its hard bc ppl are stupid

interviewer: what are you passionate about?

me: the fact that kim taehyung is an actor, singer, composer, and songwriter who
• goes to art museums to actively appreciate art
• he provides insightful reasons as to why he loves certain photographs and paintings (e.g. ryan mcginley’s photographs remind him of youth, freedom, and happiness)
• he watches american and british romance movies and recommends them to his fans and members
• he wrote and composed his successful song hold me tight
• he gave jimin a handwritten letter for his birthday
• and despite his limited knowledge of english he is always so willing to learn more
• bUT BEYOND THOSE THINGS he is such a pure fucking person who genuinely cares about his members bc he is so perceptive of their needs like,,, he praises and adores jimin all the time, he spoils jungkook so much, he was the one who said yoongi would be a great speaker bc his voice is nice, he goes out of his way to make sure hoseok feels appreciated, he was the one who brought up jin’s graduation when everyone else was asking about jungkook’s, he admires namjoon so much
• he places his family before himself without fail. all. the. time.
• he taught me to embrace who i am without being ashamed
and yet bc he’s optimistic and bc he’s bubbly and bc he has a hard time w words, some ppl only care to see him as stupid and that just breaks my heart

interviewer, in tears: you’re fucking hired

crankgameplays livestream 4/2/17

just a tiny lil recap (6 pages on paper to be exact)

  • he doesn’t know what to do, still getting his shit together
  • “I just wanted to say sahh dude” (shoulda kept a ‘saahh dude’ tally tbh)
  • said he wasn’t feeling good, hes got tummy aches
  • didnt feel like recording, so he streamed instead
  • doesnt really want ppl donating to the channel, but he appreciated it
  • someone said they wanted more original songs from him and he was confused
  • he started playing overwatch
  • on the Hit it fergie video: now he really wants ppl to stop tweeting him about it, he did the video just to shut them up
  • ppl are spamming ‘soft and neat’ thanks for your contribution phandom
  • apparently hes horrible at overwatch
  • ppl want him to play ukelele but he aint got one, the one he had in the 12hr solo stream was kathryns apparently
  • he hardly plays overwatch and frequently gets killed
  • “I’m an overwatch king dude!! Saahh…”
  • tbh its much calmer than his videos,,,,, voice is much deeper,,,, more relaxed,,,, good for the soul
  • so many “sahh dude”s
  • he forgot to tweet out the stream link oops
  • hasnt watched the walking dead in a while, he fell behind
  • used to watch twd with his dad a lot
  • he also misses his parents a lot
  • he talks about how supportive they were in everything he did, they never said one negative thing
  • they would drive him 45min back and forth for gymnastics :’)
  • he also cried while writing out a long birthday message to his dad :’’’)
  • “balls balls balls balls” -in the midst of a battle or something
  • “how did i die?” -ethan, when he dies
  • Ethan, brian and G are doing a panel for indy popcon and hopefully a m&g
  • he likes that ppl feel welcome here in the community
  • “Ew gross girbeagly? Stupid…” idk the context i just wrote it down lmao
  • “You guys really dont have to donate!!!” x23442345
  • will probably make more battle cats videos
  • he misses maine
  • doesnt like pacific time bc its super hard to schedule things and videos
  • had a road trip to canada w his bro just before he moved to la
  • He’s not going to do another snapchat video
  • In a dry spell when it comes to games lately, hopefully it stops soon bc theres new games coming
  • Robin is watching apparently???
  • Ethan says pax south is much more chill than pax east
  • He regrets not taking the time to reupload all his videos from the old channel onto the new one
  • Theres apparently 700 privated videos on the old channel
  • Deciding what music to play in the background
  • “Big jazz boy, yeah thats what i am, you know it”
  • *burps into the mic*
  • He put on the flower crown “i am adorable” :’)
  • Says we should listen to the podcast “the comedy button”
  • He listens to a lot of podcasts actually
  • Ethan does not live with mark, and he doesnt film in his office
  • Fave thing abt maine is his friends :’)
  • Once he moved away he really started to appreciate the town he came from
  • Probably gonna keep the blue hair for the rest of 2017
  • He likes ppl cosplaying as him
  • Someone asked if hes dating kathryn and he said no
  • “I’ll tell her about that, she’ll laugh”
  • Dancing to the music (this happens throughout the stream)
  • Someone asked if he could help them name their puppy
  • “Omg i love puppies i hope you love her forever and give her treats tell her i said hi!!”
  • talked about his pupper cooper (rip) and that she was his best friend
  • he really wants a girl dog, but he knows hes too busy rn to take care of one
  • Had a slight allergy to dogs but it probably went away over time
  • he’s playing with a silver ball
  • If youre mean and bullying ppl then u dont belong in this community, be respectful!!
  • says the ball is somewhat like a stress ball
  • basically he constantly needs to be doing something with his hands due to adhd
  • He did not go to college, took a gap year,,,, then another one,,,, then la happened
  • Considered going to film school and if he had time he’d want to do a short film
  • He doesnt think he could have a job that isn’t creative
  • He’ll think about doing a tour of his place,,,, possibly,,,, one day
  • Fave 21p song,,,,,,, heavy dirty soul,,,,,,,, maaybbee
  • He’s a scorpio (i only put this bc for some reason i thought he was a libra)
  • Mixed feelings about the ‘dark side’ character thing: he doesn’t want to come off like he’s copying jack & robin, but he does like the communities ideas
  • wants to be more consistent with trash goblin podcast
  • Crankgameplays name origin: dad owned a company called ‘crank’ & ethan had a poster of it in his room and then he and andrew were deciding what to name the channel, eth saw the poster and then bam
  • thanked the ppl who donated to the channel (lots of name butchering)

And thats what you missed on glee

anonymous asked:

i know this is stupid but thank you for having aux pronouns. i have a really hard time using it/it's bc of my own abuse and i know it's shitty and not an excuse to not use someone's pronouns but idk i'm just really grateful you have aux pronouns you're okay with people using i guess

no!!!! that is literally the exact reason i have the aux pronouns!!!! you are literally the exact type of person who needs to use those. you have an excuse to not use those. other excuses include being a non-native english speaker, among other things!

im ok with they/them like all the time, but i just get particularly happy when ppl use it/its because, well, u kno, it’s my preferred one, my Pronoun Of Choice.

“Also dont post this if itll make u uncomfortable! Its just hard to c ppl call themselves gay when im actually discriminated 4 it “

im reading this over and over again bc this shit is so fucking stupid?? first of all why would u send something that u know would make me uncomfortable?? And Second Table why do u think im not out ??? Bc trans ppl arent discriminated against right ?? 

puke-styles  asked:

love, i tried reporting her ig account but it'll only work if robin himself reports it or anne tries to do something. if worse comes to worse, i guess gemma or harry will be able to do something bc they're verified. she deleted his twitter acc tho and she had the nerve to post a video of her deleting it. i'm just so disappointed with ppl like this. i just hope these doesnt worsen things for the fans who are genuinely nice and supportive 💕

checked again to see if theres any way to report the twitter account and it’s actually up. apparently she deleted some tweets. gemma is in her holiday, harry is working hard to kick off his career and some stupid shit head decides now is the time to target them god! are u stressed emily?? bc i am and i have college tomorrow and its already 1 am and i haven’t gone to sleep yet! just hoping that harries will be here to support the styles/twist family 💕

Waaait, she recorded herself deleting the account that didn’t originally belong to her? What the fuck is wrong with her? That’s horrible. Who is she? I really want to know who this girl is because she’s so rude… I feel so guilty that it’s happening to them because she’s part of the fandom and it paints us in a bad light because she’s stealing them and posting them… We don’t ask for them and I just hope that Harry and his family know that not all of us are as nasty as this girl. 

I really hope that that account gets taken down (and any others that deem it okay to hack and steal and post things where they haven’t been given consent) and I hope, I really hope, that the family is left alone in regards to having personal photos stolen and posted online. It’s not necessary. It’s disrespectful and very invasive and what they’re doing is so, so wrong. 

I wish the family could have a break from some of the nastiness that this fandom gives them every so often, when the time strikes and when people get bored. The family deserve none of this. It’s horrendous. xx

I love that I’m like my family’s scapegoat for everything. Oh we’re dysfunctional? Its cuz I don’t try hard enough. Oh our family’s broken? My bad. My lil brother said he wants to kill ppl? I’m a bad influence. I love that! Love it I love that I’m the absolute worst and ruin everyone else’s lives bc I’m sooooo stupid and self centered and never think about anything

@aresen exactlyyyy lol straight ppl are so stupid, like straight women think they can get guys by “acting lesbo” and straight guys who rly believe that theyre lesbians think they can convert them?? ok. actually you know what? its girls like that who make it hard for lesbians to be respected when we tell men “no thanks im a lesbian” they think that they just need to convince us bc hey! it worked with those girls that one time