its in your lungs

I swear being heartbroken is the worst feeling. To myself anyways. Your chest feels like it’s on fire, then its like your ribs have punctured your lungs because you cant breathe, no matter how much you think about nothing, to try and numb the pain of thinking of them, your thoughts creep up on you.
—  This is life until you put yourself back together. Please take your time.
Things This INTP Likes

- Times when you’re speaking out loud and you suddenly connect two disparate ideas … Thanks, Ne!

- One absolutely perfect moment of music in a song

- Snowfall at night, where you can sense the flakes hitting the ground

- Anytime a mathematical concept clicks in your head

- Battles of wit with a good friend

- Making obscure foods using difficult kitchen techniques

- Reading a sentence perfectly crafted

- The first sip of coffee in the morning

- Looking out the window and seeing a deer in the backyard

- Walking into a room and catching a whiff of some wonderful candle scent

- Learning a new grammatical concept

- Thinking in another language without thinking about it

- That moment when you wake up and realize it’s your day off

- When a baby reaches its arms out to you

- Laughing until your lungs are weak

There are more, but these are just a few of the things that make me happy. And don’t we all need a bit of happiness right now?

We have this idea that love should hurt. That if it’s real, you’ll feel it ripping you apart at the seams, tearing your heart from your ribs, and pressing its palm on either side of you lungs. Leaving you breathless. And for a long time, I believed this. I let boys with big mouths and no ears hold me in their arms until I forgot how to breath on my own. Until I forgot who I was because it didn’t matter who I was. It mattered who he wanted. And it hurt. Losing myself. God, it hurt. But for a long time, I though that was love. And then I met you.
—  a letter to the boy who taught me the truth
a pack of wolves howl for the moon
only early birds get the worm
a rotten apple is still food
a poet writes himself to sleep
a human kisses his depression goodnight
a song loses its meaning if on repeat
my lungs black from cigarettes
your lungs black from regrets
if every dog has his day
i’m still barking for the wheels
but even if i caught it
i’d still bark every day
that’s the thing about love
you need to have it within yourself
before you give it out yourself
—  barking poets

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I'm so sick and tired of shitty teenage losers hanging out at my store all night yelling and swearing and probably stealing shit. Go home! Nobody thinks its cool to scream "penis" at the top of your lungs multiple times!

Let your love speak. Let it scream at the top of its lungs. Feel it course through every vein in your body. Love loudly and truly, with every thing that you have. Let it all out for the world to see whether you are ready or not. There is no right time for love, so make right now the right time. Let your love be heard.
—  Serenade the world.

Gif source:  John

Imagine selling your soul for John’s because you’re in love with him and him finding out that you only got six months to live out of the deal.

——— Request for anon ———

It was pouring down rain when you made the deal. Simple enough. Your soul for his. After all, living without him had been excruciating enough up until now. The crossroads demon had complained about the rain, but congratulated you on striking a deal before finally sealing it with a kiss.

The demon was gone before you’d even opened your eyes from the kiss, John panting on the ground in its place.

You felt your lungs stutter for air when you saw him, dropping to your knees to grab at his jacket, making sure he was really there, “John!”

The gravel under his hands sinks into the mud with the sudden weight of his body above them, and he looks at you with a look of disappointed understanding when he realizes where he is, water dripping from his hair, “What did you do?”

i love the raven cycle because the books literally feels like long road trips and the sound of laughter in a car full of people you love and its singing on the top of your lungs to lame music and it feels like long road trips and camping and having real genuine friends and being loved and its fairy lights at night and folk music in the woods while hiking and its adventuring to the top of a hill and taking pictures of the view and its never looking back and riding bikes as fast as you can through fields and its running around barefoot in the rain and staying inside making journals and reading and drinking hot beverages like this is everything the raven cycle means to me

Oath | Ch.4 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

Originally posted by kookieluvcookies

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Word count: 3482

A/N: Here it is!~ ^^ This one is a bit shorter, I guess. But I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as the previous chapters.

The sound of a gunshot resonated in the depths of the night, shaking the sky and tearing apart anything it stood in its way. It was the sound that broke the deadly silence and soon after its last echo faded, air started flooding your lungs like an angry sea trying to take over a sinking ship. You chest rose fiercely as if it took in a drug that it has been missing for years. You were thirsty for it, desperate to feel its cold touch tickle your insides, and it hurt with each breath you took. It was like the pressure that kept you away from it moved from your neck to your chest, not giving you the freedom to fully enjoy the feeling.

Your mind was hazy, roaming in an unknown world, opening doors to times long gone and watching the familiar faces of a couple laughing together, making food, kissing under the protective warmth of the sheets or rolling in the snow on a sunny winter day without a care. A certain scene of a young lady struggling to carry a man covered in blood down the alley in the park, caressing his wounds and laughing together captured your attention.  You then saw the pain in their eyes as they bid farewell and how tears of joy rolled down her cheeks when she opened the door one night and found him standing there just like he said he would, how she flew into his arms and pulled him inside, never wanting to let him go again.

You saw them grow together, you saw them argue and fight only to make-up moments later and then, as the movie came close to an end, you saw him putting a beautiful ring on her finger and kissing her like there was no tomorrow. They looked so happy, their love so young and fresh and pure. You closed the door to this room too and looked around. There was one more at the end of the hallway that was left untouched, but this door was different, it gave you chills, so you looked back one more time, taking with you as much of their happiness as you could before pushing it open. You took a step in and saw that there was nothing but darkness, nothing sweet, nothing warm like in the others, just emptiness. So you turned around to go out but it was too late, you were already falling into it and soon everything became void.


“Jimin, go ahead and see if there are any left on that side, I’ll head back and see how Taehyung’s doing and catch up with you later.”

“Ok, hyung!” he reassured Hoseok whose face showed signs of anger building up as he tried to think about who could be behind all this and what exactly made them retreat.

It was clear that they were at a disadvantage here so why not fight till the end? Whoever did this had something to get from them and from what he could see, they already got it.  He made his way back through the dusty building to where he left all of you, gun in hand in case enemies were still lurking. They managed to kill a few but the rest just seemed to vanish like their job there was done. And it bothered him as he thought of the worst scenario. He knew Yoongi went through a lot of hardships since “the incident” and he really wanted to find out who was behind it, Jungkook being the only lead and even though he wanted him dead for his betrayal, he needed him alive and talking. If, by any chance, he got away, Yoongi would not be pleased and this was what scarred Hoseok the most right now. He was almost there when his movements stopped all of a sudden as the tip of his foot encountered something that seemed like a body. At a closer look, he froze.

“Kim Taehyung! God damn it!” he kneeled and hit his face to bring him back to his senses. “Fuck! I can’t believe this. YA! Taehyung!! You better wake up, you stupid bastard.”

“Hyung…” he whispered, head still spinning from the hit he took moments ago. “Jungkook….”

“I know, stupid! You lost him! We are so screwed once Yoongi finds out. I would kill you right now but we already lost a lot. Get up! We need to find them.”

“Hyung, I’m sorry, I didn’t-” before he could finish, Hoseok grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him up into a standing position.

“Listen to me, Kim Taehyung! I don’t care. You fucking lost him and now you gonna come with me and find Jungkook and if we don’t, you’ll beg me for your life. Got it?! Now move!!” his low growl was intimidating beyond words, his eyes bloodshot with anger.

He pushed Taehyung to walk in front of him as he looked around one more time before following him outside. As they got out, Jimin ran to them, eyes scanning the group as if he was waiting for the rest to make their appearance.

“Here you are! Where’s the other two?”

“Not here, that’s for sure.” Hoseok said, passing Jimin in his way to the car.

“Wait, what? Don’t tell me….”

“That stupid piece of shit lost them. Move your ass, we need to go.”

“You are so screwed, Taehyung-ah.” Jimin said mockingly throwing his arm around the other’s shoulder, barely holding his laughter.

“No shit?!” he replied in a low tone.

After they all got in the car, Hoseok stepped on the gas pedal with full force, wheels squealing as the car got lost in the dark. They were racing on highways and small streets looking for a sign of the two of you passing through there and, as they were about to call it a night and go back praying for the best, the scene of a car crash brought the car to a standstill. There was a truck blocking the way on a certain light stop but the thing that struck Hoseok was the fact that there was no one near it, no police, no victim. It was odd. He turned the lights off and got out of the car to take a closer look. As he was approaching the damaged truck, he turned to face the direction to where it was headed. There was something in the distance, covered by the darkness of the night, he was sure of it and not soon after a flashing little object flying through the air caught his eye.

“There’s someone there.” he said to the other two that were just getting out of the car.

“Do you think it’s them?” Jimin said, eyes searching the place.

“I’m not sure but by the looks of it, I would say so. Get your toys out, we’re going hunting.”

“Sounds good.” Taehyung grinned. “This time I’m not going to let them get away.”

“You better! Keep it slow and silent and try not to get noticed, got it? Stay low. Jimin go on that side, Taehyung and me will go on this one.”

“Roger that!”

They were excited for the new game. To be honest, they seemed to miss this kind of feeling. They used to be one of the two most influential groups within the city, taking care of numerous drug deals and weapon smugglings but everything changed after what they call “the incident”. It was the moment that changed everything. Yoongi was the heir of his father’s group ever since he was a teen, being helped by some of his father’s most loyal people to manage it and bring it back to life from ashes after Mr. Min together with his wife and Yoongi’s little sister died in a fire caused by their rivals. At that point, his dad’s kingdom was brought to the ground and it took years of work to get to where they were when the incident took place. They’ve faced a lot during that time but Yoongi had loyal people next to him to keep him going and with his brilliant plans and schemes, he managed to gain the title of the 2nd most influential group in the city.

Their next move was to gain access to a trading place in the harbor where the best weapon dealers gathered. And for that they had to go head to head with their most hated rival, the 1st on the list, Black Tiger’s group. Yoongi’s hatred towards them dated back to the death of his family and it only grew during the years. It was mutual. As Yoongi’s group slowly took away more and more parts of the city, Black Tiger became eager to finish him off. The plan was that at night they will surround the hall where his men were and catch them by surprise with a shower of bullets. There were no deals on that night from what Yoongi gathered and that meant lower security, lower chances of defeat. One thing he did not know and he could not even fathom was that one of his closest members, his right hand at the time, would betray him.

They went with the plan without any clue of what was about to happen. Yoongi sent half of his men to surround the building while he waited with another group in the distance to make their move. Jimin was with other snipers on the top of the nearby buildings, watching over the others, guiding their moves. Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook were on the other side of the lot, waiting for Yoongi’s command. Soon the first bunch reached the hall and entered. It was time. As Yoongi told the others through their headsets that they should get ready, a message made everyone freeze.

“There’s no one here. It’s empty!”

Soon after, the whole lot was shaken by an explosion throwing the remaining men that surrounded the hall several meters back, some in flames, screaming in pain. It’s a trap , Yoongi thought. His mind went blank for good minutes as he looked at the burning remains of the building. Half of his men went to their grave there, would he risk the other half too? Jimin was screaming through the station, trying to warn the others that more were on the way and that it’s better to retreat. But without the boss voicing the command, nobody moved. Jungkook looked at Hoseok with worrisome eyes as if he was hiding something. And he did. He was behind all this. But no matter how much he wanted to go through with his mission, he could not bear to watch the others die there. Without any intention, he grew attached to them. They have been through a lot together and for a long time were the only ones that stood by him when he had a problem. He found his family within the group.

“Hyung, you need to leave. Fast. More are on the way. A lot more than you can handle.”

“Huh? And who are you to give me orders? I’ll wait for Yoongi. But how do you know this?”

Long moments of silence passed as Hoseok saw the concern in Jungkook’s eyes. He moved from his place and punched the other in the face, hands gripping at the collar of his shirt.

“Tell me how you know about this!”

“Hyung…I’m so sorry.”

“You little piece of shit!”

Fists and feet flew in the air as Jungkook took every hit without responding, like he was accepting his punishment. Taehyung looked at the both of them, not having the courage to intervene. Plus, he knew Jungkook deserved it, if not more than that. A group of men attacked them right then, taking Hoseok by surprise. Shots were fired, bodies fell dead on the ground. Jungkook fought with some of them, trying to help his brothers escape and that got him some cuts but nothing hurt more than being stabbed by one of what used to be “his own”.


“I trusted you, Jungkookie. We all did. And this is how you repay us?! You deserve to die, bastard.”

He fell to his knees, hand painted in red covering the wound as Hoseok, Taehyung and the others disappeared into the night.  More shots and screams could be heard in the far distance, under the starry sky. He knew he had to head back to one of Namjoon’s hiding places and the nearest was in your neighborhood. His steps were sloppy as more blood ran down his jeans. He passed empty streets, high buildings and closed stores before entering a park where his feet finally gave in causing him to crash at the base of a tree, chest rising and falling quickly as moans filled the air. He looked again as his wound and scoffed at the thought of his life ending in a park, alone, stabbed by one of the members he grew the closest to during the time spent as a spy. As his eyelids were about to fall over his eyes shutting them close forever, he heard the footsteps of someone approaching and that is when fate threw him a second chance.


As they got close, they saw the flipped car and near it a shadow hovering over its victim as it took the life out of it. But it was still not clear what was happening so they went on, carefully, one step at a time to make sure their presence is still not noticed. At a closer look, the face of someone familiar made Hoseok push the trigger without any sign of hesitation. Not long after, the man whose hands were buried in your neck collapsed lifelessly over your broken body. After one more look to make sure there were no more threats, the boys made their move. They came rushing to where you laid, Jimin pushing the man aside, giving you freedom to breathe, Taehyung inspecting the car for signs of Jungkook while Hoseok checked your vital signs.

“She’s still alive. Barely, but she’s still there. Fighting hard to live, aren’t ya, princess? We’ve got a strong one here, it seems.” he smirked. “Any signs of Jungkook?” Hoseok asked, looking back at Taehyung who shook his head.

“Great…we lost him again. God damn it! Jimin, make sure she keeps breathing. I need to call Yoongi.” he stood up and took out his phone.

“What?!” could be heard from the other side.

“Hyung, we lost him.”

“YOU WHAT?!” he screamed, making Hoseok and the other freeze in shock.

“I am sorry, hyung, we were under attack and they escaped.”

“FUCK IT, Jung Heosok!! I told you NOT to lose them. I told you a million times to watch them at all times, didn’t I??! I worked my ass off trying to find Jungkook and now you lose him?! FUCK! I can’t believe this. You are all dead!! Move your ass back here.”

“Hyung, listen to me a bit. We tried to go after them and found their car.”

“Ok, how does that help?! Was he there?”


“Then why the fuck do you waste my time like this?!?”

“Seems like someone was after them too. They crashed into their car. It’s completely wrecked. My guess is they were the ones who took Jungkook.”

“Black Tiger…” Yoongi’s tone was low, almost a growl.

“We found one of them trying hard to kill the girl too but this one is a born fighter, she’s still alive.”

“The girl…”

“What should we do with her?”

There was no reply from the other side.


“Bring her with you. Make sure she stays alive! It’s your last chance, fail and you’re out.” he commanded and ended the call before Hoseok got to utter more words.

“You really are something else, baby girl.” Jimin said as he gently brushed away a strand of hair from your forehead. He put one hand behind your back and lifted you slowly into a sitting position, head resting on his shoulder.

“Do you think she’ll make it?” Taehyung said as he crouched in front of you.

“I am not sure. Hoseok would know better.”

“Jungkook’s got a good catch. She’s actually pretty.” he admired your features with tender eyes. “Too bad he left you behind, sweetheart.”

“I don’t think the choice was his tho.” Jimin mocked Taehyung.

“But she does not know this, does she?”

“How am I supposed to know? Wait, what are you planning?”

“I might want her for myself.”

“Taehyung-ah….” but before Jimin could muster anything else Hoseok intervened.

“Jimin, pick her up. We’re taking her with us.”

“Did Yoongi say that?”

“Yeah. Hurry up. He’s pissed and I can’t risk losing her. He wants her alive. I need to make sure she stays that way. I’ll go get the engine started.”

“Wait. I’ll take her.” Taehyung said as Jimin was about to lift your broken form into the air. He sneaked a hand under your knees and the other on your upper back as Jimin slid you slowly into his arms. His embrace was so warm, so alluring. Your head was tucked under his chin, right hand resting on your stomach as the other hanged lifelessly on your side, moving in sync with Taehyung’s steps. Jimin opened the door making way for Taehyung to lay you carefully on the backseat before taking a seat in front, next to Hoseok. Taehyung made his way on the other side of the car, lifting your head up just enough to slid one of his feet under it. He kept looking at you, analyzing every cut, every drop of blood and bruise that covered your face. In his eyes you were beautiful even like this. He was intrigued by you ever since he first saw you, but he kept it low, not wanting his feelings to mingle with his job.

It was a long drive back to the headquarters, a drive where the dead silence was only broken by Hoseok’s questions about your state. Once you arrived, Hoseok rushed Taehyung to get you into his lab and prepare a test to find out your blood type. You were in a dangerous state where you lost a lot of blood so you needed a transfusion as soon as possible. On the way in, Yoongi came to check on you and the boys before stressing the need of you making it out alive one more time.

After finding your blood type was AB, Taehyung decided to donate to you as he was AB as well. Looking at the red liquid that flowed from his hand through the tube and into your slim arm, Taehyung could not help but smile at the thought of the two of you being now connected by blood. No matter what his plan was, he really wanted you and he was not one to back away easily.

“You can do this, sweetheart. Fight your way back and I promise I will do the same in making sure you’ll never have to go through this again. We are now tied by fate. My blood runs through your veins, your connection with Jungkook can’t be stronger than this. You are mine from now on.”

Hoseok did everything in his power to save you and it took him long and stressful hours to do so. He was the doctor of the group. Each time a member got in trouble, Hoseok was the one to take care of him. He was responsible for the lives of many, both in saving and killing. His interest and liking towards biology and chemistry made him one hell of a doctor and the fear of most of his targets. Let’s just say he knew where to press and what to do to find out whatever he wanted. As he took a seat to rest his aching body, the entrance door opened, Yoongi making his appearance.

“How is she?”

“She’s gonna survive but it will take a while until she wakes up.”

“How much?”

“I am still not sure. Her head was pretty damaged so I’d say at best: a month…”

“At worst?”

“Three months? A year? Ten….forever. Only she knows.”

Yoongi looked at you. His anger was still there but his look was somehow soft as he seemed lost in thought.

“Hyung, are you ok?” Hoseok asked, waking Yoongi from his daydreaming state.

“Yes. You did well.” he turned and patted Hoseok on the shoulder. “You should go and rest. I’ll have Taehyung look after her for now. We have a lot to do later, you and me.”

“I will. And hyung…I’m really sorry we lost Jungkook. I’ll bring him back to you, I promise.”

“You’d better.” Yoongi smirked at Hoseok.

He looked back at you one more time.

“She might be our last and only chance now…”

“So it seems.”


Josh Dun Imagine

Title: Warmth

Warnings: None

Word Count: 498

Just a little feel good imagine if you’re feeling down. :) Feel better.

Your body quivered when another ensemble of sobs wracked through your chest. The world felt like it was crumbling. The future seemed so distant and your heart felt so fragile with its constant pounding. Your lungs filled quickly with air only to be pushed out along with the tears falling from your eyes.

How had it come to this? With your spine against the headboard of the bed, you pressed your wet face into the pillow in your lap. What else could you have done? “Nothing,” said your heart, but your brain said, “Everything.” It was hard to speak. It was hard to breathe. Everything was numb. You squeezed your eyes shut.

The front door had opened, you could hear it, but that didn’t change anything. The master bedroom’s door creaked. You felt vacant and cold. Slowly, the bed dipped. The grip on the pillow tightened as a few moments went by. Warmth of another pair of hands touched yours and the same scent on the pillow hit your nose. Swallowing, you tried to keep from letting out a sob to no avail. The hands gently unraveled your tight bond and when your throat couldn’t take the sob’s force you heard a quiet, “Shh.” When your hands were wrapped in his, the pillow fell from your face. Josh’s face was concerned, but softened.

“Hey,” he whispered, feeling your hands tremble in his. You blinked the tears out of your eyes before your bottom lip shook again. He pulled you into his chest. His arms enveloped you tightly against him and you didn’t bother to protest. Josh’s voice was in your ear, barely audible, “Do you want to talk about it?” Ever so slightly, you shook your head. His lips met your forehead in understanding.

After a few moments of tears, your anguished, muffled sounds subsided to exhaustion. The sounds of his breathing comforted you. “I’ll always be there for you,” he said in a hushed voice, “The ring on your finger is proof of that.” You felt like you didn’t have the energy to reply, but there wasn’t much to say.

“It wasn’t your fault,” his fingers got lost in your hair, “You’re perfect the way you are. This is just a small bump in the road that we need to get through together.” You felt yourself relax, the tension of the day leaving. He murmured, “I feel like a don’t tell you enough, but I love you. I love you so much,” a smile, “God, I love you so much.”

“So, I want you to be okay because when you’re not okay I’m not anywhere near fine. You’re my life and my love, my heart and my soul, my joy and my misery. You’re everything to me.”

You twisted your wedding ring on your finger and hoarsely stuttered out, “I-I love you, too.” His embrace on you tightened with your spoken words and the rest of the evening was filled with warm hugs and toasty hot chocolate.

Written by @ashleywasnthere

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"No, not you! Not you!" (give me infected Leon angst I nEED)

WTNV | Accepting

The pain consumes him. It renders him weak. He is so ill. So broken.
The FEAR gnaws him alive, the mold affecting the mind and sanity. It
slips from shaking grasp, his health declines, and he wretches with every
intake of air. To see Fritz after so long– it relieves and scares him. “You
weren’t- y-y-ou weren’t.. supposed to come in. You have to leave.” KILL

The hallucinations. They scream at him. Eveline HAUNTS him and DRIVES
him to do horrid things– he won’t let her push him to harm again. His cell
door is slammed shut once more with an inhuman strength. Held tight,
held closed. For the sake of Fritz. “You don’t u-understan-d.” You don’t
understand what horrible things they’ve done to me

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touch meme | Accepting

Leon’s exhaustion hasn’t gotten any better. He’s been
sleeping through countless days. Only to wake, attempt
to eat, bathe and go through physical therapy. Walking on
his own without doubling over had been a success, and
eating was going at a much more smooth pace than anticipated.
That he was thankful for.

But for now, he’s been sleeping. Dreaming of nothing. Unaware
of Ada, unaware that she had planned yet another visit in these
days of his vulnerability. Had he noticed, he would have perhaps
questioned the hand that felt through hospital gown and placed
itself upon the flesh of neck. Fingers angled just so- in search of
pulse. And pulse, there was. A dull throb: thump-thump. Thump-
thump. An ever beating drum.

It takes him a while to notice. Eyes fluttering, squinting under the
dim light and adjusting to the silhouette dressed to kill. As fashionable
as ever.

“I’m still alive, you know.” A tired smile.

say i never mattered [2/4] | shawn mendes imagine

requested by @adancer24

word count: 1,286

author’s note: guess who put off studying to write this? lmao hope you enjoy. title is still from “young volcanoes” by fall out boy. if you haven’t read part i, you can read it here.

Your name: submit What is this?


Actually, when you thought about it, “break up” didn’t seem like the right term for it. A break invokes the image of a clean snap, from one piece into two, quick and concise. That wasn’t it at all, you thought.

No, it was more of a shatter. A crumble. The fraying of an old thread until every last fiber scattered apart. An explosion that refused to let the dust settle.

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I am a stranger to my organs.
I rely so heavily on a liver, lungs, a heart,
that I cannot see, cannot touch,
I can only guess at their workings and goings about.
Your skin is the one part of you that will maintain the most intimacy throughout its life.
Your liver does not tell you it is cold outside,
your lungs do not feel the softness of grass
and your heart cannot feel when you are touched.
Your skin organizes the softest, and harshest, things of the world for you.
My organs are a stranger but my skin is a rebel I once knew.


imagine unhinging your jaw and swallowing everything whole / imagine a touch so tender it sears its prints into you / imagine your lungs filling up at the bottom of the pool / someone spitting into your open mouth and you want it / you want it / you are glad to taste any part of them / your achilles heel / talk about wanting death from a soft thing / talk about not knowing where to go from here / the clatter in your scatterbrain / you taste yourself and call it testing the waters / you find yourself undressed for the arrow of it / throwing a bone to your weakness / you moan: baby / baby / come back and pull apple cores out of the dumpster of me/ I swear I throw away all the best cuts
—  Trista Mateer