its just the most adorable thing in the world


Jett: “It actually has nothing to do with New Zealand. There have been pushes by the people of Australia for Australia to completely break away from England and remove the Queen from her head of state position. Most everyone in political power voted yes, putting us at a 6/7 ratio– Australia might just become a Republic in the next five years. Changing the flag is just another part of that. England might adore us, but that total domination is a thing of the past and Australia needs to pack its shit and move out into the real world. We want to stand on our own two feet…well, a large portion of us, anyway.”

Alistair: “Our economy is failing right now and as much as I loathe that pome, I think we’d be a bit safer with him. At least we’d be guaranteed that someone would support us if we crashed. God knows China won’t.”

Oscar: “England might have slaughtered our people, but the current Australian government is still being relatively unfair and cruel towards us. See what we’re doing to refugees under England’s rule? What if we just become increasingly cruel? What happens to the refugee and the aboriginal, then?”

Jackson: “Our corruption is steadily increasing and there’s no way to determine accurately whether it will get better or worse if we break away. We’re stuck in the same sort of position as Schrödinger’s cat. Nothing is until it is.”

Jett: “We’ll just have to wait and see, aye?”

tbh though i am completely in love with the world of avatar the last airbender i mean jfc its so unique and original and amazing and so full of character and depth i adore it. i’m just its literally one of my favourite things. it was my favourite thing as a kid with Avatar: The Last Airbender with the Team Avatar that’s so full of life and now I adore it with Legend of Korra. Just man. I dream to one day make something as wonderful as that.