its just so perfect in every which way

Her Voice Could Sink Ships *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Requested by Anon: 30 Wanda (Her voice could sink ships)
Warnings: sexual remarks/innuendos, swearing- probably
Admins Note:  Angie has allowed me to take the Wanda drabbles, which is super cool of her, probably because we have this unspoken agreement where she does all Clint Barton requests and I take Wanda; its because she is Queen at writing Clint! Anyway remember you can request; ships, imagines and requests by myself or Angie - Rosalee

Wanda Maximoff was possibly the most prettiest girl you had ever come across, everything she did, she did with beauty and grace. You would stop whatever you were doing and watch her, to you she is perfect in every way, just everything about her is… perfect!

“You are so creepy” Bucky commented as your gaze remained fixated on the slightly younger Maximoff, you put your middle finger up at him, he just chuckled with Steve “just ask her out, its awkward watching you lady boner over her, plus having to hear how perfect she is boring” Steve snickered as you now pulled yourself from Wanda’s perfection and glared at the assassin. 

“Buck is right” Steve commented quickly “I’m sure Wanda would love to go out with you” he smiled gently and you scoffed loudly, both old-age pensioners looking at you oddly, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at them.

“Wanda is the definition of perfection” you stated as if this information is very important to them “her hair is basically silk, her skin is the best tone of ivory and her eyes have stars as hostages” you conclude, they chuckled at how poetic you become over Scarlett Witch, you drift back to looking at Wanda from a far; Wanda was busy yelling at her twin to slow down, Natasha was laughing at both twins, even when frowning Wanda looked great. 

“That was sickly adorable” Bucky mumbled. 

No, its adorable” Steve corrected for his best friend, who just raised his eyebrows at Steve who shrugged looking at you; you were unconditionally in love with Wanda. Wanda then yelled very loudly at Pietro, making him skid to a halt, a look of shock on his face as everyone goes silent and you loudly mumble while in a day-dream state.

Her voice could sink ships” everyone turned to look at you, even Wanda, who caused Bucky to laugh loudly and you to blush a crimson red.


On the subject of “Monty’s Torch” and this open letter by Shane Newville, there are a few things I feel need to be said.

First and foremost, Monty Oum was not a god. He was an amazing man, a man whose work personally helped me move past my own depression, but he was a man nonetheless. Just like every other person on this Earth, he had good ideas and bad ones and not everyone agrees on which were which. Honestly, that’s kinda how art works. It’s based entirely on opinion and perspective, so the perfect artist can’t really exist.

Second, any project that managed to make its way to completion went through changes along the way. Compromises, unfortunate disasters, last minute switches, and happy accidents are all part of the creation process. The maidens are a great example of that, considering Monty hadn’t conceived them until Volume 2.

Third, living for a ghost is not healthy. I should know, I nearly destroyed myself chasing shadows. As noble as it is to be devoted to a departed friend’s memory, it can prove disastrous if we let it consume our sense of agency. We humans do things for ourselves. Above all else, your duty is to your own happiness and sense of fulfillment.

I feel Shane took the duty of preserving Monty’s memory too far and (as seen by his reactions to any changes done in Volume 3) began considering anything not initially conceived by Monty to be flat out inferior. I feel that, due to the difficult situation he was in, a negative perspective has colored his memories to be a lot darker than they likely were in reality. That happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives. I know it’s happened to me and it took a long time before I was able to look back and accept that, from another perspective, the actions taken were logical. That’s the thing about viewpoints. We’re each the protagonist of our own lives, but the world has six billion other protagonists running around alongside you.

Of the things he said, I especially have doubt in regards to the bulk of RT putting up some false veil of friendship with Monty while trashing him behind his back. Occasionally being irritated due to clashing work styles, I can totally see, but these people are rational adults. That’s schoolyard tactics. It would be easy for a darkened perspective to twist those memories of the irritation, though.

I’m not suggesting RT was completely in the right in this situation. I’m not pleased to hear Sheena was excluded from working on at least a small portion of RWBY. However, I would say that I don’t think it would’ve been healthy if she had been brought into the main stage and had to deal with the stresses of production for a project that would remind her of her late husband every day of the week.

As for what “keep moving forward” means? Well, frankly, I don’t think I know exactly what it meant to Monty. I know what it means to me, though.

Keep moving forward for me is about accepting the good and the bad of reality in equal parts and using all those collected experiences to do something interesting. When I write, it isn’t to fulfill some grand, perfect vision that I had since day one. I write because it’s fun, I write because I want to create a product capable of entertaining and inspiring emotion in an audience. The feeling I get when someone laughs or cries because of something I made is almost impossible to beat and that’s why I keep going in spite of depression or anxiety assaulting me along the way. Because my primary goal in life is to have at least a little fun every day. Otherwise, what’s the point?

That’s all just opinion, though. What do the rest of you make of all this?