its just nice

:-) things are great, i’m doing well, i’m motivated and a productive member of society, i achieve my goals, i’m inspired to create like a true artist, i keep myself to uni deadlines and live up to the expectations at work, my relationships with other human beings are blooming and i hope a car hits me tomorrow because i’m so numb 24/7 i probably wouldn’t even notice it

Thanks for 406. I was going to wait until 500, but I’m impatient and drunk and this is a lewd side blog for shits and giggles, so 406 it is. I hope y’all have enjoyed it. It arouses me to know that people have become aroused by something I’ve posted, or gotten off to something that I’ve posted. So please don’t be shy, messages are always welcome!


Someone watched Shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu?

Like… I love these two… I really really realllly love them… It’s 3am I just caught up the eps and I love them even more.

Please someone talk to me about this show it’s so great sgoequrhquth

firewatch was really good but (under the cut for spoilers)

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And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

happy thursday  - I have fun


It’s a red paper with fuzzy black spots and I LOVE it and have a VERY SMALL AMOUNT and have been hanging onto it since the 2D PV came out years ago banking on the hopes that A) the show would get made, B) I would love it and C) would want to make a piece. AND ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAPPENED

She’s for sale! Shoot me an ask or chat if you’re interested, my lovelies!  Sold!


pearl / rose – i’m still into you

things i anticipate for the rooby v3 finale:

- pain

- thats it, im only preparing for pain