its her eye


Don’t call me Turtle Man.


#that’s a smart girl tactic for ‘don’t mess with me bitch’




I grew up in a small town in Ireland and didn’t know any actors. I never thought it was a viable job. It wasn’t until I was on The Tudors that I realised it was a possibility. The actors I met were so intelligent, engaging and passionate about what they were doing and for a lot of them it was their first big job.
History is also about people telling their stories, which is another reason acting appealed to me.

I love how both my original characters I have planned for my OTP’s first child are so similar in that they’re both considered beauties and yet they have that one feature that they oh so casually but totally purposefully use to their advantage in scaring the piss out of fuckboys who would dare mess with them.  

also i finalized my designs for pidge in the magical girl pidge au that i’m currently working on lol (whispers @d0g-bless look)