its just always there on google images

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning and I just–suffocate.

Lance starts being afraid of what he loves

(tryna color but obviously failing)

bonus slav:

they bond over mutual fear (shiro is not amused and hunk is low key worried about lance)


I just realized that this scene in Wake Me Up is similar to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Pepe Silvia. 😆🤣😂 

minghao actin like jun isn’t breathing on his neck (a compilation)

this is just what i’ve compiled from my blog recently, google images, and what i already had saved on my computer within the last 10 minutes or so. feel free to add on.

My Favorite Cosplay Resources

Starting from head to toe!

  • Wigs - Personally I prefer Ebay. Wigs are cheap, buuuut you have to accept there’s a certain risk of not getting what you paid minimal money for. Still usually if you are wary you can go about with minimal mishaps. I like Ebay because of the price but also the variety. I’m terrible with wigs, so the closer at the start the wig is to the style/color I need the easier it is for me. So Arda for me isn’t really a good fit. (Though sometimes if the wig is really particular there’s nothing else than going with Arda.)

  • Contacts - Pinky Paradise. Hands down. Reliable, safe, and decently priced. Offers most of their contacts in a wide variety of prescriptions with no extra cost (which for me is super nice). They sort the contacts out in easy to find ways (by color, enlargement, etc) and most the contacts have real life customer pictures of themselves wearing the contacts so you really know what you are getting, not just some shopped photo of a lens over a stock eye shot.

  • Makeup - Honestly, I get most my makeup from Walmart. Cheap, wide variety. It helps that I don’t have sensitive skin. I can wear whatever and maybe have some small breakouts the next day. I also stop by CVS or Walgreens a lot, ton of variety and again cheap. Plus they are everywhere so if you realize you are out of concealer at the con you can usually pick up some at the local pharmacy in five minutes. For advances make up, like prosthetics, try any costume stores near you, like Party City or Halloween related seasonal shops. And of course the internet when you can’t find that one thing just the way you want it.

  • Fabric - Generally I go to Jo Anns and sometimes Hancock. These are what are local to me, and tend to have decent prices, okay selection, and for Jo Anns tons of sales and coupons. When I lived in Hawaii there were some local chains with amazing selection I liked more than these chains. (If you are in Oahu check out Kaimuki’s Dry Goods, small local store I used to really like.) So yeah poke around to see what’s around you! For especially hard to find fabric you unfortunately have to go online. It sucks and can be expensive. I like Amazon or but I’ve only done a little online fabric shopping so not my forte.

  • Supplies - This is a varied topic. Cause like Worbla, only available online. Paint? All over. Unfortunately I don’t have just a list I can tell you. Home Depo, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, Michaels, Lowes, just try a balance of hardware and craft stores. And for the specialty stuff, like thermoplastics of course it’s the internet you go.

  • Shoes - Thrift shops. I love thrift shops. Goodwill, Salvation Army, whatever you have locally. There’s no guarentees unfortunately about the style and size but you’ll never get shoes cheaper. And since often I tear apart these shoes, paint them up, and otherwise mutilate them I feel a bit better about using these shoes which are already a step before the trashcan. To make things comfier you can put in inserts. If you can’t find something then internet is your best bet for the variety and low price.


  • Clothes - going to be cosplaying Shizuo and don’t really want to make a pair of black slacks? Who can blame you! So for simple clothing items you can head to my favorite, the thrift shop! Not only are you getting clothes for cheap but often also helping out different humane efforts (Like CHKD is a chain near me which is connected to a children’s hospital.) If you can’t find it in the thrift store gamble the more sure fire source is going to be Ebay! Again, used, cheap clothes. And some cheap new mass produced clothes. A little pricier with shipping and such but you can usually find low prices on basic things. Also even if it’s not a perfect match, wherever you got the clothes, keep an open mind to ability to edit the clothes into what you need.

So this is just a look into my shopping stops, I generally focus on lowering that price while trying to maintain quality. So if you are looking to do things without spending big bucks check these places out! Also for some tips on finding things on the internet, try a variety of search words, go through your big sites like Ebay and Amazon, but also Google Shopping. Annnd if you really are having trouble try Google Images then back track to the image source to what is possibly an online store. Not always but more often than not I’ve been able to find things like that!

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Can I just say ur art of the once-ler is like the Icon of Onceler fanart now. Everytime I search up once-ler anywhere, ur pieces are always there. Its beautiful

omg,,,idk about icon but yeah actually ive noticed that my art shows up whenever i do any kind of onceler related search on google images, and this is a result of ppl reposting my art onto pinterest etc over and over orz but what you said is a nice way to think about it so thank you! :,)

An apology

Hi everyone, Mod Sapphire here and I wanted to talk about that last post with the ‘wash off my cuteness’ caption. First off, I’d like to apologize to anyone who was offended by the caption. It has been deleted now and I’m the one who had originally put it in the queue so I’d like to apologize to everyone. While i personally didn’t see the bunny getting washed in the picture, I can understand how that might be alarming for some people so I’ll try to avoid those.

Let me say this, there are certain images that I, personally will always try to avoid because I’ve played with bunnies before and one of my neighbours has them.

1. I will never post a bunny on its back (google if you dont understand why)

2. Never in a cage 

3. never being washed, though I will now add any wetness or jokes about that to my list.

Anyway, I’d just like to apologize to everyone after seeing those comments and I hope you can forgive my mistake. 

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i dont mean this to sound rude, im honestly just curious, but isnt drawing people irl a little awkward? i feel like they could see it as an invasion of privacy

I guess? I always saw it as mostly harmless, like searching “man sitting” and then drawing a random photo off of google images
I recognize that it’s different because it’s a person in public, but I’ve seen a lot of artists drawing from life like that so I had never really thought about it


Okay so i just binge watched season 3 of 12 monkeys (an absolutely amazing show, i’m still shook) and idk if its only me but doesn’t Hannah look like a wallmart version of Lexa (the 100). Don’t get me wrong I like Hannah, I just find it very funny,like what is the actual purpose of her eye make up? Please if you’ve watched both shows tell me im wrong?

Apropos of the anon I just received I’d like to make a couple of quick illustrations of the “Rothko problem” on the internet.

Above, this popular collage of Rothko paintings appears when you google his work, I am not sure who made it or if it’s just generated.

The first and fourth paintings are cropped a bit but they are the same painting as the 2nd image in the bottom row, which is upside down. The third painting in the second row is on its side but that particular scan is always upside down when you see it on tumblr and for long time there was no museum scan to correct it (I posted it the wrong way myself at first). It’s also much more orange than red but that’s not always photoshop, just sometimes the nature of photography and printing. The fifth painting in the second row and the fifth painting in the third row are both copies and not real Rothkos.The 7th painting in the second row is cropped on the bottom (this happens, sometimes a cropped scan is all we have seen and we take what we can get).

That’s not a great track record and it’s not really anyone’s fault. Pinterest is the worst offender because when people pin they tend not to check the veracity of the information. This is how you get a lot of misattributions as things there get shared endlessly.

Because of all this, you will note from time to time I will share fakes, copies or misattributed Rothkos, trying, in a sense, not to make the problem worse. As with the submissions, I will not let these over take the blog and they will be tagged for those who wish to avoid them.


九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  

So after another case of ‘manip maker​ has to discover again that their work has been robbed alongside 2.3k notes and counting’, this feels like a good time to talk about please taking a second to look at watermarks before we reblog fanworks because note counts mean jack-shit as to whether something is the OP’s original content or not.

It’s been happening a lot lately in particular because twitter users have started making tumblr blogs specifically to steal posts, edits, manips and fanart directly from twitter - without credit - just so they can gain followers simultaneously across multiple platforms without having to invest any extra thought.

Jokes can be made about having to become numb to theft in order to ‘survive’ online, but it’s a very real possibility that any creator can suddenly just decide they’ve had enough when it becomes one instance of theft too many. No matter what type of fan you are or blog you run, the ‘creative’ aspect of fandom impacts everyone: fic, manips, fanart, edits, music videos and gifs have kept our fandom experience full of the life and vibrancy that it’s always been known for, and a couple of extra seconds is all it takes to preserve it. 

So, a PSA about visual works in particular - if the watermark and the OP URL is exactly/pretty much the same, then go ahead as per usual! But please, if the watermark doesn’t match the OP’s URL:

  • do the obvious thing and just tumblr-search the name in the watermark to reblog directly from the actual source’s blog
  • OR check OP’s blog description/bio because if OP actually is the source but just under a different tumblr pen-name (like a different spelling on a different platform, etc.) they will make it obvious
  • OR check OP’s blog to see if they have the post tagged with something like ‘my art’ or ‘mine’ - if they don’t, it’s probably because it’s not
  • OR check OP’s blog and if there’s just a bunch of uploads all with coincidentally different watermarks, well… I’m sure you can put two-and-two together (and the person who accidentally reblogged it onto your dash would probably appreciate knowing, too).

There’re always other methods of finding true sources (like doing quick reverse-image searches on Google), but if you’re really still unsure about the OP, leave it. I promise that one reblog missed is better than the five steps back taken for every note ‘rewarded’ to something stolen.

an excerpt from a thing. no big deal
  • Unnamed Character: But biologically speaking, you're a man.
  • Laina: I'm a woman. I have a woman's biology and a woman's parts because I'm a woman.
  • Unnamed Character: I mean-- you're biologically male, right? You have male reproductive parts. Gender's in the brain.
  • Laina: When you looked through that basic science textbook did you see anything about brains being part of biology too?
  • Unnamed Character: For fuck's sake. You're a man, it's that simple.
  • Laina: Of course, you'd have been better off reading a book on toad biology.
  • Unnamed Character: I don't see how you can just... Gallivant around invading women's safe spaces.
  • Laina: Gallivant. Liking it. Not liking how you're almost a literal toad. Hang on.
  • [While Unnamed Character is speaking, Laina pulls her phone from her pocket and begins searching for something unseen on the screen.]
  • Unnamed Character: Listen. You're a fucking man, and no matter how much you pretend to be a woman, you never will be one. That's how it is, that's how it will always be. You can't just put on a dress and lipstick and suddenly call yourself a woman. Do you even PLAN on transition- Are you taking a selfie?
  • [Laina is holding her phone in front of herself, the screen facing towards her.]
  • Laina: No, just... The resemblance is really uncanny.
  • [Laina turns the phone around to reveal the Google Image Search results for “ugly toad”.]
  • Laina: I don't normally do that, insult somebody's appearance. I know how it feels, you see. Can't leave the house with so much as the tiniest hint of stubble otherwise people like you crawl out of the gutters to harass me. Thing is though, I'll respect you up until the point you stop respecting me. And you were always ready to disrespect me, so I'm never going to respect what you're saying. It's not like you're at all relevant anyway- do you really think you're going to stop me? Do you think I haven't heard what you're saying before, ten times worse? You're an insignificant toad amongst thousands of others, and your ideologies are flawed and immensely problematic. You call yourself a feminist but how CAN you be if you're doing this right now? You're not even just hating on trans women- by attacking me for displaying traits you deem masculine, you're attacking cis women for the same traits. You're enforcing clear, cookie-cutter gender binaries, frankly disregarding the very concept of non binary genders. They call you a TERF, so I've heard. A Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist. I disagree with that. I don't think you have a right to call yourself a feminist. I think a more worthwhile acronym would be TOAD- Transphobic, Obnoxious And Dated. Now- if you'll excuse me- I have to go put on a dress and lipstick and call myself a woman. You wear whatever you want and call yourself whatever you want- but biologically speaking, you're a toad, right?
  • [Laina pockets her phone and walks away, giving a breath of relief. Once a safe distance away from the Unnamed Character and the crowd of people, Laina gets her phone out of her pocket and starts texting Natasha.]
  • Text: “Used toads in a really mean metaphor. Feeling sorry for them. How much do pet toads cost?”

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Hi, I'm kinda new to digital art and I was wondering if maybe you could explain some of the basics because I'm completely confused on how it all works ;-;

I’m not sure how “basic” you want me to get but.

•Three P’s.

1) Pick a tablet
2) Pick a drawing program
3) Practice

I use Wacom Intuos Pro, Paint Tool SAI+Photoshop, and draw every day if I can.

•Get to know your tablet. Set up pen pressure and adjust its other settings depending on your preferences.

•Get to know your drawing program. Default settings are OK to start, but as you progress, adjust the brush settings and keyboard shortcuts to your liking. You won’t have your same work place all the time; it’ll always be changing as you advance. Experiment!

•If you want to draw more people, Google up some stock images/model photos and trace them until you’re comfortable drawing them just by looking at them, then by memory. Try not to start big if you’re super novice; just sketching head shots and stagnant simple poses over and over are fine.

•If you want to practice coloring, it helps to familiarize yourself with the color wheel. I like to shade with purples and reds because they compliment almost everything.

•Sketching in black is ok. Lining in black is also ok but not always eye catching. Try dark blues or purples instead.

•When coloring, try not to do it on a white background (unless that’s part of your drawing, of course). White is very stark and can obscure color quality. Instead, make your background a light/medium grey, or if you have a background setting in mind, complete it before you color your subjects.

•It’s always ok to have multiple layers, though doing that increases the file size of your drawing and can make saving more strenuous on your computer. If you’re comfortable, you can merge layers as you work to keep the file size to a minimum.

•That being said: SAVE OFTEN.

•Never export to .jpg when you’re done. Seriously DON’T. It destroys the quality of your work. Files barely lose quality in .png and .tiff, so choose those instead.

•It’s never wrong to use references. Don’t draw from something that doesn’t exist/that you’re not familiar with. It’s really hard to improve if you don’t refer to something else!

•Work in big canvases. It preserves quality. 3000x3000 is my default. Just remember to downsize if you’re posting online.

•Remember that you’re always learning and growing as an artist. Someone’s always going to be better and someone’s always going to be worse. Just be humble and patient, yo.

So heres my drunk(not realy) not-so-long post of why Brionne TOTALLY has depression

Let’s get to the point

I could just show this to you, but you probably won’t agree so let me explain

Only reveal itself to someone really close to it? Check!

Even more IT’S A HUMOR so it there’s also the chance that it will never let out

And I don’t even need to explain or give you any evidence for the “it never shows its sorrow” part. Just google depression, go on images and…

Look at that!

right at the begining!

but there’s one word that could kill this

so it could be that it’s all fine, and that is just a normal thing to some do that?

Well yeah it’ not like the main 3d model expression looks like a forced smile…

Like it’s always holding something, but it’s probably my imagination



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Yeeaaah this guy says it:

-TheAssumingMage (rebloged the post I did asking about this)

Originally posted by tapu--koko

I was thinking the same, and it even looks like she’s under lots of pressure. Something about how the eye opens and how, combined with the small smile, it displays the “here we go” mentality, as though this is just another performance she must trudge through. I blame the little slashy marks at the top.

Also, here’s the final blow: many of the unevolved stage pokemons from alola have a mental problem; you already know about dartix snobbiness just by loking, rockruff gets wilder as it grows, torracat is very spoiled towards close friends, komala is too much attached towards his log pillow, the list goes on; just being happy all time to let others happy is not a mental problem (well neither does depression as it’s something way worse but you get it)

Now, I’ll not say that the reason why it has depression is because of “insert ‘poplio hate’ thingy here”, that really never happened. that’s you to say. I would say that is cuz it wanted to be a circus star instead, but that’s realy just my brain distracting me with my fanfics.

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Where don you get your reaction gifs from?

come let me tell you my secrets!

Ok so maybe its not so secret, but usually I use derpibooru this is probably the best mlp image resource out there and I love using it.  

However mylittlefacewhen is a really good resource as well and they’re 100% reaction images its just  a lot harder to find what you want there. 

you can always try google if all else fails by searching an emotion and adding mlp gif to it but its a lot harder to find quality stuff that way so I rarely use this method.

so yeah thats how I get my GIFs 

hope this helps ^_^