its just the most adorable thing in the world

are you cute as hell?
  • aries rising: yes!!! your energy is magnetic, you're so adorably bubbly. i'd say yes to anything you ever suggested because your excitement is infectious. i love your hair.
  • taurus rising: yes!!! your smile is so sweet, you're just the sort of person i want to hug all day. i want to buy you so many presents & cuddle you all the time. i love your skin.
  • gemini rising: yes!!! it's just the cutest thing when you speak fast like you're so excited about something. your laugh is perfect & you just seem sooo cool. i love your hands.
  • cancer rising: yes!!! you're so kind & precious & expressive in like 1 million ways. you are literally too good and pure for this world omg, i want to hug you. i love your eyes.
  • leo rising: yes!!! when you're happy or excited it is honestly the most adorable thing. it's so difficult to take my eyes off you whatever you're doing. i love the way you move.
  • virgo rising: yes!!! omg you're so funny & sweet in so many different ways. you're the sort of person i ALWAYS want to hang out with no matter what. i love the way you dress.
  • libra rising: yes!!! how are you so kind to like everyone ever? i swear there is not a single person in the world you don't make so god damn happy. i love your cute tiny habits.
  • scorpio rising: yes!!! you're so quiet, it makes everyone want to know more, & your jokes are A++ bc we never expect them!! you have such class. i love the way you hold yourself.
  • sagittarius rising: yes!!! how do make everyone like you so easily??? honestly tell me your secrets, you're so funny & magnetic & just generally awesome. i love your laugh.
  • capricorn rising: yes!!! idk but i just wanna hug you & keep you safe, like, forever. i look up to you so much, plus you are sooo funny!! you rock. i love the way you walk.
  • aquarius rising: yes!!! omg your comments are always appreciated bc they're so dry & funny, and your dress sense is so quirky and cute, you're a pleasure. i love your voice.
  • pisces rising: yes!!! you're like the softest baby of light, can i wrap you up in tissue paper please??? you're so sweet & lovely & well meaning all the time. i love your smile.
Writers: Break the Rules

The entire reason we want to have writing “rules” is so that we can break them

Between my annoyed ranting and my personal opinions, it slipped my mind that many people haven’t been told this, and it’s only been brought to my attention recently that my own posts (and many others) don’t emphasize this point nearly enough.

Please take every writing guideline with a grain of salt. 

If someone says don’t do this it should never mean don’t ever do this but rather do this sparingly in order to get the effect you want out of it.

If you use stammers and ellipses to show pacing throughout your story, those things become the pacing itself. But if you use the sentence structure and action tags to show pacing, you can use stammers and ellipses to show anxiety, or create a unique speech pattern for a particular character, or a multitude of other cool things.

If you constantly use epithets to describe every character in your story, they become a long, often annoying alternate to a pronoun or name. But if you cut out most epithets, and just use a specific one to refer to a particular person or group of people, you can show something about your pov character’s view of the world, whether prejudice or admiration or adoration; the possibilities are endless. 

The same idea can be applied to most things pertaining to writing. Remember that almost anything you use frequently throughout your writing will loose its point. That’s why said is such a good dialogue tag. Once you use it enough times, most readers don’t notice it anymore. 

So when you read a writing guideline, one of your first thought should not be that’s a foolish rule or wow my writing must be terrible, but rather in what ways could this rule be broken in order to achieve a certain effect? 

Once you know that, it’s much easier to tell if the rule itself (and the breaking of it) is something you think would benefit your writing, or if you’d be better off ignoring it entirely.

(If we could pass this around the writeblr community that would be wonderful!) 

Disclaimer, sarcasm, and more info below the cut:

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mahnoorjahan  asked:

How do you feel about the pages in EOS where Aelin casually thinks of colonizing other countries and Rowan AGREES to it and boosts her on?

I mean, how do I /*feel*/ about it? As in how does is affect my enjoyment and support of SJM’s books?

basically like this: *shrugs*

And that’s because I’m really good at reading things and not being bothered by issues that tumblr thinks are problematic, and I’m also pretty good at enjoying literature that has a ton of problems because uh, that’s like, the entire point of literary criticism + the discipline i spent so long studying in college? I mean literary crit has saved my life as an historian and I’m deeply committed to the idea of textual analysis being the backbone of study for any humanity (srsly humanities students, every source is a fucking text that can be picked apart and analyzed until you die and it will improve your argument tenfold). So basically, I’m all for picking apart a text, because I enjoy doing so, but I’m also very skilled at not picking apart a text and just reading it and enjoying it. 

And I also think that books/texts do not need to be morally great and completely pc in order for us to enjoy them or in order for them to be deemed readable. I mean like…take Wuthering Heights for example. I ship the shit out of cathy and heathcliff (and if all else perished and he remained i should still continue to be like FUCK ME UP EMILY ugh so good), but i also acknowledge that its just about the most unhealthy problematic ass relationship every written. she is a literal demon??? he is also horrid. but i still adore them and the relationship and am very good at separating the things i like in literature from what i expect/want for myself and the world in real life

So in terms of Aelin’s colonization that means two things:

1) if she were to colonize, I’d probably be annoyed because I’m very against colonization irl and as an historian who lived in england I am sort of familiar with how shitty it is for the countries who are colonized (in that i have seen how england continues to treat them and their concerns and its very…sad and fucked up). i was at oxford during the year of rhodes must fall, and i was uh, for the rhodes falling side of the argument. like frankly i think we should ritualistically burn every statue of cecil rhodes in an enormous bonfire meant to summon satan from the depths of hell to come collect his blood stained soul but that’s a discussion for another time. however, aelin is not cecil rhodes, and she isn’t colonizing any real world country, and if SJM chose to have aelin colonize anywhere, I can imagine we would see Aelin bring peace and prosperity wherever she went b/c this is SJM’s universe and she can make whatever decisions she wants regardless of if they are realistic or not. And I’m cool with that. Fantasy is fantasy is fantasy. I’d be annoyed and roll my eyes but ultimately it would not affect my enjoyment of the book (and frankly no piece of media you consume is going to be unproblematic. but there are so many good parts of tog and acotar, good parts that have helped me survive and have made me feel accepted. and those good parts far outweigh the problems i have with the books)

2) and secondly…i kinda…disagree with the idea that Aelin is casually mentioning colonizing. In fact, I think this bit of text plays an important role in character development and the whole idea of having so much power that it corrupts. I’ll paste some analysis of this that I’ve done in the past bc I’m too lazy to do it again from scratch (anything below was written in response to another post, so it’s not directed at your ask specifically, but it does explain my feelings on this issue):

Let’s look specifically at the bit where Aelin says “For a heartbeat, she could see it- here face carved into statues…” Clearly this part is Aelin having grand dreams. Just…imagining what it would be like to be queen of the world. To have all that power.

Lets also consider how…afraid Aelin was/is of her own powers. How long it took her to accept that part of herself. How much she struggles with the burden of being the fire bringer. Great power = great responsibility (lol spiderman I’m sorry). Aelin was afraid of that responsibility. And i think…that she was also afraid of what it might do to her? Of how using her powers might make her hunger for more power and glory? And I think thats what we are seeing here. She’s admitting that parts of herself- for a heartbeat, for a literal second- want power and glory and fame. She’s admitting that she has that capability, that she has it within herself to hunger for extreme power and rule. Let’s not pretend like that isn’t within many of us as well.

But then, almost immediately, she thinks that these ides are “stupid and useless.” and she also says “Even wondering about the possibilities…perhaps it made her no better than Maeve or Erawan.” She’s fully acknowledging that thinking about colonization is not a good thing. She understands that it makes her like her enemies. Frankly, this is a really realistic thing for Sarah to include? Are we all just going to sit here and act like if we had tremendous power and were Queens that some of us wouldn’t be tempted by the power of expansion? Of gaining more power? Of course we would be! Not everyone, but some of us. Some of us would want power and fame and glory. But wanting something for a second before realizing how bad it is (what Aelin does here) is NOT the same thing as doing it.

Sure, maybe this scene is a bit…off putting, but I also think that it is a) realistic given the amount of power Aelin has and b) a problem we see a lot of fantasy heroes face. They always struggle with balancing power with…goodness. And they struggle with not letting their power make them corrupt. This is just an instance in which we see Aelin struggling with the same thing.

The temptation to do the wrong thing with power is not the issue, or the problem. What the hero actually does with said power is the issue. And do we see Aelin colonize in this book?? Nope. Nah.

Finally, I’d like to analyze the bit where she mentions giving her people kingdoms. I think it’s important that we think of how this relates to Terrasen specifically. The kingdom essentially does not exist. The people of Terrasen are homeless. They have nothing. No nationality, no kingdom, no identity. Aelin is specifically thinking about giving them everything she could in this moment. She’s thinking about conquering places specifically for her people. Of course, the reason behind colonization doesn’t matter, but it is important, for a character who rejected her destiny and responsibility, to finally start thinking about doing things for her country. I doubt Aelin actually *will* colonize, especially given that she BLATANTLY ADMITS IT WOULD MAKE HER LIKE MAEVE AND WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE MAEVE, but I do think that this scene functions as a way to show the reader the lengths she is now willing to do for her country and people.

Also, this scene sets up a pretty essential parallel between Aelin, Maeve, and Erawan. We need to know that our heroine is on the same level of power as her adversaries. And as I have already discussed, power does not come for free, and without the temptation to use it in the wrong way. Aelin needs to be faced with the same issue that someone like Maeve was faced with—do you use your power for good, or for evil? Do you let it corrupt you or do you resist the temptation?—so that we can see her make the right choice, the choice diametrically opposed to Maeve’s choice, and so that we perceive her as being as powerful as Maeve is. The potential for both good and evil is not unique to Aelin or Maeve, but it is a problem compounded by the amount of power they each have. Any good choice Aelin makes has more power to do goodness in the world than a good choice that someone like Chaol makes. Similarly, any evil choice she makes does more evil than an evil choice that someone like Chaol makes. Aelin’s struggle with good and evil within herself is necessarily more pronounced than any other character’s. Any character with as much power as Aelin or Maeve needs to face this problem, otherwise we would just have characters who had immense power and always used it for good and were never tempted by evil or whatever and that would be…unrealistic in the extreme, and not a satisfying story.

The capacity to do evil, and speak of evil, and think of evil, is not the same thing as doing evil. That’s a trait that all of us have in us. But what we actually choose to do, those are the things that matter.

Kissing Headcannons:

•Laurance loves to be kissed on the tummy and thighs, those are the places you go to show who’s dominant in a relationship.
•Garroth loves soft kisses on the forehead and cheek but doesn’t mind rough ones on the neck.
•Zane likes playful kisses anywhere, although he’s really sensitive in the lower stomach area.
•Dante doesn’t really like to get kisses but to give them is his passion. He would actually take rough, wet kisses on the lips though.
•Travis loves kisses together. Like, passionate kisses on the beach or a town fair for a romantic vibe.
•Aaron is happy with whatever his spouse is happy with. Although, he won’t complain for hard kisses on top of his head.
•Gene is a naughty boy when it comes to love and is a naughty boy when it comes to kisses. He likes them anywhere that involves him getting undressed.
•Vylad likes to be swept off his feet and kissed slowly by surprise. Sometimes the kiss would turn into something bigger in a relationship if his spouse is okay with it.
•Kawii~chan just loves to makeout. It’s as simple as that.
•Katelyn is in charge of her life but not her relationship. She enjoys comfortable kisses and hugs after a long workout though.
•Lucinda often stays at other’s houses over night, so she’s used to the kisses that wont be there when she wakes up in the morning.
•Kim hasn’t really kissed anyone since high school. Although, she dreams of finally kissing her spouse when they’re crying to make them fell better. She thinks it would be romantic.
•Aphmau likes to be blown kisses from her spouse. She thinks its the most funniest thing in the world.
•Nicole absolutely adores eskimo and butterfly kisses, just to get close to her spouse’s face. It makes her giggle and smile like nothing else.
(I hope you see this! I’m still trying to figure Tumblr out XD and I love your Headcannons!)

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey can i get a hc for Zen reacts to MC who has really bad bed head (her hair is everywhere,the parting isn't that visible and sticks up in werid places) ? And/or Zen has the bad bed hair but MCs looks perfect as if she hasn't been to bed?

first one !

  • at first you’re surprised at why your boyfriend is laughing
  • then he gently points you towards the side mirror
  • you are absolutely dead
  • it makes it worse that Zen looks as perfect as ever, with only a bit of messy bangs when he moves
  • in fact you want to fall into a black hole
  • you are the only other person in the world Zen thinks is more attractive then himself, and he is thus confused when you complain
  • Zen assures you that no you are not hideous and yes it’s the most adorable thing he’s seen in his life
  • after he’s finished laughing of course
  • you pout, attempting to calm your wild mane with no success
  • he swats your hands away with an amused smile, tucking a strand behind your ear, now the only behaved piece on your head
  • “Calm down honey, its just me.”
  • you want to say that of course its him and that’s the reason why you want to look your best obviously
  • but he looks at you with those brilliant fuchsia eyes and you slowly understand
  • you leave it but still stuff your head into the pillow, face on fire
  • “Y/N?”
  • “mmmph”
  • a low chuckle that runs through your very being as soft lips press to the top of your head
  • “cute”

My precious snowflake,

Did you really think I was going to let something as menial as distance stop me from at least trying to surprise you and showering you with all the love that you deserve, on this spectacularly special day of yours?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!!! I love you so very much. Every conversation of ours is one I hold close to my heart. I admire you, adore you and appreciate you in my life, immensely.

You are so incredibly special and you deserve the world at your footsteps and God willing, I shall be by your side to witness you soar through the clouds, your wings the most breathtaking thing that nature could ever create.

I will always treasure our friendship because just like you, this friendship is unique and rare and inquisitively fragile in its beauty. Like you, it too is a rare find.

I love you Katie a.k.a @twininspiredwriting
You are and always will be Sneha and my snowflake. ♥️

Much love,

P.S: Please blame my father’s ridiculously pathetic photography skills for this picture and yes, I am indeed wearing a Frozen vest and please ignore just how dishevelled and hideous I appear.

b-lxndie  asked:

{ do you think you could some headcannons of Alois in a relationship? Thank youu! }

//Sure :) I hope you enjoy, love//


  • He, as expected, is extremely possessive of his partner. He wants them to be his and only his. He also gets jealous easily, but would try to keep his cool, although his partner could easily see through his façade.
  • Stemming from this, he often gets false vibes of disloyalty from his partner, and would need to constantly be reassured that they loved him. If his suspicions were to be correct about about their infidelity he’d get exceptionally angry, possibly becoming violent toward his partner. Although, he would ultimately plead for his partner to stay with him, as he doesn’t know what he would do without them–they are his rock.
  • In relation, they were his, their body was his–his to do whatever he pleases with. So, if anyone were to lay a hand on his partner, besides him, he would be hellbent on getting revenge, possibly having Claude dispose of them.
  • He would be extremely cuddly and affectionate with his partner. He would love physical contact with them, in any of its many forms.
  • On most days, he adores his partner. To him, they are the most amazing thing in this world, and he looks up to them a lot. It’s only when he has a fit of rage when he gets angry/violent toward them. If his partner were to stay with him, there would be endless cuddles, gifts, and overall kind gestures, as he feels those are the best ways to apologize (although, he’s constantly buying his partner gifts anyway).
  • He has several moments in which he just gets entranced by his partner, mesmerized by their beauty. He’ll often gaze at them affectionately, and depending on his mood, may or may not deny he did so.
  • He would love to show off his partner, often taking them out and about–date or not. He would feel a lot of pride that he’d managed to capture his partner’s heart, and it would definitely show when he introduced them to others.
  • He is quite dramatic and emotional, so his partner would have to be able to handle that, as well as comfort him in his times of need.

let’s just talk about this

the i dont care music video (2009)

is the best and weirdest and most hilarious and craziest and most wonderful and most perfect thing on this world in THIS UNIVERSE THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE GENIUS OF IT AND HOW MUCH I LOVE IT DONT EVEN EXIST OKAY





okay this has really been bugging me, so i just wanna get it out of my system

this scene feels romantic to me


well, look at her face! i dont know about the rest of y’all but id expect something that was like “whoa! uncle qrow?! how did you-” or other similar expressions of shock

i mean it was like that at first but then she like dismisses the initial shock and it turns to THIS


look at her

its like

shes looking at him like

“i knew you’d always come through for me”

“i knew you wouldnt leave me”

shes looking at him like hes the most wonderful thing in the world (which he kind of is.. right now,.. given their current situation.. he just saved their lives.) like if hes around, then everything will be okay (which it kind of is now.. hes like really strong) but like in a totally GAY way, you know what i mean, its- 

-its so fond

and, and-

the SOUND she makes 

its like this happy little fond, adoring sigh ive only ever heard in shoujo anime when the girl and the guy are alone together and the guy does or says something cheesy and the girl makes that little sigh like ‘oh what am i to do with you’



and qrow replies with his own little smile, and his totally casual ‘hey’ like a guy trying to play it cool around his crush

h looks and sounds so relieved

fuck. this. shit.

anonymous asked:

Gom+kagamis reaction when they catch their s/o dancing with her toddler sister to badanamu songs please (๑º╰╯º๑)♬

Okay I looked up what that is and can I just say it’s the cutest thing ever

Kuroko would use his misdirection to watch you and your sister.  After a few minutes of doing that, he’d start dancing with you without you even having to ask.

Kagami would laugh when he sees you dancing with your younger sister.  At first you thought he was laughing at you, but he would immediately start dancing with you.

Kise would think its the most adorable thing in the entire world.  The second he processes what he’s seeing he’d practically beg to do it with you before you could even ask him to.

Midorima would recognize the songs, he’d never admit it, but he actually dances with his younger sister to them too.  It would take a lot of persuading on your part, and he would blush the entire time, but he’d do it.

Aomine would be content with just watching you and your sister dance.  There’s like a three percent chance he’d do it if you asked him to dance with you, but if you asked him enough he would begrudgingly do it.

Murasakibara would watch you with his bored expression, but he actually thought it was really cute.  He wouldn’t want to dance with you at all, it’s just too much effort.  If you did somehow manage to get him to dance, he’d be super lazy about it.

Akashi would watch you for a few seconds before asking to dance with you and your sister.  After a couple minutes of doing it, he was surprisingly good.

I was tagged by the most fabulously amazing @wintersolqiers who is an adorable little bunny and who i love very much <3

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name: Rianna

height: 164cm (ahaha sorry I don’t know what that is in the whole feet and inches thing)

ultimate bias: OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR HUANG ZITAO!!!!! But seriously tho he is just the most perfect lil munchkin in the whole world and i just love him so much <3 

nicknames: ummmm i don’t have any that are currently in use…

zodiac sign: Aries

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favorite season: Autumn 

favorite color: Blue 

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: coffee because I’m pretty sure ive been running solely on caffeine since like 2013

favorite animals: cats <3 even tho I’m so allergic that I literally can’t touch them I still love them

last tv show i watched: pretty sure it was Dance Academy and I have no regrets 

last movie i watched: the new spiderman movie which is AMAZING btw everyone should see it 

dream trip: I’d really like to go back to China for a while I think :) especially to see some of the historical sites and definitley the Great Wall 

number of blankets you sleep with: from none to like 4 it depends on what I feel like 

song stuck in my head: Collateral Love because it is beautiful and I love it so much and Tao’s vocals have just improved so much I’m so proud 

what kind of stuff do i post?: AHAHAHA TRASH. literally just trash. and of course tao and exo. because I love them

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I’m rewatching the episode of Voyager titled Drone and omg:

  • Janeway is like the PROUDEST grandma to One
  • Seven is the world’s most snarky proud mom
  • The Doctor is like the cutest Dad who is so caring to One like NO you might have been a surprise but I love you hush
  • and NEELIX. He’s like AAAHHH YESS AN new nephew to SPOIL
  • And One? One is this adorable adult child thing of I just wanna please fam.

ITS SO CUTE. They are all so cute I’mma die

When someone is in love you can really tell. Like really tell. Especially with the body language. This kiss wasn’t scripted and you can easily tell as Darren went for the kiss Chris didn’t know so it got a little awkward yet still adorable. Just by looking at this it seems to be that Darren’s body language is so comfortable. He literally just leans in to give Chris a peck like its the most normal thing in the world, like he does it everyday. Chris pulls him closer because it’s so normal to them. Boyfriends.

BTS: Jin - As A Boyfriend

A/N: This is for all the lovely jin stans out there who are always dedicating their time and energy to love our little snowflake. Just everyone in general ok pls enjoy the amazingness that is jin. If you thought my suga one was good (idk some people thought so im still in shock) THEN HAHAHAHAHA WAIT FOR JIN

Originally posted by linheys

  • This masterpiece of a man will just blow your heart when you see him for the first time. I swear to god, the cameras do him no justice because he is a precious snowflake and he just wow he blows me away with how handsome he is
  • I can very well see Jin going out with a fan because why not. Are ARMY’s not good people? Will they not love him sincerely and honestly? Don’t they deserve that same love in return? Jin is the kind of person to share love with everyone in the world irrespective of nationality, culture, religion or gender/sex tbh. he’s an angel fight me on this (and sometimes he might get confused about just how can you differentiate love between friends or family and significant others because he can love everyone)
  • I think your interactions with Jin would span across a long time before you guys realize you have feelings for each other. I think it’d be Jin who’d realize it first and it just hits him right in the heart you know.
  • SHIT. This girl. I love her.
  • There is no ‘i might like her a little bit’ or ‘this could be fun to try’ with Jin. No. This boy knows it well when his heart flutters every time you smile and he isn’t going to go play some stupid push-and-pull games with you. He’s a grown up man and love isn’t going to wait.
  • When he realizes that he has some pretty strong feelings for you, he’ll want to say it to you immediately. Even if he’s overseas and you’re sitting in your pyjamas in your house and it’s 3 AM and you’re wondering why your phone is blowing up so much.

Originally posted by btsleepy

  • Y/N-ah (or cute nicknames like hotpot or bibimbap) you have to skype me now. Please. Now”
  • “Jin. It’s *squints at watch in the distance* its 3 AM are you mad? i don’t love you that much bye”
  • “Bibimbap. I do. I need to talk to you about it. please.”
  • And you freak out because you’ve always joked about how you don’t love him enough for this and that but he’s never entertained it the same way but if Jin is using the word love. this might be some serious shit. so he calls you up and skype’s you barefaced and a little bit nervous and spends the first 10 minutes just checking up on you and saying utter shit and you just want him to cut to the chase because JIN MY HEART WILL BEAT OUT OF MY CHEST WHAT IS IT JUST TELL ME
  • I love you.
  • There is no why after it, there aren’t multitudes of reasons to backup his simple confession because in his head Jin doesn’t need to logically understand this. He just loves you, simple and clear.
  • And man do those words knock the air out of you. You’re a bit shocked and waiting for a few more words but he smiles his angelic little smile and says “that’s it. I’ll be going now. BYe”
  • And for every message you send him about how unbelievable it is that he loves you because god have you seen the women you work with or could work with, there are incredible people out there and yes i know I’m awesome but still, incredible people and this relationship will be so hard with your schedule and mine and lets not even forget the fans oh god
  • He just keeps sending “i love you” without even stopping until you just shut up because you cant have this conversation with this 5 yr old anymore.

Originally posted by jinful

  • But when he gets back, he’s immediately at your place in very comfy clothing (and his bags because he came straight from the airport) carrying flowers and food (from wherever he visited) because he just couldn’t wait to see you and he wasn’t going to waste a goddamn minute.
  • you slip into this relationship so easily because it is literally like a relationship with your best friend. he takes care of you so well that you forget sometimes that he does it for everyone else and it’s high time someone did it for him
  • when you cook for him the first time and leave some in the fridge at his place because you’re busy and you have to get to work, he nearly cries when he eats your food. You only find this out later on from namjoon who had walked in on it and tried to get some of your food, but got whacked for no good reason
  • it just hurts your heart because you didn’t think much of it but that’s when you realize just how much it means for him
  • so you make a conscious effort to remind jin that you’ll be taking care of him from now on and protecting him whenever and wherever possible
  • and he argues because he doesn’t need it. he just finds it more comfortable to take care of you he’s used to it
  • You shouldn’t be used to it you idiot. So let me just love you please.”
  • And jin is so surprised by your words, he lets you be

Originally posted by jiguk

  • so many cuddle nights because he needs the sleep but you keep telling him its because you want the cuddles (i mean who doesn’t want to cuddle with sweet and long jin)
  • and you guys cook together so often but he always does the main korean dishes because he’s just better at it. so you take up cleaning and setting up the table
  • he loves how well you guys work together. even when he has slept over and you’re both late for your work and you have to get ready together. He runs at you with lotion and you tug his scarf a bit closer to his neck. he makes sure you’re wearing socks before you get into your boots and then you run into the house *jin silently screams because THE FLOOR IS ALL DIRTY NOW JAGIYA WHY* but you come back with a tiny pack of sunscreen lotion and dab it on his face because he always forgets it you idiot and he presses a quick kiss to your lips in return

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

  • he get you to come to gym with him all the time even though you hate it eventually he just gives up, so he works out at the gym while you run a few laps by the river and then you guys meet up for a final walk back home all sweaty but so happy together
  • chill nights when he gets to get away from his busy bts life and just have loads of carbs and alochol with you and he isn’t complaining because this boy can wow i bet he has good tolerance ok dont fight me on this
  • If you’re a uni student, I bet your sweet ass he’s going to help you out a lot and is even willing to come with you to career days and parent-teacher meetings because your parents cant make it but he wants to know about how awesome you’re doing in uni and all your profs are so surprised because they’ve never seen a more caring boyfriend
  • you’re so embrassed because “Have you ever heard of a boyfriend coming to one of these things? Jin you didn’t have to,.”
  • I want to. Also how amazing are you? Your english professor couldn’t stop talking about you wow I was almost jealous I thought I loved you the most haha”
  • For the first few months you don’t tell him that you have a very valid driving license and can drive yourself around but he just enjoys it so much and he casually wraps your hands together and traces patterns with his thumb on the back of your hand when he’s driving. You can’t bring yourself to take that from him
  • but when he realizes you can drive, and a bit shocked at that, he’s so ready because now you can drive him from practice and he can take a nap in the car and he’ll still be with you . it’s win win

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  • you find it so amazing every time how easily he fits into your surroundings.
  • At your house, your pets come to love him pretty quickly. You dog literally fractures his tail because of wagging it so much (and Jin laughs his one lung out and then takes him to the vet because he is sorry that your dog loves him more)
  • and your mum is going to ADORE THIS BOY
  • dont make me start on your father because this boy will just blow him away because your father never thought someone could love his daughter more than he could. he was wrong. they even have a little fun-natured quiz about you and jin lets your father win
  • but then they have scotch late into the night talking about their university days and what kind of trouble jin is going through and you father says jin can call him anytime if he needs anything and you just want to sit down and sniff your feels away because oh god thats so just agggh so cute
  • and when he meets your friends, he casually brings up random conversations you didn’t even know they had in common. loves it when they talk about you during school days
  • and plans birthday surprises and videos for you with them especially because he got hold of your pictures from middle school and he loves how adorable you are
  • he whispers how beautiful you’ve become when you’re half asleep and in bed and its barely even dawn but he’s still the most beautiful thing in your world and you don’t get how he doesn’t see how amazing he is sometimes

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  • you always take a step back when ARMY’s recognize jin on the street. not because you’re afraid of being recognized or something like that but because you just want him to take his time to love them back and interact with them. you even offer to take pictures of them together and he stands there for an hour or so, signing everything from caps to sneakers and writing nice words for them on their texbooks and taking as many selcas as they could possibly need
  • but you don’t notice how he always keeps an eye on you and he shudders at the thought of his fans ever hating you because how could they. if they saw how much you loved him and how goddamnmuch he loved you, they couldn’t hate you right?
  • wrong. lol. people will always find a way to hurt you
  • so jin just gets you on a mokbang so that people can talk shit about you guys to your faces on v app and the both of you sass your way through the show like some idiot will say “Ugh how can jin oppa go out with her she isn’t even that pretty” and jin just goes “well she tops her class and i don’t know how i can go out with someone so smart” and eventually thats the most watched show on their v app and all the boys roll on the floor laughing because THAT WAS SO GREAT OH MY GOD. JIN YOU GOT THE RIGHT GIRL
  • yoongi adores you and is so nice to you that jin often acts offended like “YOONGI-SHI I’m your roommate *flips table* and you treat her better and buy her things why”
  • and suga just casually flips him off and continues to play jenga with you hahahaah
  • you’ve suddenly become the relationship guru for all the boys and it just shocks you because everyone from rap mon to jungkook comes to you for relationship advice and you’re so thrilled because YES BABIES LET ME SPOIL YOU HAHA
  • jin has a heart attack when kookie likes a girl but you have to calm him down because hey junkook is allowed to grow up ok and you shall NOT scare him or be protective of him
  • but you still keep tabs on kookie because you’re just as protective of him and v and jin looks over your shoulder as you text kookie or v about their dates and jin approoves of how easily you fit into this role

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  • you’re already married. aint nobody going to deny that
  • but oh god it’s so hard to control jin in the early days of the relationship because this boy just loves to get on your nerves and just kiss you out of nowehere
  • like you’re talking about your day and you think he’s enjoying it because he’s smiling at you so kindly with that lopsided tilt to his lips but he just ups and kisses you and you just - *sounds of birds squeaking in the distance*
  • you can’t even wear shorts around the boys because (the hickeys are all over your thighs and please good lord rap mon knows whats up)
  • UGH
  • after dinner you’re watching a nice cozy movie and jin wraps a blanket over you and you want to melt because aww he’s being so kind but suddenly halfway into the movie, you feel his hands stroking your inner thigh and pinching his way up to your sensitive regions and you turn your head to check on him and he’s got his eyes on the tv like nothing has changed but oh god his long fingers slip under your pants so quick you have to bend forward from the shock
  • but he just takes it as encouragement and maliciously teases you and plays with you until you have to drag him to the bed by the collar and do him right then and there
  • seokjin is a sinner and i refuse to accept otherwise hahahahah

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  • fight me if I’m wrong but most of the times, especially when it’s round two on a sunday or a day off, he’s just really into lazy sex like random kissing and biting and just lying around naked and rolling between the sheets because he likes the smell of you in the morning and loves how he can touch you and feel so comfortable
  • he understands then that he hadn’t seen true beauty and comfort until he saw you naked and sleeping curled up against his chest and you were just wow breath-takingly amazing. hair and mounds of fats and scars and all. you were amazing and he couldn’t love you any more
  • I just I know I’ve written so much but a life with jin is the right sense of home and comfort that I know is out of my reach in life. he is home. i know he will be bring a lot of comfort and love to his girlfriend/wife and i just wish you guys the best ok. please treat my snowflake well he deserves the best. sometimes i wish i could show him just how much he deserves in life but lol ok moving on
  • just please treat him well he’s so body positive and appreciative of others and loves himself so well


A Sappy Ler

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Sequel to GreenieLeeEye; A few instances of Mark taking advantage of Jack’s love of tickling. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I’m just getting over my writer’s block so this may not be up to par with my other fics. Also this is super cheesey but just role with it. Also THANKS SO MUCH @stargazingbear FOR ALL YOUR HELP EDITING! LIKE HOLY SHIT THANK YOU!!!!

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ok but.. i bet harry is the type of person to lay on your chest when he wants your attention. but he won't actually say anything, he'll just keep nuzzling into your neck until you play with his hair and kiss his forehead. i just wanna snuggle him omg

PLEASE idk if anyone saw my tags on those new gifs of him last night but honestly I bet he is so snuggly when he wants attention.  Like I can see him coming home from filming.  He’s on a little break and he’s decided to spend it with you, and you both decide to spend the whole evening in bed.   You’re quietly watching his favorite show on your TV, when he turns to you and wraps an arm around your tummy.  He nuzzles his head onto your chest and lets out a long sleepy sigh, going almost deadweight on you.  

You giggle, reaching up to scratch lightly at his head.  “Comfy?”  He doesn’t say anything, just nods his head, and you laugh quietly through your nose.  “Sleepy?” you ask softly.  He nods again, and you let out a sigh, allowing your arm to wrap around him.  “Go to sleep then,” you nearly whisper, with one hand massaging his back and one massaging his head.  

He gives a half-hearted, sleepy little sniffle.  “Just wanna snuggle,” he says, and you swear your heart could burst at how fucking cute he’s being.

“I’m still gonna be here when you wake up, Harry.”

“Snuggling me?”

“Always.”  Its not often that Harry gets this cuddly, but when he does, its the most adorable thing.  

He shakes his head a bit, snuggling impossibly closer, and turns to kiss your chest softly.  “Good.”  He lets out another long sigh, and is quiet for a while.  You think he’s fallen asleep when he speaks again.  “Missed this.  Missed you.  You’re the best snuggler in the world.”

You giggle, pausing the scratching at his head.  “You’re not so bad yourself.”

He gives another sleepy sniffle, then says, “M’not gonna fall asleep.  Just wanted a cuddle.”

You kiss his forehead, laughing because you both know he’s going to fall asleep within minutes.  “Okay, babe.  Thats fine.”  

And, of course, seconds later his breathing slows to long, deep breaths and he goes even heavier on you.  He’s asleep, alright.  And with one more kiss to his head, you allow yourself to drift off as well.

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Ever since the boncas, Phil's just looked at dan like he's his whole world and that's the most beautiful thing I've seen all year. Like Phil loves dan (in whatever way) so freakin much. He doesn't always express it outloud but it's always with little things. I literally want to cry every now and then at how much Phil truly loves and adores dan.

it just like. i know it’s only really subtle but,,,, phil used to not look at dan at all in videos (or at least an incredibly small amount). meanwhile dan has trouble looking at the camera if phil’s talking. so it’s just nice to see phil relax a bit around the camera and listen attentively to dan (of course im sure he was before but it’s nice to get a visual on it). and phil just looks so caring and lovely,, i weep

Watch on

Just look at the way Dan blinks before looking at Phil. Its like he’s remembered how much he wanted to meet Phil, how it was his dream, and he suddenly realizes that his dream came true. He may had doubts but its real, he’s with him. Right here and right now. And when he finally looks at him, he still adores him the same way he adored him for many years now. He will always look up to him and he will always love his dork. They love each other very much and I think that its just the most beautiful thing in the world.

P.S. bc everyone took this post literally. This is just something to fuck yall up. I understand its not what happened. This is more of a headcanon and what I WISH happened. Stop taking things so literally. Thank you for your time.