its just me with a wig lol


Uh, so I haven’t posted my face in a while, but i do sometimes on this blog so this is me, hi? :D

Pseudo costest of Yuuri (who turned out to have more natural makeup than my usual cosplays so is also like half just normal me lol), who I’ll be cosplaying at Katsucon this coming Thurs-Sun! Will have actual cosplays then, Stammi Vicino Yuuri is my main but I also have a fem!Eros Yuuri original design <3 Was surprisingly nervous because I’ve drawn Yuuri countless times in 2D but it’s very different on your own face… ^ ^; Hopefully is passable LOL

I got my hair cut just for this today, and well it was getting a bit long anyway and saves me from having to get a lace front wig ^ ^;;

Before (yeah lopped off a fair amount):

also bonus with glasses (not cosplay glasses, actual every day glasses but eh close enough in shape at least ^ ^;)

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It's 12:22 pm and I'm thinking about how Stiles has probably perfected his ability to lie convincingly over the years and it wigs him out a little bit that he doesn't get to stretch his fabrication skills anymore because at this point nobody ever even ASKS 'are you okay' because lol how could you be.

suicidal thoughts mention in answer


I’m just thinking about how Stiles perfected lying, but he didn’t just perfect it, he perfected it. He got so good at lying that even the werewolves can’t hear the skip in his heart beat anymore. And at some point, the lies start blending together with the truth. 

No one asks him how he is, if he’s okay, because they all just believe it. Stiles has always been okay, Stiles is supposed to be the one that’s okay, so how could he not be? He just bottles everything up, the Nogitsune and the Darach and Derek leaving.

Because yeah, Derek left. And the small, soft, important questions left with him. 

Stiles can’t blame him. If he didn’t have to go to school Stiles would’ve hit the road ages ago, but he can’t. He stayed, and he stays, because Scott needs him, and his dad needs him, and his Pack needs him - but no one ever asks what he needs

And one day, Derek comes back. It’s not permanent - of course it isn’t, because Stiles can’t have everything - and the knowledge that isn’t hurts, but Stiles tells himself it’s fine. Tells everyone else it’s fine. Tells Derek it’s fine. Because what else can he do, tell them that he can’t sleep and sometimes he thinks about jumping off a fucking building because there’s nothing left anymore?

It’s fine, it’s all fine. Everyone believes him. Except Derek looks at him, sometimes, really looks at him, the corners of his mouth turned down and a frown on his face and Stiles gets so scared that Derek knows that he starts avoiding him. 

But Derek has always been weirdly attuned to Stiles’ moods, and instead of leaving Stiles alone like he should, like Stiles wants him to (he doesn’t, but he does), he slips through the window. The shock of seeing Derek doing something so familiar makes Stiles’ breath hitch. It’s almost like he never left.

“Are you okay?” Derek asks quietly, leaning against the windowsill. Stiles resists the urge to scowl - here it comes, the questions, the ones Stiles hates

“It’s fine, Derek. I’m fine.”

Derek shifts. Stiles clenches his hands into fists and unclenches them again, waits for Derek to say something, anything

“I don’t believe you,” he says, not even glaring, just looking, head tilted to the side. If they were in a normal situation, Stiles would’ve made a dog joke. Instead, he’s forced to keep himself calm, to not let anything shine through - let the frustration cover up the lies. 

“Did I fucking stutter? Did my heart skip a beat?”

“No,” Derek says, soft, looking at his hands, and Stiles is about to start gloating when Derek looks up. “No, but sometimes, people learn to lie.”

And Stiles - Stiles doesn’t know what to say to that because Derek’s right. Derek hasn’t even been back for a fucking week and he’s already pulling at the loose threads of the web that’s holding him together, and Stiles knows his heart’s skipping beats now, because Derek’s just staring and Stiles is falling apart here -

“Hey, hey,” Derek says, rushing forward, his hands clamping around Stiles’ biceps. Stiles doesn’t even notice he’s crying until Derek wipes a tear away from his cheek. “It’s okay not to be okay.”

And Stiles just cries, and Derek just holds him. Maybe, Stiles thinks as he curls into Derek’s chest, maybe, things’ll be okay. Eventually.

Tell me what time it is and what you’re thinking about?


I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..


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Thank you so much for answering! A few last q's, do you have like a regular lace closure or an ear to ear lace frontal? I've heard what you said about the shedding but the volume is just irresistible! Or would you recommend another kind of hair to get a similar kind of look?

It’s all good lol, it was a lace closure. I took some of my hair out in the front to blend it. After all I said girl no I don’t recommend that hair lol it never got back to that cute curl you saw you know and I was always trying to fix it. This is how it first looked when I did that little regimen with the perm rods I said before.

Then it looked like this when I tried it again. It was cute but it was much shorter. and less fluffy, still the same volume tho

This is how it looked like the 6th time I perm rodded it and brushed it out a little. I feel like it keeps getting shorter

It looked like this when I wand curled it.

It’s still to this day fluffy and “curlable” with alot of volume.

In all if you can deal with styling it everyday and the shedding, get it. But if you can’t nah girl lol. 

I get you when you say you love volume lol I love it to but atm I have no idea what hair gets this much volume in its curls as this. I’m not to educated on hair but I use deja vu perm kinky yaki to get a similar volume, it’s only $20 but you just cant curl it bc its synthetic. This is it below. I made it into a wig as well

Hope this all helped❤️


Help!!! I think the previous owner put double sided tape on her head!!! Its really gross… does anyone have any remedies that will gently remove the residue and not the paint? Thanks! On a side note this is the first time i had to deal with a sticky head that wasn’t mattel’s fault. lol

Her wig is also in awful condition! Me thinks this doll was gifted to a child? And he or she grew out of dolls and just straight up donated their doll collection. I cant wait to fix it!

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Who wears a bad wig in outlander?

All of Jamie’s were horrendous and tended to take me out of scenes sometimes (never thought I’d say in all honesty that I’d miss Sam’s actual hair after seeing that wig lol) think there was reason it was only opened once - in 3x06 - and kept in a that sad little ponytail the rest of the time, even they knew it was terrible lol, also Ian Sr., wee Ian, the two Ardsmuir guys, pretty much almost all the dudes, Bree’s had its moments where it was just too much as well lol. I mean, wigs are not OL’s strong suit.

The only wigs that worked for me were Claire’s. Esp her 18th C one, that loose ponytail with the side parting really suited her, and the messy curls when it was open was beautiful. Apart from the unnecessary heavy gray, I often found myself forgetting she was in one.

Three Years of Horror at "Pets-Mart"

I invested 3 long years into Pets-Mart and quit little over a year ago. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have an experience at another job like this one so I figured I’d share just a few stories 😊
*I worked at three different locations but all of these stories happened at one store in particular*

1) I’m a black girl with natural hair and I got ALOT of people (really just old white people) just patting me like a dog or just straight up trying to run their fingers through it. I even had several people ask me if it was a wig (???). Last time it happened I “judo-chopped” a woman’s hand out the way lol
One time I had a manager casually bring up how his grandfather was a KKK member and how his aunt hated black people. Another manager told me to “hurry my black ass up”. Had an associate constantly call me “spikey” cuz of my hair.
I was petting a customer’s very shy dog and its owner says to me “wow hes usually friendly around other people. Maybe he doesnt like black people”.
There are a bunch of other stories I have that involve racism/micro-aggressions but I don’t want to type it out now. It probably didn’t help that I was the only black PERSON at every location I went to…

2) This one is kinda funny looking back: I was working on register and had a woman walk into the store as I’m ringing up customers. She walked up to me with a plastic bag and told me she brought her dog’s “sample”. We managed to clarify that it was a FECAL sample and she wanted me to test it…. I pointed her in the direction of the vet’s office in the store and she says “why can’t you do it??” I said “…..I’m a cashier” “well the other store does it for me!” “….okay?” And she storms out. Super weird at the time. Now it’s hilarious.

3) We got alot of customers come in with stray kittens they found. We had a woman and her child come in with a stray and we pointed them to the number to the adoption agency since Pets-Mart doesn’t take in animals. So instead of going and writing down the number, they LITERALLY drop the kitten in the store and run…. out the store and drive off. Luckily a random customer was kind enough to take the kitten home but stil… the nerve.

4) One of my regular cat lady customers came in 15 minutes to close and BEGGED me to come with her (and her kid) down the street to catch a feral cat. I told her that we’re about to close and I’m the only cashier and I can’t JUST LEAVE because a cat is limping in a Publix parking lot (why did I have to explain this to a grown woman???).
After she left, I sat there trying to imagine myself explaining this to my manager “Yeah I know we’re closing and I’m on the clock, buuut there’s a cat limping 10 minutes down the street and I gotta ride with this lady and her kid to save it… I call shot gun!”.

My Zankie Thoughts (Bring Your Brains For This One)

First of all i wanna say that im proud of what Zach is doing with his younows and stuff. I think hes doing a great job with making things happen for himself business wise. Personal life….theres something deep going on and i want yall to take a walk with me while we discuss this. I do wanna say that this is just MY opinion on the situation and i’m going by the things that i SEE and SEEN for months leading up to now. If people don’t like what i have to say then I’m gonna be really hurt…….SIKE! i dont give a fuck so moving on.

Regarding Zach

There is someone in his life, that does not accept zach for who he (no matter what his sexuality is.) There is someone that does not want him to live his life the way he wants to live it and i’m gonna tell you how i figured that out. Sometimes i hate bringing this up over and over but its very important to the things we see. Lets think for a moment. Zach posted that snapchat of him and Frankie openly and freely right? why would a guy, put an erotic snapchat out like he did. HE did. Go the extra mile and put his hand where he put it (crotch) leave it up for almost 1 hour. And wait a week to say it wasn’t his hand? it wasn't released on somebody elses snapchat where maybe, we could have questioned it. No this is his snapchat and his hand why would a guy like zach put himself in a predicament like that? somebody either had something to him about it or somebody had to drill him to the wall about it and it scared him away from it because EVERYBODY saw it. what yall think? be honest, nobody would put something like that out and leave it there for 45 minutes especially when you label yourself “straight” and then a week later you deny it. That was a very strong statement. when people thought andy was sucking another guys dick he didn’t wait a week to say it wasn’t him did he? so this is my point, After that entire week, ROA surprise, both 54 below’s and then the snapchat my personal opinion i think he was told hes not allowed to be around frankie anymore or else this this and this will happen.(my opinion) How is it that Frankie and Zach can be absolutely cool with each other texting each other,snapchatting,hes spelling his name going into the pool, and Frankie’s liking zach’s pics, Zach gets to nyc talks about zankie and seeing frankie and not knowing when frankie’s coming (which by the way made sense for zach to keep quiet about that even if he knew because frankie didn’t even tell nobody when he was coming so theres that.) And when zach leaves frankie tweets “some people are worth melting (fighting) for” but then publically we get nothing which to the PUBLIC would indicate something is wrong but…Dominic was shutting haters down and zach posted a snap with him and lauren. so thats when shit aint lining up with the dots. The happiness and them not hanging out don’t quite add up unless *snap snaps* yea sneaky right? the reason i believe that Zach was told he can’t see Frankie is because simply even as “Friends” they cant hang out or be seen in public eye anymore why?. Zach was liking every picture Frankie posted once upon a time. Ass pictures, Shirtless pictures, everything. out the blue it stopped and i’m not just talking the pictures of Frankie i mean the kinda pictures he liked was very bold at times he didn’t give a fuck what he liked. And his entire IG patterned switched up after the week of 54 below that’s when the the russian beauty came in. everything frankie and zach does Is still very very discreet and its been this way if you think about it for a while. Lets go back real quick Frankie calls Zach out on twitter and Frankie said hes gonna be on his way. but zach basically said “not today” and he tweeted that isotope tweet in front of the WORLD! and he didn’t care, he knew how he felt and he choose to do that publicly instead of calling frankie on the phone behind closed doors. so how can a person back track unless somebody is telling him something that’s scaring him? thats making him not be himself? how can he be excited to go to Disney and boom we get nothing (still no explanation of it) how can he be excited about Africa and boom (no explanation of it) how can Frankie tweet zach “im on my way to you” and boom frankie is not there (no explanation) how can he be excited to go to the Ariana Grande concert and boom (no explanation) how can he talk about meeting up with frankie that thursday for 2 days and boom (no explanation) why does he have to SNEAK to the jingle ball concert to see ari? why does he not wanna show people he has pics with ari backstage?Caleb was posting selfies right? and we know he was back there because of the backstage pass on his neck so that to (no explanation) he seems to not wanna show somebody who hes with. So he gets to nyc airport and hes at there alone. The moment he step out florida we get the famous “rachel vodka cran can get it, actually she already did get it lets be real” now zach becomes a very open person when he feels very free and he knows we know rachel is Frankie no wig, no nothing, just drunk off of imaginary vodka Frankie lol but again he didn’t give a shit about saying it he was being himself. When a person acts like that when they’re away from certain people its called.                                                                                                


Frankies tweet “some people are worth melting (fighting) for” was in my opinion saying that he hasnt given up on Zach. I dont give 4 fucks and a hotpocket who thinks i’m delusional that’s my personal opinion. And it happened as Zach got picked up. To me zankie is fine, however i think Zach is going through some shit that he will not show us.And i do wanna tell the zankie fans this, find a way to detach yourself from them emotionally because it will fuck you up. I found a balance where i can love them and not give a fuck at the same time and its honestly awesome lol oh! oh! oh! and also stop asking Zach these questions about him and frankie when hes in front of people that dont know much about his personal life hes not gonna fucking answer. They asking “did yall secretly hang out” in today’s broadcast bitch thats why its called a secret. If he said “yea we did” then the next question would be why did we not get any pics and then he has to go into detail about why, which wouldn’t be good because he has to tell them or not say nothing.Sometimes the best answer is no answer but if you want people off your back you gotta start giving A answer. To wrap this up just look around you Zach can hang out with Victoria and Nicole and others and Frankie can hang out with Derrick and Cody all he wants. Even Derrick said on his younow Frankie text me and cody all the time.but zach and frankie ain’t telling nobody shit about them, oh you don’t believe me? read line 2 of Zach’s isotope tweet. or how about the younow where somebody said “can you younow with frankie” and he said “i don’t know i don't like to broadcast my entire life you know” i hope yall with me on this shitCody and Frankie can hang out because that’s what friends do, they chill. Did he not let caleb spend a couple days at his apartment? Like relax even if they was i don’t think even THEY would be this fucking public so lets chill on all the Cody and Frankie dating bullshit. They ain’t went through half the shit Frankie and Zach have been through and we saw it. they’re just friends its fine the moment they start hiding like Zach and Frankie is when yall should worry. let everybody do them, things occur when we don’t pay as much attention to it, Zankie is A ok, have a blessed tuesday :)