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Writing Prompts

Send me a number and any specific details you might like to see included.

1. Can you just back off?
2. I’m right here, okay? You’re all right.
3. Lock the door.
4. Keep it up and see what happens.
5. Don’t touch me right now.
6. That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.
7. Baby, just breathe.
8. This is a terrible idea.
9. For fuck’s sake, just shut up.
10. It’s too early for this.
11. If you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.
12. I’m just stressed.
13. What did you break?
14. It’s four A.M.
15. I don’t need you anymore.
16. What an interesting conclusion.
17. And now you’re naked. Okay.
18. What are you wearing?
19. You’re overreacting.
20. I can’t believe you don’t even know my eye color.
21. And you thought I’d be okay with that?
22. You can’t keep doing this.
23. I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.
24. Why do you smell like smoke?
25. Why do you smell like a walking liquor bar?
26. Why do you smell like perfume?
27. Is there someone else? Don’t lie.
28. You took advantage of me.
29. If you think you’re getting out of this that easily, you’re sadly mistaken.
30. You put us both in danger.
31. I don’t understand you.
32. You’re just asking for it.
33. I could just choke you right now.
34. You are everything to me.
35. This is gonna hurt.
36. I don’t deserve this.
37. You can’t just fix everything with a kiss. This isn’t a booboo.
38. Can you slow down?
39. It feels deeper this way.
40. Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?
41. Your family is in the other room!
42. I’m begging you.
43. Hey, you’re safe now. It’s over.
44. Where is all of my underwear?
45. I almost died.
46. This isn’t just one of your little jokes.
47. What did you do to your hair?
48. You’re scaring me.
49. I think I drank too much.
50. Well, this was unexpected.
51. It’s too late for that.
52. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
53. It’s your birthday. It is your birthday, right?
54. You’re just gonna leave me here?
55. That’s mine. You’re not taking it.
56. You made that more sexual than it should have been.
57. I’m not just gonna wait around for you.
58. That’s my only clean shirt.
59. Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.
60. I feel like I might be sick.
61. I can’t believe you would do this.
62. Don’t underestimate me. I’m a seasoned pro.
63. Your mom says differently.
64. Did you steal this?
65. I thought I lost you.
66. I think you need a shower.
67. Call an ambulance.
68. I can’t talk about this anymore.
69. Can you put your mouth here?
70. You taste like toothpaste.
71. A little manky-panky.
72. I’m going to absolutely wreck you.
73. Don’t ever say that again.
74. I don’t really care what you think.
75. I can’t do that.
76. This is a train wreck.
77. Do you need some tissues?
78. You can fuck right off.
79. You’re still gonna go, aren’t you?
80. I cannot believe you forgot. This was important to me.
81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.
82. Can we just start fresh?
83. Don’t forget the condoms!
84. I feel like I’ve been split in two.
85. I’ve never felt anything like that.
86. You’re driving me mad.
87. This is completely different.
88. Can you believe the moon tonight?
89. Wait, why are you crying?
90. You’re making this hard for me.
91. I hope you rot in hell.
92. I think you’re an angel.
93. Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.
94. I’m gonna take good care of you.
95. Let’s see what you’ve got.
96. I went easy on you.
97. I’m getting better, right?
98. Read my fucking lips.
99. You make me happy.
100. I can feel your heart beating.

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Wait wait wait a moment! YOU did the 90's diet coke fic on ao3??? I've been in love with that stuff for so long! Waiting for it to update ;v; I'm so surprised to just....randomly find you here lmao You're not only a talented artist but also writer? Gosh dang you're awesome!

Nooo nonono! I’m not a fic writer at all! I created the whole 90s Diet Coke AU (and have obviously drawn artwork for it), but anyone who has written 90s Diet Coke fic has been inspired by my posts on tumblr and is not actually me. When it comes to fic I’m just an ideas person and an all-round fic appreciator. No writing from me beyond what you see here on my tumblr! I’m glad you enjoy the concept, though! I hope you’ve told the fic writer how much you love their work <3


Requested: Shawn is in the studio, but can’t seem to write anything meaningful. He calls y/n for some inspiration.



You’re halfway through your algebra homework, when your phone buzzing on your bed distracts you. Picking it up, you answer, “Hello?”

“Hey hun,” Shawn’s voice comes from the other side. You’re wondering why he’s calling you because you know he’s at a recording studio in LA right now.

“Hey babe,” You reply, “What’s up?” 

“I’m in the studio and I know you just got home from school so I just wanted to call you.”

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“Not So Movie Marathon”

Summary: Chris decides to propose to the reader.

Request:  Hey, I’m having a horrible day. Just extremely crappy and would love something with Bucky x reader or Chris beck x reader to lift my spirits. Anything you feel inspired to write about. Love, support, just super fluffy please:) - @foolishlycompletelyfallen

Word Count: 715 

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: im so sorry this took so long. i started my classes again thins week so its been a little rough. i got a new laptop and i still havent transfered my files. i should be getting back into the swing of things next week. leave me an ask if you want to be on my taglist or you just wanna ask some questions. 

Originally posted by bucky-barnes-pls

“Babe, let’s go! I have to catch you up on all the scary movies you missed while you were trying to get Watney’s ass off of Mars!” Y/N shouted to Chris. She had been dating him before he went off into space. They had been together for almost four years now and every one of his team members were waiting for him to pop the question. Martinez was the one pestering him the most.

Chris had a plan to propose and he was not going to let any of his team members ruin it. He had bought the ring the minute he landed back on earth. He had to ask Commander Lewis and Beth to help him. He was still a poor clueless space boy after all.

After what felt like days of visiting high-end jewelry stores and deleting all the pictures he took to send to his helpers, he finally found the perfect ring. It reminded him of her eyes. It sparkled in the sunlight and he could notice it in the darkness. He was still nervous to ask her. She had said several times that he was her one and only.

She said their love would last forever like Noah and Allie`s. The Notebook was her favorite movie of all time. They watched it together on their first date and Y/N balled her eyes. After that night, he knew he would be with her forever. She looked beautiful even when she cried.

Tonight was the night. He was going to propose to Y/N and he would have the honor of calling her his wife. She had the intention of showing him all the scary movies that came out while he was away, but he had a different idea.

While Y/N prepared the popcorn and sweets, Chris quickly changed out the DVD and put on “The Notebook.” He felt like it was the perfect way he could propose. It symbolized their relationship coming full circle. Through all the ups and downs they stayed strong, just like Noah and Allie. He was getting emotional just thinking about it. He didn’t even notice Y/N sit down next to him.

“Babe? Helloooo? Chris?” she starting waving her hand in front of his face “I asked you to play it. C’mon there is a lot to catch up on.”

He wanted to wait to the end of the movie, he really did, but looking at her now he saw that goofy smile and enthusiasm for something that would just give her nightmares. He knew he could just cuddle her even more after the movies and he was okay with it. Before he could stop himself he slowly lowered himself off the sofa and onto one knee in front of her.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are the absolute love of my life. You listen to me rant about the constellations and black holes and things you probably don’t understand, but you put up with it. You put up with me. I know our relationship hasn’t been the easiest one or the most traditional. I have been gone for a lot of it but you still stood by me. You were faithful and you loved me. You understand me and for that I will always come back to you. Whether I am just at the grocery store or on another planet, I will always come back to you. Please do me the honor of becoming me Wife?”

She was frozen. The ring was gorgeous. He knew her so well, but she also knew he had help. He couldn’t have been able to pick out a ring without a woman’s help. She loved him, but the boy had no inkling of an idea about rings.

She was crying and couldn’t speak. All she could do was nod her head at a furious pace. Chris let out a sound that was a mixture of a sigh and a laugh. With shaky hands, he pulled the ring out of the velvet box and slowly slide it on her finger. He picked her up and spun her around. He let her down and they shared a passionate kiss. Y/N started giggling.

“You had the notebook in the DVD player, didn’t you?”

Yup. They were definitely made for each other. 

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What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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How do you pick what colors to use in any given painting? Like, in your speedpaints, you throw down a bunch of seemingly random, unrelated colors in different segments, and then, all of a sudden, it just looks fantastic. You never really go over any of them again or apply filters or anything. It's just so... effortlessly flawless looking.

Ha ha. I wouldn’t say that anything I do is even close to flawless but thank you XD

I guess it’s pretty easy for me to pick colors now because colors and color theory has always been interesting to me, and I’ve been practicing with them for so long. I get inspired for pallets by nature a lot which helps. 

But also sometimes the selections aren’t as random as they seem. I use complimentary colors a lot. Also tertiary colors. For example the last piece I did involved lots of reds, oranges and violets, which, if you look at a color wheel, are all next to each other.

I’ll do a tutorial thing on this one day.

It’s on my growing to do list.

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You know I was just minding my own business when the dark vs anti vid came out and now I have to fic. Like I was gonna work on something else today but the fuckers are just like nope you have to play with us now. I've never done anything with anti before so its just great. I'm excited and inspired but seriously? I try and move on for one day lol.

that’s awesome, dude! if you’ve got motivation and inspiration for writing fics, then go for it! write away! feel free to tag me in it once you’re done, if you’d like!

Ways to Cheer Yourself Up (When wanting to be alone) - 50 top things to do
  • 1. Go ON Tumblr, believe it or not, we don't care where you're from, what you do, how you're being you, as long as you are being you, you're pretty much welcomed on here. That's why i love it. Unless of course you are homophobic or judgemental or ignorant - then the people will speak for themselves, we look out for each other here.
  • 2. Read Books; escapism is a wonderful thing
  • 3. Listen to music; and no - not the sad, 'ALL BY MYSELF' type music, but the kickass songs like 'I will Survive' or 'Loser Like Me' just celebrate yourself for being awesome, because we know you are; even if others don't; especially then actually.
  • 4. Become your own superhero. Every single one of you have a talent or a dream. Follow up on that talent/dream. YOU ARE WORTH IT, and you can be whoever you want to be.
  • 5. DISNEY MOVIES. Unless you absolutely hate bursting out into song - better cut of highschool musical and glee while were at this, then Disney is the best pick me up ever.
  • 6. Watch your favourite TV shows. Remind yourself why life can be awesome. Watching your fav characters usually means you can relate to them.
  • 7. Go on walks - it's very pretty outside, and sometimes our heads can be overloaded with information or stress, I advise calming music and a nice walk outside in comfortable clothes.
  • 8. Have a diary. A friend of mine recently bought me one, and it's a godsend because all the anger, or emotions I feel, I try to put in the diary rather than putting it out on others. It also calms you down. I feel better when I write.
  • 9. Speaking of writing...if you enjoy it- WRITE. Writing is a wonderful way to escape. You can put all your emotions into your characters and they just come to life. I tend to do that when I'm stressed.
  • 10. If writing is not your thing then bake. I've actually ironically read in a fan fiction where a character would bake when stressed and try out new recipes, this character tried making butterbeer; maybe be adventurous; have a food blog or something to keep you occupied.
  • 11. Be With Your Pets - Pets are loyal creatures, and they love you, even when you're being a pain in the ass, and I hear they're very good listeners.
  • 12. Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE Musicals. If you are a musical fanatic like me and you're feeling a little down, my dears; listen to those awesome voices, because sometimes we just - need - a break (Also, if you haven't watched RENT, watch it - NODAYBUT TODAY...or Starkid...Starkid make the most funniest musical parodies, even if you don't like musicals I suggest it, and if you're not enjoying their YouTube Channel, then I'll eat my own hat).
  • 13. ASK ME ANYTHING. If you really want to talk to somebody but you don't want to talk to people you know and you just want to get things out, my ASK box is always open.
  • 14. Find a hobby. If you don't really want to talk to anybody, that's okay, sometimes we need to just have some 'me time'. In my me times, I usually deactivate from Facebook, and just focus on things that make me happy. Like; Puzzles, Sudoku, Games, writing, cooking, singing, whatever it is...travelling even. Enjoy yourself.
  • 15. Travel. Maybe being stuck in the same place is the problem, maybe you're head wants to be in a place where it can ACTUALLY THINK.
  • 16. Go Hiking. I suppose Hiking is similar to walking but if you're an outdoor person, this is a great way to clear your head and to feel fresh.
  • 17. Hit The Gym. Or even do your own exercises. I like to walk - do crunches, and I love Zumba. I love dancing. If you love being active, this is also another way to clear your mind from negative things.
  • 18. GO SEE A MOVIE!!! When was the last time you had fun? Even if it's just by yourself. You're allowed to treat yourself. Go, enjoy, be surrounded by people, even if they're strangers.
  • 19. If you like coffee, treat yourself for one at a local cafe. Who knows, you might meet your coffee soulmate in a cafe one day.
  • 20. STOP thinking Negative. Have a Pros/Cons List. Try not to outweight the Pros list with the Cons. Please?
  • You are good enough.
  • 21. Write down a bucket List, and start ticking them off. Having goals and dreams is healthy. If you have dreams, then you have a direction of where you're going.
  • 22. Get help. It's okay, if you're head is in a really bad place to reach out to people. It really is okay.
  • 23. Help others. If you're not sure what to do with yourself at all, be useful to other people less fortunate than you. Volunteer! Work with Charity, Feed the homeless, help the guide dogs association.
  • 24. Smile more. It looks good on you, believe me. Spend time with your guilty pleasures, my guilty pleasure is binge watching glee
  • 25. Please DO NOT go to a pub to drink to ease your mind, if you are going to do that, do it with a friend, or somebody close.
  • 26. Eat Chocolate. Okay yes while society says NO DON'T EAT THE FATTY FOOD. Hey; screw them. If you feel better eating a bit of junk go for it. There's nothing wrong with eating a whole pizza or tub of ben and jerry ice cream when feeling upset - just try not to make TOO much of a habit : p
  • 27. REBLOG YOUR FOLLOWERS POSTS, you might be surprised that you aren't the only one feeling the way you're feeling, you might be surprised by how much you're forgetting that hey - it's gonna be alright.
  • 28. Do something nice for your neighbour. Ah who knows, have you ever actually talked to them? Maybe they might be lonely too.
  • 29. Have a GAMES Night. A very good friend of mine loves Games. If You LOVE Games, then hell have a marathon of them. Play the sims, be in control.
  • 30. Speaking of marathons...dun dun dun - MOVIE MARATHON, I Don't Know About You Guys, But Having A Harry Potter Movie Marathon always cheers me Up. WITH FOOD Of course, and good company, but this is about cheering yourself up, so if you don't want company, that's okay.
  • 31. Draw. I love drawing too. I suppose I'm more of the creative person. There are a lot of different types of people out there, maybe you like solving things - do those fancy cube things Idk what they're called. If you are like my brother and you love Maths, then maybe you can tutor someone. On one hand you're helping someone, and doing something you like doing, just like I'm drawing because I like drawing.
  • 32.Be with kids. believe it or not, kids are the most innocent little munchkins, and they honestly don't care what you look like, if you play hide and seek with them they'll be thrilled, so long as you're nice to them, they're generally nice to you... but be warned, they tell it how it is too. I talk a bit different. The most popular thing they've said to me was "Is that why you talk funny, because of the things in your teeth?" (They've also never really seen braces before) I even had one kid determined to get me to sing 'Everything is awesome' I'll never forget that because this kid clearly didn't care how I sounded, and just wanted me to sing with her. I felt great.
  • 33. If you're into Fairy Tales, Please Please Read Chris Colfer's The Land Of Stories series 1-4. It's an amazing series, and you almost forget what world you're in once you start reading. Plus, there's more coming (I'm a little excited)
  • 34. Watch Pixar Movies. You can't go wrong.
  • 35. GO TO HOGWARTS. Harry Potter Fan? Visit - Platform 9 3/4s in London, or go to the Harry Potter World, or if you can't actually visit these sites, go on Pottermore.
  • 36. Read Fan Fiction, you might not be a harry potter fan, but whatever fandom you are in, believe me sometimes Fan Fictfion Cheer me up. I adore Glee *Don't Judge Me* and Dalton is the best thing ever. Or Little Numbers...or Both. They cheer me up big time.
  • 37. Role play. If you like superheroes or characters, go be with the crowd. I believe they have events like Comic Con, and on Facebook they even have Events for such things, go be with strangers! So long as it's safe of course.
  • 38. Write a letter to the person who inspires you most and send it. You might be surprised by an answer.
  • 39. Pick up your instrument. Don't ignore your musical talent if you do have a musical talent. Remember, you're worth it. I don't care what you've done. Pick, It Up.
  • 40. Maybe go visit your family? I know this is about 'quality me time' but if you haven't seen your family in such a long time or are at a distance. Maybe being surrounded by something familiar is what you need.
  • 41. Change Careers. If you're not enjoying what you're doing or studying, change it. I remember in highschool a teacher said you might change your job 10 - 12 times before getting it right. It'okay, you just haven't found where you're meant to be yet.
  • 42. Enter a competition - Who knows what will come from it, take risks.
  • 43. If you're a risk-taker, challenge yourself. IDK how you're going to do that, but google has some pretty good answers. Even ask your tumblr followers, they follow you for a reason after all.
  • 44. Go on a boat. Go Fishing! I don't know, it's not my thing, but if you like fishing, then hell - go out there and fish.
  • 45. Find time for yourself, are you working too much? Maybe you are working too much. You know life doesn't stop for nobody, and if you keep pushing yourself so hard, time will go so fast and you won't realise how much of that time you could have spent on your own self.
  • The world is not going to end if you treat yourself.
  • 46. You ARE Good Enough. Listen to my words. Sometimes encouragement is all we need, when people feel hopeless, or like everything's gone wrong. It's gonna be okay. I promise, just hang in there.
  • 47. Write Down Quotes that Inspire You. I have a wall of these, and of people that inspire me too, and it reminds me of the good things in life when I'm in a crappy mood.
  • 48. Find something to do. If you're not doing anything, go take up a course, research things that interest you, you might be surprised by what comes from it. Join a community that enjoys doing things you do.
  • 49. Go To The Beach - If you live in Australia like me, visiting the beach is actually really calming and me and my best friend always would go on a random drive, and drive up to a beach or a look out, and it was always calming. Enchanting too sometimes. Maybe we forget about the place we live in, and what's exciting about the place. If you're in New York, visit Broadway or The Statue Of Liberty, or if you're in London, go to the London Bridge, or the Eye, visit the Eiffel Tower if you're in Paris...just go Anywhere.
  • 50. Take a random journey. Go on a train to somewhere new, go on a road trip. You never know what's around the corner.

The Doctor isn’t really a singular character.

Collectively they’re an icon, made to entertain and educate children and the wider public.
Every Doctor has defined childhoods with messages, and before now it’s been mainly a ‘boys game’ in the school playground, but now GIRLS CAN PLAY TOO!

This isn’t about 'sticking to a character’, this is a hero. This is a new generation (literally) of hero that happens to be a woman.
Every Doctor is different, and this just proves that ANYONE can be a hero.

I was a little sceptical, but I soon changed my mind when I read so many tweets saying: “my X year old daughter is over the moon!”
Because THAT is why his matters.

This is a character that has the ability to change and be anything, and it’s taken that chance. Now there is no barrier.
In the future, girls are going to say “my Doctor was the 13th because she inspired me to be…” or “she made me realise that girls can do things too!”

If you don’t like this, its because it’s not made for you specifically (it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it though!)

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How does one get inspiration to do anything? I haven't written anything in two months and it's making me feel horrible so now I'm just wallowing in self pity and doing absolutely nothing

Hey! Me too!
Honestly, sometimes I just have to admit that whatever I’m trying to force outta me won’t come out and just kinda go with the flow.
When I’m stuck, I do something else. 
Revisit something I made like 4 years ago, read a new book, hang out with an old friend… do something different.

It’s okay to not have something right now, it’s okay to take a step back and be content with where you are.
I find my best work always happens when I’m not even thinking about it… I enter this state of nonthinking and just create! The more you over think it, or even put deadlines and pressures on it, the more it becomes like a job, and the more it becomes less fun, the less I want to actually finish something.

Inspiration comes from everywhere… And most of the time it’s in the places you least expect it!

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i just wanted to let you know that you've inspired me a lot. i used to get criticism and would internalize it and try to keep a happy face because that's what everyone always told me and it just built up but then i found you. and now i realize that its okay to not be thrilled when people say negative things about my work. it's okay to have my feelings hurt. you've inspired me to accept that criticism hurts and then keep writing anyway. i'm a lot happier now and i thank you for that. 💚

Even constructive criticism delivered at the hands of someone in your writer’s circle is going to sting. But there is a tremendous difference between the sting of feedback delivered from someone who you know and who you know has the best interests of your story at heart and anonymous hate delivered through guest reviews.

Just because something is critical doesn’t mean that it is constructive.

Anything intended to tear down, insult, or belittle is by its very nature not constructive. If the goal of the critiquer is to show off how smart she is, the goal is not constructive to the writer.

Words damage.

Words leave lasting scars.

We’re writers. We know the power of the well-delivered cutting put down in our very marrow.

You know, it’s hard to learn how to analyze and critique. It’s a skill just as difficult to master as writing, maybe more so. A good developmental editor is a gem to be treasured.

On good days, when I get the comments that a story is cliched, or trite, or absurd and obnoxious (all received in the last 24 hours about 3 different things, so not a random sampling of reviews) I tell myself that this anonymous guest is still learning the craft of critique and, much as my early writing efforts were abysmal, so are their early critique efforts. I tell myself they will get better in time, learn how to see weaknesses in a story and communicate to the writer about them in a way that doesn’t beat the writer down.

On bad days, I just think they’re assholes and would-be bullies.

It’s okay to have your feelings hurt when some jerk insults you. All critique is not created equal, and most of the negative stuff you’ll find on fanfic isn’t constructive in the slightest. It’s just mean. And mean people suck.


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How do you think up character designs (i'm really sorry if this was asked before--)? Oh and I don't know if this has been brought up but on my screen after a certain amount of posts your page seems to repeat itself and I don't know if it's a theme glitch or something but I kinda want to address that?? It hasn't happened w/ any other pages.

I don’t really know, I don’t think about it, I just mindlessly draw until something comes up XD lol most of my ocs come from inside jokes :P there are different ways people come up with character designs, finding an inspiration like “ah thats a pretty leaf, I’m going to create an oc out of that” is very helpful :D inspiration can be anything :) I hope this is helpful! also thank you so much for telling me this! I fixed it :’)

Thank You.

Thank you. I am trying my best to start my One Piece ask blog and my art/doodle blog. I learned when I was making it, that I have been inspired by so many people and friends on here it’s ridiculous. These people gave me the courage to be myself and so that my mind and heart could tell me that I can do it. Im not a quitter, you got this. Believe in you. So I’m going to give thanks to the people who have seriously helped me even though I’ve barely started. Because I feel like Me and Tay haven’t said it enough. Because seriously, I wouldn’t have done anything or created these blogs, of it wasn’t because of them. (Plus P.S tis my birthday! Woo!)

Now this dude behind it, literally went out of his way to check if I was okay, because 2 weeks ago I was having a anxiety attack and couldn’t breathe. He went to my page and messaged me very worried for my well being. Holy crap, no one in my life has done that before. Surprising? I know. Axel bro, so much thank you my dude I would say it all day if I could and help you when you need it. Ill always be there you know that? I will return the favor one day somehow. I promise.

Now, this Mun, is *laughs* one of my greatest friends on here. She is so kind, very perky and basically has my back and I have hers. They are a little stubborn when it comes to taking a rest and sleeping though XD
Kuwa, you are so special to me in real life and you deserves everything that you do and worked hard for like your 100+ followers ma dude, you are incredible. Don’t ever doubt yourself for a second that you cant do it! Because you’re family, your followers believe in you….and I do too. (P.S You draw Law very well as a cute nerd! I always manage to almost die from fangirling too much.❤️💖❤️)

@ask-chiefsabo or @esttian
Mai…I have no words for you. You’re great. Great in all sorts of ways. You mean so much to me, for when I need to vent or just sit down and talk to you. Im so happy that I have someone is talented, charismatic, fun-loving girl like you. You inspired me from great lengths with your colorful yet wonderful pictures of that Revolutionary boy. I wish you deeply the best, and I pray greatness in the future for you.

@ask-the-vinsmokes or @snajey
Holy hell, you my friend Cesi, *backs up* I gotta say thank you too. You have changed my perspective of writing and thinking forever. When you started up your Brotherhood AU and showed people that you don’t have to be canon to be liked, that’s when it hit me. You showed me that I can do and be whatever the hell I want and do so. You showed me that when you had the writing contest that I can stretch my imagination and gave you one of the best and longest things I’ve EVER wrote in my life. I literally cant thank you enough, don’t stop being you, because there no one like you. And I hope everything goes your way in the future. Plus, I can’t wait for the picture!

Where the hell to start. YOU CHANGED ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR MEYOU WONDERFUL CINNAMON ROLL. I cant believe it! You! Yes you! You have showed me enough things in the world that if I didn’t send one message to you, I would have missed out on. You are a great person in general and you have showed me that, you can be great no matter what you draw. Love ya!

Odette and her crew are awesome! They are so creative and the mun and muse deserve a round of applause! She was so great at rp’ing and just to talk to! I just want to thank you for even just conversating with me. Thank you! You are so wonderful! Moths are great!

Okay Blake-san *ahem!* BOI! WHYAREYOUSOGREATATDRAWINGEVERYTHINGLIKEOMFGIMDONE! Anyway, I really hope you gets caught up with our classes and your life gets back together. Im praying for you because your such an amazing person and you know I’d try and help you anyway I can! XOXOXOXO
P.S [Lawcest Rules!]

This Mun, has 900 followers! They ate awesome that drawing Cora and it makes me so happy! They have a great personality and I want to hug them everyday of I could! As Corazon saids: “I Love you!” 💕

@ask-sanji and @asksabo
The Mun of these two blogs are just a freakin sketch genius. I feel like when I look at their content is like I’m waiting and looking at the next DBZ episode (which is super good.) They try and say that their art isn’t worth it but I believe ITS REALLY FREAKIN GREAT DON’T DOUBT YOURSELF OR ILL SHAKE YOU! *ahem!* but other-words, there just really great.

OHMYFUKIN- im good. Okay this mun she draw Law really well and unique like damn! Anyway, I hope your paypal thing goes well! You are awesome and I love what ya do! You’re great! Hahahahaha…yessss.

Ok she is just so adorable. Both the Mun and the Muse like there so sweet I might get diabetes. I live the way she draws Lamy, its so cutting-edge and just slick. Every color goes together so well its like- im looking at a amazing picture ever time… oh wait, I am! You are really cool to talk to and I love rp’ing with you! Hopefully we get to talk soon!

She is just a nice wonderful woman and she deserves hugs and kisses everyday XD I love how she draws Luffyko and how its just so cute, I mean it cant get over that! I am your friend if you need me always, because you’re never alone!

Ohmygosh there drawing of Sanji is soo good and you don’t know how times I’ve said to myself wow I shipSanji and Crocodile Oh woowwwwwww! XD You are so talented and I wish the best for you in everything. Their really nice to talk to and somehow I feel kinda calm around them.

This mun for this blog is one of the first One Piece Oc blogs I ever saw. Rosetto is such a beautiful Oc and I personality live her orange fluffy hairrrr. :3 I want to hug her and the muse all the time. I hope I can talk to them in the future, but they really inspired me to do my best in drawing and colors. They are all so palleted and calm its like going to Las Vegas. That’s how pretty her artwork his. Its great! You’re great! Thank you.

The person beyond this rp blog is actually one of my greatest friends. I usually talk to them on Discord, and I love her. She’s hardworking, nice, and just an awesome person and I hope everything and anything will be alright with her. She one of my favorite people to talk to and to chill with. I cant think her enough..

I met this blog during the Water World Event and learned about and experimented with Odette! It was so much fun! Then I learned that she had a crew! She also liked moths and she’s really fun and deserves a lot of followers and hugs! Love ya! You’re awesome!

Omfg Davy is fuckin little- idefk! Still! Your artwork is great! Like its so clean and hes such a freakin baby about stuff but he’s more of a mom somethings than everything. Another great marine Oc blogs just like YE- their muse is really nice! Great personality and just really kind.

Okay okay, they are so so great at drawing Penguin and Shachi! It blows my mind every time I see it honestly. There both such cute idiots. Anyway, this mun I absolutely adore them, I got to draw some of their Heart Pirates Oc’s and that was super freakin fun! And shipped some stuff on a Discord chat. Still I hope your anxiety stuff will go down and you feel better soon!

Wendy is just askdhaickwhsknzb so greattt. I mean the mun who draws her, is just so fucking amazing I cant- she one of the best Oc marine blogs out there in my opinion! I hope I get to talk to you in the future!! GAHHH! Youre so great in so many ways, don’t let people tell you otherwiseeeee!

This Mun is really nice in my opinion! They really have made their blog very interesting! Matter of fact, I’ve only met him in the WaterWorldEvent but they seemed awesome! Plus, I hope everything goes okay soon! Im praying! Love ya!

All of these people and more have made me want a ask blog and do one. I just hope I can be okay in this timeline, theres always a chance for anything. Plus my brother is living with me bow and its my birthday so I’m deciding to sleep and binge on Sherlock Holmes movies before I want to kick it into high gear. Trust me I will!
Thank you guys so so much!

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i finally read "love that passes" and damn leela, it was incredible. thank you for writing a long fic even though it was outside of your comfort zone. i know it was probably hard but you really have a talent and i admire the fact that you pushed yourself to write something you wouldn't normally go for. it's clear from following you that you have such a deep appreciation for writing itself as a craft and an art and it's honestly inpsiring to see. going to go work on my own writing now! :)

wow this message honestly gave me goosebumps? it’s crazy to think that me just being a little ridiculous and exploring writing in new ways (lowkey as a way to procrastinate the boring writing i’ve been having to spend so much of my time on irl) could give you anything close to inspiration. i do love writing though, it’s the only thing i’ve ever been so consistently passionate about, and it means the world to me to hear that you’ve liked what i’ve written. ahhh good luck on your own stuff and thank you so, so, so much for reading the fic!!!!!!!! and messaging me that you liked it!!!!!! i have no words & you’re the absolute sweetest. have an amazing day lovely <3 

  • Me: I'm gonna try art!
  • Me: *tries drawing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries playing music and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries singing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries writing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries dancing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries acting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries painting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries making films and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries animation and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries sculpting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries photography and sucks at it*
  • Me: Wow, art is tougher than I thought
  • Society: oh PLEASE, art it easy! Anyone can do art that's why it's not a REAL profession

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There is literally war and famine and shit happening right now and people are angry about criticizing cartoons as a fun thing to do in your free time? Its not pretentious jfc as if its that big of a deal! People will always discuss art and stories.. we basically just tell a hand few of stories a bunch of different ways. If someone is passionate enough to have something to say (even if negative) about a thing at least that means its successful and reaching someone and inspiring them to do better.

yea like this is just something i do for fun when i have time bcoz im passionate abt critiquing a show that i think could be much better? it means a lot to me as someone who wants to go on to tell stories; its a way for me to be inspired to make better art than the stuff im finding flaws in

plus its not like being “su critical” is hurting anyone - if anything it should be taken as a good thing that theres an active group of ppl providing feedback … as an artist, its crucial to be willing to accept criticism or u can never improve. if the crewniverse actually care abt the stuff theyre producing, then they will know this & hopefully take the criticism positively & see it as a chance to improve the work they’re putting out

& if i didnt care enough abt the concept of the show i wouldnt be here to criticize its shortcomings at all

June 21st, 2016 ^

May 28th, 2017^

From The Party Incident by @poubelle-squelette

Okay, so wow, I was on poubelle’s tumblr and HOLY CRAP! I had no idea it had been almost 9 whole months since this fic updated! It’s kind of amazing how long its been since I first read it.

Okay, so here’s a story… vv

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u know most of the selfies i have posted on here are of me wearing hats and u know what i realized ,,,, i wear hats to cover up the fact that i am Depressed and can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair lol oopsie

(written by contributor Sonya)

I know a lot of people find photography to be a hobby, a peaceful one at that, but for me (and for some others of whom I’ve had the fortunate circumstances to talk to), find photography to be not only a hobby but also a passion. A lifestyle, if you will. A turning point for some. I wanted to write this article, my first article actually, on why photography means so much to me and how it allows me to express myself:

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