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there’s some speculation over when the tlj trailer will drop but there are two major possibilities rn:

  • the 40th anniversary panel (april 13th) - opening to celebration
  • the last jedi panel (april 14th)

to release it at the tlj panel would be most obvious but it’s possible they want people to be talking about the trailer for a day before they discuss it at the actual panel + star wars show emphasized the importance of the 40th anniversary panel… both panels are at 11am est on their respective days + will be livestreamed on the star wars youtube channel so… make sure to keep an eye out on both days i guess

Suit and Tie || Henna & Eric

Wednesday couldn’t come soon enough for Eric. The list of things that needed to be done kept growing longer and longer the more Ryan and he talked. It didn’t help that neither of them had anyone who knew how to plan a proper wedding. It wasn’t something he liked to admit, but he was going to need at least some help. Especially when it came to things he didn’t know anything about. Like formal clothing.

So that’s how Eric found himself standing outside one of the only bridal shops in New York that didn’t just sell wedding dresses. It was also one of the only ones where you didn’t need to make an appointment months in advance. Which was another reminder of how soon all of this was happening, and how over worked the people inside must be. Eric had gotten here early just for that reason. That, and the fact that he was nervous about meeting Henna to pick out one of the most important pieces of any wedding. It was plain to see by anyone who walked by as he kept his head up, looking for a familiar face.

thesinsfour  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, And then send it to TEN of your favorite followers! <3

oh okay!! :’-)
1. my body?! (I mean I’m not too thin but still not too “big”)
2. my hair!! its really thick but I live the color I dyed it to! (with henna so its kinda orange)
3. I’m kind of really smart and good at school
4. I like the fact that I try to be friends with everyone and yeeahh!
5. That I have really smooth and soft and healthy skin and that I blush really easily..
thank you for asking bb!’!!! love uuu:’-)❤️


You can hate me for it and you can unfollow me. And I am black.I don’t care!! Yes Blacks are murdered everyday!Don’t forget Ferguson! Sandra Bland was MURDERED! Police brutality against Blacks is REAL! AND I will CONTINUE to #staywoke!


• Muslims are checked in public places just for wearing hijabs! Y'all think bindis are cute. Their culture is being used, but they’re hated!

•Y'all get Om tattooed on you but don’t know the first thing about Hindu or PEACE. Y'all use henna bc you can’t take needles. Their culture is being used, but they’re hated!

•Native Americans are stereotyped as dumb bc they refuse to give in to American education systems! Y'all use dream catchers INCORRECTLY! Y'all wear those feathers, but can’t kill a spider, so you don’t know the first thing about war/EARNING those feathers ! Their culture is being used, but they’re hated!

•Latinx and Hispanics are being told to go back to Mexico, which isn’t the only Spanish speaking country in the world (SURPRISE!). But y'all will tear up some nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, salsa and guacomole in 3.45269 seconds. Spanish is the second most popular language being taught in America. Their culture is being used, but they’re hated!


I believe in SUPREME EQUALITY and if you have a problem with it, I’m not sorry.

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I've seen women with henna done on their hands and arms and as I understand it it has a religious meaning. I don't pretend to know what that is and I'm not say I have always respected that. I've gotten henna tattoos at fairs and midways. Recently though I've seen women with tattoos, permanent tattoos, on their hands in the same designs that I've seen henna done in for weddings. That's cultural appropriation right? It's disrespectful right?

Henna / mehndi is done across many different regions and many different ethnicities and it has different significances, patterns, and traditions in each one. It doesn’t make any sense to say that henna “has a religious meaning” as if henna is just one thing, because it’s not. It really depends on what culture you’re looking at.

That being said, I’ve been known to feel very strongly about henna appropriation. I think it’s disrespectful and I think it’s racist. You can’t steal and decontextualise a tradition, sterilize it from its environment of brownness and Blackness, and adopt it for yourselves, when the people to whom that tradition belongs face violence for claiming our own heritage.

I’ve written several posts about this on my personal blog. Also there’s this article, and many more posts in my henna appropriation tag (but keep in mind that this a personal blog and my tone in many of these posts reflects that).