its kind of gross when you think about it

I’ve got a lot of feelings over 12x21

So there’s a disproportionately large amount of things that were fundamentally wrong with this episode whether you think the episode was or wasn’t good and I’m about to outline the fuck out of them because I really disliked the writing in this episode and thought there was only ONE redeeming quality to it (which I’ll get to later)


Eileen is not only a fan favorite but a female minority being the only deaf character ever featured on the show  and truth be told, I really haven’t seen deaf representation on any other tv show in the history of ever so killing off the only deaf character is a HUGE blow and another black mark on Supernatural’s extremely long record of killing beloved female characters and minorities. Not to mention, the way it was done was tactless. I understand that sometimes characters need to be killed off whether it be for an actor/actresses’s accommodation or because it was planned from the start but there are WAYS to do it. Having it be the opening scene and glossing over it so easily was rude, shocking and kind of a “fuck you” honestly. I am FURIOUS about this and will probably never shut the fuck up about this because I am so intensely bothered by it.


Let’s get this out of the way. I DO NOT like Mary. That’s not me being misogynistic. I like pretty much every single other female character on the show but the way Mary was written made me dislike her a great amount. I tried to like her. I desperately tried to like her but I just couldn’t. I understand that she made mistakes and so has everyone else on the show but making SO many mistakes in such a short amount of time overwhelms you with bad and not enough good to counter it and that’s my PERSONAL opinion. That being said, I don’t exactly wish her death and I feel like what they did in this episode was absolutely vile and her character didn’t deserve that. I knew this moment was coming but I was still unprepared. Seeing the boys pitted against their mom made me sick to my stomach not to mention HOW they got mary to want to betray her sons against her will. Buckleming have a history of using aspects of dubious consent and straight up nonconsent in their episodes and it doesn’t always have to be sexual in nature. The fact of the matter is, the whole brainwashing the victim trope is disturbing and classless because of the noncon aspects no matter who is writing it or how it is written. I really don’t like it and find it somewhat disheartening that the show keeps allowing this kind of content.


Once again, a huge problem with Buckleming. Do I find sexual innuendos funny sometimes? Yeah I do, when done tastefully and in context - which is never the case with Buckleming episodes. How fucked up do you have to be to think it’s a great idea to tease someone about their mother being imprisoned and having had sex with the person who imprisoned her as a kind of mockery? That’s not the type of thing that should be joked about, even for shock factor yet they insist on using this type of shock factor on their episodes. Its just fucking gross to use in any context and I’m shocked that Buckleming haven’t realized how grotesque that shit actually is over the years. The overuse of sex and innuendos in the episodes they write is ALWAYS problematic, from this kind of mockery about dubcon to straight up nonconsent in the past. They are ALWAYS the culprits and something needs to be done.


Is the idea good in theory? Maybe. But there’s literally NO CONTEXT to it whatsoever? Like, Buckleming just thought “let’s say the powers are reversed, hooray” but forgot to give us any sort of explanation or reasoning and left us completely in the dark. We’re not children but even children would have enough sense to ask why/how that managed to happen instead of letting it be shoved down our throat and accepting it for what it apparently is. Buckleming episodes are notorious for having huge plotholes and I’m really unhappy with this one in particular since it’s the episode that is the buildup to the season finale which is pretty damn important. A lot was riding on this absolute shitshow of an episode and it leaves a lot to be fixed to the people writing 22 and 23.


This episode fucking sucked and I’m really bummed out to say this and jump on the witch hunt but I really do think Buckleming should be fired. People have been in agreement about this for a long while and while I wasn’t particularly happy with their episodes in the past, I didn’t think they were firing offenses. This however, put the cherry on top of the shit cake for me though. I thought it was tactless, distasteful and badly written. An overall disaster if you will. 

There was only ONE redeeming quality in the whole show thought which for me was how SPECTACULAR David Haydn-Jones was as Ketch. Holy shit that man can act and I respect the hell out of him for that. Ketch may be a hateable character but I sure do LOVE to hate him and hope he doesn’t die (even though he probably will)

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Does it ever bother you that no matter how nice you are, or how well thought out your meta posts are, people will always think you're an apologist or a "Snapewife", or just reply to posts with "cool motive still murder" like that wins the argument? It makes me so frustrated, I wish I didn't like morally gray characters bc it's such a miserable experience here and I'm tired of having to make disclaimers before I talk when they would listen anyway. I'm tired of fandom seeing me as a stupid girl.

dude the rhetoric surrounding snape fans is actually kind of gross and misogynistic??? which is kind of ironic considering a lot of them dislike snape because they see him as a friendzoned nice guy or w/e. 

but like…. i’ve seen so many people talk about snape fans only like him because he’s ~*~romantic~*~ or that we only like him bc of his feelings for lily. you know? they think the only possible reason there is to like snape is because we’re dumb women who get pulled in by any kind of romantic overtures. which is a specifically anti-woman kind of way of looking at it, bc people always think we’re dumb about romance or that we’ll overlook anything as long as it seems romantic, etc.

it’s like they see it as impossible to like or root for snape UNLESS you’re only seeing his romance with lily, which they see as the only positive thing about him (or, at least, they think we see it as the only positive, as many of them think it was gross). but the fact of the matter is that snape fans like him for a wild, complex number of reasons… like any other character. i admire snape’s dedication to lily, but it’s not the reason i like him - it couldn’t be, since i liked him way before book seven, like many other fans. and when you reduce it to that, you’re taking away my agency more than liking snape ever could - you’re refusing to acknowledge that i have the right to choose what characters i want to like, that i know why i like them better than you do. 

so no, we’re not dumb. we’re not naive. snape fans have a sharper and clearer understanding of snape’s actions than many of the antis i’ve talked to, due to so much complex analysis of his character that just isn’t possible when you leave his character at “gross child abuser” and never think about him further. and it is ridiculously frustrating to talk to people like that with my actual detailed book analysis and then have them respond with “lololol he’s still gross tho” as if that counts as an argument or proves their point. 

i’ve just mostly decided to stop apologizing. i know who snape is, i know what he’s like, and i like him anyway.

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I was sexually abused sporadically through childhood, and now, sometimes, when I read about something gross, like violent sex or pornified language or whatever, I get a distinct feeling in my groin. It's almost like arousal, but it's definitely not the same as being legitimately turned on. It's more like a kind of uncomfortable twitch. Do you or your followers know what's up with this? I hate, it makes me feel so gross and guilty. Idk how to fix it! Does anyone else have this? Sorry it's ot

Most survivors I know have dealt with the same kind of thing at one point or another. I think it’s a reflex. Images are powerful and the body itself also “remembers” violations. With time and not acting on it, it gets better in my experience

Having Period Cramps; Preferences


He’ll try his best to calm you down and just cuddles you whenever your pain gets super bad. He’ll go out and buy you all the things you need.


He is literally the sweetest thing when you have period cramps. He’ll get you hot packs and tampons. Whenever one of the gang makes a joke about it ‘being that time of the month’, he will get so mad and defend you- like he’s so overprotective


Doesnt really know what to do or how to handle the situation, but he’s gotten better after asking his older brothers about it. When you’re on your period, he’ll make you all kinds of snacks.


He gets nervous around you becasue Dally told him once to stay away from girls “when its that time of the month”. He eventually gets used to it and waits on you hand and foot- he just wants to make you happy becasue he knows you’re going through a lot


He avoids you at all costs. He gets grossed out thinking about whats happening w your body. After dating for awhile and explaining to him that its natural he doesnt become as distant. When you have cramps he’ll spoon you.


He’s the kind of boyfriend that will makes jokes and silly puns about your period but you dont even care because they’re funny and the one thing that will cheer you up when youre having cramps


He will take you on long rides and make little pit stops to get you food or whatever you needed. Sometimes he’ll pack hot packs for when you get cramps

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I always wanted to ask. What do you think about Yuuri's parents? Do you like Katsuki's family? Do you consider them healthy? You do realize that Toshiya dated Hiroko when he was 23 years old and she was still a high scooler, right? And a couple of months after graduation she was already pregnant. Aren't they gross? Toxic? Wouldn't be better if they just die? And Yuuri should never been born. It's not like those kind of couples can be happy or anything, right? I hope you hate them. I trust you.

Wait what the fuck is going on why did you even send me this?? 

little princess

Just a little ficlet for your Thursday night since my CS parents feels are currently at an all time high. I blame Colin and his comments at FT4 about Emma and Killian having kids for every bit of this. As if he hasn’t ruined me enough already…

Word Count: 595


Emma looked up from the grocery list she was making. Olivia was sitting on the couch, where she had been all morning with Henry’s storybook open in her lap. She had grown to love reading just as much as her big brother, and was rarely seen without some kind of book in tow.

“What is it, baby?” She put the list aside to sit down with her daughter. A smile tugged at her lips when she saw that the book was open to the picture of she and Killian during their dance at King Midas’ ball. It was one of her favorite memories, one she was glad she could show to their children.

Olivia pointed with her small finger to the intricate script on the page. “This book says your name is Emma. And Daddy’s is Killian.” The amount of words she was able to read at only four years old never failed to surprise her family; obviously the result of being related to both the author and a school teacher.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, how come you never call each other that?”

Emma was confused at first. “What do you mean? Daddy and I call each other by our names, don’t we?”

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is the thing about riddler's teeth canon or did you make it up?

Kind of both.

In Legends of the Dark Knight Ed has what I’m going to assume is an implant with a tech chip that allows him to open his cell.

After the Hush arc, Ed gets a good beatin’ up from Tommy and he looses at least three or more teeth. Add those to the ones he’s lost in other battles and the fact he ain’t a shark, he’s had to have gotten implants to keep a pretty smile.

It’s possible he has a tooth bridge but that’s kind of gross when you think about the times Batman punched him in the face and that thing could have gone flying out. 

A lot of dentist suggest it’s better to do a full set than individual to save on time, money, and pain. So it would make sense for Ed to get all his teeth implanted at once.

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In regards to 13rw I don't really get people saying it's amazing or the people saying it's like offensive bc the plot was p boring, and the sexual assault scenes were p vulgar tbh and the suicide scene was gross but like it was CLEARLY for shock value to get people to watch they OBVIOUSLY don't care about depressed people lol it's to make money? dont watch if you're triggered? But also why is it on the news as if is important for teens? I'd rather watch Pacey's affair with his teach any day lmao

REMEMBER WHEN PACEY WAS TRYNA FUCK HIS TEACHER LMAOOOO they just started out dawsons creek with pacey having an affair with his middle aged teacher and i was like “ok…guess its that kind of show…” wild

idk, i dont think its fair to say 13rw doesnt care about depressed people. i mean, aint that selena gomez’s show? aint she been through some shit? personally ive always been of the sense that you shouldnt censor art, and by art i just mean any work of media. im not saying 13rw is some beautiful piece of television that needs to be admired. people have the option of putting in graphic depictions of violence and you have the option not to consume it. no one knows your limits better than yourself so if you know something is going to bother you then i dont see the point in going out of your way to watch it. 

Just a crush

I look to the back of his head, his shaggy hair constantly falling in his face. He needs to get a haircut. He has a big ass coconut head. I wanted to kill myself as a stared at the wall, thank god I’m in all six of his classes this year. What a great way to start our 8th grade year. I look at his trademark scar on the side of his face. I’ve had a fucking crush on him since forever. It’s hopeless at this point. More like desperate if you will. He is my best friend, always will be. I just want his stupid face to kiss—’

“Sasha what’s the common denominator between all three fractions” My face became red as all the students looked towards me, including him. I look towards the board and saw the numbers despite all the attention I had.

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If a character partakes in regular backalley fistfights without going to a hospital inbetween, how long would it take before it started catching up to them, physically?


I know we’ve said this before, but hand to hand combat takes a toll. Even if you get through a fight “unscathed,” you’re still going to have bruises on your arms from parrying, skinned knuckles, and your body will ache the next day. That’s if you know what you’re doing, and keep full control.

Any attack that lands, or misjudged strike that connects with a wall will hurt, and those can turn into serious injuries quickly. If you don’t take time to recover after each fight, the strain builds up, quickly.

An imperfectly tensed punch can easily break bones in the hand. This is something that actually happens to boxers, people who, as you might expect, have a pretty solid grasp of how to drive a fist into their opponent.

Also for a lot of untrained combatants, preconceptions on how violence should occur, will actually work against them. The example that comes to mind is simply trying to punch your opponent in the face. While this might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it’s after the fact that you realize your face is a mass of bones that are very close to the surface, and while the punch will hurt them, it will also hurt you far more than if you’d simply driven a fist into their gut and called it a day.

The other side of this is, if nothing’s broken, you’re not bleeding internally, and you didn’t tear anything, the hospital isn’t actually necessary. Cuts, scrapes and bruises heal. Muscle aches eventually fade. The entire experience may be singularly unpleasant, but it’s entirely possible your character could walk it off afterwards.

The hard thing with this kind of violence is making sure your character puts enough time between their fights, so their body can fully recover. That will take months, and there’s nothing a hospital could do to accelerate the recovery time.

But, this the first time they break something or tear a ligament, then this will have caught up with them. That could easily be their first fight.

Perhaps ironically, given its reputation, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk is an excellent gross out fest if you want to think about what happens when untrained combatants go at each other full tilt.

I always liked the part where the narrator is giving a presentation to his bosses while bleeding profusely from his gums due to a fight from the previous day.


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i remember a conversation about Elsa's design being overly sexualised and it made me remember something, people screech that her boobs bouncing in that hip sway sexy walk scene is a great part of the animation and amazing realism and detail when i'm pretty sure boobs dont work that way. i know for a fact whenever i walk (and i have a very hip accenting walk ugh) my boobs don't bounce. it's kind of gross when you think about it.

Oh, don’t even get me started on that motherfucking dress.

I hate everything about Elsa’s dress.

I hate the fucking colors. Who the hell pairs turquoise with aqua? What were they smoking to think that those colors went together? It’s the gaudiest, clashiest, most cheap-barbie-knockoff dress I’ve ever seen in my life. Definitely not something I expect to see on a fucking Disney princess.

I hate the stupid slip up the side. Was that really necessary? I’ve never seen a Disney princess dress go so OOC (out-of-century) before. And the glitter. The GLITTER. SO MUCH SHINY GLITTER. I know it’s supposed to be ice and not glitter, but after the glitter explosion Disney has unleashed on the entire princess lineup, I just can’t think of it as anything else.

And yeah, the boob jiggling doesn’t make any fucking sense.

I mean maybe it’s just me, but the material of this corset-thing doesn’t look soft enough to allow for boob jiggling. It looks like a form-fitting corset, not a soft, pliable fabric. You can’t texturize a fabric to look hard and durable, but then turn around and alter the physics to give it the pliability of soft fabric. imo, that’s a total mindfuck.

Elsa’s dress is filled with contradictions; not just in the material itself, but also in that it just never seems to truly belong on Elsa. The personality we see from Elsa throughout the entire movie (aside from “Let It Go”, where her personality does a complete 360) doesn’t match the personality of this dress. At all. As someone who is actually a fan of Elsa, I will maintain that assertion until the day I die.

What pisses me off even more about this dress is that the fan-made redesigns look a million times better than the one supposedly designed by Disney’s best and brightest.

Artist’s description: “Unpopular opinion time, I don’t really care for Elsa’s dress. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful (and easily marketable), but it’s like a modern prom dress and just… throws my suspension of disbelief for the film.

Artist’s description: “Oh, Elsa. What are we going to do with you. Frozen is purportedly set in the 1830’s-40’s, but I’ve been obsessed with finding a style that could marry her coronation gown with her ice gown more seamlessly; the open robes you see during the Regency era, including those being worn by Scandinavian royalty at the time, seemed a particularly apt analog for her…weird underarm-cape. Thing.

Just…fuck the dress they put her in. I hate it. Elsa deserved better. The whole damn movie deserved better. /rant

INTP/INTP Relationship
  • <p> <b></b> *sitting in the park on a bench, holding hands while A reads a Wikipedia article about the Higgs-Boson while B is mostly daydreaming about concepts*<p/><b>B:</b> Look at that old lady over there<p/><b>A:</b> *glances up* Which one?<p/><b>B:</b> *nods in general direction* right there. Feeding the squirrel<p/><b>A:</b> She looks crazy<p/><b>B:</b> She looks... Interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> But she's mostly crazy.<p/><b>B:</b> I guess.<p/><b>A:</b> She obviously has no regard for her safety. Who knows whether or not that squirrel has rabies? And besides, it's unsafe for the squirrel too.<p/><b>B:</b> And causes the squirrel to have decreased fear of humans. Oh! What if eventually all squirrels stopped being afraid of humans and then rose up to take over the world?<p/><b>A:</b> *opens a new tab to Google squirrels* I don't know. There would probably have to be some sort of - Oh yeah! The food the humans give them could have chemicals that cause them to mutate to become more intelligent and able to take over the world!<p/><b>B:</b> A squirrel apocalypse!<p/><b>A:</b> Yep. That lady's probably a psychopath. She's plotting world domination by squirrel. She's feeding it chemicals.<p/><b>B:</b> And trying to acclimate it to humans so it won't fear us. I bet she's teaching it our ways.<p/><b>A:</b> She's definitely teaching it our ways.<p/><b></b> *woman's grandchild runs up to her*<p/><b>B:</b> She's going to pass on her plans to him.<p/><b>A:</b> Or turn him into a squirrel-human hybrid<p/><b>B:</b> She doesn't look the type. What would a human-squirrel even do?<p/><b>A:</b> I dunno. Be able to climb trees.<p/><b>B:</b> Would storing nuts in their cheeks be useful?<p/><b>A:</b> Maybe. How about a flying squirrel?<p/><b>B:</b> Makes more sense. But that would probably get in the way a lot.<p/><b>A:</b> That's actually kind of gross when you think about it.<p/><b>B:</b> Oh shit, yeah. Wingsuits all the way.<p/><b>A:</b> I wonder if it's possible to imitate a bird's flight.<p/><b>B:</b> I don't know. Birds move their wings weird. Kind of like - *lets go of A's hand to awkwardly flap arms, twisting them around*<p/><b>A:</b> *giggles a little bit*<p/><b>B:</b> *takes A's hand again* You know, they sort of have to bend or something. So the air force when the move their wings up doesn't push them back down.<p/><b>A:</b> How could you replicate that with technology lightweight enough to allow human flight?<p/><b>B:</b> Damn that would be interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> Crazy squirrel lady probably has a prototype.<p/><b>B:</b> Her daughter built the prototype and is testing it on the kid.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably.<p/><b>B:</b> Definitely.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably in her garage somewhere.<p/><b>B:</b> She probably has a lair.<p/><b>A:</b> Hidden behind a bookshelf full of books about squirrels.<p/><b>B:</b> Yep.<p/><b>A:</b> Mhm.<p/><b></b> *they both smile to themselves, glance at each other momentarily, then squeeze the other person's hand, falling silent as A goes on reading articles and B stares at squirrels suspiciously, plotting a cure for their theoretical mutation*<p/></p>

Due to popular demand, here is my story of meeting them ^_^

So I walked up and I hugged Dan and then I hugged Phil and I could tell they were tired but really happy. Then Dan was like “omg I love your zebra shirt” and Phil was like “holy crap that’s amazing” and I was like “Thanks! I was really hoping you’d notice it” and Phil was like “of course we would!" 

Then I turned to Dan and I was like “I was actually really hoping you would wear the moth shirt, its my favorite” and he started laughing and he was like “well I’m glad I made you’re day” and I was like “oh don’t worry, I think you would have made my day regardless” and phil kind of laughed at us when I said that because me and dan were being gross about fashion. 

And then I was telling them my story about trying to bring my calendar to work to put in my cubicle but my manager said I couldn’t hang it up because they looked too much like male strippers (true story) and Dan was like "omg we so do I’m so sorry especially in the firefighter one” and I was like “I know you joked about it but it actually happened to me I cannot believe” and Dan was like “wow I’m so sorry you went through that experience I hope it was worth it” and we all laughed at my pain.

Dan took the picture and said thanks for coming and I left. Phil doesn’t really talk a lot, he kind of let’s Dan do the talking cause he’s like super awkward in real life and I don’t think he likes being put on the spot with questions and stuff but he was super nice and his hugs are 10/10 and he was very giggly and cute (and he also had scruff and looked his age and I was like DAD YES- I didn’t really say that BUT I THOUGHT IT)

“But…but…but it’s so beautiful.”

4 Real Products That Prove We Can Ruin Anything

#4. The Alcohol That Ruins Booze

Whipped Lightning is flavored whipped cream that’s 36.5 proof. As in, it’s got alcohol in it. Now, your gut reaction might be to jump up and scream: “I can’t tell if Whipped Lightning is a new kind of alcohol or the title for a new Steven Seagal movie where this time he has a whip, but, either way, HOLY SHIT, I AM ON BOARD!” It’s all right – that’s what I did at first, too. But when you sit back and really think about the concept, you may spot some itty bitty cracks in its facade.

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Jessi Klein, head writer for Inside Amy Schumer, spoke to Fresh Air recently about the genesis of the ‘Last F**kable Day’ sketch: 

“That was an idea that definitely came out of conversations in the [writers’] room. I guess there was an Us Weekly floating around the room and we were looking at pictures of actresses in the “Who Wore it Best?” [column] and everyone looks amazing. And we just started talking about at what point do people start to age out of being in those magazines [and] kind of start to end up on the covers of the really kind of lowbrow ones with pictures of them at the beach and “Oh, look who is aging terribly!” — when that same person two years ago was so hotsy totsy in the middle of the magazine? I guess we started talking about what would happen if you took that idea all the way to its conclusion. …

It was funny for me to think about what if there’s this sort of Malcolm Gladwell-y tipping point that’s really specific? We kind of age slowly, but how does it work in magazines and how does it work in Hollywood? What little visual change is suddenly too gross to see on a magazine or in a movie or in TV? So that’s kind of how that idea got taken to that place.”

The full interview:

‘Schumer’ Writer Jessi Klein On Barbies, Ageism And Pumping At The Emmys

Note: This video is uncensored. Just so you know.

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Fetishizing is about seeing only sex in a homosexual relationship right? is when you don't respect the rest of the relationship, is when you only like seeing two hot guys/girls making out/having sex, but then you see any other couples and you think it's gross or a joke or whatever, it's when you have them as sexual fantasies but in real life they're not real people to you, they are some kind of joke, is that right?

It’s not only about not respecting the rest of the relationship (though that is a part of it for sure!), but also when you completely disregard the entire story/journey of the characters. If what you get out of watching Skam (or other lgbtq pairings) is sexual/erotic/etc pleasure or satisfaction and that’s it, that’s fetishizing homosexuality :/ When the characters are little more to you than “hot guys/girls making out/having sex” and all you care about are them being sexual, you’re fetishizing homosexuality. If you watch Skam and every episode you think something along the lines of “Jeez, I get it blah blah Isak coming out to Jonas cool.. Now where’s Even and that sex scene?” or “okay okay, cool he talked to Eskild but where’s Even and why are they not making out like all the time i want that, not this?”, again that’s fetishizing. And like you said, if “they’re not real people to you” but you (hyper)sexualize them… Well, then you’re fetishizing :/
If you have little or no respect or concern for the struggles and issues the characters deal with because all you care about is seeing them have sex/make out, you are a part of the problem. LGBTQ people are not here for your pleasure. They are not objects here to please or satisfy you. So yes, anon! You’re right :) That’s pretty much it, I guess? ♥ 

John Green was sooo popular before, now after the movie is out everyone decides he’s some kind of pretentious asshole. And is sooo offended by his comment on the girl kissing the guy. Like holy shit calm your tits, i saw a tag that said “i hope you break your legs when you fall of your tall horse”

The fuck is wrong with yall. Wanna act like tumblr is made of saints who educate the world on kindness. Like the dude just got his book made into a movie. Thats a big deal??? I would be happy too, and shit if he comes off as “high and mighty” when was the last time you had a book become a fucking movie? Does this movie about to kids falling in love offend you? Does his comment about the girl kissing the guy offend you. (because in most romances, that is what happens so??) 

also saw a post about him being gross for writing love stories about teenagers all the time because they think its an unrequited love deal.

Maybe you should try reading more of his books? Paper towns, the dude doesn’t even get the girl. Or you could just decide his books are your taste and stop being assholes about it.