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A fallen bookmark on a Thursday afternoon

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: ANGST, Fluff and soft Smut
Word Count: 19k

He came to you like the air comes into the train station after the fast arriving of the machine.

It comes fast and unexpected, making you hoist your head to look at the long vehicle and the people inside. It is so fast you can’t even distinguish the different wagons.

As the train comes to a stop, the wind that it creates plays with your hair, leaving you breathless.

That’s how Jeon Jungkook came into your life.

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A Little Bit Longer

Write-A-Thon: AU Day (1)

pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

summary: Lin and reader both have Crohn’s Disease and receive Remicade infusions for treatment. With nothing to do for 3+ hours, they chat with each other and quickly become closely acquainted. 

warnings: IVs (like hospital ones), swearing, chronic illness? idk man

words: 2430

a/n: So, this is the first part to a fairly slow burn series I’m starting. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever written and I’m sure it’ll keep getting more so. That being said, I’m absolutely terrified to put this out for people to see; I’ve never shared something this deeply personal to me and I’m just worried what the reactions will be. I really, really hope you guys like this. I cried a lot of tears writing it, but I think it’ll be a very healing experience for me. 

Thank you to @alexanderhamllton @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza who all read over it for me and helped calm my nerves about it. I love you all. 

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where something colossal happens, something changes in their lives, and they’re suddenly never the same person. Some people will change for the better, others for the worse, but it’s an inevitable fact of life.

Maybe it’ll happen when you’re seventy, you might just be seventeen, but regardless of age, it won’t be easy.  Life doesn’t discriminate between the old and the young; pain is pain and it demands to be felt, whether emotional, physical, or other.

For some time after said life changing event, the sun seems to stay hidden behind dark clouds and as far as the eye can see, there are storms. The storms will seem to never end and odds are, you’ll find yourself wondering how other people do it, how they get through it.

The truth is, it isn’t easy. You do it because you have to, because you have no other choice. Life will push you down countless times before you can get back up, and that might take years. But when you look up at that cloudy sky, you’ll see that every cloud has a silver lining. The sun will come back out, sometimes one ray at a time, and life will be beautiful again.

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Oblivious Pt VI [Min Yoongi]

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[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V] [Part VI]

Words: 2.3K

Genre: Angst + Fluff

We’ve made it to the final part of the Oblivious series!! Ahh! Since we’ve come to an end, I’d like to thank my beta reader and my best friend @roxywolfie27 for making sure the story flowed correctly and for being there for me during my terrible writer’s block. Also, I’d like to thank each and every reader for supporting this series! Your comments got me through this. This is actually my first completed chapter series and I’m so proud of it ; ; 

Thank you all so much!

- Admin JiJi <3

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Forget me not || l.h

“Im trying to forget and move on, but no one compares to the way you make me feel.”

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It killed you, everyday. Walking around town with your hand by your side as posters are scattered along the old brick walls of pictures. Stepping foot into the small convenient stores only to be met with the magazines flashing your name, his, and another girl. You kept your head low as you grabbed the magazine from the stand and walked to the back of the store to grab the rest of what you needed, still having to buy his favorite snack every time you go since its seemed to grow on you as well. You marched back up to the cash register slowly, readjusting your hood on your head and placing your items down on the ball belt. A soft sigh escaped your lips as your eyes met the picture of him on the cover with his hand intertwined with another. The lady working looked up at you a sympathetic smile playing on her lips, she was used to you walking in here with him all the time. But everyone has to adjust to changes right?

You tried to act like it didn’t bother you, posting pictures where you look as if you’re as happy as ever, liking his pictures to make it seem like you’re still friends although it killed you to see his face. Your heart ached every time you saw his dimpled smile knowing that it used to belong to you, that you were the reason of it. Your heart broke knowing it was now someone else leading him to happiness, making you more upset that you weren’t able to fulfill that.

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