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Sinbad no Bouken 122 RAW + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 122! It seems like Barbarossa has created a great country. But I am skeptical… >>;

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love this blog!! What do you think about Chanyeol's feelings in all this? Because I know you both think Baekhyun has deep feelings for Chanyeol but how about? Do you think it's mutual or do you think he just thinks it's a best friend thing?

We’ve already spoken about this, but it was rather long ago, so I don’t mind doing it again. To be honest, I’m forever on the fence about Chanyeol feelings for Baekhyun, but more prone to believe that it’s not necessarily platonic. Two things that gives me headache are:

1) That no matter how I look at him, Chanyeol seems straight. Still, sexuality is not set in stone and it can be more or less fluid, at least in certain aspect, or/and sometimes because of that one special person. God knows it happens, and I’ve heard and read countless testimonies that prove it. So it’s possible for Chanyeol to be attracted primarily to girls, and still look at Baekhyun like that:

External image

External image

External image

It’s confusing though, because I don’t know if he just simply sees Baekhyun as esthetically pleasing and very cute, and he wants to be with him forever, and cuddle with him, and share jokes and stuff, or he daydreams about taking him in his arms in kissing him until they are both breathless…

Like I’ve said before, I don’t doubt that Chanyeol loves Baekhyun, I’m just not entirely sure what kind of love it is. Does he even know?

2) That being super friendly with everyone trait of his. Another confusing factor, although I can’t deny that the way Chanyeol treats Baekhyun is special.

Conclusion… I yet have to reach it. On the other hand, they’ve had moments with filled sexual tension, so…

Let’s just say it’s complicated even in my own mind.

-admin MTL

Okay, let’s just give you a short summary of what we think. Because I, for one, think a lot about this and have formulated paragraphs and paragraphs of Chanyeol’s feelings in all of this. Even so, this topic never fails to confuse me.

Truthfully, Baekhyun is special to Chanyeol. Very special. From the very beginning, since the first day they met and introduced themselves, they both said something ‘clicked’ and that they both got along really well. This is (obviously) evident..

External image

External image

But then, it would make you wonder, what makes them different from any other pair of great friends who happen to both be guys? Well, that’s when the confusion comes in. When you start to compare their interactions with the other EXO members, there’s a huge difference. Subtle, but huge nonetheless.

The first thing that made start helplessly wondering was the way Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun. His eyes pretty much spoke for him. This was how I managed to actually speculate a lot inside my head. I deal with relationships and unrequited love and attractions a lot amongst my friends, I’m like a love counselor pretty much, so it was off-putting, because it looked like serious loving stares. 

His eyes pretty much gleamed when he stared at Baekhyun (and they still do!)

External image

External image

Sometimes, you find yourself so entranced with a certain person, you wish they could stay by your side forever and you really can’t tell why. Is it by the way they make you feel? Is it because of how happy you feel next to them? Because spending time together feels just right?

External image

There’s just something. It’s like he’s admiring Baekhyun with his eyes time and time again, like he never tired of it. Still, we don’t exactly know what this means yet. Maybe, like admin MTL suggested above, Chanyeol finds Baekhyun beautiful and pleasing to look at, hence why he stares at him so much. Beautiful people are beautiful regardless of their gender and regardless of your sexual preference. Still, it doesn’t seem like it’s just that. Where would we leave the jealousy and how kind and soft he is with Baekhyun? It seems like there is more to it. He treats him differently.

External image

There are many other examples. There’s just something soft and sweet in the way he touches/grabs/holds Baekhyun, like he’s afraid of ruining him or hurting him. I really can’t explain it. I actually think Chanyeol would feel really really confused, especially if he caught himself staring at Baekhyun for the 100th time in a day. It seems like he’s more attached to him than he thinks.

Maybe it started as a great friendship, and along the way Chanyeol realized Baekhyun didn’t seem like a normal friend. Because he treated him differently without realizing it. Maybe these thoughts hit him like a train at some point (a Wolf!era separation theory) and he didn’t know whether to embrace them or reject them. It’s really complicated tbh but still beautiful~

-admin SFS