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I had this great shower vision of how every time Yuri says “well I was messing around with a routine in Detroit and Phichit liked it but I thought it was pretty flashy”, Victor just pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts chugging instead of screaming “WHY DIDN’T YOU SKATE LIKE THIS AT THE OLYMPICS? I WAS SO BORED AT THE OLYMPICS.”

Rule no. #1 of starting your own band: don’t date your goddamn drummer.

“Almost two years ago, Donghyuck had been messing around on the keyboard Sookhee got him for his birthday when his phone lit up with Mark’s name, and the text message: wanna start a band? Convincing the others wasn’t a difficult task, and ta da, The Millennials was born: Mark on drums, Jeno and Jaemin, bass and rhythm guitar respectively, Renjun on backing vocals and the keyboard, and Donghyuck taking lead.”

(Band!au, Mark/Donghyuck; 7k words; PG-13)

Written by anonymous for the 2017 kpopolymfics. Read here [and don’t forget to comment if you liked it! (which I swear, you will)].


Did you talk to Javier after the competition?
Translation credit (a-m-n-o-s) 


joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]


Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 

Remember when Abby caught her son drinkin whiskey and literally called him by his full name, like let this momma rest pls Andrew she’s got 9+ babies to look after,, she can’t always be watchin you


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism