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I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


Ransom/Holster Neighbors AU

Where they’re both in their early to mid 20s and they live in the same condo.

They meet one day when they’re both in the building’s gym getting a workout in. Holster was there first and he’s on the treadmill when Ransom walks in. When Ransom’s about to take the treadmill next to Holster’s he notices a set of keys on the floor right behind Holster. So he picks them up and taps Holster on the shoulder to ask if the keys are his.

Holster, still running at this point, turns around and sees this beautiful specimen of a man and promptly loses his footing and falls off the treadmill.

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Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler 


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

finding out that Kai & Krystal are dating and what not and seeing people show them lots of love 

but then realising how different Taeyeon and Baekhyun were treated and that they had to cry and apologize 


i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]


You guys seemed interested in Kai so I made a rough small comic c:
…Theres a reason I never draw animals =w=‘ Sorry.

Before entering the world of Eldarya, Kai was living with her older brother and pet dog. Kai adores them more than anything so she spent most of first day in Eldarya freaking out about getting home. This comic I pictured taking place when she learned she won’t be able to return home. Homesick is an understatement. She wasn’t really getting along with anyone and she was given a Corko to take care of. Fuckface ((yup, that is what she named her Corko =w=‘)) reminds her pug back at home.
After this night she opens up more to the new world around her. ((As well as being kinder to Fuckface))

Hope you guys like it c:

tori-laurinaitis  asked:

Omg. I love your KaiMei Enjo-Kosai story. Not that I approve of it but it was so great and hit me in the feels. Please continue your awesome doodles cause they are my OTP!!!

I’m watching a play through of Shadow of Ronin and ALL THE VOICES FOR THE CHARACTERS ARE SO UNFITTING, EXCEPT FOR JAY—

Zane sounds way too… Human? I guess? The VA for the show is just such a good fit for Zane that any other voice is weird and then Cole and Jay sound alike and its throwing me off, then there’s Kai and he’s just…

“Hello friends I exist”


her grammar is better than yours usually is, asshole

A while back I made a post with a headcanon that Kai can sing and I’ve decided to follow up (this has a lot more than just Kai singing btw):
•Obviously Cinder is the first to find out.
•She hears him in the shower sometimes, but he never really realizes that he sings in the shower.
•She sneaks up on him as he sings their twins (i headcanon they have twins) to sleep.
•Cinder likes to record him when he doesn’t seem aware of any of his surroundings.
•She shows Iko the videos because she knows she would freak.
•Iko demands more and puts Cinder and Kai’s twins to work.
•They get more footage of him singing and create lists of Kai’s favorite songs to sing or his favorite places to sing because they love Auntie Iko.
•Of course, Iko spills the beans to the crew and tries to get Kai, Cress, and Winter to sing together.
•Kai won’t go for it so Iko edits each person singing into a video of all of them together.
•Kai sees that her edits are pretty good so he agrees to record ONE song with them.
•He locks this video in a safe in one of the palace’s high security vaults.
•Iko convinces Kai to rub his talent in Thorne’s face because he sucks at singing.
•Kai and Iko team up with Cress and she hacks into Thorne’s portscreen so the ringtone is Kai singing and taunting him.
•Cress also sets up the Rampion to play one of Kai’s recordings as a wake up alarm for Thorne (she does this one for fun because she likes messing with her boyfriend).
•Thorne “doesn’t know what they’re talking about” because he’s “a fabulous singer” {thanks to @nias for this idea; I hope u don’t mind I included it :)}
•Kai ends up deciding he wants revenge on Cinder because Iko won’t leave him alone after that one song with Cress and Winter.
•Guess what he does you guessed it he makes Cinder sing
•He probably tells her if she doesn’t sing for him and let him record it he would hire a crew to search the Artemisian River for her fOOT.
•Cinder doesn’t want the damn foot to ever surface again (wink wink) so she agrees to sing just this once.
•Kai finds out Cinder is pretty decent at singing and shows Iko a video who is absolutely thRilled.
•You all know what Iko does next..
•She makes them all sing together; she decides to make a music video. She has to force Thorne to stay out of it because even she has to admit he’s terrible.
•Thorne breaks out an old secret talent: he plays the guitar. He learned as a child (when he wasn’t gambling at school) but kept it a secret from his parents because he knew they wouldn’t approve.
•Scarlet and Wolf don’t want to participate but they absolutely love watching because it’s possibly the best thing ever. Iko later convinces them to be in it as extras or something.
•These recording sessions even make Jacin, the Salt™ of the crew, laugh. Although, he does love watching them because a) Winter is absolutely amazing and b) He also likes to bother Thorne because he can’t sing.
•No matter how much Iko tries to get Jacin’s pretty face into the video, he would not do it, and she knows there’s nothing else she can do. Winter ends up convincing him to be in it and do whatever Wolf and Scarlet are doing.
•They record a music video. An absolutely genius music video. A horrifyingly, yet beautifully strange video because they’re not teenagers anymore.
•Although Cinder and Kai would rather not let their twins know about this video, Iko shows it to them because they helped her.
•The twins are absolutely mortified but they loved it.
•This video never sees the light of day.

(sorry this turned out pretty long; once i started i couldn’t stop :) )