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A little healthy competition...

It’s hiatus time which means fandom switches gears and instead of focusing on “what’s coming next!” it becomes a mash of “what just happened” + “lets promote our ship/vote in this poll/write this meta” + “i want to celebrate what I love about this ship!”.  A lot of times its a mix of all three of those things.  Hiatus is for unity within a fandom/ship… you don’t generally see a lot of in-fighting going on.  People talk more about their lives.  People talk more about other shows/ships.  

This hiatus, so far, has been a whirlwind of polls and voting.  I don’t think it’s stopped since the finale aired, has it?  We’ve gone from one poll to the next to the next to the next… While it’s exhausting to keep up with all of it, it’s also wonderful affirmation for our fandom and our ship. Olicity has been recognized and is being celebrated, as it should.  We went through a lot of angst to get here. This is our reward.  The promise of this is what kept us going during those long Ray-Palmer-filled nights.

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Nali week day 0: Cosplay
Nope i’m nowhere near done with this prompt

mls-classics asked:

Maaaaaaan. I don't care about multishipping, as long as you keep the Pearl comin'! I'm thirsty for thirstmom


since i ship pearl w/ so many people it just means more pearl art so ur in luck

wait so the 4th nge movie isnt even out yet????

drop EVERYTHING and imagine Rouge performing a heist to this song

because Rouge and Moulin Rouge ahahahah someone please dump me in the trash already 8′)

tbh i’m not happy at all about the update.

1) jasprosesprite bringing back nep? im sorry i like nep too but that final kernel was probably better off being saved for later and. i cant picture how nepeta would help. i hope she does but i dont like how jasprosesprite is putting these things into action. i hate jasprosesprite

2) tavrosprite is a terrible friend to jake. he’s not giving him good advice at all, he’s just going along with everything Jake says. he’s reaffirming that he should not have friends, at least not ones who know his flaws. so what kind of friends are those? the exact kind of friends jake had before everyone woke the fuck up and realized idealizing jake was not the right way to go. 

3) i was SO happy when i thought that jake might be aromantic. but i cannot take that seriously with this atmosphere. jake isn’t happy about his situation, and from what i’m seeing him say, he thinks he should be alone away from others NOT to make himself happy, but to make others happy. he STILL thinks that he is a burden. that’s not good. jake still is having it rough and his thinking right now is not himself. as much as i want jake to be aromantic and see it being able to happen, the way it is happening right now, his “confirming” to himself, is self-deprecating and unhealthy. i really wish it wasn’t like this for him, i really do. seeing you guys be happy for him, happy at this sadness, which we could say was depression, is extremely upsetting. he is disconnecting himself from everyone around him. he’s not happy.

4) Jasprosesprite’s idealization of Nepeta. Jasprosesprite’s meanness to Jake and Tavrosprite. Jasprosesprite in general is too rude i dont like them

One Direction’s “Take Me Home” album does not get enough credit, ok sure it is pure unabashed pop music but it has this lovely simple positive “doesn’t take itself too seriously” vibe that reminds me of “With the Beatles”. Now before Beatles fans rip me a new asshole, I’m not comparing these albums in terms of merit or impact, I’m just saying the overall vibes are similar to me, like With The Beatles is just a nice album full of simple songs about love and dating and it aint too deep my pals.

I also still think it’s funny that so many of 1D’s early singles are about getting laid considering their audience at that time.

the love i have for rinharu is so deep in my soul im so emotional

30 Days of Devotion- Beginning

Because I am trash and skipped day three for no reason.

I think I am beginning to see what He wants me to be. I am beginning to understand the magnitude of His plans for me, and I am beginning to see what path that He wants to walk with me on.
Things are changing, this is the first step.
The path is set, and I will walk it. Into the darkness, into the unknown, into everything I know I hate, simply because I know if He is with me… It can’t be that bad, right?

Beginning to see what needs to be changed, beginning to see what is broken within me, beginning to see the bigger picture, beginning to see how I shine… There’s still so much to see, and this is only the beginning…

Today was a really good day and made up for the day I was having yesterday ^^

aspiring-individual forgot my pass but because she did I got the opportunity to hangout with her for a while!

Then I got to see kaiami again and take more pics!! Whenever I go to her booth shes so cheerful (and fashionable!!) so it puts me in a good mood!

After me and my friend got tired so we went to concourse hall and I went to the vending machine to buy M&Ms but the guy next to me asked for 10¢ and it was nbd so I gave him some and he thanked me! Then I bought my M&Ms and I thought it was gonna get stuck but two fell out!! So lucky ; v ;

Later I met sugarbee-crossing and we got Starbucks together! Shes so cute guys and pretty screams!! Then I was too shy to talk to this one (*ahem* cute) artist at aa but Jackie forced me to and I ended up buying the pouch from him that I was eyeing :’) sorry eunnie lol

Then me and my friend decided to leave bec we were both done so we went to chik-fil-a and talked more c:

It was just a really nice day! Thanks Yubi for the pass! I was gonna skip this year but Im glad I didnt! I think I really needed this, I feel a bit more relax (although tired lol) ❤️

starbbit i didnt get to take a pic with you :((( next time?