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Embarrassed Mike headcannons

- El for obvious reasons has never been good with social cues so when Mike catches her staring at him, she doesn’t look away bashfully which causes his face to flush in that pretty pink she loves.

- Mike’s life used to be a perfect balance between school and friends until he met El which had caused an imbalance. He has to have a mortifying talk with his parents about his slipping grades and has to admit he’s been spending a lot of time with El while Nancy smirks from the kitchen.

- Lucas enters the Wheeler house as usual one Saturday morning only to be shocked at Mike, El and Holly cuddled underneath a blanket singing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and Mike slouches in embarrassment as he remembered what he wanted to talk to Lucas about

there’s something better to come (it’s on the horizon)

<< iii. things you said too quietly >>

[did no one ever tell you about the boy? (who fell in love and told it to the world)] ao3

Summer cannot come quick enough.

With the exams over, the professors had given up trying to control the fifth years and so, almost every lesson is spent lazing on the grass. Lily and her friends used to spend their time outside underneath the Beech Tree, but given recent events they’ve taken to sitting on the lake’s shore, paddling when it gets unbearably hot and making bets on how many pieces of toast the squid will eat when they’re bored.

Lily reckons her friends miss the company of the Marauders, who shared the spot beneath the Beech Tree, and though she won’t admit to it, she misses their company too. They never say anything though, so Lily keeps quiet about it, grateful none of them have pressed the matter. It’s embarrassing enough to even admit to herself she misses them.

She and Mary are the only ones out at the moment, Marlene and Tegan have both gone to the owlery to send letters home and Gemma is in the library, finishing a History of Magic essay for Binns, the only teacher still giving homework. The grounds are scattered with groups of fifth tears, but they’re in a secluded enough position that it’s quiet.

“I spy with my little eye -” Mary groans and rolls onto her back, flinging her arm over her eyes dramatically.

“No more. I’m shit. Also, you’re a cheat. How am I meant to know what specific type of cloud formation that is?” She says.

“Should have paid attention in Astronomy then.” Lily retorts, smug.

“Whatever.” Mary flips over again and props herself up on her elbows. “I can’t wait to never have to spend another midnight freezing my tits off on top of that bloody tower.”

“I can’t believe you’re dropping it.”

“Not all of us can be good at everything, Evans.” Mary grins. “I wasn’t blessed with clever genes -”

“Just big boobs ones.” They laugh, Lily looking forlornly down at her chest, remarkably flat next to Mary’s. She looks up when Mary’s laugh cuts off abruptly. “What?”

“Um…” Lily snaps her head around to see what Mary is staring at. The sun is behind him, but Lily would know that hurricane hair anywhere.

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How I Met Your Mother [Time Travelers episode speech] AU- Bechloe

I love you. I’m always gonna love you, til the end of my days and beyond….. You’ll see.

(Part 1)— (Part 2)


Where are you now?
            Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
            Were you only imaginary?
Where are you now?
                         A n o t h e r        d r e a m…


these are some manips I’ve tried to make (keyword being tried) in order to promote The Girlfriend’s fic, Si Je Dois Rester La Même. I was as surprised by the pairing as by the emotional rollercoaster this story made me go through… totally worth the shot! no pun intended… – eskimopuppy


Hi I’m here to talk about my Sole Survivor. I recently made a few changes to her appearance and I’m really happy with how she looks!! She goes by “Nora” (I love the name okay?) But it’s not her actual name, she took it on after the bombs fell because she wanted to try and distance herself from who she was in pre war times. She’s kind and tries her best to help people as much as she can, and is really reluctant to fight or hold a gun. It took her a WHILE to even get used to fighting for her life, and she still isn’t quite comfortable with it. She’s a bit of a pushover, but hopes to become more assertive and confident. She’s all for Synth and Ghoul rights as well. She works with the railroad, and is unsure if she wants to destroy the institute, or lead it and change it for the better.

A month after the three of them moved into their apartment, Nancy and Jonathan both woke up one night because they had heard whimpers coming from somewhere. The closer they got to Steve’s room, the louder it became. 

Opening the door, they could see that Steve was thrashing in his sleep. Tear tracks covering his face. After waking him from his nightmare, he admitted that he’d been having them since that November. He was embarrassed to tell them but the two laid down on either side of him and made sure he knew he was safe with them. 

After awhile, he was finally calm enough to be able to go back to sleep. His only request was that his light be left on. 

There were no more nightmares that night. 


(Inspired by this song-  it made think of the three of them as soon as I heard it)

“...she loved you the most.”

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Black and gray did not suit Hyuuga, Sasuke concluded. As he watched the sea of unfamiliar faces trekking to and fro from one end of the room to another, their sleek black hair and ghostly eyes traveling over one another. Sasuke had wondered where they all had been while one of their own had been lying cold and alone on a stationary hospital bed.

He had known that Hinata did not have much time, and seeing her body laying limp in the open casket failed to cause a reaction in him, yet when seeing an almost exact replica of her in her sister’s somber expression, Sasuke had stopped to stare for a moment.

“Thank you,” she said meekly. Her head was bowed low, unable to meet his eyes. She was younger than he thought. “My sister… I’m glad she had someone when…”

The girl hesitated, and Sasuke raised a brow. Not out of judgement or malice, but because it reminded him of a sickly pale face and a pitiful smile.

“The last thing we talked about was you,” he told her.

Her head lifted in surprise.

“M-me?” She sputtered. “Why me?”

Sasuke grit his teeth.


Her head lowered again. Her shoulders began to shake and her knees trembled, and the sobbing started.

“I-I wish I had been there,” she choked between sobs, “I should have been there.”

“You’re actually lucky you weren’t there,” he said.

She raised her head in confusion.

“L-lucky?” she hiccupped. “Why?”

Sasuke looked upon the crying girl with apathy. His only thoughts of the last moments he had spent with Hinata alive, her lifeless expression and sad smiles.

“Because…” he responded.

Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice

“Papa, I recall you said it’d be quite different here- but I didn’t think that you meant it would lack color." 

The youngest Liddell daughter watchs through the carriage window as they enter into Burtonsville. Every building, the sidewalk, the road, the sky- why, even the people are gray! 

Having grown up in Oxford, with a large garden of many flowers, an imaginary world of wonders within her head, and a love of sunny days and blue skies- having no color what-so-ever is quite a shock to Alice. 

"Even the East End of London had more color than this, and I thought that had been terribly bland!" 

"It’s simply a…quaint town,” Arthur responds, though even he doesn’t sound convinced as he glances out the window. However, he shrugs, sighing.

“But, gray or not, Alice, we’re here on business, not vacation. We won’t have to stay here very long, m'dear.” With warm smile, he ruffles here hair, and both he and his daughter giggle.

“I hope the Van Dorts aren’t as dull as their town though,” Lizzie adds, though it’s said with a smirk, showing the joking nature of it. Lorina shakes her head at both of her daughters, but soon the smile dies away and it’s all business. 

“Remember to be polite, you two. I’m not so worried about you, Lizzie, if I’m to be frank; you usually manage to pull yourself together when needed. You, however Alice-" 

"Mama,” Alice says, shaking her head with a smile. “I’ll be on my best behavior. This is for the school, after all- it reflects Papa. I don’t want to ruin the charity that the Van Dorts have offered to give." 

"I know you won’t intend to, dear- but let’s face it, love. You don’t always watch what you say. And you know as well as I that we’re not the most normal of families. We allow you girls to get away with far more than society allows, and–" 

"We’ll be perfectly civil, Mama- you’ve our word,” Lizzie says, glancing over at Alice for confirmation. The girl nods, soft smile on her face. 

Now, Alice isn’t under any delusion. She’s well aware she’ll need to watch herself, and the best way to do that is to not talk. It might not be hard- she was used to being alone for years and years, but any excuse to talk, she normally jumped on. 

The carriage comes to a sudden stop, alerting the Liddells of their arrival. 

“Shall we then?” Arthur says, motioning for his daughters to exit as the door opened. Lizzie got out first, head high and confident as per usual. She was the epitome of beauty in Alice’s eyes. Dark hair, bright blue eyes, carried herself well. It was no wonder Desmond (her brother-in-law; Lizzie had become Mrs. Desmond Binnington last summer) had fallen for her. 

Alice exited after her, perhaps not as graceful, but certainly as confident. She supposed she was pretty like her sister; long dark hair worn down instead of the bun that adorned the heads of most women. A young and pretty face, green eyes….

She’d never really cared about looks though; Yes, being pretty would be wonderful, but as she’s matured, she’s grown into her look. That’s enough for her. 

Arthur, with Lorina on his arm, moves ahead of the girls, as to make way to the door. Pulling the drawstring for the bell, they wait. 

Rocking on her heels, Alice looks around. 

Hopefully this trip will prove interesting…


So I really wanted to make a video about the 1989 Era and yesterday i put together a bunch of clips from taylor’s interviews, music videos and behind the scenes videos with some voiceovers and well this is the product!  This is the first video i’ve ever made so I hope it’s good! @taylorswift