its just the little gestures

“whatever happened to normal fucking names?!”

lol shut up

your partner’s name is ‘locus’

you’re fighting a war on behalf of a covetous megalomaniac you knew as the name “control” for most of the job, you’re honestly sticking with it because you have fun dicking around killing people, and you deal with alien technology on a daily basis

you don’t get to complain about the lack of normal in your life

My favorite thing about Final Fantasy XV is probably the little encouragements the chocobros tell each other during battle and occasionally outside of battle too. Like I love hearing them be like ‘Good one Prompto’ or 'You’re on fire today!’ It’s such a small gesture but I find it so sweet that even in the midst of battle they’re still cautious of validating each other for jobs well done


A video posted by 류소희 aka.SsoHit (@ssohit) on Mar 21, 2016 at 12:33pm PDT

Okay, so this is Ryu Sohee a.k.a  Ssohit on instagram. She is a SM dancer and choreographer and has choreographed/danced for various artist under SM. I seen her pop up here and there through out late last year but only discovered her instagram account shortly after the Seoul Dimension 4 concerts, from there pretty much learned about who she is and what she does.Getting down to business and the point of this post, I found these videos of her dancing Rainbow & Boom Bang Boom on her instagram, with other small clues, discovered she’s indeed the choreographer! Which makes her my hero! 

Sticking to the theme of the blog, these videos actually changed my perspective a little bit on the performance during the show. More so Rainbow (because the song itself is actually performed) I don’t get that FULL sense of flavor or attitude as I do when I look at Sohee and her partner do it (seriously yall see that sass he is serving!!!) do it, tbh, and Sohee only published this small clip. Although, I don’t need to see Sohee’s full version to know that the only member who kept the vibe and presence of the original (but still making it her own) was Luna. Its just the small little gestures too honestly. The smallest things can make a performance sooo much better when it comes to my personal taste. I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I think individual members excel in different genres of dance than the rest. Luna rises when it comes to Hip-Hop and power dances, this is just a little example of such. What do you guys think?

P.S also just wanted to share Sohee’s videos cause they’ve been posted for a long ass time and it seemed to have slipped under the radar. Thanks for the choreo Sohee!!