its incredibly stupid

The personal character development of Louis this past year has just….astonished me. From becoming a first time father, to losing his best friend and mother, to confidently pursuing a (currently flourishing) solo career, to building his smart business repertoire, to reinforcing the importance of strong family ties at the most vulnerable of times, to optimistically rebuilding tender friendships he surely misses like the ones he shared with Zayn and Harry. My heart truly couldn’t be any fuller of Louis and who he shows himself to be each and every passing day. Please continue letting him grow as a person; stronger, smarter, and braver. If you care for him, you’d want nothing more than that.

re-reading the X-Wing books, my main takeaway from Solo Command is that someone really needs to make Wedge/Han like… a thing.

After all, you get such gems as the following:

“Well, you’re not the only member of the crew who could benefit from some blissful irresponsibility right now. So I’m going to stage an insurrection and seize control of Mon Remonda.”

Solo gave a curt laugh. “Wedge Antilles, mutineer. That I have to see.”

which follows a long, emotionally charged conversation of Han admitting his insecurities about his and Leia’s relationship,

Rogue One was among the pilots returning. Solo breathed a sigh of relief. He had few enough friends. Win or lose, he didn’t want to lose any more in this engagement.

… Han I can’t believe you care this much? and then there’s this whole scene:

Han Solo and Wedge Antilles sat in the cockpit of the Millennium Falsehood, their feet up on the control boards.

“Stand by, Communications.” Solo shut off the cockpit microphone and gave Wedge an accusing look. “You said, when you overflew her X-wing, that you saw no sign she ejected.”

“That’s right.” Wedge stretched lazily. “There was no automated comm signal indicating an ejection.”

“Commander Square Corners himself, showing a streak of duplicity. Lying by omission. I can’t believe it.”

As they walked down the Falsehood’s loading ramp, Solo threw an arm over Wedge’s shoulders. “Corellian to Corellian, you know what the great thing about being a general is?”

“No, what?”

“In lots of circumstances, you can pretty much do whatever you want.” With his free hand, Solo reached over and gave Wedge’s hair a thorough mussing.

Wedge batted his hand away. “Hey, stop it.”

and who can forget the scene in Wedge’s Gamble, in which Wedge attempts to counsel Leia about her relationship with Han:

“That’s his nature, though–he’s chaos incarnate.” Wedge smiled. “Han Solo, you have to love him…”

“… or freeze him in carbonite, I know.” Leia stared wistfully off into the distance. “He’s a good man. Even with his quirks and rough edges, I don’t think I can find better in this galaxy. And I’m not really interesting in looking, either, but there are times when I wonder ‘Why him?’”

“If you ever have doubts, serious doubts, come see me. I can give you a dozen reasons to answer that question.”

in which I know what Wedge means, where he could give Leia a dozen reasons why Han is the right guy for her, but honestly it kind of sounds like Wedge has a dozen reasons why one would be in love with Han Solo, at least six of which apply to him personally.


Look at this. 

Look at this smug motherfucker. 

He wrote up a nice little post inviting me to come visit his secret base. So I show up all ready to have a nice time, look around the place, make a friend.

And then.

And then.

This ungrateful little shit.

Drops a roomful of hostile Pokemon on my ass.

im finally designing a tattoo for myself that ive wanted since i was a junior in high school

it’s a tool lyric from their lateralus album,

“transmutate these leaden grudges into gold”

around an art piece from their other album ænima

it’s about turning all your hate and spite into something good and finally letting go of everything that has hurt you in the past




”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”

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it's incredibly stupid i'm very sorry but i don't know how to blacklist tags

don’t worry, it can be useful to everyone.

if you wanted to avoid someone’s posts/comments/messages all at once, you’d just need to go to and add them to the “blocked tumblrs” list at the end of the page.

for tags though, you have to install tumblr savior or xkit.

you can download tumblr savior from your browser store (it’s available for firefox, chrome, opera, probably some others too). once installed, you just click on its icon in the browser bar and set it.

xkit, on the other hand, is available here or here. the first doesn’t work for me and i’ve always used the second one, but i linked both just in case.

once properly installed, it should appear at the top among the other tumblr icons, not in the browser bar.

just click on the xkit icon and go to the store, aka the “get extensions” section.

now, search for “blacklist” and install it.
go back to “my xkit”, where you should find your extensions on the left.

this one is easy to use. you just scroll down until you find “add new”, click and write down whatever tag you want to block. 

both tumblr savior and this xkit extension apply to any post.
let’s say, if you blacklist “blood” you won’t see anything tagged as such, regardless of the source.

in case you want to blacklist a tag only from a specific user (for example, if you don’t enjoy the nsfw one of your followings posts, but you don’t want to block ALL “nsfw” posts on tumblr as a whole), you’ll need a different xkit extension called “servant”.

so just go back to xkit store and install it.
once opened, click on “add new servant”.

and set it on “post contains” and “hide the post”

then click on “add another” right below “post contains” and choose “the post is from” 

confirm clicking on “add servant” at the bottom and you’re done.

hope it helped, feel free to ask if something is not clear!


———— To be honest, I can’t tell where I was hurting anymore.
Man, I’m hopeless.
But I don’t want to give up such a fun position to anyone. ————

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Hey Maddy what do you think about this whole " sakuras not an uchiha" nonsense if you ask me its incredibly stupid how people are littrely arguing this like who fucking cares ?

It’s honestly pathetic, it’s as if these people have never heard of marrying into a family/clan before. Of course Sakura’s not a real Uchiha, no one is claiming that she is; she’s an Uchiha by marriage.

And then you have these others bringing up Fugaku’s comment about how Uchiha’s need to master the Fireball jutsu, and they actually think that also applies to people marrying into the clan. He was obviously referring only to Uchiha’s by blood, but I guess that’s too complicated a concept.

Not only that, but the actual translation has Fugaku saying how they’re not fully considered adults until they’ve mastered the Fireball jutsu, he didn’t say anything about not being a full part of the clan like some of them insinuate.

Now that Exodus and Gods of Egypt are total flops, does that mean that Hollywood learns that the audience doesn’t like this stupid as fuck whitewashed epics? That all the big names and big budgets don’t mean anything if they fail to have just the slightest bit of respect to the source material and the persons it depicts?

Nah, but like… that mean female characters getting hate while mean male characters get defended happens for literally everything. Female characters get hate for being “too cutesy” or “too nice” or “too bitchy” or “too slutty” or too this or too that. I’ve literally never seen one female character that wasn’t hated by someone for one of her personality traits.

But with male characters, it’s like:

  • “too nice”: He’s so sweet?? omg he’s the best
  • “too bitchy/mean”: He’s just misunderstood!!
  • “too slutty”: haha jk no one ever calls male characters slutty. When male characters are hypersexual, they’re super hot and there’s 30,000 smut fics written about them.

Female characters:

  • “too cutesy”: UGH. She’s so annoying? Her voice just grates on my nerves?? She’s childish and stupid.
  • “too nice”: She never even does anything? And come on, no one is that nice irl. She’s totally useless, and the series could do without her.
  • “too bitchy/mean”: She’s horrible and toxic and abusive and she must be DESTROYED immediately. I hate her. Even though the male character did a Way Worse Thing, I’m going to hate her twice as much as I hate him.
  • “too slutty”: Holy shit?? She’s literally only there for fanservice. You could delete her from the story, and it would be the same. She doesn’t matter at all, and I hate her for her hypersexuality. Instead of writing 30,000 smut fics about her, let’s write fics about how she DIES.

Literally the only character archetype I’ve seen where they get the same level of hatred is the “crybaby” archetype, and then it doesn’t matter if the characters are mentally ill. If they shed more than two tears over something the fandom deems as “a stupid reason,” they’re seen as “weak” and thus completely hated. Because mentally ill people are not allowed to exist and no one is allowed to be sad in a way that’s “”””annoying”””” at all ever.

But I’m pretty sure that you could show any fandom two characters who are exactly the same in every way except for their gender and they’d all flock to the male character but it’s ~~~whatever~~~