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i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

Your attention please:

Uncle Roy. Iris and Jai having Roy as an uncle. Roy taking care of them when Linda was sick and Wally needed to be by her side. 

Roy putting them to bed.

Roy taking them to the park with Lian. Roy basically being the kid’s chaperone.

Wally trusting Roy to watch his little cubs and Roy being 100% okay with baby sitting them.

Just. Roy with the kids in The Flash v2 #246-247


I don’t know why I came. Some part of me thought I could convince her. Maybe if she saw me, maybe…she’d change her mind. I only thought she was running away like always, not this. Not that fucking girl. Fuck
I would’ve never come if I knew. 
But seeing her….seeing her was….
She just said she loved me. 
I couldn’t fucking believe it. 
I was so fucking angry. Here she was telling me she got back with that fucking girl and she still has the fucking nerve to tell me she loves me.
My head was pounding. I was that angry. 

“Kali don’t, you know I don’t…I don’t - I can’t answer that-”
“Why couldn’t you have waited? Why didn’t you ever give us a fucking chance?”
No, don’t even fucking bother. You’re wasting your breath and I’m wasting my time just being here. Don’t fucking talk to me. You want us to be over, then we’re over, so fuck off. You see me, I don’t know you. Don’t look at me, don’t even breathe around me. Stay out of my life and I’ll do my best to shove you out of mine, Grant.”
“Kali, do you rea-”
I was so fucking angry. I stuck my hand up to make her stop talking. She did.
I needed to get out. I needed to get away from her.
It was clear where she stood, and it wasn’t with me. There was no point in me being here.

It hurt so much to walk away.  
I heard her call my name one last time. In that awful way she does it. Where she knows I’ll turn. I hesitated. I wanted to turn around badly. I glanced a bit and I could tell she was crying. I wanted to run back to her. I needed to…
I walked out of there.
She wasn’t mine anymore.
She wasn’t mine to take care of.
She never was.

Okay so, new thoughts about the ‘Sacrifice Arcadia Bay’ ending. Keep it as it is.

Just add one more scene at the end, after we fade out on the car. 

Like the ‘dark room’ teasers, it starts with the camera pointing at a shelf - but instead of binders, its books about photography, skateboarding, indie and punk music, travel books for countries all around the world. 

Then pan around, the room illuminated by the light of the golden hour flooding through an open window, and we see that on the table there is an unfinished scrapbook album being worked on, full of pictures of Max and Chloe at various points over the next few years. You can see that they were happy together - oh, and there’s at least one photo of them kissing. 

There’s also a bunch of newspaper clippings strewn around the table, about the survivors and the victims of the Arcadia Bay tornado - with certain people surviving based on your relationship with them, but still too many dying, always too many. There’s the photo of young Joyce and William, dog-eared and with splashes of water damage around the edges, recovered from the wreckage of the Price house.

There are articles about Max’s photography career, and several about awards Chloe’s won for her varied charity work (for LGBT teens, mental illness, and helping war veterans - there’s so many thanking her for changing their lives) to really bring home the idea that the world isn’t better off losing Chloe Price. Maybe one life is still worth saving, for the difference a single person can make.

As the camera pans away up to the window, a blue jay flies in and perches on the windowsill. There’s a moment of stillness, then the sound of a camera shutter, and a flash of light. 


I used to get doubly excited when a Will Smith film’s coming out because a single was always coming out. And I was wondering if you were ever tempted or asked to write music for Suicide Squad and if there’s any update on your new music? Yeah, you know, I though about it and I actually recorded a couple of things. I just didn’t love it. When I put something out again I wanna really love it. (x)

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a - age: the body is 16 turning 17, i have no actual age in the inner world, but we have marked me down as an adult alter
b - biggest fear: being forgotten and/or shunned
c - current time: 16:40
d - drink you last had: water v:
e - every day starts with: going to the bathroom 
f - favorite song: the original mortal kombat theme song
g - ghosts, are they real: yep
h - hometown:  brecksville/broadview heights, cleveland, ohio.
i - in love with: Jacob, aka @big-bad-bunny-boy [he hasn’t been too active on his blog idk why im tagging him]. he’s my husband in the inner world :y
j - jealous of: people that know how to socialize
k - killed someone: no(t yet)
l - last time you cried: a few hours ago;;
m - middle name: i don’t have one, and neither does the body v: . serbian people don’t get middle names
n - number of siblings: the body has 3, all over 10 years younger than us, plus one more on the way. two are from our mother and the other is + will be from our dad’s wife. i have none.
o - one wish: to have unlimited wishes ;V. if that’s not allowed, then it would be for everyone in the system to have their own body.
p - person you last called/texted: last person i called was our mother, last person i texted was someone from school
q - questions you’re always asked: “why are you so quiet?”
r - reasons to smile: it depends on the day
s - song last sang: love like you by rebecca sugar
t - time you woke up: 09:34 am
u - underwear color: washed out, pale pink/purple
v - vacation destination: somewhere cold and with little people
w - worst habit: picking/biting at my skin
x - x-rays you’ve had: for the lungs, stomach, back, hip, leg. i don’t remember if there’s more
y - your favorite food: most seafood
z - zodiac sign: body is a leo, and i don’t have a birthday u:

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Well, it’s a long way out to reach the sea
But I’m sure I’ll find you waiting there for me
And by the time I blink, I’ll see your wild arms swinging
Just to meet me in the middle of the road
And you’ll hold me like you’ll never let me go

also I drew this the other day cause Nya is a strong independent young woman with a smol bf

a smol bf who tries to protect her too much so she decided to just carry him everywhere like this for a while

me, texting bighit: dont answer the call just listen to the voicemail
bighit: *has one missed call
me, in the voicemail: hey its me, jay, again. i was wondering if we could like…you know talk? ever since i found out that bts members are dieting when they dont need to, ive been feeling really sad. just letting you know that what upsets me the most is that yoongi is going on a diet when hes already the smallest one on the group…it hurts. i was hoping we could talk in person tomorrow. i want to settle things out and hear your side of the story. i dont know what else to do. thanks…bye bye