its his dad okay


When someone is drowning, you can try to save them, but not if they’re going to drag you down with them. I did the best I could for my family. For you.

  • Qrow: Alright everyone. This is Oscar.
  • Oscar: H-hello everyone. *awkward wave*
  • Qrow: He's-
  • Jaune: Your son?
  • Qrow: What? No.
  • Nora: Oh, I get it! He's possibly your son who you are waiting for the dna test to come back right?
  • Ocsar: What!? NO!! He isn't me dad!
  • Ren: *places his hand on Oscar's shoulder.* It's okay. I know it must be difficult to accept someone like Qrow to be your father.
  • Jaune: Uh, Then why are you hanging with a kid?
  • Qrow: He's... a student of Ozpin's. Ozpin told me if he ever died I was to give him his cane and continue his training.
  • Oscar: *whispers* Nice cover.
  • Ozpin: Agreed. Qrow always was good at think on his-
  • Ruby: OH THANK GOD! *Qrow, Oscar, and team jn_r all turn to stare with raised eyebrow at a little to happy Ruby, who notices this and starts to blush.* I, uh... I'm just... glad that Oscar isn't, uh, rela-IIIIII mean A LONG LOST SON! Yeah that's it! Hehe...hehe...
  • Oscar: *Starts blushing as well.* Uh , Y-yeah... It would be unfortunate if we were relat-LONG Long lost relative.
  • Qrow: *looks between the two before pointing to Oscar* No. *then points to Ruby.* No! *Points back to Oscar.* HEEEEELL No!
  • Ruby/Oscar: Waht?
  • Ozpin: Oscar I know your hormones are hard to control but you can NOT date one of my students.
  • Oscar: *whispers* What ar-

justin williams answering the important questions, talking about how he styled his hair for picture day (march 27, 2017)

nerd shaming

When you can’t be bothered to do anything.


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 


Think about it, Mom. Everything that’s happened to him so far— nothing’s killed him yet.


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Kitten pt 7

Batman reaches for something in his utility belt, Joker notices and points the gun to your head.

“Now now Batsy boy, I wouldn’t try anything if I were you… unless you want little (Y/N) to get hurt.” Joker laughs as batman puts his arm down in defeat.

“D-Dad, its o-okay… Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” You sniffle.

Batman shoots joker a glare, “Let my daughter go.” He growls.

Joker smirks, “You’re not her real dad B-man; just a stand in. I’ll be her daddy and take care of her. In every way.” He runs his tongue along your neck and you shudder.

“Actually Joker, I am her real father. I found out after you KILLED her mother.” Batman spits the words out.

You gasp when you hear this. Joker was the one responsible for your mother’s death and Bruce was your biological father.

Joker doesn’t even look phased; you on the other hand are shaking out of anger, fear, and sadness.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” you yell at him.

“(Y/N), calm down. Come home and I’ll explain everything.” He says softly.

“I won’t go! What else have you been hiding from me? Why did you leave my mom?!” you snap, pulling free from Joker. He watches the events unfold in front of him as if he were watching some comedy.

“I didn’t know! Okay? It was a one night stand and she never told me she was pregnant with you. She told me after you were born and I thought it would be better for you if you never met me.” He snaps back.

“It would be better? You took her in when her mom died even after you made your mind up to have nothing to do with her. Well look how that worked out.” Joker chimes in. He steps up and gets in Batman’s face. He leans in close and says, “I took her from you, I stole her innocence if you know what I’m saying, and I corrupted her sweet little mind.” Joker grins. “You should have left her there for someone else to take then this wouldn’t have happened. This is all your fault,” he purrs.

Batman clenches his jaw, he’s fuming. You watch, horrified, as your dad punches Joker in the face. You stare as Joker gets up and rubs his cheek, letting out a sinister laugh and walks back to you. He grabs you and pulls you to him. “Sorry bat-brain but we must be leaving,” he says as he waves his hand. About twelve of Jokers men surround your dad as Joker throws you over his shoulder and walks out of the club. You squirm and he finally puts you down. “Come on Doll we gotta go.” He growls

“I’m not going anywhere with you! You took my mom away from me!” you scream.

He growls again and reaches to grab your arm but you move away. You turn around and start running. He takes off after you, closing the distance between the two of you quickly. He grabs your arm and you spin around, you bring your knee up and connect with his manhood. He falls to his knees and you kick off your heels before taking off again.

“I’ll find you kitten! You’re gonna pay for that!” he snarls.

You run as fast as you can, hearing him call out behind you. You run down the alleys until you’re sure you’ve lost him, you run to your friends house and knock on the door. He opens it and pulls you inside when he see’s your face. “Alexander!” you hug him tightly and cry into his chest.

“(Y/N)! What happened?! Are you okay? Do you need me to call the police?” he squeezes your shaking body.

“I’m okay, please don’t call the police, or my dad.” You say still hugging him. He picks you up and carries you to the couch. He sets you down and grabs a blanket. “I’ll be right back okay?” he says and leaves to another room. You snuggle up in the blanket and grab the remote to his stereo. You click it on and a rather haunting song begins to play.

Alexander comes back with a pair of black sweat pants and a black T-shirt. “It’s called Master Puppeteer,” he smiles, his chocolate eyes glistening.

It’s… unique. I kinda like it.” You smile back. He hands you the clothes. You get up and go to the bathroom to change, you come back and he’s standing in the kitchen, making something to eat.

You sneak up behind him and poke his side.”Whatcha makin?” you giggle.

He jumps slightly and smiles. “Stir-fry,” he says. “Would you be a dear and set the table for three?” he asks.

“Sure, but why three?” you ask as you grab plates and eating utensils.

“Jagger is coming over for dinner, I can cancel if you want.” He says softly.

“Oh no it’s fine! I haven’t seen Jagger since he moved.” You smile. There’s a knock at the door and your body stiffens, thinking Joker found you.

Alexander goes to the door and opens it.  Jagger walks in and smiles when he see’s you, you sigh in relief. “(Y/N)! It’s been too long! What’re you doin here?” he comes over and picks you up, hugging you tighty.

“I- uh,” you don’t know what to say. Alexander shoots Jagger a look and he sets you down.

“It’s okay babes, don’t worry about it.” He smiles at you. You look into his beautiful eyes, one emerald green and one ocean blue, and smile back.

Jagger makes his way into the kitchen with Alexander and you sit at the table. They come back with a serving tray full of delicious food. They both take a seat on either side of you and you begin to eat. You all make small talk and catch up with each other. You notice that Alexander’s black hair has grown a bit; it lightly brushed over his shoulders. You also notice Jagger got his eyebrow pierced and has more tattoos. You smile and laugh with them until Jagger changes the topic.

“You guys will never guess who I saw on the way here. The Joker. It looked like he was looking for someone. And oh boy was he pissed.” He says with a serious face. “He was a few blocks away from here actually, I was thinkin about canceling but I’m glad I didn’t,” he smiles and pats your head.

Your body goes stiff when he mentions Joker, tears begin to form in your eyes at the sound of his name. You excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to cry. ‘I want to go back to him, but he’s the reason my mom’s dead. I want to go home to my dad, but he lied to me and he didn’t even want me.’ You think as you hug your knees to your chest, crying uncontrollably.

You get up after about fifteen minutes, ‘if I can get home I’ll be safe..ish. Home is close but Joker might be closer.’ There’s a knock on the bathroom door, you open it and Jagger’s standing there. “You okay kiddo?” he asks and wipes the tears from your cheeks. You nod and hug him.

“I-I have to go home..” you sniffle. Jagger squeezes you tightly and walks back into the kitchen with you.

Alexander is sitting on a bar stool and looks at you worriedly, “Are you alright?” he asks, getting off the bar stool.

You not and tell him you have to go home. Alexander and Jagger protest, they try to convince you to stay, but your mind is made up, the longer you’re here the more danger they’re in.

You get ready to leave and Alexander gives you a sweater so you stay warm, you hug them both and tell them you’ll come back to see them soon.

You leave Alexander’s place and begin to walk back to Wayne Manor, you’re almost there when you hear a terrifying growl, you spin around and there he is.

Joker steps closer to you and you cower at his intense glare. You don’t even try to run because you know he’ll catch you. Or shoot you with how pissed he already is.

You open your mouth to speak but he waves his finger at you “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Daddy’s not very happy so you better keep quiet.” He growls and steps closer. “You see kitten, when you tried to hurt Daddy and run away from him,” he reaches out and wraps his cold hand around your throat. “It makes daddy very very mad.” He tightens his grip around your throat. You whimper and try to speak. “Hm? I can’t hear you doll.” He laughs and looks at you. He growls at your new clothes, “Where’d ya get the outfit doll? Were ya fuckin around with some guy? Hm?” he growl. You try to shake your head, your vision begins to blur and your body is feeling heavy.

Your arms drop to your sides as you begin to lose consciousness. Your body goes limp and you fall into the Jokers arms.

actors that deserve lead roles » shin sung rok

shy---anon  asked:

*she reaches out to gently take his hands* d-d-d-dad i-i-its o-okay y-y-you a-arent h-h-him d-d-dont p-p-p-pay a-a-attention t-t-to t-t-them ((think I hit an ask limit))

Y- yeah, of course…

((don’t worry my friendo it’s cool))

New Addition L4yers

New Addition L4yers (2 Years Ago – before the Present Day)

L4yers of Wars Series (a Richonne FanFic)

Part One. Part Two.

Carl listened as his parents argued.

“You allowed him to go with you!”

“He said you gave him permission.”

“He lied,” Lori shouted.

He heard his father sigh heavily, “It’s a moot point now, Lori.”

Neither spoke for a moment, hidden behind a brush Carl anxiously awaited for the conversation to continue. His mother mumbled something but it was too low and Carl was too far to hear, his father response however was an audible curse followed by her name.

“I can’t believe you gave him a gun! He could have been hurt.”

Rick sighed loudly again, he could tell his father was getting upset and was trying to keep his anger in check. Carl had been listening to his parents argue for the past seven years, there was barely a time where he couldn’t remember them fighting. There were happy memories in the middle of all the fighting but lately there had been nothing but anger, disdain, and fighting. Carl just wanted the fighting to stop. He wanted to go back to one of their happy memories, like that one day at the county-fair almost five years ago, but he knew they could never go back, especially in this new world where the dead didn’t remain dead.

“He wasn’t,” Rick replied.

“But he could have been, Rick!”

“Carl has more gun training than most adults,” his father replied. Carl could hear the wariness in his voice, it always followed after the anger. Carl heard the wariness more now than ever before.

“Carl is still a child! He could have been hurt!”

“In the world we live in he can be hurt by anythang, Lori. He has to learn to be safe. He has to learn to protect himself. He’s a smart kid. I trust he’ll make smart chooses, that is why I gave him that gun and he proved me right Lori!”

A wide smile bloom across Carl’s face, to hear the pride in his father’s words and voice caused his chest to swell proudly. At that moment he promises to never let his father down and to continue to make his father proud of him. There’s more silence on the other side of the hedge of brushes. Carl leaned in closer to hear.

“And the boy?”

“Carl found him.”

“So what are we going to do?” His mother asked.

“What are you staying Lori?”

“Rick…I’m just saying…”

“Lori, what are you saying?” Rick repeated. Lori doesn’t speak, Carl assumed she was making that face of hers that was riddled with disapproval, allowing Rick to continued, “We just can’t leave him.”

“But another kid, Rick? What about his people? Where are his parents? What if they are alive? What if they are looking for him?”

“You didn’t see that camp. That camp was all but destroyed. There was no one left and the ones there were dying or already dead.”

“Rick, I don't… he’s another person to protect… to feed… to-”

Carl couldn’t listen to her excuses anymore he pushed through the brushes and stumbled into the clearing his parents were talking in.

“We are not going to leave him! He’s a kid! And he’s scared! And he’s alone! We’re NOT going to leave him.”

Both of his parents turned in surprised to see their son.

“I told you to stay with the others! Why aren’t you with the others?” Lori asked.

“I can’t allow you to abandon him. I am not going to leave him!”

“This isn’t you decision!” Lori replied.

“And it is not yours! We’re not leaving him!”

Rick nodded, “Carl’s right. We’re not leaving him.”

“Rick! Carl…” his mother started.

“I’ll protect him! I’ll watch over him! I’ll share my food with him…”

“He’s not a pet, Carl,” his mom stated.

“I know… but we can’t leave him. I won’t let you. We have to protect him! What if it was me, mom? What if his mom found me? We’re not leaving him! He’s one of us now!” Carl exclaimed.

Rick walked over to Carl and wrapped his son in his arm. “We won’t leave him, we’ll protect him. You’re right he’s one of us now… he’s a part of our family now.”


“We takin’ in strays now?” Daryl drawled as he flopped down next to Andrea; she sat among with Shane, Carol, and Sofia eating a meager meal by the camp fire. He took in the sight of the cooper skin boy with curly black hair and blue eyes flickering in the camp firelight huddled into Carl’s side.

“Carl, found him.”


“A camp that was overrun about an hour east from the city. The kid was hiding up a tree,” Shane commented eating beans from a can.

“Smart kid,” Daryl replied nodding in appreciation of the kid’s self-preservation.

“Yea, smart kid.” Shane grumbled.

“I’m surprised that a kid that young survived.” Andrea remarked.

“If it wasn’t for Carl, the kid wouldn’t have survived long,” Shane stated.

“He could’ve,” Daryl mumbled.

“Against three walkers?” Shane scoffed.

Grumbling Daryl said, “Doesn’t matter… he’s here now.”

“Is he staying with us?” Sofia asked.

“I think so baby,” Carol answered kissing her daughter’s forehead.

“Yea… another bastard to-”

“Shane!” Carol reprimand.

“I agree with Shane. He’s just going to be another burden, at least Carl can run fast and is a decent shot but this little one… I don’t know,” Andrea said voicing her concerns.

Shane nodded his head, stuffing his mouth with beans before he spoke again, “At least I ain’t the only one thinking clearly.”

“He’s just a kid practically a baby,” Carol mumbled.

“A baby that’s gonna get us all killed,” Shane grumbled in response.

“Momma is the little boy going to kill us?” Sofia asked with worry swimming in her young eyes.

“No sweetie, he’s not.”

“Ain’t nothing gonna happen to us,” Daryl stated to Sofia before turning a pointed glare at Shane and Andrea, “And I ain’t gonna let anything happen to him.”

At Daryl’s statement the group fell silent, eating in silence until Sofia spoke again: “Why does he have Carl’s eyes?”

“The bastard does look familiar,” Shane observed.

“Many people have blue eyes… you, Carol, Andrea… me…” Daryl muttered.

“Oh… ok… I guess you’re right,” Sofia said going back to her dinner of can peas and corn.

Eavesdropping Rick listened to their conversation, once the topic changed to their upcoming journey to Fort Benning Rick stopped listening to the gathered group and pushed his way out of the shadows of the tree. Daryl gave him a short nod, Shane grimaced at him while Andrea had the decency to look embarrassed for hinting at leaving the young child. Carol forced a smile at Rick before turning her attention to her daughter.

Rick took in the group before he walked towards the two young boys, watching as he approached them. The young boy huddled into Carl’s side; they sat on the other side of the camp fire near Dale and Glenn, Carl handing the boy a meal of stale cereal and green beans.

The mysterious boy did look familiar and owned the same color eyes as Carl – as him. Rick hadn’t heard the boy speak a word since his earlier arrival with Glenn, Carl and himself; he also hadn’t left Carl’s side either and cried when Carl left him with Glenn to eavesdrop on his and Lori’s earlier conversation in the clearing. He shied away from everyone who tried to approach him beside Carl.

“Did he finally tell you his name?” Rick asked lowering himself to his haunches when he finally reached Carl and the young boy.

Carl shrugged his shoulder, “He hasn’t really spoken. I think he’s still scared. He said something about his momma and peanut.”

“Peanut?” Rick asked incredulously.

“Yea, I think his mom called him Peanut or something like that.”

Taking in the boy’s feature Rick’s mind went to her. He hadn’t thought about her since before he woke up in that hospital to find the world had come to an end. He remembered fleeting dreams about her while he was in that coma. He used to wonder about her often before he got shot; he used to fantasize of the possibility of their future. He hadn’t thought about her since before and now as he looked at the young boy he couldn’t help thinking about her again. She flooded his senses as if she stood right next to him. He could hear her smooth dark voice. He could even smell her intoxicating scent of vanilla and almond. He closed his eyes against the onslaught of memories. Shaking off her memory, he opened his eyes once more and looked at the young boy then at Carl.

“So what have you been calling him?”

“Just been calling him little buddy…” Carl said with another shrug, “But I’m thinking about calling him PJ… at least until he tells me his name.”


“Yea, PJ… for Peanut Junior.”

Rick chuckled at Carl’s ingenious, “Why Junior? Why not just call him Peanut?”

“I sort of think he looks like a junior… don’t you?” Carl asked his father but didn’t wait for a reply, he shrugged again then added, “Plus calling him Peanut feels weird to me… I think is should stay special in honor of his mom.”

“Hmmph,” Rick mutters nodding, tilting his head and looking at the two kids, “PJ huh?”

“Yes PJ.”

Rick nodded, before turning his attention back to the young boy. He moved closer and smiled warmly as possible before whispering hi.

“Its okay buddy, you remember my dad?” Carl encouraged, “Say hi.”

The boy looked at Rick with wide eyes then at Carl and back at Rick. He waved before quickly turning away back into the protective shadow of Carl. The older boy shrugged at his father before handing the younger child more cereal. Rick smiled at the new addition to his family. He caressed Carl’s cheek, gave the boy another wave before he stood. As he started away from the boys, he caught a glimpse of Lori’s eyes upon him. He turned to look at her and tired to smile; her face deepened into a scowl as she rolled her eyes and turned away. Rick sighed, shook his head, and started his parameter watch.