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Can I get a list of all your aus? Thanks!

Once Upon a Blue Moon AU

Featuring Dipper as a werewolf and Mabel as a witch. When he was twelve, Dipper ran away after getting bitten to go find help to control the “beast within”. When he comes back many things have changed, including his sister. 

There’s a full fic you can read here (that link also leads to the blog itself!) and just general information here

Big Dipper AU   

Dipper (age 15) and his sister Mabel (age 12) are spending their third year in Gravity Falls with their Grunkle Stan when they stumble upon a weird journal in the woods. They always knew this town was weird but now, armed with knowledge they never had before, they set out on adventures to discover the mysteries.

The full fic Danse Macabre can be read here as well as a list of oneshots and general information!

Orphaned Twins AU

Mabel and Dipper’s parents die in a car crash when they’re six and are sent to go live with their Grunkle Stan.

That tag can be found here! (Please note that the tag for this au is orphaned twin au, not orphaned twins. That will take you someplace else!)

Sword and Shield AU

Gravity Falls but in the late Middle Ages. Dipper is an apothecary apprentice, Mabel is working on becoming one of the few female artists (while also standing in for her brother during knightly tournaments), Grunkle Stan is a conman, and Ford is on the run from the church bunted by Bill Cipher, the Egyptian God Set who has come to bring disease, plague, and destruction to Europe. 

That blog can be found here!

Pines Grove AU

Because I’m a sucker for sibling relationships, and everyone draws the rev!twins as sixteen anyway, this is an au where the Reverse!Twins (now named Nereida and Orion) are the sixteen year old siblings of Dipper and Mabel. The other Rev! characters make an appearance including Rev!Pacifica as Atlantica Southeast and Rev!Gideon as a projection of future Gideon trying to warn the twins of Weirdmageddon.

That blog can be found here!

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