its hipster kinda

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

..idk why i don’t want bts to go on the ellen show

It feels like it’s been a long time since I posted any art, so here is a late-night Emilalli doodle. 

inktober day 3

its been a while since i drew myself

I hope you don’t mind some more punk/hipster edits?

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 *Zelda Item theme music*


FMA Week: Alternate Universe

more pansexual hipster au! i may have been a lil enthusiastic when doing the tattoos hah also bonus tattoo artist winry ((((not that you can really tell)) o u o