want our precious boys to be sad???? lmfao

*curled up in a corner crying softly* why does everyone want me to hurt my son


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Occupation: Waitress
Crush: Boris

Personality: Acts like a kind, sweet and innocent cat during work hours but when off duty, she turns into a complaining drama queen. WARNING: Curses like a salior and she can be quite clumsy at times. When around Boris, she gets really flustered and jumpy.

Fur Color: Black & White?

Attire: Pink & White

Eyes: Pastel blue

☆ Author’s note: Sowwie, I would have colored her but my mom would get pissed at me for getting distracted from my here is a crappy sketch of my oc.

art by kawaiitalesans

I’m sorry

but it kinda hurts to see so many people inadvertently shaming Sana for unfriending Yousef, when as a Muslim girl it was so empowering to see another Muslim girl on tv doing what she thought was right instead of going against her values and giving in to temptation? Like, honestly i LOVE Yousef as a character and do feel bad that he’s probs going to be hurt by that, but i’ve seen SO many posts that are one-sided on the matter and feel like Yousef has been so wronged and Sana is harsh?? Like do you realise how much she probably liked this boy, and how much strength and willpower it took for her to do that???? The whole point of this is that we’re seeing it from her POV and Julie is literally showing us the inner conflict she’s going through with this.

I’ve also seen a lot of misconceptions where people have stated that Sana unfriended Yousef cos he’s not Muslim, or that she’s behaving wrongly towards him because he’s not Muslim when that is completely ridiculous. It’s not directly because he’s not Muslim that she’s distancing herself, its because she has feelings for him that she feels will only grow if she keeps in contact with him, which she wants to avoid because they’ll only both get hurt if this thing carries on. I mean ya’ll are throwing tantrums cos she UNFRIENDED him on facebook, can you imagine if she led him on further and let things progress, and THEN came to the conclusion that they can’t be together?? That would hurt them both SO much more. She’s trying to do them both a favour and end it before it begins. 

And a final thing I’ve seen being expressed in the tags, is this idea that Sana should compromise because Yousef knew she was Muslim and still wanted something, so she should do the same and put aside her differences? Like, do you guys realise how unfair that would be to her. It’s completely not the same thing??? Yousef isn’t doing Sana a favour by ‘accepting’ her despite her religion, therefore Sana has no debt to repay. She’s her own woman, and if her religion means so much to her that she feels she can’t compromise it, then people need to respect that and understand that it makes her brave, strong and powerful, not cold and harsh like a lot of people have said/insinuated.

Probs noone is going to read this cos I’m a nobody, but i felt really strongly about this. Representation matters, and I see so much of myself in Sana, so much to the point that if i were in this situation myself I know i would do something similar. So these kind of comments felt so personal to me, and it really genuinely hurt? I hope some of you understand that I’m not attacking you for having these kinds of thoughts, because its difficult to empathise with people when you don’t relate, but that you might think twice about commenting something like that again after now hearing from a Muslim girl who does relate. You live and learn and I would never hold it against any of you xxx


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[28] The Cat – New Best Friends, 7x10

“It’s too damn gorgeous,” is when I really fell for Michonne, way back in Clear. It was a glimpse at the person she once was and still could be, beneath a cold veneer of self-preservation. She opened up to Carl to reveal not just selflessness and softness, but also a warm sense of humor. To have Rick throw it back to that #iconic rainbow cat prompted a gushing gasp from me. It’s such a thoughtful thing to do. Also, did Carl tell him about it? Or did he just see the cat in the car and wonder about Michonne’s eccentric taste in art? I can just imagine him smiling to himself the very first time he sees it, charmed and bemused. 

Rick gives the junkyard cat to her like it’s a prize he’s won for her at a fair, some kind of mascot of their relationship. I really don’t think it just catches his eye in that moment; he’s spotted it at some point earlier and made a mental note to take it for her. The cat reminded him of his girl. And in case its significance passed you by, it’s referenced again in Say Yes when Rick rather defiantly refuses to give it back. Boyfriend of the year.

  • Danai: She is a cat lady, I am not. I’m a dog person, she’s a cat lady. Cats keep to themselves, they mind their own business, they’re not trying to please you — that’s Michonne.

So I just realized something.

I was thinking over Steven’s explosion in “Lars and the Cool Kids”–we all know the one.

“What do you know about my mom? I didn’t even get to know my mom! But I DO know she saw beauty in EVERYTHING! Even in stuff like this! And even in JERKS like you!”

This was the one time that Steven saw Lars the way others see him, and the way most of the fanbase sees him–a jerk who puts himself up on a pedestal by shoving others down. But Steven, like Rose, sees the beauty and/or redeeming qualities in EVERYTHING, Lars included. He sees how Lars could really be, and that’s why he’s always so kind to him. Because he sees that Lars isn’t just a jerk, he’s a person with insecurities and fears and the capacity to be amazing.

The moss in that episode was like Lars. It was unsightly, hard to figure out, and unintentionally bad for those around it–not through any fault of its own. It, like Lars, had the capacity to be incredible–it was just in the wrong place.

“The moss wants to be at the top of that hill.”

But Lars couldn’t get there by himself, because he didn’t know how.

“Steven–I don’t know how to drive a stickshift!” “I’ll work the stick! You just keep us on the road!”

But when Lars, with Steven helping him every step of the way, did manage to help the moss get to the place that was best for it–

It became something beautiful. It finally got to show what it could really be.

Sounds like someone else we know. :-)

Lars’ redemption shouldn’t have seemed out of the blue to anyone. It’s been staring us in the face since Season One.

underrated shiro and black lion things i really like: protecting one of the other lions and carrying them to safety when they shut down 

like i love this scene, but i remember thinking: wow, lucky that it was just red. you know, the smallest lion. like, any of the bigger ones went down, black probably wouldnt be able to carry it. but then yellow, the heavy hitter armored one, gives out and 

i really like this parallel. its interesting how both pilots react to it too. with keith he reacts like its some kind of mechanical failure, starts jamming the controls and yells like its a broken machine. You don’t see him really checking in with red until after he crashes on that planet, where he promises to get her fixed. hunk however, sounds more like he’s talking to the lion like another person, trying to encourage them. he also doesnt attempt to mess with the controls becuase he knows its out of his hands and puts his trust in him instead. kinda neat.

also!! look at how upset and then angry shiro gets. i know people like to think he has endless patience and is always so controlled but if anyone on his team goes down he looks ready to start wrecking shit 

this is also the second time shiro and black have carried keith to safety. no wonder black lets him pilot, shes already given him a few lifts lmao. but really just add this to the pile of black paladin keith foreshadow 

every rip vine compilation
  • mmhm, that is not correct! because according to the encyclopedia of *mouth noises*
  • it’s summer, i’ve got my hat on backwards and its time to fuckin party *walks into a garage door*
  • at least 1 ProZD vine (increase number the more the compilation creator is into anime)
  • at least 3 vines from the dude who does mexican stereotype jokes but isn’t even mexican
  • about 20 vines where they zoom in on the face really fast to land the punchline
  • the girl dancing to the intro of take on me and she turns around to reveal she’s wearing swimming goggles when the sting plays
  • the jeff goldblum version of the above
  • at least 3 thomas sanders vines (if the compilation creator likes steven universe, at least 5, one of which will be the one with the SU voice actors)
  • back at it again at krispy kreme
  • bitch, i’m washin’ me and my clothes
  • the woman running from the fake rat and making a weird noise
  • the rat running away with the weird noise from the above vine dubbed over it
  • what’s up, me and my boys are goin’ to see uncle cracker
  • zach, stop, you’re gonna get in trouble
  • would anyone like some stew *hoverboards away*
  • hi, welcome to chilis
  • hi, welcome to chilis parodies
  • if the compilation creator is into bandom, 20 vines throughout of fucking…k-pop or something
  • “oh i love beth!” “you hate beth” “YEAH NO SHIT, HONEY”
  • i bass boosted the audio so it’s funny
  • “i like ya accent where you from” “i’m liberian” “oh i’m sorry [whispering] i like ya accent where you from”
  • the teacher saying hello and wearing different shirts
  • the guy getting interrupted halfway through his skit by a snake crawling in the window
  • brandon ask me what kind of tree i have. ask me what kind of–brandon ask me what kind of tree i ha–it’s a chris pine.
  • dick cheney made money off the iraq war
  • at least 1 other gabriel gundacker vine
  • the game grumps one where dan throws a football at arin’s face
  • a mini ytpmv but the pitch is really off
  • “how can you know what’s good for me “THAT’S MY OPINIOOOOON”
  • a vine that was funny on its own but the person decided to put a stupid song over the punchline and made it less funny
  • bitch, huhu, why you mad? cuz my pussy pops severely, and yours don’t?
  • a white guy remaking a vine with higher production values but it was funnier when it was done originally by a black girl in her bedroom on her android
  • i smell like beef
  • dad, look, it’s the good kush
  • try me, bitch
  • the kid in the hoodie turning towards the camera while snoop dogg plays
  • why the fuck you lyin, why you always lyin, mmmm oh my god
  • a “what are thooooooose” vine (usually the one that ends with “those are my crocs”)
  • there’s probably more so add your own

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...or, you know, some of us think Cap is and was right about the whole thing because we're also opposed to the real-world implementation of similar fascist legislation such as The Patriot Act and it has nothing to do with liking him more?

That quote basically says, yes oversight is the right ethical and logical choice, but Cap is a good person, and that puts us in a quandary and I am saying that that is bad math.

It’s also a similar bad math that comes up in A LOT of 616 CW discussions, where Captain America himself (and the anti-reg side) essentially takes the position to non-metas that they should accept that metas occupy a position above the law/beyond equal prosecution by the law, because, you know, they’re different, and their circumstances are different, but you trust CAPTAIN AMERICA, riiiiight? Let the metas judge their own and police their own, what do you need the Constitutional right of equality under the law for? Obviously, this base position is immediately complicated by the clusterfuck of everything else in CW, but I’d argue that that’s deliberate. It’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of the event, because I really like Cap, and I hate the things it makes him argue and I find them antithetical to him as a character.

I also don’t exactly get why so many people find a difference of opinion on a comics event, or, apparently, an actor’s opinion on an upcoming film none of us have seen as a personal challenge? I mean?? Yes I hate fascism? And the Patriot Act? And I think Cap’s political position is largely wrong in CW though I understand why, as the plot is manipulated, he fights? These things are not incompatible?

I get what you’re saying, but I’m responding to the quote as written and many, *many* other posts and comics CW itself, which initially sets up the problem as a constitutional legal problem of supers as American citizens whose identities allow them to avoid legal repercussions and prosecution and that’s constitutionally unacceptable under the law. Once that actually gets stated, there’s a problem.  

I’m not talking about the Patriot Act here, which I abhor, because it wasn’t part of the quote or what I was responding to, and I think the CW treatment of post-9/11 politics was really terrible, tone-deaf, and inconsistent in its understanding of xenophobia** and power dynamics. 

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i downloaded Sam Winchester saying,
“No, we have guns and we’ll find you ” and then put it as my alarm in the morning. so im woken up every morning by a deep male voice threatening me and it’s honestly alarming and refreshing at the same time