its just a video of feeeelings

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ok im literally the worst!! i've never actually *watched* the video from the trevor live thing honoring Jane. so i just watched it, in the post u posted earlier and omg?? its crazier in video form rather then just gifs! the heart eyes from darren, the smiles from chris.... i swear to god Darren was literally fighting with himself internally "stop staring at chris!" or like "okay look at chris, look down.... okay look back at chris.. LOOK AWAY!" jesus. feeeels allllll around mannn

Anon, YES, that is what i think as well.  Darren was absolutely having an internal fight.  

“Look at Chris, there he is, he is so beautiful., I love him so much.”  “Wait no people are recording, look away, look away”. “Maybe i can sneak a glance., I am standing in a crowd, no one will notice.” “NO NO NO look away.” 

And Chris is the same.  I think he felt Darren’s eyes and he was unable to not react.  

How a single person can deny that there is something happening between the two of them is blind. And what is happening is a thing of BEAUTY.

Plus pay attention to them walking out. They are both ahead of everyone else. Chris had buttoned his jacket. It was no buttoned on the RC.  Watch Darren and what he does.  Makes you wonder what was happen moments prior:)