its just a point of amusement to me

I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?

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I just keep thinking about the bay or bae choice but like in the context of the choice the beast gives Wirt at the end of over the garden wall. Like the tornado asking to choose between chloe and Arcadia bay and Max just responding with, "that's dumb" and choosing something else that saves everyone lmao

Haha, I’ve never drawn that comparison but that’s amusing. OTGW is one of my favorite stories in general at this point, though. Thinking on all of this led to an informal essay that helps me ground myself in my own mistakes with other fics I’ve worked on, All Wounds’ planning stages, and how I’m approaching its impending ending.

This one’s a bit of a doozie.

(I will be referencing elements of the endings to Over the Garden Wall, Life is Strange, Steins;Gate, and Oxenfree, in case you’re worried about knowing things you don’t yet want to know)

OTGW and LIS are very different stories dealing with very different themes, and OTGW can get away with a blunt and brusque resolution like that because it’s a dark comedy that’s in many ways subverting or teasing a lot of melodramatic tropes. LIS often introduces tropes and then peels back a layer and asks us to look deeper, which is a whole other sort of deal.

The problem, though, is that its own finale and final climax kind of doesn’t hold up, because it hinges upon a choice that really makes no sense – and a moral-oriented choice, at that, which makes it even harder to swallow.

With Wirt and the Beast, there’s a physical character within the world to confront. To call out. To vanquish or scare off or outsmart. Greg’s disposition can be broken apart and he can be released. The entire story is about mystery and, well

OTGW makes no allusions that its story isn’t supposed to quite make sense, it embraces its mystery, and it subverts things by making ‘reality’ a hidden element until the final act.

The story makes it pretty obvious that this world isn’t supposed to make much sense, too, which leads us to not really question things when it doesn’t.

Wirt is the elder brother, he’s supposed to set an example, he’s supposed to look out for his sibling, and he fails.

And while there’s a lot of darkness to this story, it is, ultimately, a comedy, first and foremost, and most resolutions with the various antagonists are resolved with some kind of clever or amusing tactic. It doesn’t want us to take it too seriously, and it’s often making fun of tropes in dramatic fantasy stories.

What’s happening with Max, Chloe, and the tornado isn’t so physical as being lost, as confronting magical beasts. It’s abstract and unexplained, yet the story wants us to take it seriously and tries (weakly) to ‘explain’ things. This falls short because there aren’t really any concrete, established rules, and yet we’re supposed to buy into everything being Max’s fault when we don’t even know how it’s her fault. This is tricky because within the context of the narrative, it makes the player assume the position and perspective the creators wanted:

Max Caulfield is supposed to choose between the greater good, or what she desires as an individual.

The premise of that choice is great, and it’s what the entire game has been foreshadowing and leading up to. The execution is just very iffy to me because of the dodgy attempt at explanation…without explaining anything. ‘Chaos Theory’ literally does not work the way the game alludes to it. The writers know none of this makes sense, which is why in the finale they unfortunately go as bluntly as to make Chloe say:

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Kylux would be that couple where they don't know how to properly show the worry and care for the other, so instead it's just screaming and yelling back and forth














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I am on my knees begging please write a neighbor!au for ju-ne of ikon! You mentioned them in your poll and mother their comeback might have just killed me. I LOVE YOU (btw)

i have never written for ikon,,,so bare with me!!!
i feel bad though because i had written for winners comeback and not for them,,,here’s my contribution to ikonics!!!!!

  • you’ve known jinhwan since you two were in high school together and he was the older senior who took you under his wing
  • and it was cute u guys would go shopping together and just talk for hours after school and jinhwan basically became ur best friend
  • but in his first year in college he met,,,,,,june his neighbor and fellow college student,,,,,,who he introduced u to and immediately,,,,,,you guys hit it off
  • because guess what??? you both love jinhwan and also both love being dramatic
  • plus u basically live down the block from each other 
  • like seriously u guys were watching some horror movie and at the beginning had bragged that it wasn’t even that scary
  • like twenty minutes in u had clutched a pillow to your chest and june had brought the blanket nearly over his head because,,,,,,,ok,,,,it was scary
  • jinhwan even suddenly made a loud noise and u and june basically fell into each other’s arms in shock and fear
  • and jinhwan just liked @ u two like “seriously.” 
  • but it isnt like u and june arent humble half the time jinhwan is making the good decisions when u hang out because both u and june r like “,,,,we’re,,,,,,,,,,dumb,,,,,,,,jinhwan u gotta do it”
  • and jinhwan is like all we’re doing is buying tickets to the amusement park so I KNOW this is a ploy to get me to pay for all of our tickets and ITS NOT GOiNG TO WORK
  • (it usually does and u and june highfive behind jinhwan’s back but also,,,ur really thankful for him like all the time)
  • but at some point u start seeing june,,,,a bit more romantically??? just because jinhwan goes away for a month on study abroad and is sending u updates of him having fun in spain while
  • and u and june are like ,,,,please we’re having fun tOO
  • but ur not and so ur like june we gotta do something,,,,lets try idk,,,,bowling
  • and for the whole month jinhwan is gone u and june keep doing spontaneous random things,,,,for one night u go clubbing another u try ur hand at archery (which june is really bad at and u find hilarious)
  • and the day before jinhwan is coming back ur over at june’s place because ur making a lil banner to greet jinhwan at the airport with
  • and somehow,,,,like halfway into the night because the window is open and the warm air is coming through and u and june ordered takeout and are comfortably sprawled out in his living room
  • somehow,,,,you end up in june’s lap and the banner is abandoned for the time being and u dont know but this whole month has felt more like,,,,,,,,dates,,,,,,than just two friends hanging out
  • and june,,,fells the same with his hands slightly shaky on ur waist
  • ALL u do is kiss,,,but it’s something u can’t forget,,,,,and june even walks u back to ur place even tho its like down the block,,,,and the usual handsome, aloof expression on his face is absolutely gone
  • boy is obviously sheepish and,,,,,,,,,,he wont say it but his stomach is just BUTTERFLIEs
  • but then u two realize that ur picking up jinhwan in the morning and breaking the news,,,,,to him,,,,,,oh no
  • but it’s amazing the minute jinhwan gets off the plane he strolls up to u two,,,,,smiling at the banner ur holding up
  • but he slides his sunglasses down in absolute jinhwan style and is like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u two are a couple now?”
  • and ur like HOW DiD YOu kNOW
  • and jinhwan is like did u really think june could resist telling me
  • and ur like JUNE and he’s like scratching the back of his neck and ur getting red and jinhwan just throws his arm around u two and is like
  • “im happy for you kids,,,,,,,but now u know i have to give u the tal-”
  • and u and june are both like nO THANK yOU,,,,ur blESSINg is enOUGH leTS go GEt u UNPACKED 
  • june running away with jinhwan’s luggage as u chase after him and jinhwan is like SIGH you two are cute,,,,,,but still such kids 

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You had been waiting for the perfect moment to do it, and when you did it, you saw the burly vampire flinch and spin around, looking for you. 

His eyes landed on you, and his concerned expression turned to one of mild amusement. “I admit it, you got me again.” he said.

The other Cullen’s gave a soft chuckle, familiar with your antics. 

“But,” he continued, “if you keep doing that, how am I meant to know, and believe that when you are in trouble.”

You got his point. You didn’t want to be the boy who cried wolf for when there actually was danger.

Lifting your eyes to meet his, “But its just so fun ….”

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au world war II

They were in the front lines and as the horrified man held his dying brother in arms, with a rasp, a choke, his gaze lowered and clouds filled his weary, bloodshot eyes. As bullets, grenades, and missiles shot from above, he swore in promise, “I will take down that beast, Erwin.”

*Forward a few days, we find Levi in a pub.*

He’s back in Paris, France where he’d be meeting with his intel.

Levi’s team hatches a plan to infiltrate the enemy base. He’s known and worked with the individual members of his squad separately. It is only now that they are brought together. You have Emir, John, and Mikasa. Out of the three, it is Mikasa he’s worked with longest. She was his right hand woman. When he first met her a year ago, in special operations where he and Erwin were squad leaders, he already knew her by reputation. Her skill was as written in her records. After months of training her, she nearly surpassed him. Before their team then could go on, Levi was enlisted in a kill order mission by Erwin. The mission turned out horribly, as was every such infiltration deep into enemy territory. Out of their squad, only Levi managed to get out alive.

Mikasa had heard of his mission through her own sources. Levi had no intention to drag her with him. But she was adamant. And, honestly, the team leader needed all the help he could get.

*A night passes and before the team heads out to what could, most likely, be their deaths, the four had their last hurrah.*

John had long gone out to scout for a lady companion, leaving the three in the table. You have an aloof Levi who had a beer he had no intention of drinking in front of him. Emir was the opposite, swishing the golden liquid and guzzling it down. Beside Levi, Mikasa only looked on, not really knowing what to do. But then, not leaving as well, to be a team player.

Lucky for her, a man approached and asked for a dance.

Surprised, Mikasa blushed and turned to Levi with wide eyes. The man only quirked a corner of his lips and nodded for her to have fun.

“Why did you let her come back?” Emir asked when Mikasa left. Levi’s tired eyes turn to the large man beside him. “She should be living her life, not fighting a man’s war.”

“It’s her choice.” Levi simply replies. “If you’re so concerned, why don’t you ask her yourself?“

Emir gestures to the sweet girl on the dance floor. His expression was grave. Levi’s perpetually exhausted gaze followed his. When he saw Mikasa laughing as she was taught a dance, a lightness swept in him.

*As the night progresses, Levi is alone at the bar. He had long since stopped drinking but couldn’t get himself to leave. Of everything that was bound to happen tomorrow, his eyes drifted to Mikasa, would he dare spare her? Seeing the life in her eyes, Levi thinks that, maybe Emir was right.*

Mikasa is suddenly by his side, red from all the dancing. She smiles at Levi. And the man’s mood just elates. Before he realizes it, he was brought to the dance floor.

By the end of the evening, they walked home side by side, a warmth, a closeness between them. Levi starts speaking about everything not concerned with the on-going war. He talks about tea and the new trend in eyewear. He is babbling to a point where Mikasa calls him out.

Levi coolly turned to her and told her simply, “You’ve been around me long enough to realize I’ve always been this way.”

The lady’s lips quirk to an amused smile. “I guess I just never got used to it.”

*Before the break of dawn, they were off.*

Levi seemed colder, Mikasa thought.

As they went deeper into enemy territory, they soon replaced thought with action.

Their battle reaches its climax. And the small team is separated.

Levi continues on his own.

He finds his target. And, his team having caught up, Levi advanced with their cover. Emir throws a grenade into the lone building. Mikasa waits for the explosion before kicking the door open and advancing into the building. Inside, countless papers and dust flew around. The total count of their kills amounted close to fifty.

They hear a noise at the back. And Levi quickly sprints. He follows his target into another building. Mikasa was close behind him, shooting at those he missed. Inside, through the window, she sees Levi take a shot at the person of interest. There were no more soldiers around. And Emir and John were rounding up the civilians. Mikasa saw Levi take the shot. She did. But the next thing she knew, right behind her, where Levi had stood, a strong blast exploded, thrusting her to topple over in a painful, deafening skid.

She quickly takes to her feet. And John and Emir join her to the source of the explosion. The sight that greeted them struck them with incredible, unbelievable horror.

Under the rubble were two bodies.

Mikasa drops to her knees in disbelief.

It can’t be. She tells herself. It’s Levi. It’s impossible.

She was still in a state of shock as Emir took her away. John followed behind them, limping and clutching onto his bleeding arm.

The mission was complete. Now, they had to make their escape.

Heaven or Hell (FF)

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Group: BTS and some GOT7

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Maybe some other stuff later on too.

Author Note: Sorry if this is shit it’s my first fanfic. Don’t know how many chapters there will be. If you liked reading it then please like and/or reblog and comment with some feedback on the character please. Thank you!! Fighting!!

Me, her, him and them. Ive always felt, i don’t know, different. i don’t know why, i just, do. But i did have friends it was me, Rose and Jungkook. I’ve been friends with them since, i don’t know, forever maybe. we have all gone to the same schools and been in the same classrooms all our lives just the three of us, and i was hoping that this year would be no exception. Our Junior year of high school ‘Seoul High School of The Preforming Arts’

I walked into my new class, eyes closed, fingers crossed, hoping they would be in my class. or at least one of my few friends. I opened my eyes to see my friends running up to me for a group hug. Im not one for hugs, but i gladly accepted this one as i was just excited to see them.

“Well, I’m glad to see you too Rose, its not like we hung out all summer or whatever.” I replied with an extra sarcastic tone.
“Wait, uh, Jungkook, where were you all summer, i didn’t see you at all, and you didn’t reply to either of our texts all summer. What were you up to?”
“Oh, me, i was visiting family in Busan, they took my phone and said no electronics all summer.” He said with his rather angelic voice.
“Well, that must have been hell without your laptop or phone, huh?” Rose said to Jungkook with an almost disgusted look on her face.
“Ya, but it felt more like heaven after a while” He said as we walked to find some desks.

We walked to the back of the room. I sat the the desk at the furthest back left, right next to the window, perfect for daydreaming and mentally writing fan fictions. Rose sat in the desk beside me and Jungkook sat in front go me. There was this one girl who i recognized as shed been in the same class as us almost every year aswell but she never talked to anyone. I think her name is Sapphire. There were so many new faces in the class. A group of about 6 boys came over and sat next to us and started to introduce themselves one by one. One rather cute looking boy with an adorable box smile sat next to Jungkook.

“Hi, Im Taehyung but everyone just calls me Tae or TaeTae. Do you mind if me and my friends sit here?” He said with his box smile still on his face. he seemed really nice, almost too nice.

My friends all looked at me for my opinion on the question. Jung kook was subtly shaking his head while mouthing the words ‘no’. On the other hand Rose was nodding her head and mouthing the words ‘hell ya’. i looked back at the boy called Tae and said

“Sure, thats fine i guess, my names Y/N by the way. these are my very few friends, Jungkook and Rose. Nice to meet you”

“Oh ya i almost forgot! you have save the seat next to me. I have a boyfriend.” Rose said as she blushed an looked away.

“WHAT!?!?!? this is the first I’m hearing about this. when did you get a boyfriend?” I said with a shocked expression.

“The first day of summer, sorry i kept it a secret”

“Nah, Its all Gucci” I said back just to annoy her and amuse myself

Everyone burst out laughing at my comment and Rose started to blush even harder, she even tucked her cheeks into her turtle neck. All the boys sat down and saved the seat next to Rose for her mystery boyfriend.

“Oh ya, let me introduce my friend, This is Namjoon just call him Nams, Hoseok call him Hobi, Yoongi, Jimin or ChimChim, Seokjin i like to call him mother but he doesn’t like that so just call him Jin” Tae said as he pointed to each person.

“Thanks its nice to meet you all” I say as i wave to the group of boys sitting next to me

“So, uh, who’s your boyfriend Rose?” Jung kook says with an extra curios tone to his voice.

Rose didn’t respond she only stood up and walked over to another group of boys walking into the class. there were more of them, 7 there were 7 of them. she walked up to one in particular and kissed him on the cheek.

“Im assuming thats her boyfriend” I said to Jungkook getting laugh from all the boys.

“Jackson.” Jungkook said with an angry expression and an even angrier voice.

Shiver ran down my spine as i heard Jungkooks voice I’ve only heard that tone once before,he must be really mad. I got scared, i looked at the other boys, they looked sacred by his tone aswell.

“Know him?” Tae asked.

Is Uta dead?

So as of late I have been seeing some people thinking that Uta is dead, yes I will admit after that Tatara fiasco I myself am a tiny bit worried. But after all the set up I can’t see Uta dying even though he does look like this.

I’m going to give you some reasons why I believe Uta can’t possibly be dead yet. My first point is going to be his ghoul powers that he has shown in is story so far. Firstly he is a very skilled fighter and he has demonstrated this many times.

He did so first against Hirako in the Renji flashback as he dodges all of Hirako’s strikes with ease and without using his hands at all.

He did so again when he fought with Hirako a second time once again dodging with relative ease.

Though in my opinion this is the time where he showed how skilled he really is, with how he like always effortlessly dodges his opponents attacks though this time his enemy isn’t Hirako, this time it’s Juuzou who is far more skilled than Hirako and yet Uta still doesn’t seem fazed about the attacks coming at him probably because he is far too strong for Juuzou, and he doesn’t want to fight seriously as it would end to quickly.

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So. A Niall who embodies ‘lucky in cards, unlucky in love’. But like, in a truly brutal way, because he’s been making fortunes since before he was of legal age to gamble, has more money than he could spend in several lifetimes (and he’s tried, okay – has bought cars, a yacht or two, watches, clothes, apartments, drugs, you name it) and has finally reached a point where he realizes that spending doesn’t make anything better. That material objects and a reputation as someone who’s got it all doesn’t cover anything up of fill up those hollows inside of him, because the losses he’s suffered cling to his insides. Are raw in Las Vegas noise and neon lights. It’s a brother who couldn’t stop with the drugs that Niall’s money bought them. A mother who passed away after a gruelling fight with cancer. A father who lost himself in sorrow, who no longer saw the world clearly, who couldn’t quite understand the changes Niall was doing for him, to show him that he could do better. Be better. Be that son he always thought he’d be when he was a kid.

Niall’s got his life as together as he can, now, which isn’t very together at all, but his surface seems alright. Isn’t a picture of a guy who’s got it all, but an image of someone who’s fought to be where he’s at. Someone who owns a successful hotel and casino in Vegas and knows every damn aspect of it. The staff, the guests, the facilities, the lot of it. There is a spa on the fifteenth floor, and a penthouse that is entirely his own, and a popular bar at ground level that promises classic rock. Rolling Stones. Pink Floyd. Acoustic versions of bone-rippling songs from the past, to sink into with alcohol and merriment. It’s Niall’s favourite place, apart from his home higher up in the building. His go-to place when papers are signed and the sky looks lonely because Vegas happens downstairs without it. Without him.

And it’s a Friday night and Louis is working the bar – is grabbing Jameson before Niall’s had the time to sit down at his usual spot at the end of the wooden counter, and Niall is settled. Fills up with companionship. Lets wounds within scab over, here, in friendly presence of a long-time colleague, and drinks in whiskey and surroundings. A bloke on stage, unknown, stealing attention from each table with long, skinny legs and enticing, barely-there flutters of eyelashes attached to closed lids. A man, singing his heart out through low, molten flecks of syrup. Vowels drip right out of him, become light and soar like smoke in the air moments later, and the room’s never been so in love before. Neither has Niall, because he doesn’t want to lose anyone else.

He doesn’t realize that the Earth keeps spinning, moving, rotating with the galaxy through space and time until Louis stops his thoughts from rushing in the opposite direction with childlike, infatuated enthusiasm, humming an agreement of, “Mhmm,” and preforming a wiggle of understanding eyebrows. He’s impressed as well, with the star that’s snuck through the sky and landed on their stage.

“How did he do that? There’s not – ” Niall stutters. A scratch on the stage, on the building, out on the street, he wants to finish. Maybe one on my heart. A shocked crash of a hello to startle it back to life. Hi, here I am, I collided with you. “I haven’t hired him.”

Louis refills his glass – alerts Niall through that gesture alone that the thing burning upon his tongue and in his throat isn’t his heart burning itself; that Niall’s just downed his liquor. “Liam did, after I’d made you swear to delegate some of your workload. You can thank me with a raise.”

“Yes,” Niall says. “No – no. This is bad. It’s gonna be bad.

“He’s brilliant,” Louis points out, in cahoots with an audience that chimes in with its cheering for the supernova in the room, the explosion of minds and hearts as the last notes of Starman are sinking into appreciative walls. The world is fucking ironic. Niall’s not amused. Is already feeling the effects of the alcohol – doesn’t drink much, these days. Not with Greg’s old sobriety coin in his back pocket, heavy with guilt and reminders. With lost love and the desperation to never ache that badly again – to never think that he can mend those wounds again, to give that shit another try.

“He is,” Niall agrees. The whiskey cheers. His stomach’s jittery. “It’s bad.

But it’s not like he can fire the guy. He wants to. Has the position and right and mind to, but his lips are going numb by the time midnight has come and gone, and this won’t work out turns into where have you been all my life and they keep drinking until the morning. Talk about music. About youths spent in London, in Camden, in daydreams of taking over the world. Talk about careers not working out, of people met never to be seen again, lost in rushes to go places. Wonder aloud how they both ended up here – how they’ve both taken whiskey from the bottle Louis left once he’d closed up the bar and dropped more and more of their professionalism down the neck of it. And Niall doesn’t care, just wants to talk more and more until that natural rasp of Harry’s voice has become something decadent enough to truly belong here. To stick around in Vegas air and locked in secrets of drunken fuckups. To never want to leave.

It spins on after that; the planet, the galaxy, Niall’s mind and heart and tongue as it talks. Says the most idiotic things to a Harry Styles who only laughs back as though Niall is charming. A Harry who blushes no matter how many times Niall praises his work, his talent, the artistry that runs in veins and fingertips and – which Niall doesn’t say – makes Niall feel beautiful whenever Harry rubs a hand over his shoulder, side, or back in appreciative friendship.

And there’s protection to find in their positions. A boss and his employee, being a bit too friendly, maybe, but still nothing that can’t be swept away with jokes and laughter because that’s how it goes around here. Friendships that tie everyone from the bar to Niall’s front door together and make this place so fucking successful.

But then there suddenly is more. Is a searing kiss. Wandering hands. Lost breaths that make the hollows inside of Niall burn before they’re soothed over by the sounds Harry make into his mouth. Clothes discarded, personal rules broken over and over again as an elevator brings them home, into bed, into bliss and a brand of desire that will burn Niall down to the soles of his feet.

Harry’s slim, but broad. Has a waist to dig fingers into. Kisses like he means it more than anything he’s ever sung over strange heads and into Niall’s chest. He touches Niall with feverish want and fills him up until the world scatters around the edges of Niall’s vision, and he hasn’t felt like this before. Has never been so happy and desired and scared in his life, and he can’t tell Harry that he loves him, after. After night upon night spent talking about their lives, confessing secret desires and stories suffered and daydreams reflected in the other’s eyes. Can’t say it, because he’s lucky in cards, and Harry’s not one. Harry’s a star. A world. Is everything but a game, so Niall would lose him if he said it.

(Only, after weeks of mind-blowing sex and Niall being a martyr, trying to let Harry go to give him a shot at proper love, after Harry breaking down in a heap of shouts and emotion and consequently breaking Niall’s heart, too, he says it in a rush of terror and want and is rewarded with Harry in his arms,  with Harry sinking into him, into chest and bone, into hollows and wounds that won’t ever heal fully but that seem to beam from inside of him as though the memory of his family is proud of him, and HAPPILY EVER AFTER STUFF.)

Bats On A Desert Straight

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Length: Medium

The story of a maniac in the front seat, a demon in the back, and an insane drive beyond the desert

The evening heat glares down at the red Arizona hills. My filthy white mustang screams along the empty desert straight, the wheels throwing up enough dust to choke a camel. Ahead of me is a beautiful orange sunset. Behind me, dark turbulent clouds. The storm is chasing me.  But I’m the only man on the road, and am more than happy to run from it at divine speeds in my American chariot.

My lit camel shrouds me in delicious rich smoke, hiding the greasy hair, the cracked glasses and the maniac’s grin. Christ knows how long I’ve been driving or even where it is I’m driving to. This is the work of the empty bag of coke sliding around the passenger seat. I’m currently working on the second one, scooping up the white powder with a key and ramming it into my nose as quick as I can. 

The acid’s long gone, but still I see patterns flashing in the nothingness, and the quick shot of smack at the hotel room makes the tough leather seat feel like a sinking sofa. My glove compartment is enough to send me behind bars, but there’s no police here, there’s no one. The thought alone makes me start cackling wildly and the storm responds with its own, thunderous laughter.

Most of the adult world would frown on this devil’s drive, but stick any sane man in a meeting for 10 hours straight at some cheap southern hotel. Then offer him and his filing cabinet stuffed with narcotics a drive through the fucking Mojave and see if he dares resist it.

I snort up one more key, slapping the dashboard as it fries my brains. Then I crack a beer, slurp away the cool foam, and toss it behind me with a clatter. The contents soak into the sand briefly, before evaporating.


Perhaps hours have passed but there’s no way for me to know. My watch’s long since broken and I haven’t taken my shoe-less foot of the pedal once. Having become so engrossed with my speed, I swear I’ve become one with the motor. I do know that 3 packs of camels been smoked since. Realizing this fact, my fingers begin twitching for another. I raise my head from the steering wheel and grope all over the glove compartment, only finding the crumpled cartons.

It’s when I look up that I see something, the very first thing that’s not a cactus or a rock. But it’s a tree, its branches leaf-less and withered. It casts a vast shadow that stretches onto the road. 

Standing in that shadow is a man. At least I think it’s a man. Who knows? I can’t trust myself at all. I bring an empty beer up to my face, trying to use it as a telescope, but it only turns my vision foamy and green. I smash it against the side of the car and then once again reach for the non-existent camels. I curse and with a shout, stamp down on the pedal.


My brakes slam right next to the hitchhiker. The stop jolts me forward along with the cluttering sound of empty bottles and loose drugs. The dust cloud I’ve built up catches up with the car and smothers me in it. Spitting and thrashing, I attempt to shake it off. The hitchhiker hasn’t said a word so far in this debacle. Perhaps he’s afraid? But when I finally do see him, it’s me who feels fear.

He’s taller than any man should be, seven feet at least, with arms that look broken and stretch down past his knees. Sweats starts pouring down me as my eyes follow them down to his fingers. Oh god, those fingers. So long, so pale. They show all the minute bones, yet not a single vein. They’re twitching ever so slightly, clacking curled claws hitting against each other.

Calm yourself, I think, you’re just in a very deep well of drugs right now and you’re probably scaring the man to death. Sort yourself out.

So I do, with a quick dab of emergency speed on my gums I find the courage to look up at his face with a demented grin. I wish I hadn’t, because there is no face, just a long bovine skull, dirty and covered in scraps of meat. There’s only blackness in the eyes, like of a deep ocean at night. I can’t even stutter out a word before he’s clambering into the back-seat, rocking the car as he slouches down.

“W-w-here, are you headed?” I finally say, my throat drier than the desert around us from the tobacco, dust and mortal panic.

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Kiss Me Better (11/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 666

Summary: A change in attitude.

Warnings: Still none

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The next morning, it was like someone had flipped a switch in Bucky. He was incredibly sweet, almost affectionate, right from the start. 

“I can do it!” he called from the counter when you made to put lettuce on some toast. 

“Alright. You uh, wanna put the bacon and cheese on there, too?” this time it was you who was suspicious. 

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm,” he dragged, considering it as he meticulously placed the leaves. “Yes.” You gave him the items and finished the eggs while he assembled them. “Mmm yummy,” he declared happily while eating his sandwich. 

“Glad you like it. So, what do you want to do today?” you asked tentatively, worried he would shut down any minute. 

“Camping!” he called excitedly. 

“Uhh…” You weren’t sure what to do, but you knew you couldn’t take him out in the wilderness. “Maybe when Steve gets back? I don’t really know much about camping.” 

Your heart felt heavy when his smile faltered, but he quickly recovered. “Is ok.” 

You finished your breakfast in silence, and you were washing up when an idea hit you. “Do you wanna see a dinosaur?” 

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Beauty & Brawn (Part 4)

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

Summary- You are the top scientist in all of New York, the one that no one knows. Going through the science field as a woman is hardly easy, let alone rewarding. You’re bombarded with misogynistic men who only see you as a pretty face, not knowing that you have the mind of a thousand scientists combined. That is until you meet Tony Stark, the genius billionaire who could quite possibly be the answer to your prayers, and your heart.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Five months had passed since you started working at Stark Industries and you couldn’t have been happier. At one point, you were so excited to work in the genius lab, you were inventing things left and right and Tony had to calm you down and get you to go home and sleep.

Currently you were sitting down at one end of the lab Tony let you occupy, eating your lunch and going over your sketch for a new addition to the Black Widow’s utility belt when you heard the sliding door open from behind you.

“Y/N/N! Assistance please!”

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Something Familiar - Chp 4

Also on AO3
Chp 1   Chp 2   Chp 3   Chp 4   Chp 5   Chp 6   Chp 7   Chp 8   Chp 9
Chp 10   Chp 11   Chp 12   Chp 13   Chp 14
Now with art by Zelphaba

“So Chat Noir says he’s my cat,” Marinette said, as she sat down for a quick breakfast.  Her mother was running the counter and her father was between bread batches, with all the ovens full.  It also meant she was running a little behind schedule and needed to pick up the pace or she’d miss her train.

“We saw him tell you that yesterday,” her father pointed out as he reached for a croissant.  "That pawing and purring was cat for, you are my favorite person ever.“

"Yeah, well while I was doing homework he told also me in Mandarin.”  She pulled the flash cards out of her pocket and set them on the table.

“Your familiar speaks Mandarin?”  He glanced at her in surprise.

She rocked her head from side to side.  "Well he didn’t speak it, he still has kitty vocal chords, but he pointed out the characters, in order, and scent marked me after I translated it.

Her father beamed at her.  "And you were afraid you wouldn’t find a cat, that this one wouldn’t want to stay.“

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victuuri + yuri plisetsky parent au thing

ok me and maddie quickly came up with a bunch of scenarios involving victor and yuri being yuri plisetsky’s parents?? we got pretty excited with it and came up with a lot and its all under the cut!!

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The Basement 

Tate Langdon x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Prompt: Tate decided that it would be a good idea to give you a fright.

Saturday morning, your room

My parents had just left for a business breakfast they had with a customer. They were both psychiatrists and were speaking with a woman who wanted her daughter to see either my mom or my dad. I got out of my bed and stretched. I saw the note they had left on my desk that read: ‘See you later sweety, we’ll probably be out all day running errands after the meeting.’ I suddenly realized that this meant I could spend the day with Tate. I smiled and started walking downstairs. “Tate?” I called out, usually he had already come to say goodmorning but I haven’t seen him yet today. I walked through the house calling his name until I decided to make my way into the basement. The other spirits in there always freaked me out but I knew Tate wouldn’t let anything happen to me. “Tate?” I said, walking down the last step. Just as I turned around I saw a figure approach me. The figure was dressed in a completely black latex body suit and was walking towards me rather quickly. I backed up but the figure came closer, backing me up against the wall. By this point I was terrified, I nervously yelled out Tate’s name but he didn’t appear. The figure was now towering over me and quickly took off its mask. “Boo!” The mask came off to reveal Tate’s face. He laughed at my reaction but I wasn’t amused. “Tate what the fuck!? I was so scared that something had happened to you!” I softly punched his chest, not intending any harm but mad nonetheless. “Sorry Y/N, I just thought it would be funny,” his voice was laced with concern and I knew I couldn’t stay mad at him. “It’s okay, I’m not that mad about you scaring me anyway. Don’t you know by now that I worry about you?” I said with a small laugh. “Aww did someone miss me when I didn’t say goodmorning ?” he replied with a goofy grin. “Oh shut up,” I replied, looking past him so that I didn’t have to make eye contact with him. I had just realized that he was still pressing me up against the wall and had moved closer so I was trapped. His body was pressed against mine and I tried my best not to blush. “Y/N?” Tate said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear while doing so. I got goosebumps from the sudden contact and replied with a shaky voice: “Yes Tate?” I finally made eye contact with him only to see the sad look on his face. “Tate what’s wrong?” I asked. “Nothing, not for long anyway.” I pondered what he meant by that until I felt him press his lips down against mine in a passionate kiss. I quickly got accustomed to the feeling of is lips on top of mine and started kissing back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my hips. He was kissing me passionately but but also softly. We parted and I felt my face break out into a dorky grin. “Do you maybe want to continue this upstairs?” I asked, quickly growing tired of the basement but wanting to continue what we were doing as soon as possible. “Sure,” Tate replied, moving back so that I could move too. I walked up the stairs, guiding Tate by his hand. Once we were out of the basement I turned to him with a smirk and said: “I’m going to need you to change too.” Tate looked down and noticed that he was still wearing the body suit. “Ugh fine,” he grunted. I made my way to my room and told him to join me when he was done.

Bucky Bear

Requested by: @seemeinacrownandsuspenders
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Loving all these fluffy requests!

Bucky’s POV

Bucky had a small smile on his lips as he watched you hand your 10th dollar over to the carny at the ring toss stall. He wanted to go say something, maybe a joke so that he could hear that laugh he loved escape your lips, but his nerves were holding him back. You’d been friends for months, and Bucky had been smitten with you for just as long.

“Hey, punk,” Steve says as he saunters up next to Bucky,

“Don’t look at me like that,” Bucky rolls his eyes, not even needing to glance at his best friend to know that Steve had a knowing smirk plastered on his face,

“Just gonna stand here and stare at her forever?” Steve voice was thick with amusement,

“Maybe… It’s none of your business,” Bucky snaps back,

“Oh god,” Steve slaps Bucky on the shoulder, surprise now flooding his features, “Are you turning into pre-serum me?”

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it seems i was not done,

(continuation of this)

Lance pointlessly tries to hide his tail but the bath is not big enough to hide it underwater and even if he could, his face is still covered in blue freckles, the gills in his long neck are visible and his ears are now pointed and have a blueish tone that melts into his skin.

Everyone is staring at him as he blinks at them, his blue eyes now a brighter hue, his pupils twice their normal size. They are staring as his tail, the thousands of iridescent scales in different shades of blue making a hard contrast against the grey dull walls of the ship’s bathroom.

He wants to swim away, just like he did when he was back home, in the ocean, but he’s stuck here, in his bath tub, in this ship, in space.

He might as well try to explain.


Hunk gasps, like hearing him talk surprises him, and Lance thinks about how his sister used to tell him his voice always sounded a little softer when he was himself rather than his human form. He wonders if its really that different, if it bothers them.

“I can explain?” He says smiling sheepishly but realises it was a mistake when Hunk gasps again, this time joined by Pidge and Keith and he knows it’s because of his teeth, now sharp and pointy, specially his fangs, that were always a little too big, even in his human form.

He moves a hand to cover his mouth mumbling an apology and looks at them again, he knows he looks scared, he’s scared.

He’s not afraid they’ll hurt him, they would never hurt him, he’s afraid they’ll think about him differently, he’s afraid of the hurt in Hunks eyes, the confusion in Allura’s and Coran’s ones, and specially the wary expression in Shiro’s eyes.

Like he can’t be trusted, like he’s dangerous.

Seeing Shiro look at him like that is heart breaking,

Pidge looks amazed, which honestly, he kind off expected. What he can’t believe is Keith looks amazed too, and not only that, he looks…. Dare he say? Happy? 

“Actually I can’t, explain I mean, I just, I’m” He has no idea what to say, he’s a merman? That much is obvious, he won’t hurt them? He’s okay? Maybe he should ask them if they have any questions…

But he never gets to ask, because suddenly everyone decides to start talking at the same time,

“Can someone explain to me what going on?” Allura asks.

“Why didn’t you tell me” Hunk hisses at him, he doesn’t look sad anymore, just annoyed, offended maybe.

He hears a soft “This is fucking awesome” from Pidge.

But the one that talks the loudest and makes everyone else stop and look at him its Keith, because he suddenly starts screaming,

“I knew it!” he yelps pointing at Lance “I fucking knew it! Didn’t I tell you?!”

Lance is now incredibly confused, and he’s not the only one, everyone is now looking at Keith like he lost his mind, everyone except Shiro, who is now looking at Keith with an amused expression and tender eyes.

“Keith-” he starts, but Keith is not having it, he’s now pointing at Shiro, completely ignoring his audience.

“I told you mermaids were real for years and you made fun of me! Well,” he says and takes a step forwards Lance and points at him, palms open and facing Shiro, “Suck on that!”

Pidge stars howling with laughter and soon Shiro joins her, only much more tamed, the rest of them look amused, including Keith and Lance is so grateful to him for making a scene to cut the tension he wants to cry, or kiss him.

But instead he says, “Excuse you, I’m an Aycayia, not a Mermaid.”

“Wait, so, you are not human Lance?” Coran asks him still utterly confused.

Lance clears his throat, the light atmosphere in the room turning serious again, “No, Coran, I’m not, I’m… something else”

“Yeah, a Liar, thats what you are!”

“Hunk, please, I couldn’t tell you, you know that, you cant keep a secret even if your life depended on it” Lance pleads but Hunk is not looking at him, he lifts his hand a throws a few drops of water on him, to get his attention.

“C’mon buddy, you read other peoples diaries for god’s sake! I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I couldnt tell anyone, It wouldn’t just put me in danger; it would put my whole family in danger! And you saw what they did to Shiro at the Garrison when they found him, and he’s human!”

At that, Shiro looks at him with wide eyes, and every ounce of wariness and precaution leaves him, and he sees acceptance and understating in his dark eyes and suddenly Lance really wants a hug, so he cowers into himself and puts his arms his own body.

“Please Hunk” he croaks “I-”

Whatever he was going to say gets lost in Hunks shoulders and he’s suddenly hugged tightly by his best friend.

After a moment, he hugs back and he laughs relieved when Hunk complains about getting wet, they hug for a long time, with his hands entangled in Hunks hair and Hunks on his shoulders while they listen to Keith excitedly explain what a mermaid is to Allura and Coran.

He lets go of him with a yelp when he feels someone touching his tail, he pushes Hunk away by the shoulders to look and sees Pidge poking at the scales, Shiro leaning being her trying to get a closer look.

He blushes furiously and slaps her hand away, “No! Bad touch!”

Pidge laughs a little embarrassed and apologizes, telling him his tail is really beautiful and Lance smiles proudly at her and thanks her.

The commotion as died down and Lance is starting to feel a little exposed, wanting to spend some time alone in the water so he clears his throat again,

“So, I know you probably have a lot of questions and I promise I’ll answer all of them, but would guys mind…”

Everyone nods and leaves one by one, he exchanges a look and a smile with all of them, some more meaningful than others, he’s confused and intrigued by the look Keith gives him because if he didn’t know any better he’d say the kid looks enamored but they leave him alone in the end and he can finally relax in his little bath, he sinks his head under the water and breathes,

Everything was going to be fine now.



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other shit i wrote

Omg!! There’s more coming, including Coran, Hunk and Pidge building a big pool for their fish friend! And a bit of klance, because i cant help it. And bonding with Shiro ,because who doesnt love bonding with Shiro. But for now i humbly present you with this.

Thanks so much for the anon to encouraged me to write this, i cant tell you how happy you made me.

Since Lance is Cuban and i fucking love that about him i searched for Cuban Mermaids and found this and i think its fucking perfect for him so yeah…

Aycayia:: was a mermaid in which its name means “she with a lovely voice” among the Neo-Taino nations of the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico and Cuba. She was known to be seductive and sexually generous, being the incarnation of beauty and of sin who gave men pleasure but robbed them of free will. She would often times be “visited” by the men seduced by her beauty.

anonymous asked:

how would the guys react to searching themselves on tumblr? (like if they each searched their name and went through the tag lol) btw nice blog :D

Damn anons, you guys are on fire lately! I love this question too. (And thank you <3)

Chocobros: Looking Themselves Up on Tumblr

Noctis: Noctis feels really awkward and embarrassed about all of this. Having a fan club in high school was bad enough, but now he’s all over the internet? And hold up, people draw him shirtless and it gets thousands of reblogs? To make it even worse, he’s engaged and still one of the most popular tags about him is about him dating Prompto? Shy now-blushing-mess potato prince was not prepared for this at all, and he’s never going on any of his tags again. To foil his plans, Prompto thinks its funny to text him sex headcanons that he finds on him, which Noct always falls for opening and regrets every time. Needless to say, he never replies to the messages.

Prompto: Prompto would be SO flattered tbh. There are blogs named after his biceps and freckles. People reblog his gifs saying he’s a cinnamon bun cutie that should be protected at all costs. People photoshop his face into their icons. This boy would bask in the glory and feel literally zero shame in hitting up the girls posting all this. When it comes to the yaoi, he thinks it’s hilarious. He’d be the one showing the other guys fanfics like “lmao Noct check this out, in this AU I’m the prince and you’re just a peasant. when do i move in?” or “wow iggy, if you were that into me you could’ve just said so (cue eyebrow wiggle). Don’t even be surprised if he makes an account.

Ignis: Ignis has a really bland outward reaction to seeing his tag, but don’t be fooled. Underneath his “ah, I see. It is the internet after all,” Ignis is very very amused. He tells the others that he doesn’t have an interest in looking into it, but he reads a ton of the posts about him on his own time. He thinks its really interesting seeing how he comes across to other people, to the point that he may even use anon to ask for headcanons about himself. (is that you, bro?) These are practically horoscopes to Ignis, but he’s taking that fact to the grave. He doesn’t find the yaoi all that interesting, but he does wonder how much time Prompto spends looking at them to mention them so often. 

Gladiolus: Gladio don’t give a fuck. He knows he’s hot shit. He knows his butt looks good. He knows you like that leather. He thinks the pairings get a little weird but tbh he can’t even blame the fandom for doing it. Carry on. 

8 Birth of a Child


Dan: For a self-described ‘clumsy prick,’ Dan Howell, your best friend and one true love, was your rock throughout your pregnancy. It wasn’t exactly planned, you had to admit, but when the news broke, Dan was with you every step of the way… Well, almost. You couldn’t have asked for a better father to your future child. But mushiness aside, Dan only really understood the responsibility of incoming fatherhood when the time came.

“Hey, Dan?” You called for him. He was only metres away in the kitchen yet you didn’t dare move.

“Yes, my love?” He responded with habitual lovingness. With an expression so calm, he was likely expecting you to ask some mundane question or spew some inconsequential information. But you always seemed to catch him off-guard in these moments.

“I think I’m in labor,” you said. It wasn’t a joke, no; you were literally sitting in a puddle of fluid you could only assume was from your water breaking. Dan called back with a ‘what was that, dear?,’ not hearing you at all as he whisked himself away with a cup of tea in the kitchen. You repeated yourself at once, this time with a flair of concern in your voice.

You heard the clang of a teaspoon being dropped to the floor followed by the hurried footsteps of a worried man. “You what?” Dan stood now in the threshold of the lounge, processing the sight of the wet sofa and your newly-pained expression. You heard him mumble some ‘oh Gods’ followed by some choice expletives as he helped you from your place of the sofa. He took both of your hands into his and did his best to lift your albeit heavy body into a comfortable standing position.

In the delivery room he was even more of a mess, if that was possible. Never had you seen such a stoic man so nervous, but in a weird way, it helped to relieve your own nerves. Pain was approaching little by little and you knew it wasn’t going to get any easier from here. You let the waves of pain ebb and flow through you for the hours being with as much grace as you could muster, yet Dan felt all the pain himself. ‘Are you alright? Do you need me to go and get a nurse?’ The endless inquiries amused you and frustrated you at the same time. At this point you were just thankful for the company.

“Holy shit,” you muttered, another contraction finding its way through your body. You sat yourself down on the hospital bed holding your overgrown bump, now missing the freedom of pacing about the room. Good Lord, this was it, you thought, this is when I literally explode. A young nurse took notice and ushered a small group of women in pink and blue scrubs into the cramped room, causing Dan to stand up in confusion. This was it.

The volume in the room increased exponentially as nurses and midwives shouted orders at each other, over the sound of your cries of pain. They situated you in a rather vulnerable laying position, one that didn’t frankly ease your pelvic pain, with your legs up onto chilly metal stirrups. And Holy Hell, was it uncomfortable. One nurse instructed Dan to sit in the cushioned chair at your right side, to which he obeyed immediately. You took note of his terrified expression, and if you weren’t in such a state, you would have laughed at it. Despite his fear, he reached out a warm and loving hand to you, stroking your arm as you laid feeling like a dead fish being squeezed dry.

The eldest nurse, likely the ‘midwife,’ you assumed, rattled off some numbers loudly to her colleagues before preparing an arsenal of what sounded like a thousand metal tools. Fun. She barked a list of orders to you that your cloudy head could hardly comprehend, instructing you to hold Dan’s hand and push.

“I’m right here,” you heard Dan say, holding your one hand with both of his. It was the last thing you remember hearing for what seemed like hours upon hours of pushing and pushing. Your screaming and crying broke his heart, but he let you sprain his hand until the pain was over.

A commotion broke through the nurses as you felt a white jolt of pain followed by a blissful release. A high-pitched wail pierced the air, signifying your healthy baby’s first moment of life. Dan was beckoned to the end of the bed to cut the child’s cord and ascertain her sex. You saw immediate tears fall from his eyes as he looked at the child, his face turning pink with the widest grin you’d ever seen. “She’s beautiful,” Dan said, choking on his own joy, watching as the little human was placed upon your bosom. Your own gaiety soon followed, tears wetting your hospital gown. She was so small, warm with vivacity, loud and proud, just like her father.

As evening approached, you dozed off sat up in bed, exhausted from the day’s demands. Dan, however, spent every moment with a big, dumb smile on his face, announcing to family and friends via text and Skype and Snapchat the safe arrival of baby Howell. The tears commenced again, though, when a smiling nurse arrived with your newly-cleaned and swaddled daughter, passing her off for Dan to hold. Never had he held something, someone, so tiny and miraculous and utterly beautiful. He couldn’t help the tears that fell from his cheeks, he must’ve been the luckiest guy on Earth with two beautiful dolls like you. “I love you,” Dan whispered to the wiggling child, her tiny hand grasping his ring finger with ardour. He cried and laughed and smiled more.

You watched your little family with tired eyes half-opened, sighing at what a lovely sight it was. Dan looked back at you, noticing your awoken state and smiled. He brought the girl to you, placing her ever-so gingerly in your arms before kissing you with all the love and tenderness he could muster. And a thousand more ‘I love yous’ fell from his mouth again.

Phil: “Ready to go?” Phil faced you with a nervous smile, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in front of him. Your bags were packed and stowed away in the backseat; your car was the most prepared one to bring a baby home.

You patted your middle, giving him the most reassuring smile and nod. “Are you?”

“I guess we’ll see,” Phil said, laughing a nervous chuckle. You knew he was anxious, but what new father wouldn’t be? Excitement was in his eyes, though, and you reciprocated that. He backed out of the driveway and chatted giddily about the near future during the drive. “I hope it’s a girl, so she looks like you,” he commented at one point. He smiled that dumb cute smile, his tongue sticking out slightly as he glanced at you, his own beautiful sight.

“Yeah?” you played, “Well I hope it’s a little boy, so he looks just like you.” You thought of the pictures and videos you’d seen of Phil as a toddler; his red hair and chubby cheeks could’ve melted your heart. However the little one turned out, though, they would be perfect. Even if they had just the slightest bit of Phil in them. Phil chuckled and rested a protective hand on your thigh. “Oh, Jesus,” you groaned, clutching your bump as the first signs of labor presented themselves. You shut your eyes and did your best to breathe for the time being. You were only minutes away from the hospital, was the little bugger really so excited to come out right now?

Immediate worry washed over Phil’s countenance, realization hitting him like a double-decker bus. “Oh my God, are you okay?” His eyes faltered from the road to look to you, pain twisting your face. You assured him it was nothing out of the ordinary, that you were, in fact, literally in labor, instructing him to just drive, please.

But as for all good things, you had to wait. And wait. And wait. You were settled, rather uncomfortably, mind you, in a homey delivery room for six hours before reaching the point of Oh, God, here it goes. It was nearly eight hours until the pain was too much to stand, quickly disabling you from walking about the room and chatting comfortably with your husband. You felt stabs and jolts of pain from between your legs and up your back for hours on end, only being able to wince and ride it out until the waves passed.

At times it was a bit much for Phil, he was never really the best when it came to you feeling unwell. He wished he could just wave a magic wand and have your pain be gone, or take it on himself at the least. But alas, that was not a possibility, so he did what he could. Holding and kissing your knuckles with a warmth so refreshingly soft. Stroking the top of your hair, fingertips gliding along your temples and forehead gently when the pain was especially bad. It was the best he could do to ease the discomfort, and for that you were infinitely grateful.

At the ten hour mark, or eleven or twelve (you could hardly keep track at this point), you were finally allowed to begin pushing. It was likely the most painful thing you’d ever endured, and it seemed to go on for hours more. With every groan and shout of discomfort you gave, Phil grew more nervous. He worried you’d get hurt, that something awful might happen to you or your child. So he sat as close to your side as he was allowed.

Anxiety finally swallowed Phil whole when the nurses announced some ‘complication’ with the birth. Your head was in a hazy cloud of pain and exhaustion that you didn’t understand what was the matter and couldn’t fight back. Your nervous Phil, however, was fully conscious and seemed about ready to cry when you were moved onto a wheeled bed that would transport you to an operating room.

Much of the following chaos was but a blur in your memory; you were drifting in and out of consciousness as a result of the pain for what felt like the longest time. When you did finally come to (that is, enough to really process reality), you were comfortably habituated in a clean hospital room, a red-eyed Phil huddled in a yellow armchair with a tiny powder-blue bundle in his arms. One of his large hands held the baby’s head with the gentlest caution, sweeping back the soft fuzz along his crown with a look of awe on his face. You couldn’t tell whether his eyes were red and rubbed raw because of emotion or exhaustion, probably a mixture of the two. You inhaled deeply to clear your head of any lingering pain and negativity.

Phil lifted his head from the infant’s face to yours. “You’re awake,” he smiled with a hushed voice, getting up and walking slowly to your side. All you could do was smile weakly in response. He bounced the boy gently in his arms as he sat next to you. Both of your arms were anchored to IVs, electrodes attached to various parts of your body, and Phil didn’t want to put pressure on your weak body, so he opted to sit at your side instead. “Look, it’s your Mummy,” he said softly to the half-asleep child, “she worked very hard to bring you here.” He smiled brightly at you, giggling in a fit of joy. You laughed too, it was rather funny how lucky you were to have such a wonderful man in your life. “She scared me half to death trying,” he continued, “that’s how much she loves you.” Phil brought the boy to his face, kissing his forehead and placing him back in the tiny bed next to yours.

You couldn’t bring your eyes away from the child. “He’s beautiful,” you said. Indeed he was. It looked as though some red hair was already beginning to show itself on the little one’s head, just like Phil.

Phil nodded and took your hands in his, kissing them lightly before kissing your lips. “As are you,” he cooed. The smile he wore didn’t leave his face for a moment. “But don’t you scare me like that ever again, okay?”
Always Be The One | Oh Sehun

RATING: (Slightly) Angst, Fluff. *A few Swears (Tee Hee Hee)*





“No Baekhyun! I refuse to even be in the same room as him, never mind going out for a whole night!” I exclaimed across the phone line, as Baek was there trying to convince me to go a ‘New Years’ party with them tonight. Here we go again, another attempt at getting me to interact with Sehun. You’d think we’d try to at least be acquaintances since the break-up wasn’t exactly our decision, but boy are you wrong!  Now even though I had a lot to hold against him, I still decided to take the high road and try to act friendly with him whenever we passed each other in the building, but all I got was a blank expression for about 3 seconds before he simply decided to ignore my attempts. That’s when I completely lost hope in any kind of relationship with him. I despised Oh Sehun

“Oh come on Y/N! The state you two have been after this break up is unbearable. Could you two at least try and initiate something, so you can feel somewhat better” He suggested making me scoff

“I’m completely fine without him! And seeing the attitude he’s been giving me for the past month, I’m pretty sure his life is going perfectly without me” I spat pacing around the room in frustration

“1.You are nowhere near fine and 2. He’s even further away from even being okay! Y/N he needs you to come back to him” He sighed making my heart drop the slightest amount

“No Baekhyun he doesn’t. If he did, he’d to the most as to show even a shred of interest in me” I pointed

“So what I’m hearing is, you’d consider it if he showed interest?” He asked and I could literally hear the smirk on his face

“Stop changing the subject Baek!” I exclaimed

“Nope… I think the subject is still mission get you and Sehun back together” He chuckled earning a frustrated groan from me “Okay Y/N, we are going to come and pick you up from your house at 9 regardless of whether you’re in your old t-shirt and sweatpants, so I suggest you stay ready by then” He simply instructed

“… Fine! But I swear if he sparks any arguments up, I will smack a b*tch.  And that b*tch will be Oh Sehun” I vented getting up and searching through dresses

“Noted! Will be at yours at 9. And Y/N?” He called


“I just want you to be aware of the fact that, Sehun is nothing without you and you taking him back would seriously put his shattered world back together” Baekhyun said, making a lump form in my throat as I breathed through it

“I’ll try Baek. But I don’t think anything will ever fall back to the way they were” I sighed hanging up.

Straightening my dress, I looked into the mirror and sighed. This is pathetic I thought to myself. What am I thinking? He doesn’t want to be friends. He was just forced to start hanging out with me after we broke up, for the sake of our friends. The car horn outside my house indicated the arrival of my ride for the night. I closed the door behind me and locked it before looking up at the extremely familiar vehicle parked in my driveway. Sehun’s car. I took a deep breath before looking up at the only person who was sat in the driver’s seat. There he was adorned in a simple white button-down showing off his broad shoulders as his chocolate brown hair was styled in his infamous middle parting. My breath caught in my throat as his eyes met with mine locking for a good few minutes. Wait… Why is he the only one here? BYUN BAEKHYUN!

I slowly made my way to the car, opened the door and slipped into the passenger’s seat without making further eye contact. He immediately started the engine and started moving the vehicle where it all happened. As the memories began flushing back, I took a deep breath in and looked out of the window

“Are you okay?” His light voice asked showing a shred of concern

“I’m fine” I ungratefully snapped

“Why do I even try?” He rhetorically sighed after a long pause

“The thing is though… You don’t” I coldly pointed earning a frustrated groan from him

“Y/N are you seriously going to do this now?” He asked, slightly raising his voice as he looked over at me for a split second

“You know what Sehun? No, I’m not going to do this now, because I actually came out to have a good time tonight. After 4 weeks of sulking and staying at my apartment while my manager working my every nerve, I don’t want to deal with having an argument with the only one person who used to be the central of my everything” I finally snapped, which caused him to freeze in his place and grip the steering wheel a bit tighter. The car was soon engulfed in silence as we drove to the venue where the party was taking place. As we came to a stop, I abruptly got out of the vehicle and made my way into the building, not wanting to spend another second being confined in the same space as him anymore. He did follow a few minutes after, causing us both to enter at the same time and instantly spot the boys. I gave Baekhyun a particularly deadly glare before proceeding to walk up to them, but I was pulled back by a light grip against my arm.

“Be nice and occasionally smile at me so they don’t force us to hang out again” He instructed, smiling over at the boys who were now giving us suggestive eyebrow wiggles

“Don’t tell me what to do” I looked back at him with gritted teeth, but still making sure to look like I was having a pleasant conversation

“Please can you listen to me this once? Just be nice to me and act like we’re friends so you don’t have to see my face anymore and I won’t have to see yours” He requested with a hint of sadness in his voice. Faker!

“Gladly” I flashed him one last sickening smile before pulling my arm out of his grip and finally walking over to the group of people waiting for us.

The night was finally started off with quite a few dance sessions, meeting and mingling with new friends and mostly a whole lot of drinking. I was never usually the one to have more than one tequila or just a beer since I was mostly the designated driver of my group of friends, but tonight I wanted to drink all of my stress, pressure and sorrow away like it was the last time I’d ever had the chance to live. One more shot managed to tip me off as all of the boys continued to take several more and began to make their way to the dance floor. The huge crowd of clumsily colliding bodies suddenly began to look extremely appealing as I stumbled my way onto the area, earning a cheer of approval from Chen and Kai. As I continued my not so consistent journey, I suddenly felt a familiar grip on my upper arm pulling me in the direction of the balcony. I was about to let out a scream, before I looked up to meet the slightly drunken gaze of Oh Sehun. As I no longer had the energy to fight him off and I trusted that he didn’t have any wrong intentions, I allowed him to pull me into the open space and I instantly relaxed at the feeling of the fresh air against my skin

“You looked like you needed to cool down” He chuckled, directing me towards a bench and sitting us down.

“Thanks” I mumbled looking down at my hands; my head was slightly spinning at the sudden change of atmosphere and the amount of alcohol in my system. I began to lean against my side before leaning my head back in attempt to get somewhat comfortable with my head already beginning to pound.

“I think my shoulder would be a lot more comfortable than your shoulder… or the air” He pointed out, slightly amused at my antics

“Yes. But that would mean I have to lay my head on your shoulder, which would lead you to think that I like you. And I do not like you Oh Sehun!” I childishly slurred, but my head instinctively found the comfort of his shoulders as it flopped to its side and onto the warmth of his body

“Your body seems to think otherwise” He smirked, earning him a weak smack on the chest from me. After a little giggle over absolutely nothing, we proceeded to sit in silence just enjoying the warmth radiating off each other’s body as the rest of the world seemed to have no significance anymore.

“You’re an asshole you know that?” I randomly mumbled, playing with my bracelet as my head continued to rest on his shoulder. He let out a soft chuckle as if to say that he knows, which was highly unlike Sehun, but then again we were both drunk as hell so “And I’m really not proud of saying that I’m still in love with an asshole…” I mindlessly confessed, the alcohol now taking control of my speech. But I was still half sober to realise the fact that I’d openly admitted to still being in love with my ex, to my damn ex.

“Y/N have you realised what you just said?” He asked, after giving both of us a few moments to process the sentence that had come out of my mouth

“I think I just did… Whoops!” My drunken-self spoke again, bumping his shoulder in the process. He didn’t seem amused though. He looked down at my face softly as a small smile formed on his face. Okay he doesn’t seem that drunk to me anymore

“Would it help if I said that I was in love with you too?” He asked, lightly raising my head off of his shoulder to have a proper look at my eyes. I simply giggled at his suggestion and continued to slowly process in my head that I’d confessed to him. My attention was slightly diverted when I heard someone from inside yell about the fact that the 10 second count down was about to begin. Oh yeah I forgot, this was a ‘New Year’s Party’


“How are you so sure you’re the asshole I’m still in love with?” I challenged, trying to get the attention off the topic of me being in love with him. My challenging tone caused an amused smirk to form onto his face as he began to lower his head closer to mine.


“You still haven’t answered my question…” I quietly warned as my breath hitched at how close he was to me now. My eyes began to dart in the direction of his soft lips, but I tried to keep my focus by looking into his capturing eyes which did not seem to help the tiniest bit.


“Because I’ll always be the one you’re in love with…” He lowly stated, before capturing my lips in a soft yet sensual kiss. Well this couldn’t get any more cheesy.  I soon came to the realisation that I wasn’t responding to his sudden act of affection, but I was quick to kiss back and the alcohol in my system no longer had control of my actions. His hands cupped my cheeks as the kiss got deeper, but we were too soon to pull away as we looked into each other’s eyes as we tried to catch our breaths. “And you’ll always be the one I’m in love too…” He finished, resting his forehead against mine. This New Year was off to a good start…

A/N: So a happy ending to ‘Walking Away’ was requested extremely long ago, and I finally found inspiration to write it today. Plus, I got requested to do a ‘New Years’ imagine so 😊😊Wow… You don’t actually have to read Part 1 cause you wouldn’t be completely clueless. I hope you liked this imagine, and I’ll see you later Loves xx