its how i show my affection at the moment

Finally back from my business trip yeaaaaaah !

My friends i was gone for more then three days (four together, heh) in Switzerland taking care of a very annoying company problem with some machines with a colleague. During this trip i was unable to really sleep, rest, or even draw (after a 11 hours long shift, when you are cutting metal, you are happy you can walk let alone draw). So i was able to do mostly only a few sketches and a few sites of story too Hextale.

With this announcement, also cames a few good news for the near future considering projects and comics.

1. Knight vs Charalgamate - made my beloved @xxmileikaivanaxx and me

- We have been talking about this possible meeting for some time now, and its finally happening, i am super excited for this, for it will show you another tale of my undertale OC of “The Knight”, other then that i am more then proud too announce that the beloved character of Charalgamate from Nightmaretale will be more then present in this collab filled with madness and carnage !

- With everything planned, it will be a most interesting project that i look up too with big expectiations !

2. Start of Hextale - made by me

- Hextale will start somewhere during the start of Autumn, i know i have been very secretive and quiet about this project as off late, but i didnt wish too start working on this project, until i had everything written. Which was the history of the world (Monster War, Monster x Human history, important events in the world like Gaster, Chara and Asriel, fall of Frisk and so on) and on that note, i can proudly say i am done ! 

- At this point Hextale is already getting its own rough story, that i wish too follow and then slowly expand upon, not going for the “keeping up to every point” style of approach and im hoping it will turn out very well !

- All of the main characters are done with a complete design overwork + the side characters for the main story have finally been done as well. Examples can be found in such characters as “King of Men, First bearer of Determination”, “King of the Highlanders, Theodor the Immortal” or the “Six Fangs, the ancient dragons”

- another thing is that the written story of “Hextale - Blood and Bones” is already in the making and i would like to give the next part in the near future, if some of you still havent seen it, please i would be very thankfull if you took a look and judged the initial work here

3. Step by Step - made by @keru-the-green and me

- As off this point, its a wonderfully going project that i am doing with Keru, but as of this point, my dear friend has to do his part, we are still working on Arc number 1, but as for me i would like to let our fantasy and our wish expand and take you on the whole journey of our two personas

- Cant say much for any kind of story drive, for we have none, we are just trying to make a freaking awesome story :D

4. RP Answers with the Knight

- As off now i am RPing through drawings with the very talented @eclipticart like god damnit, go check her out right now !
- Written RP´s that i havent really recalled yeat (IMMA SO SORRY, PRAISING THE SUN SO HARD FOR FORGIVENESS) is with @scartale-an-undertale-au
- Wil maybe again open up the Ask-Box too allow some asks for the knight…maaaaaaybe, probably…definitevly….GOD DAMNIT !  :D

As for me personally, i will try to get back too work on art as soon as i can. While ill be looking for a new job, for the old one showed me really its “bad side” and i no longer wish to work for my current company.

Also i got enough iron bits in my right arm at this point (still pulling some buggers out) and all i can think off is too rest and enjoy moments of peace. I sadly cannot judge how it will affect my art for the future, but since i tried to sketch Hextale even in Switzerland, i think you guys dont need to worry of me stopping doing art xD

So i quess thats it for this update, announcmenet whatever thing.

OH YEAH ! Im not doing this too often but i wanted to give a BIG FREAKING SHOUT-OUT to this guy on internet called “Gildedguy” who is simply a master of animation ! Here is the link !

My friends thank you so much for reading and for sticking around my blog, even if the activity lately has been really small ! Thank you as well for your kind words, all of your fanarts and most importanly for your presence in my life and your undying support.

Special small shout-out too @ksenya-the-artistic-cucumber thanks for being soo awesome !

Please all of you, stay safe and keep an eye on those close to you !

Praise the sun ! AND HAIL THE EMPEROR !

With much love and a gentle smile,

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reasons to watch 12 monkeys? im tempted to start it

pls do !! it is such an underrated show and its fandom is small but mighty.

  • you are required to actively watch and put your full attention into each episode. if you’re an avid-watcher such as myself who will pause and rewind to catch each detail, this show is yours. the writers are geniuses bc no detail is insignificant, and some phrase in the first season will appear in another and you’ll sit there and go, “huh, that was important.” and you’ll try to figure out its significance.
  • mental illness representation !! this is the reason that i adore the show as much as i do. jennifer goines, my favorite character to ever exist, could easily fall under the comic relief trope given to “insane” characters, but she doesn’t! she is mentally ill and she is shown as mentally ill and as much, much more than her illness. she’s important to the plot and to the characters, especially the protag james cole. they couldn’t do anything without her. she’s important.
  • well-written romance! there is angst and pining and separation and disagreement and such softness. the main ship, cassandra railly and james cole, are easily my otp and my favorite het ship on television. they transcend time itself and their relationship is doomed, they’re doomed, but you root for them bc they’re cassie and cole and they always find their way home.
  • i genuinely believe this is modern time travel at its finest. the conceptual and philosophical aspects of twelve monkeys are mind-bending and anytime they change the timeline or are caught in some sort of loop or cause the problem they are trying to solve…you’re in awe at how it affects the timeline from the very beginning until that moment. the sci-fi is so, so well-written and i could endlessly rewatch the previous seasons to see how everything has flowed together.
  • it is visually stunning !! the graphics transcend some of the bigger sci-fi shows’ and i’m an actual sucker for cinematography and season three’s…i cried ngl. plus, they do this nifty thing where each time period has its own designated filter and color scheme and i appreciate it greatly.

that’s all i could mention without spoiling anything! these are my personal reasons for why i watch the show. you should read through @imperfectlychaotic’s post, too! she goes into great detail about the show’s synopsis and other reasons to watch. welcome to the army!

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we don't tak enough about how free and cute isak's body language gets around even. he gets slightly flamboyant?? adorably so? which it's a beautiful for a boy that a year ago was so deep in the closet. watch him in this clip, and when sonja calls at school, and the final kitchen scene? his stance gets so flirty and cute, my out and proud son <3

Seriously what a GLOW UP. LOOK I couldn’t be more happier for the fact how comfortable Isak feels, I mean, he initiates, he shows affection, he shows his softness and everyone knows he’s gone for this boy just as Even is gone for his. The beauty of that moment is 👌 👌❤❤

I find very particular things to be admirable on Steven Universe.

I honestly didn’t expect to like this episode with the lack of the gems, but there was this moment that made my heart stop and really appreciate it.

This is the scene where Saddie takes Lars’ hand and just sort of rubs it with her thumb. That is such a minuscule detail….and yet it was probably the defining moment of me looking at this cartoon and truly recognizing its display of human emotions. 

This episode is filled with a very emotional Saddie, that doesn’t just demonstrate it through frowning and crying, but a variety of faces, gestures, and over all panic that shows just how hurt she was. 

But that simple moment where she strokes Lars’ hand- something we all do mindlessly and yet I have never witnessed anyone animate that demonstration of pure affection really blows me away.

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I was crying before, but when mabel said 'Grunkle stan, it's me' i went to full on sobbing!! That hardly ever happens to me

Kristen’s voice acting there was absolutely wonderfully done so heartbreaking… guh. It was difficult to listen to her beg her Grunkle to recognize her. Actually can I please take a moment to talk about how good everyone’s voice acting was in that part? Alex’s voice acting for Stan was amazing. The confusion in his voice, and the flat affect when he spoke to Mabel. And JK Simmons was probably up there in my favorite performance in the show at this part. His voice gets steadily softer when he’s talking to Stan, until the point where it breaks, as Ford starts to cry. He sounded so lost and broken there. It was such a great job. 

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Two of the characters in my story slowly grow into a romantic relationship. It's a subplot, but pretty significant nonetheless. My question is: how would I have my characters interact without it seeming intrusive to the main plot. I was thinking of just doing small things of affection and dialogue, but I don't know much else to show that they care about each other but at the same time not seem pushed into the main plot.

1. Allow some of the romance to happen off-screen. Let readers imagine what’s going on rather than give us every detail.

2. Tie romantic moments in with the main plot. Like the Ron/Hermione kiss in Deathly Hallows. Avoid having too many scenes that are completely about the romance (and if they’re side characters, you may not have any at all).

3.. Have them talk to other characters about what’s going on their relationship. They don’t have to air all the dirty details. But you can have others question it and these two characters confirm/deny/etc.


“So, what’s going on with you and Bette?” said Adam, unceremoniously depositing his weapons on the table.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… you’re together now, right? Together together.”

“I don’t know what we are just yet,” said Fiona. “We’re still figuring that out. Or she’s still figuring that out, I guess I should say.” She picked up her dagger from the table and began running over the blade with a block of wax.

“Ah. Gotcha. Well, don’t worry. It’ll happen.”

“Thanks for your support,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Now pick up that damned sword and put it away properly. I’ve known barbarians that treated their weapons better than you do.”

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Hi, Gabi! I don't wanna stir drama or anything, don't publish this, please, but I just wanted to say that I kinda get it how the blogger who trash talked L and today is saying they love him. Like, I'm a harrie larrie and H's stunts affect me emotionally more than L's (unless it's bg, this shit is the worst (tm)). When yachtgate happened I was so freaking mad at him, at everything, really. I knew it was all a show, but I couldn't contain it. And I think it was just an emotion for the moment, (1)

after the shitshow was over I was much better and still loved him, so… It was just something that messed up with my mind (and I still feel sick whenever that days or Kendall are mentioned, but alas). I can’t talk for the people who said these things about L and I’m not saying they were right to do what they did, but I guess it was just a thing for the moment and what L did today was really great, it brought hope again to lots of people, it lift the mood of the fandom. (2)

Of course he didn’t need to do anything, even if he didn’t do this to reassure us. Times are really hard in the fandom, and I think it’s normal to react like this when it gets too much in tour head, I know I’ve done it, so… And most important, I have to say that I’m sorry you get shit for staying positive and I really appreciate your lightness, stay awesome, Gabi! <3 (3) 


Hi there, you asked me not to publish this but as you were on anon and I think you touched a subject that would be important to discuss, I am going to address it and I am going to answer this as an adult person and not as a Larrie. 

I think it is normal to be affected by events, some more than others, and I am not going to say you can’t be affected because that is bs, we are all invested in HL, some more than others, but I think this anger comes from the frustration of not understanding what is happening. And that comes from the constant need of wanting to BE IN THE KNOW, because people are used to being in the know in the past, they are used to seeing through the transparency, they are used to patterns, they are used to the repetition of stunts and events. But the thing is: there is no transparency anymore, at least not like before. The update accounts are absolutely totally out of the loop and no one knows anything.

They are with a new management now, they are getting actual advice and actual protection (and yes i refer to Louis now, because we have NO IDEA how bad babygate would have turned if it was not for the new team protecting Louis. Otherwise we would have had:

  • Media not mocking and treating it as a joke
  • active participation from the band members
  • no Larry mention and no pregnant Harry manip,
  • a promised baby shower,
  • engagement,
  • several romantic pap walks together,
  • a full spread photoshoot,
  • rep statements,
  • threatening with lawsuit for the fake baby claims
  • etc etc

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hi! So yesterday I was trying to tell a really sheltered friend about the different sexual orientations that exist apart from like, straight and gay, and when it came to explaining asexuality she didn't seem to get how a romantic asexual relationship would work. She was like "but that's just the same as being very close friends, isn't it". And I know that it's not, but I couldn't find a way to explain the difference between platonic love and romantic non-sexual love. how should I describe it?

It is the moment you realize you have butterflies in your stomach, and you romanticize your imaginings about them. You see them and feel warm and fuzzy inside - not just ‘this is a person I trust’, but as 'I love them and want to hold them and show my affection, and I want them to know that my love is not just platonic.’

I love my boyfriend romantically. I loved my girlfriends romantically. 

I love my friends, but not romantically - I don’t want to kiss them or wake up next to them with a sleepy smile. I don’t long to see the look on their faces when I sit down next to them with an extra coffee - just the way they like it. 

I might still make my friends coffee, because I like them, and I like to see them happy, but it’s not a romantic gesture, it’s a friendly one. The intent is different, even if the action is the same. 

I love my friends, but I don’t want to date them. 

I love my boyfriend, and want to date him, but I’m not sexually attracted to him.