its just a different coloring

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere


A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day

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peachypotpourri  asked:

If you 100/10 would do it again, would you consider doing Kei's Viktor if Kei has any nerves left to do your Yuuri? :3

asdjflkjfd LET KEI L I V E–I mean kei doesn’t have to do that again, just looking at my style is like. wth 
okay but maybe after I finish kei’s bday gift first, probably?? 
I have no problem with staring at kei’s art tag for another 2 hours and drawing her vic hahah


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins

Don't go through my stuff.

There’s this girl who happens to go to the same gym as I do. We usually get there at the same time and everything. One day she saw me taking a scoop of preworkout (PWO) and asked me what it was and after explaining it, she asked if she could have some. Keep in mind I tend to take the labels off everything. People are so judgmental of the stuff you take, so I just take them off. I let her have a ¼ of scoop. She loved it. So almost everyday she would ask me for some. Fine by me. Except one day…

I get to the gym and leave my bag by the squat rack where I usually keep my stuff. I come back to her stretching and doing her usual routine, and says, “I grabbed the powder stuff from your bag, hope you dont mind.”

“I do mind, dont do that, its my stuff. Plus I dont even have PWO anymore, it ran out and it hasnt came in yet.”

“Well I grabbed something, its the same color and everything, it just tasted different.”

“its steroids.”

She stormed out, panicking and said she has to go get tested, and schedule appts with her doctor.

She took 5g of creatine. Harmless.