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Ahhh, the PDA by our faves in 8x01! There is just something so imperfectly perfect about the manner in which Rick and Michonne kiss and embrace. It's not even me, and I get that nervous butterfly feeling, lol. Also, Danai seemed shorter than Andy in the scene, maybe bc no boots?

I do, too! Like it’s honestly annoying how invested I am in them. But I’m in love with the details of how they kiss in every scene, but especially this one. Starting with the fact that she’s wearing his shirt because he’s leaving and she wanted a piece of him with her. And the way he was holding her waist and face, the placement of her hand on his his chest it all highlights the fact that they’re saying goodbye. 

And when they kiss, how his lips focus on her top lip (I have a headcanon that her top lip is his favorite, so that made me giddy).

And how she feels him starting to pull away, so she leans in because she needs one more before he goes. 

Also, I would honestly like to just live in their height difference here. (The way he has to tilt his head to get to her lips, just kill me now.) It’s all so beautiful. We are blessed. 


I’m just going to cry about this song now.

  • What a clever way to do a slow song instead of going for a ballad? It’s classy creates such a strong atmosphere.
  • The rain/storm sounds at the beginning good lord and Daehyun’s ad lib was just the perfect way to start it off
  • You can hear so much emotion in everybody’s voice? Perfectly balanced, complementary to the parts they sing and to each other. Every verse leads into the next, nothing is too overpowering.
  • Himchan crooning and doing falsettos(!!!!!)
  • The little guitar riff which first starts during Himchans part, is amazing. It’s used further throughout the song, and pretty well If I may add. It’s prominent sometimes, and blends into the back ground at other times.
  • The song does its crescendos so well. With every verse a new sound is added and it builds up to the chorus very steadily.
  • The percussion is very simple, but what’s beautiful is how BangLo’s rap adds it’s own percussion to the song.
  • The rap provides perfect contrast from the vocals and mellows things our for a bit. It makes you realise once again, how different Yongguk and Zelo are but how wonderfully they can blend into the same song.
  • Yongguk’s rap is slow, Zelo’s goes higher and a bit faster. And placing ad libs over rap is, just, great. Also, there’s nice use of something that sounds like an organ(synth) during Guk’s verse but I’m not too sure if that’s it.
  • I like how they made Youngjae and Jongup interchange verses the second time around providing some nice variety.
  • The way Daehyun sings the “du nuneul gamgo” is SO GOOD, again use of crescendo, doing pretty much a pitch bend.
  • You’d think the song would end there but nope we get another small verse of Yongguk’s rap overlayed with Daehyun’s falsettos.
  • The last line, complete with the nostalgic sounds, again providing a perfect end.
  • damn
  • stan B.A.P
Coming Home Pt. 3 (Stan Uris/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2

(A/N: You were warned. It’s Stan time fuckos. I hope no1 hates me yet)

Summary: Reader goes to Stan’s house to try and figure out why he’s avoiding her. THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK YOU!  (except probably not)

Warnings: Idk, this one is a little negative :( It will get better eventually, probably. 

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alone together // isaac lahey

summary ; in which a sad, lonely girl and a quiet, troubled boy find happiness within each other. [081216]

warnings ; mentions of bullying, sadness, kinda fluffy too

word count ; 1.3k


stay safe + ily🍬

You usually sat alone in the school library, a book carefully placed in your lap and your eyes rarely leaving the pages filled with words that seemed to take you to another dimension. Students walked passed you, some giggling to their friends and pointing at you in your usual lonesome, and some looking over at you with silent, judging stares, but you didn’t care.

You didn’t have many friends; your introverted persona made it difficult to spark conversations with new people. At the start of high school, you’d tried to make friends and talk to different people but it ultimately got you nowhere as some people just saw you as an easy target. So now, a year later, here you sat, at the back of the library with your favourite book, Divergent, clutched in your dainty fingers, so desperately trying to avoid the pupils that roamed every inch of the school grounds during lunch hour.

You weren’t always so lucky with that, though, on those bad days, there’s always some students that felt the need to pick on you, call you names and even sometimes rip your book out of your small hands and sit it on the highest shelf in the library. It was childish and pathetic and you never really understood why they did it. You’d then spend the rest of your time trying but struggling to reach the book as they walked away with smug looks on their faces and laughter emitting from their throats.

But, today seemed to a be a good day; no one had bothered and you had been able to read your book in peace, a small, content smile settled on your lips as your eyes drifted across the pages, completely oblivious to the world surrounding you.

Although, there was someone who was not completely oblivious to the world surrounding him. Isaac Lahey, the troubled boy that sits at the back of the class and goes unnoticed by most, except yourself.

He’d noticed you too. Except, he’d noticed you in a good light, unlike how seemingly everyone else saw you and he just couldn’t wrap his head around how someone as sweet and innocent as you would be put down by others for no apparent reason.

You’d almost convinced yourself on multiple occasions to speak to him or to sit next to him in class instead of sitting on your own. You may like being alone sometimes but deep down, you felt so lonely. You had seen the bruises on his skin, the hurt that clouded his eyes and the shaking of his hands no matter the situation and you wanted to know him better, you wanted to be there for him and vice versa, you wanted to be friends. For the sake of you, and him.

He felt a smile edging its way to his lips as he watched you in your own little world. It may have seemed creepy but he just couldn’t help himself. You looked so beautiful, your hair up in a messy bun but also looked done to perfection in a way, your glasses perched on your nose which he noticed scrunched up adorably every few minutes.

He took in how you sat cross-legged on the floor, your eyes lighting up and a soft laugh coming from your lips every so often. It wasn’t just then that Isaac had been hit with the fact that you were so undeniably stunning, he’d noticed it a long time ago and he was always, without fail, reminded of it every time he saw you.

Like in class, where you sat at a desk close to his but not directly next to him as you didn’t inspire that much courage just yet. You’d occasionally give him a cute smile, however sometimes, if you were feeling brave, you would give him a small wave but it was always accompanied by blushing cheeks and his would always do the same.

Or in the hallways, where you’d pass each other, quietly speaking greetings to one another and sending smiles that made both of your stomachs erupt in unstoppable butterflies.

It was exactly what it looked like, you had a huge crush on Isaac Lahey, and it was no joke that he had the biggest crush on you too. The only problem was the fact that you were both of unbelievably shy and reserved that it would’ve been next to impossible for either one of you to make that leap.

Isaac knew that, and he knew that he would hate himself if he didn’t talk to you sooner or later. He just had this feeling that ran deep within him that you were something good, and he really needed that something good because he didn’t necessarily want to admit it, but he felt so lonely too.

So, he swallowed his nerves and stood up from his place at the table. Disregarding his unfinished homework as he tucked in his chair and made his way over to where you sat, complacent.

You saw a shadow looming over you and you gulped, instantly thinking that you had jinxed yourself by saying that today had been a good day before it was over and now, things were going to head south. You slowly looked up at the figure through your lashes, your heart hammering against your chest anxiously.

That was when you noticed the familiar face peering down at you nervously and you let out a breath you hadn’t realised you were keeping trapped, relief washing over you. You cleared your throat and smiled timidly up at the boy, “Hi,” You mumbled, biting your lip to conceal the grin trying to break through.

“Hey,” He smiled shyly back, his heart racing even faster as you shuffled to the side slightly, making enough room for the lanky boy to sit down next to you. He hesitantly made his way closer to you, his nerves rocketing through the roof, your hands touched briefly when he sat down and Isaac was sure a wildfire ignited itself in his stomach as he noted to himself that you were even more beautiful close-up.

“How are you?” You asked quietly as you turned to face him, a gorgeous smile etched onto your lips. Isaac felt the air in the room get thinner as he gazed at you, momentarily speechless.

“I-I’m, uh, I’m good. Yeah,” He stumbled over his words, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth as embarrassment flooded through him in waves at his incapability to form coherent words when talking to you.

But all his embarrassment tumbled away when you nodded sincerely with a grin, “that’s good, I’m glad,” Your eyes gleamed with happiness and Isaac found himself smiling adoringly at you before his eyes darted down to the book resting in your lap.

“What’re you reading?” He questioned, motioning to the book, surprised at how easy it was to talk to you when he realised that you were different. You weren’t like everyone else, you wouldn’t make fun of him for his troubles, or laugh at him when he does something wrong.

You let out a small gasp of excitement before launching into an explanation about it with a content smile on your soft lips and you caught yourself repeatedly losing yourself in his enticing, blue eyes. Suddenly, Isaac felt like coming over here was the best decision he had ever made as he watched you talk about what you love with so much passion, he watched the way your lips moved and the way your eyes gleamed with elation. It was then that Isaac realised that what he felt for you, was so much more than a crush.


I thought I lost you

A Credence x No Maj(fem)reader please!

This is my first time writing for credence, so if his character is a bit iffy I apologize

Master list


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Credence blearily opened his dark eyes to the world, the sunlight just say reaching its warming fingers to his angular face, as the light lace curtains fluttered with the fresh spring breeze, bringing with it the heady scent of freshly cut grass and wild flowers, the birds singing their sweet songs as they worked.

A light smile played at his lips, until he rolled over in the soft bed that you shared, expecting to find y/n curled up by his side, hair splayed out every which way, a perfect sleepy smile at her beautiful lips as she dreamed peacefully, only to find her side of the bed cold and empty.

Panic rushed through him, horrendous thoughts running rampant through his head, as he flung himself out of the usually impossibly inviting bed, stumbling to the bedroom door and wrenching it open, to find y/n trying to balance a tea tray laden with toast, marmalade, jam as well as a multitude of biscuits, her other hand out stretched ready to open the door, her pretty face frozen in shock at credence’s sudden ruffled appearance.

“are you alright sweetheart, you look like you’ve seen a ghost’ she asked concernedly, bright eyes filled with worry, balancing the tea tray on her hip, as she reached out her spare hand, stroking her delicate fingers across credence’s cheek, ‘ I thought I lost you’ he murmured as he clasped her hand, leaning into her always gentle touch.

“never’ she whispered, setting a sweet kiss to his angled jaw.


Have a great day and be safe


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I just go gaga at the height difference between Rick and Michonne. They have a good height and body ratio to each other. They fit so perfectly. I can just see him manhandling her in the bedroom with consent of course and it's just yum. Dom Rick is my kink. Lol

I live for their height difference. Which is why this picture has been my lock screen since February. 

Michonne is jussst the right amount shorter than Rick. (I remember Danai saying they were very interested in her height when she auditioned, and I have to wonder if the potential for this pairing had anything to do with it.) And yes, they are perfect for one another in every way, right down to their body types. Lean, athletic. You can tell Michonne was in the gym all the time, and Rick probably ran a lot, maybe for work, but since the apocalypse, he’s worked out other thangs. 👀 

And I really love how Rick asserts his dominance, but he still manages to be tender with it. The way he took control on that couch, but was still so very gentle, keeping all the romance of the moment in tact. And even in the van, that slow roll he does to get on top, he’s all considerately holding onto her back as he does it. 😄And it was preceded by belly kisses! Ugh, it’s so good. He’s so good. Like it’s in the same vein that he walks around with a baby on his hip, and a machine gun strapped to his back, and I just really love me some Rick Grimes.

Spreading some love

I have been on a reading spree today. Trying to find new authors to love and catching up with some old favs so what better time to share some love than right now (before I pass out)

@ilostmyshoe-79 - let’s face it Kimmy just rocks. I love your destiel fics. I am addicted to Black and White. Your Writing is hart series is killing me in the best way possible. It is as hot and perfect as Faking it but in its own right. 

@imagining-supernatural - I found her Spotlight series today which instantly made me follow her. It is such an amazing series and I am completely in love. Every part got reblogged and are hidding somewhere in my q ;)

@luci-in-trenchcoats - I just love all your Dean fics okay?! I get so happy when I see and new one shot from you and today I dug into you series masterlist. I loved Simple Man so much! Curently I am trying to decide if I wanna start Locked In, Spend the Night or Join me for Coffee next lol :D

@emilywritesaboutdean is another new fav of mine. I came across her series The Falcon and the Wolf which she based on one of my fav movies (yes it is made 2 years before I was born but I am a geek so deal with it :P) She is an amazing writer and I am currently reading through her masterlists as I (im)patiently wait for part 2 of one of my new fav series to stalk. 

@impala-dreamer - Beka is just awesome. I am a Dean girl but some of her Sam actually make me doubt that for very brief moments. She is the only one that accomplised that so far. And her Dean one shots are just to die for. Oh and I just recently found out she is writing Jensen too which made me do a little jig :D 

@bringmesomepie56 my Jensette. First of all I just love Arie. Second of all if I need a Dean or Jensen fix (which i often do) I know she will never dissappoint. Currently she is killing me with all her amazing 30 days of Dean and Jensen imagines (when is mine comiiiing - actually don’t care cause I swallow them all). Also I am still very patiently waiting for more of her Youtube Sensation series for Jensen :D

@chaos-and-the-calm67 my Mooselet. Again I love my Bevie! Secondly she is a wicked awesome writer. And she is a Dean girl :D Everytime Bev tags me in something new I get so happy. She is one of my fav writers and just one of the sweetest people I have met. 

@winchester-writes - Rosie is currently killing me with her Love and War series. She is like shaving years of my life with every chapter. I love that series. I just saw she started a new one but since I need to sleep soon I haven’t dared to start something that involves Dean and a hospital but I will get too it. My little angst queen <3

@emilyevanston - the only non supernatural blog I religiously stalk (yep Kate I am lerking). I blame this girl for shipping stucky and now Evenstan. She is writing the most amazing poly series (I can’t remember the name of cause I suck but I am really looking forward to an update) for Chris x reader x seb and she is writing a Chris x Reader series called The boy next door I am really stoked about. Pluse she does these amazing little headcanons for Steve, Bucky, Loki, Chris, Seb and Tom that are just killing me!!

Have a nice evening everyone. I will try and do this more regularly but life is so damn busy at the moment. I do my best <3

the “my name is cow” meme is perfect. it is the best new meme in such a long time. it’s so good because it doesn’t work unless it’s specific to the situation – you can’t just slap it on every post, it has to be specially crafted every time it’s used, which forces people to be creative, and usually you’ll find it at the very end of a longer post that was already funny in its own right, so it’s like this delightful additional surprise every time

on the post that started it, the one person had written like “this poem haunts me. joyously, it haunts me” and i think that’s the best way to put it. it is a good and joyous meme. i’m so in love

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Which mario game is your ultimate favorite?

Super Mario 3D world! Strange choice I know, seeing as it’s most peoples ‘meh’ game but I just adore it so much! I think its the fact I could play as Luigi from the beginning. Also the music is just perfect in every way and the end boss is cool. Boringly easy in true Nintendo style unfortunately, still but cool.

A close second tho would be the original Paper Mario, god that was a good game

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So, Perftecta, what are some of your all-time favorite, must read, Undertale Fanfics?

oh geez… that’s a big tough question right there… but i definitely have a few!!

  • One of my big favs is “Puzzles might be fun if you tried them” by @mudaleia- i’ve read it like three times, its so well done and has that good sweet angst that i crave. The pacing is great, its such a manageable 30k words, and the story is so well encompassed in that length… i love it a lot >w> Papyrus is so wonderful in it, his character is very well written, and Sans is also 10/10. Its great.
  • I also really really adore the story “Lost and Found” by @ashadowcalledkei!! its such a good read, the beginning is all that wonderful found-family dadster hurt/comfort that i live for, gaster is so well done in the story, and they’re sooo good at writing both emotional scenes and action scenes. the whole story is great, i started reading when there were like 5 or 6 chapters and kept up with it from there, its so wonderful
  • I’m also a huge fan of “His Name Was Bob” by @lywellen!! if you’re into bittybones its kind of a must-read, the reader is very well developed and relatable, and Bob (the underfell sans bitty the story is about) is 10/10 i love him. It makes me hurt in all the right ways- i have to give my fragile gay heart a break between reading updates because it hurts so good
  • and of course there’s “I’m Feeling Fine, Kid” by @maximum-overboner, which is just a perfect story all around, especially if you love Papyrus (like any child of god does.) It’s great, one of those wonderful rare stories where Papyrus has very blatant and visible faults, which i crave very much. 10/10 boner is a great writer and the story deserves every kudos/comment/praise its gotten (her characterization of gaster is also VERY fuckin good, he’s a trash boy but he’s also super great)

(i probably missed a few, i just woke up and these were the four i immediately thought of, but yeah! these are probably my favs)

Chains and Broken Bones (Part 2 of There Comes a Train)

Title: Chains and Broken Bones (Part 2 of There Comes a Train)

Read PART 1

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 1599

Warnings: (TRIGGERS) angst, major depression, drinking, kidnapping, hallucinations

Summary: Fast forward a few months after your suicide and Newt is suffering. How will he cope, or will he?

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait; I’m having a very busy month. Thank you all so very much for your support on the first part! I was amazed to see that you guys wanted a second part so here it is. This will probably be the final part but feel free to send requests! Still pretty dark so please read the warnings, but other than that, enjoy! :)


In times of despair and distress, it was only human to blame it all on someone else. He blamed himself.

He’d start his day with tears and end it in the same way. It would never be the same without you.

Newt Scamander could have died of a broken heart. But he had his creatures to take care of, and he loved them like his own children. But feeding and talking to them was just a routine, something to fall into and keep busy. He tried to stay as sober as possible around them.

At first, he sometimes forgot you were gone. He’d set out two plates for dinner or call out your name, believing you were just in another room. Then, he stopped eating. He became a walking skeleton with flat greasy hair and sunken in cheeks. The Goldstein sisters and Jacob were devastated, too, but they never had yours and Newt’s relationship.

They had dealt with all your arrangements for you, including your small funeral, in which Newt couldn’t bear to stand through the whole ceremony.

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I love love love tf:m and I just want you to know that!!!! It's wonderful and perfect in every way. But I have a very important question that needs addressing. Can transformers vape

Thank you so much! I’m honestly astonished by the response I’m getting for TF:M, considering it’s like..handfuls of doodles and headcanons, haha!

The best part about when Cybertronians vape is that they billow colored exhaust out of their vents (which, in Ironhide’s case, are his sad kitty ears) and it’s kind of decadent and stylish by their standards. Many vape-like products will be specifically dyed or have an energy altering residue that can change the color of biolights and exhaust temporarily.

Not pictured: Danielle walking out back and being like I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU’RE DOING GIANT ROBOT POT ON MY LAWN-

Stage Fright (Anthony x Reader)

Warnings: SMUT
Also this is after very little sleep and no proof reading
The first night was always the worst. Nerves always got to you no matter how many times you had performed, especially on a relatively new production where there was a high level of scrutiny. You had just taken over for Jasmine after she left to be a regular on a tv show and you were practically shitting yourself as you were waiting in the girls dressing room for the others to finish getting ready.
‘You ok sweetie?’ You were brought out of your thoughts by Pippa talking to you and looked up at her.

‘Oh yeah. I’m fine.’ Your answers were short and you silently cursed yourself for being snippy, ‘Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous. First night nerves you know.’
She nodded understandingly, ‘Don’t worry, you’ve been perfect in rehearsals. Its exactly the sa-‘ She was cut off by a knock on the door and stood to open it after checking everyones state of dress. The door opened and the guys were standing there, all grinning widely. With cheers they rushed in and crowded around you, pulling you every which way as they passed you round for hugs. You finally ended up in Lin’s arms as he pressed a fatherly kiss into your hair and murmured ‘You’re nearly there. I’m so proud of you.’ You pulled away and smiled up at him, opening your mouth to speak only to be cut off by a cough behind you. You turned to see Anthony stood off to the side with an awkward smile on his face. You stepped away from the group crowded at one end of the dressing room to walk towards the guy you’d had a crush on since to moment you met a few months ago.

‘Hey.’ You murmured, smiling softly at him.

‘Hey Y/N.’ He replied. You were suddenly jostled and turning to see everyone exiting the room, Pippa wiggling her eyebrows as she ushered everyone away. You were jostled again and fell into Anthony.

‘Sorry!’ You squeaked. He let out a short laugh and grasped your arm, steadying you as you heard the door slam and jumped. You looked around the empty room, ‘Was that our call?’

He shook his head, ‘No they were just- um. I Just wanted to ask you something and Lin decided to get everyone out.’ He stopped and you nodded slightly for him to continue.


‘So I was wondering-‘ He was cut off by the sharp sound of static and the five minute call.

‘Shit, sorry.’ You smiled and turned to the door, grabbing his hand, ‘We need to get down there. You got everything?’ He nodded and allowed you to lead him downstairs.
Intermission came quickly and you hadn’t messed up yet. Your nerves had settled and you had fun running around with Anthony during Winter Ball. As soon as you came off stage after the curtain fell a hand grabbed yours in the darkness to pull you along as you squealed. You stopped under the stage light to see Anthony looking down at you, worrying his lip. ‘I wanted to get you alone. I needed to ask…’ He muttered shyly.

‘Well, you got me?’ Your words came out as more of a question. He nodded, as if steeling himself and leaned down suddenly, brushing his lips over yours. You froze up in shock for a second before responding eagerly. After a moment he pulled away and you smirked, ‘Does that answer your question?’ He nodded and leaned down again capturing your mouth with his. He moved to wrap his arms around your waist to pull you close. You moved to grasp his hair, pulling the hairband our gently before running your hands through his hair, rewarded by a low groan. As his hands drifted lower to trace your body through the dress you returned a moan into his house. From the corner of your eye you spotted and alcove and pulled him in towards it, letting him push you against the wall and pushing his braces and waistcoat off of his shoulders. You gasped as Anthony suddenly moves away from you, leaving you breathless. He only gave you a moment before attacking your neck with his lips. ‘Fuck.’ You moaned, certain that there would be dark bruises in the morning. You gathered your skirts up  as he pulled your thighs up around his waist, letting out a groan as he shimmied his trousers down and lowered his briefs. His hand trailed under your skirt cupped you through your underwear and he smirked slightly.

‘God, you’re so wet.’ He murmured, his warm breath on your ear. You moaned in response and he cut you off with a short kiss, ‘You gotta be quiet.’ You nodded and he pulled your underwear to the side before entering you with one hard thrust. A small cry burst forth before he covered your mouth with a kiss again. As he continues he kept peppering your face with kisses murmuring over and over again under his breath.

You felt yourself getting close to the edge and gasped out, ‘Oh god. I’m getting close.’ As you finally fall over the edge you feel him go as well. As the both of you begin to recover he set you down and pressed his forehead against yours. ‘That was probably a bad idea.’ You murmured.

‘Probably.’ You looked up at him a bit regretful and he smiled slightly, ‘But I’m glad it happened.’ He presses one more kiss to you before adding, ‘We need to go get ready.’ You nod as he quickly put his rumpled clothes back on and stumbled away, grinning sweetly. You tried to smooth your skirts and move to go upstairs only to be stopped on the stairs by a familiar paternal figure.
‘Well done! You’re doing great so far.’ Lin said, hugging you. As you hugged you felt the lingering wet sensation you came to a realisation.
Condom? No Condom

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i dunno if you'd be willing to write just cuddles? Like literally just them cuddling, what would phil do and how dan would respond to it. Ahh that's so vague i'm sorry

I’m 200% willing to write cuddles! trust me I live for fluff :)

-Phil was totally a cuddler, always snuggling up to someone, even just in a platonic way. And the thing was, no one ever minded because Phil lit up every room with his smile and his laugh and anyone who could have even a second of Phil’s time was lucky.

-Naturally (cause, y’now, it’s completely natural to basically be in love with your best friend) Dan gets jealous that Phil goes around just hugging people and being the cutest, cuddliest shit he can be, and all Dan gets is the occasional shoulder pat or rub, or an elbow nudge. The light touch still makes Dan’s stomach feel all flip-floppy with butterflies anyway.

-But even the rare touch from Phil feels wrong, like he’s being cheated of something. And it’s stupid because who is Dan to feel jealous? It’s not like he’s Phil’s boyfriend or anything (even just thinking that word makes his heart skip a beat in his chest). 

-Dan wants full on three-hour-long cuddles that makes him giddy and happy and calm, dammit. He doesn’t think it’s too much to ask, really. And sure he could go out and get himself a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but he would bet every last dollar that they wouldn’t be as good as snuggling up with Phil (but maybe he’s biased because of that whole “in love with my best friend” thing). 

-Dan doesn’t seem like much of a cuddler, and then there’s that whole neck issue, which isn’t really that bad when it’s Phil touching him, but in reality Dan might be the most affectionate, cuddly person alive. But, of course, it’s only one certain person’s cuddles that Dan wants. 

-It was one of those lazy days; the ones where you just want to lounge around and do nothing, maybe watch some movies or read a book. But most of all, the most important part of lazy days, you want to curl up in bed with a nice blanket and thousands of pillows. It was a lazy day in Dan and Phil’s household.

-They spent the day on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, both of them bringing their own blankets but by the end of their first movie the blankets merged together to form one big blanket, the bowl resting where gray and black meets bright blue and green.

-Hours later after a movie marathon both boys end up much closer than they were before they decided to be lazy at the beginning of the day. Dan’s legs are on Phil’s lap and Phil’s head is rested on his shoulder and it’s all very comfortable and just… Nice. More than nice, spectacular.

-Neither of them feel uncomfortable with it, or at least Dan is hoping that Phil wasn’t as he tried to keep his face neutral, not wanting Phil to question why he was smiling so hard his face was practically splitting in two.

-The last movie had long since finished but they hadn’t bothered to put anything else on. Just as Dan got up, mumbling about putting on an anime, Phil grabs his wrist and says, “Where ya going, bear?” and Dan practically melts into a puddle of goo on the floor. Bear. That was Dan’s kryptonite, and even though Phil probably has no idea, Dan throws him a little glare anyway. It’s unfair.

-Dan starts to reply that he was just going to change the tv when Phil, still laying across the couch with his fringe all mussed up, goes, “Mm-mm, stay here. I’d miss you too much,” with the most ridiculous pout Dan had ever seen.

- ‘Is this flirting?’ Dan wonders, or panics more like it. He’s a little rusty in the flirting department but Phil is oh so charming when he wants to be. ‘Am I being flirted with? Is Phil serious?’ is what goes on in Dan’s mind on a loop.

-Dan moves back to the couch anyway and even allows himself to lay his head on Phil’s chest, feeling a little daring from Phil’s flirting (Dan decided that Phil is flirting but its whatever cause friends flirt playfully sometimes right? )

-He feels Phil’s chest vibrate when he chuckles and murmurs out a sleepy, “you’re so cute, bear.”

- “What,” Dan says, thinking that he’s having hallucinations now or something because surely he heard wrong or-

-“’Said you’re cute,” Phil replies like it was the simplest answer ever and Dan can tell that he’s tired because his blinking gets slower and his nose scrunches up with yawns that he’s holding in. Phil almost pulled off being nonchalant about it except that he’s got a bright pink blush on his cheeks like he hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Dan’s so happy he’s practically bursting with it, dimples visible and cheeks an equally bright pink as Phil.

-Phil pouts again for Dan to come join him on the beat up couch (he’s ridiculous) and Dan does, laying half on top of Phil with his arms around him like a koala bear and now he’s finally getting the Phil Lester cuddle that he’s been longing for. 

-They lay in comfortable silence, legs all tangled together, Phil’s hand rubbing soothing circles on Dan’s back and Dan inhaling Phil’s scent (Phil’s smells like his favorite vanilla soap and earthy shampoo and just Phil), and they also have their normal banter and laughing and almost knee each other in the crotch but its makes a warm feeling settle in their chests and it feels familiar like Dan’s always belonged in Phil’s arms, and Phil in his. 

-Phil moves things to his bed cause that couch cannot be good for their poor backs. There they can spoon and Phil immediately goes to be the big spoon which is fine by Dan. Phil makes Dan feel so safe and loved and it’s so comforting.

-Phil places little kisses to the back of Dan’s head and when Dan playfully turns around to tell him to quit it he gets kisses on his forehead and his cheeks and his eyelids that are squeezed shut from laughing. And finally, the cutest kiss on the lips. Its so innocent and soft and just perfect that Dan could cry.

-For the next few weeks, which basically means forever now that Dan knows that Phil feels the same way, Phil gets attacked with surprise hugs which turns into ninety percent of their time being used to snuggle in bed and they hold hands at every chance and they’re always sneaking little touches when they think no one is looking. Dan has never been more giddy and blushy in his whole life. And Phil is more than happy to show his love and affection through endless cuddles.

some tooth rotting fluff for y'all lol hope you enjoyed! xxx

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Her Voice Could Sink Ships *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Requested by Anon: 30 Wanda (Her voice could sink ships)
Warnings: sexual remarks/innuendos, swearing- probably
Admins Note:  Angie has allowed me to take the Wanda drabbles, which is super cool of her, probably because we have this unspoken agreement where she does all Clint Barton requests and I take Wanda; its because she is Queen at writing Clint! Anyway remember you can request; ships, imagines and requests by myself or Angie - Rosalee

Wanda Maximoff was possibly the most prettiest girl you had ever come across, everything she did, she did with beauty and grace. You would stop whatever you were doing and watch her, to you she is perfect in every way, just everything about her is… perfect!

“You are so creepy” Bucky commented as your gaze remained fixated on the slightly younger Maximoff, you put your middle finger up at him, he just chuckled with Steve “just ask her out, its awkward watching you lady boner over her, plus having to hear how perfect she is boring” Steve snickered as you now pulled yourself from Wanda’s perfection and glared at the assassin. 

“Buck is right” Steve commented quickly “I’m sure Wanda would love to go out with you” he smiled gently and you scoffed loudly, both old-age pensioners looking at you oddly, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at them.

“Wanda is the definition of perfection” you stated as if this information is very important to them “her hair is basically silk, her skin is the best tone of ivory and her eyes have stars as hostages” you conclude, they chuckled at how poetic you become over Scarlett Witch, you drift back to looking at Wanda from a far; Wanda was busy yelling at her twin to slow down, Natasha was laughing at both twins, even when frowning Wanda looked great. 

“That was sickly adorable” Bucky mumbled. 

No, its adorable” Steve corrected for his best friend, who just raised his eyebrows at Steve who shrugged looking at you; you were unconditionally in love with Wanda. Wanda then yelled very loudly at Pietro, making him skid to a halt, a look of shock on his face as everyone goes silent and you loudly mumble while in a day-dream state.

Her voice could sink ships” everyone turned to look at you, even Wanda, who caused Bucky to laugh loudly and you to blush a crimson red.

Relationship headcanons

Oikawa Tooru

  • He is clingy. But not always the annoying type. You just have to expect him to come at you with open arms hugging you from behind or lift you up praising how cute you are. He’ll hold your hand and carry your bags if you go shopping. He’s the best you can get except Kise to give advise on what to and what not to wear.
  • He’ll actually be the type that will buy you an on trend t-shirt this year and after ten years he’ll tease you for that ancient piece of clothing, but he’ll be teary about about you keeping it for so long in particular. But he’ll know to say all the right things at all the right times. Maybe because he learned to do so after being surrounded by so many girls for so long. It’s confusing this double-faced perfect boy, so you have to keep up with his mood swings.
  • He’ll mostly be like a fangirl of whatever you’ll ever do, yeah, even breathing. He’ll encourage you to do whatever pleases you, as long it doesn’t imply harmful things. Also, you’ll have to accompany him to Comiket and sometimes, Comic Con, because that boy will do whatever it takes to visit every place that is bound to aliens.

  • You’ll be that “couple goals”. Just perfection wherever you look. And your fights won’t last long because he can’t stand you being mad at him nor vice-versa. If you say you want something for your birthday, he’ll write it down and with a month before the event he’ll compare the notes and get the best/most mentioned thing on the list. He’ll bear in mind even the amount of passion you had when you spoke about it. He’ll have a multiple bar chart with these and decide later on.
  • He’ll take you on cheesy dates and that monstrous side of him will be tamed if you stay with him and pester him to be careful about his health. Also, expect a lot of energy coming from this guy because he gets over-excited when it comes spending time with you. Also, he’ll display you in front of his fans, declaring how lucky he is to get someone like you, so most likely you’ll become a little star yourself.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Being known for his skill of reading people, you won’t always have to tell Kuroo exactly how you feel, especially when it comes to embarrassing situations. Actually, because of this, it will come down to a setting where he misreads you and it will be like: “It’s okay, everybody fat at some point in their life. I’ll love you anyways.”, “Tetsu, I’m actually pregnant.” or something like that. Actually, you’re best friends, because he’ll listen your crazy talks about everything, and offers you so good advise. And he won’t judge you for your beliefs and values. He’ll encourage you nonetheless.
  • He makes bad jokes. Get used to idea and try not to take everything to heart. Instead, trick him: fake your sadness and wait for him to panic to the fullest. With this, you two will start an official war of which is the best actor or random tickle battles.
  • You’ll make dinner together because he’s such a good sweets cooker, but a totally disaster when it comes to more salty food. So you’ll pair up and make food together. Sometimes, a try to do fancy dishes will end with you two crushed on couch, watching TV shows sharing a pizza and some wine.
  • He’s intelligent so he’ll yearn to ask his help because he feels so proud when you admit the need of his help. Also, even if you won’t ask, he’ll always be with an eye on you, so he helps you even when you don’t know.
  • You’ll be that couple that some days is so lazy that it doesn’t even bother to get up from bed but some days you’re seen together at gym, practicing together. You’ll actually start living together since you’ve been dating for 2-3 months. So you’re kinda married with him since then.

Tendou Satori

  • A relationship with him will be with ups and downs went to extreme. You two will be so passionate with whatever life throws at you. Like a couple made of two artists.
  • His hunches will scare you to death but this is what draws you in. He’ll use his skill as his hidden ace when you two fight making you speechless and at a loss of words. But he’ll make the best presents and make-ups due to his talent.
  • If you enter in an argument, you lost from the start. And if you’re wrong, just apologize, because his pride is higher than the sky itself, so after getting beneath his superficial layers, you learn he is such more than a blabbering and a joking figure. He’s no clown, except killer clown.
  • He’s not jealous. It’s just a guess of his that you’re deeply in love with him and you won’t turn your head in another direction than his.
  • But he has a sweet side, a soft spot that starts to flourish because of you so you have to have patience and try to make him see his denied scars. At late night talks you’ll found his serious side which make him open up. He’ll make you laugh a lot and he knows how to make you feel loved and appreciated. And with more he opens up, his beast captured inside will be more and more docile. He’ll also look for comfort when times get rough in your arms. Fun fact: he’s afraid of storms so he’ll hyperventilate himself so you have to be there to calm him down.

Akaashi Keiji

  • This guy is old-fashioned. It’s an old man with horns trapped in a middle-aged teenager. He’s a gentleman, and will open doors for you, he’ll always have a handkerchief because you may start cry anytime so he has to be prepared. He’ll pay every time you’ll go out.
  • Sometimes, he’s just a little devil so get used to subtle pranks, like sugar instead of salt, mint in your shampoo, alarm set on 3 morning etc. Nothing big, but Kuroo’s and Bokuto’s influences are starting to be pointed up. Dork.
  • Summer days with him on a lawn, sitting on grass and just reading or braiding flowers’ coronet while humming songs or tell jokes. Essentially, just you two peacefully spending time together. He’s a sucker for antiquities and for long travels. So most likely you’ll visit mysterious and creepy abandoned buildings around the world.
  • He won’t complain about shopping for hours with you just if you let him hold your hand and carry your bags. You’ll go on cheesy romantic dates and most of nights will be consumed with just you two watching old black and white comedies.
  • He’s the perfect listener and knows how to calm you down and which thing is the best to say or to do. An old man experience. Also, like Kuroo, a best friend. If you call him at 2 am, he won’t be grumpy nor he’ll hang up, he’ll just yawn and if it’s just a casual topic like “Why dogs can’t fly?”, he’ll be sound asleep in a minute. If it something important, he is already on his way to you.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • He’s silent. So you’ll have to learn every expression of his and its meaning. Also, when he opens his mouth, he speaks his mind, so you have to put up with his bluntness. It may seem he doesn’t have a chunk of humorousness, but…- no, seriously, it’s a miracle if you get a good joke -not a pun- out of him.
  • He’s also a gentleman and will always worry about you, so you’ll get plenty of text that goes something like “Are you sure you can cross the street? It’s a large one”, “Don’t you need my help? I’m taller than you”. You’ll make him go to wherever you want to go if you start climbing on him or cuddling into his arms or whispering compliments just for him to hear. He’ll be a red mess and agree with everything you demand.
  • He’s dead serious about everything he says, but he loosens up a bit with you. You’ll eat cookies made by you two, drinking hot/ice tea (depends on season) while debating deep topics, it doesn’t matter the hour you’re speaking at. He’s so supporting and he just stay silent whenever you speak about something and the best part is that he remembers what you said with a month before, so your Christmas gift will be something that you mentioned a long while ago. He’s husband material.
  • He’ll need you even at practice matches, because he’ll feel empty without a familiar dear presence in public, so if you miss one, he’ll pout all day and will ignore everyone for the rest of the day.
  • He loves his little garden, so except volleyball and you, he’s in love with gardening, and will go on and on about this topic for hours. You’ll go to different vegetables and fruits festivals. He observes them from color to peel’s thickness. He’ll make you eat healthy. Healthier. Healthiest.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • He’s a loud boyfriend. He’ll go and introduce you to each of his friends, starting to compliment you from head to toe. He can’t help himself. He’s like that from day one.
  • He’s the type that will wake you at 4 am with a phone call, announcing you to be ready in half an hour and than take you out of the town to catch the sunrise while driving and listen to old rock songs. That, or just to ask you if ducks will ever speak with humans. He’ll let you bleach his hair and color it however you please as long as it’s not permanent. Also, he lets you straightening his hair or curling it. He loves you playing with his hair
  • A perfect date will be if you get him to watch animated TV shows about owls. Because he’s a big baby. Also, he needs your attention 24/7. Or else he’ll get into dejected mode, so you’ll have to learn from Akaashi what to do to get him out. A kiss or an apologetic hug will be enough though. Or a sincere compliment.
  • He gives you great tips about hair-styling and life. If you’re struggling with a problem, he’ll get dead serious and come with a great solution. This will make you realize how reliable this huge beautiful lively dork can be and fall deeper in love with him.
  • His sense of humor won’t have boundaries, he loves to see you smile and laugh so he’ll do whatever he can to see these images of you over and over again. He won’t over-work himself though. It’s in his genes to be a funny guy.  
Babygirl's Birthday(Simon Personal)

(Its what you’ve all been waiting for! The #Keebie imagine of the year! Enjoy lovelies!) You woke up in the comforting sheets of the bed you shared with your long term boyfriend Simon Minter. The delicate Christmas lights you had insisted on decorating his room with lit up the walls and cast prolonged tree shadows down to the floor. The room had always been scattered with memories the two of you had shared. The time you crashed their book tour and had a photo with them. Attending the launch party and Simon not being able to take his eyes off you all night. Meeting his parents for the first time and him meeting your family. He was terrified. They asked too many questions and even made you shy. Photos of him with your best friends. He thought they were crazy. Perfect for you then. He had tried his best to impersonate their accents and failed miserably. And he left the day crying with laughter. They always had that affect on people.
Though, his side of the bed was empty this morning. There was no lanky frame with long limbs spread crazily around the mattress. No bed head or croaky voice. Not forgetting to mention, today was your birthday. Finally!
Through the closed doors, you could hear the murmurs of the boys talking downstairs, though what they were saying was unknown to you. It wasn’t like all of them to be up at the same time. Especially when the sun was still up. And it wasn’t like them to ruin their long sleeping schedule to wish you a happy birthday. There were 5am tweets for that and they would be seeing you later in the day anyway.
Reluctantly, you pulled the sheets away from you and automatically felt the cold air of the room, opting to wrap yourself in one of Simon’s baggy hoodies he had left on the side.
Your phone was already flashing up on the side and you clicked onto your WhatsApp, even if it did crash far too many times, and see some messages from YouTube friends loading through.
From Joe, one of your closest friends, it reads- ‘To Keeley, happy birthday! I’m sorry you have to spend your day with four of the worst people possible but just remember, you’re not as old as me and at least that’s something to be thankful for x’
Phone in hand to scroll through and reply to your many birthday messages, you made your way downstairs to greet them all.
“Morning” You yawn, hunting through the wooden cupboards for anything actually in date.
“Afternoon Keeley” Vikk chuckles, going to put his bowl in the dishwasher.
“Its not that late” You comment, checking the time to already read 2pm.
“Of course it isn’t babe” Simon laughs, kissing your cheek quickly as he walked past.
No happy birthday? That wasn’t like him…
“So what are we up to today?” You wiggle your brows, sticking two pieces of toast into the toaster and sitting down with the rest of them.
The boys always tried to plan some sort of party whenever it was your birthday and it was guaranteed that Simon would have plenty planned.
“Just like any other day” Josh shrugs, “Filming, editing, gaming. What else?” He smiles.
“Ohh…” you look down, feeling a little disappointed.
You didn’t want to seem rude, the boys had stuff to do and that was acceptable but it wasn’t likely that they would completely forget everything about your birthday. Ever.
“You up to anything then babe?” Simon asks nonchalantly, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
“Might head to see the girls, celebrate my birthday and all” You mention quickly.
“What?“ JJ exclaims, far too enthusiastically.
“My birthday…” You repeat, unsure of how to react.
“How could we ever forget?” Josh grins and all four of them pull out party poppers, bursting them all over the kitchen.
“Happy Birthday Keeley!!” JJ yells, standing to give you a quick hug.
“Thanks Jide” You chuckle.
“You really thought we forgot your birthday babe?” Simon shakes his head, walking over to you himself.
“I don’t know, you guys can be pretty forgetful” You point out before he wraps you in his arms.
“Happy Birthday gorgeous” He mumbles, his head resting perfectly on top of your own as it always did. Nobody ever realised how tall he actually was.
“Thanks babe” You reply, reaching up to kiss him longingly.
“Present time!” Vikk announces, walking out and evidently going to the lounge.
All of you follow, arriving to the big room where you find it splattered with decorations. Balloons hung in pairs from the ceiling and some scattering the floor. There were banners set in askew lines along the walls with bold letters to wish you a happy birthday and a pile of differently wrapped presents all culminated in the center of the room.
With the hand on the small of your back, Simon guides you towards them, taking a seat on the couch along with the other three.
“Mine first!” Josh grins, handing you a neatly wrapped box from the top of the pile.
“Alright” You say excitedly, opening the present.
Inside is a T-shirt with ‘Thatcherjoe’ written across the burgundy material- a reference to the constant joke that he was your favourite YouTuber.
“Yayyyyy!” You cheer, “My fave!”
“Nope nope nope nope” Simon shakes his head, throwing it across the room, “You have boxes of sidemen merch for that”
“Piss off Simon, just because you’re not a good enough YouTuber” You glare at him.
“My present now” Vikk smiles, handing over a half-hazardly wrapped present.
You open the loose wrapping and find a multi bag of monster munch inside.
“You know me so well!” you chuckle, “Thanks Vikk”
“Okay so mine isn’t actually wrapped but its the thought that counts you know?” JJ grins, pulling out the sidemen book from behind him.
“Woah thanks Jide, you know I don’t think I have one of these yet” You laugh.
“You didn’t even look inside Keeley!!” He exclaims, opening the book for you to one of the first pages.
In scrappy handwriting across the page it reads- ‘If I could pick any girl for Simon, I would pick you. (Really just to stop him being lonely) -From your favourite, JJ’
“Well that means a lot JJ” You smile, “Thank you”
You put down the presents on the floor and see the big grin on your boyfriends face.
“I guess there’s one present left” He grins, pulling out a huge box from behind the sofa.
You frown, confused as to what he would possibly buy that would be that big.
Tearing off the loose paper, you come to find a big cardboard box inside, moving to open the lid with caution. You are thankful for nothing jumping out though it isn’t what you expected, the box is empty. Besides a small envelope dropped to the bottom. Lifting it into your grasp, your name is written over the front and you open it to pull out an A4 sheet of paper.
It is covered in Simon’s writing, clearly written with as much care as he could possibly muster.
You read it to yourself.
‘To Keeley, I couldn’t think of a proper present to get you today. I don’t think you could either to be honest. I didn’t want to get you something boring or classic because that’s not good enough. Over the past however many months we’ve been dating (yes I know its 14 months, 2 weeks and 3 days) I have been amazed by how extraordinary you are. You make me laugh just by being you, you look adorable every single day (especially when you have plaits in your hair) and you’ve become best friends with the guys which I am so happy about. You are the most annoying person I have ever met and I think that’s what makes us perfect for each other, especially when we laugh in exactly the same way. So, happy birthday babygirl and I hope you’re ready to jet off to Croatia this evening because I certainly am’
You can feel tears building in your eyes, it was always like you to cry (at literally anything). Something which your friends always joked about.
“Are you serious?!” You exclaim and he pulls out a pair of plane tickets, “Oh my god!” you grin, getting up to give him a huge hug.
“What the fuck did he write? She didn’t even cry at what I wrote!!” JJ questions, picking up the paper and reading it himself.
“Happy Birthday babygirl…”
(I wasn’t really sure what to put into this because Im not good with soppy imagines and i certainly know it will turn into the cringiest thing to ever greet 2016 so after hours of procrastinating and spending far too much time questioning my own writing skill, I came up with this! (And I hope you appreciate the many references to you in this because it was bloody difficult!) Anyway… Happy Birthday bro!!! You’re finally 16 you old woman!! Enjoy this imagine that I know you’ve been waiting for, of course!! Here’s to the next months of #Keebie!! I’m on my way now😂)

Do you ever just start crying because Parks and Rec and it’s just beautiful and wonderful and so touching and inspiring and hilarious and Leslie Knope and Ben and everyone and all of their relationships, including friendships which are just so important and you just feel everything they feel (emotion wise) and its optimistic yet realistic and its just so spot on and you care so much about the characters and Pawnee and even though it’s ended it will forever live on because it’s just perfect in every way because it’s perfectly Parks and Recreation.

First I HAVE to talk about how Minako is positioned versus everyone else.

She has – or again, more accurate to say Usagi’s brain has – put Minako on Usagi’s level. Usagi’s on the ground, so Minako’s going to get down on ground level too. It’s an equalizing gesture that nobody else has, and it’s significant in that.

(EVERYTHING is significant. I mean I could sit here for another few hours talking about clothing choices to the order they’re lined up and the way they’re standing. EVERYTHING is created by Usagi’s subconscious, so every last detail is worth examining. But I’m already like an hour on this, so I may come back to it later. Someone feel free to shoot me an Ask on it to make sure.)

To Usagi, Minako is a constant shared presence, her partner in crime. Whether it’s being late for school, or trying to wheedle someone into sharing their homework, or an elaborate spy mission on someone new and cute, Usagi and Minako are in it together.

This “plan” had Usagi excluded by necessity, but Minako’s body language is further assurance that it wasn’t personal. Usagi and Minako are still brain twins, and they’ve lost none of that connection they share.

Which is beautifully complimented by the fact that Minako is totally taking the piss out of Usagi. Again, I think my translation is a bit rough, and this’ll all make a bit more sense when we have the rest of the conversation in a second. Basically though, this is Minako playing on Mako’s assurance by like “Yeah, well you’re KIND of trouble.” But noting, again, that Minako’s situated at Usagi’s level, so silently adding “AND I AM TOO.”

It’s interesting how Rei and Minako balance out against Mako and Ami. Mako and Ami provide the easily digested straightforward love, meanwhile Rei and Minako have the more complicated layers that add the weight and ground everything. Usagi’s presented all four of them in all the ways that make them who they are, because that’s exactly how she needs them.

I think that’s what kills me most about this scene. Usagi’s love for her girls is poured into every last detail. Part of what makes this so convincing to Usagi is in the many ways they’re so alive to her, and that makes the loss she’s feeling for them that much more devastating.