its halloween sort of

to kiss or not to kiss

The prompt for the last day of Sterekweek is obviously Halloween,  so have 1.4k of Halloween fluff with preschool trick or treaters!

Halloween sort of loses its appeal once you know what really goes bump in the night.

Stiles used to love it - the one day of the year to be a society approved nerd, to dress up and geek out. They used to go all out; his mum knew how to sew and made all of their costumes, no flimsy store bought stuff for the Stilinskis, no sir. Stiles’ superman cape actually kept him warm, didn’t rip when Scott accidentally stepped on it, and also did the cool swishy thing.

Since his mum died, Stiles’ costumes have mostly been store bought, but he still loved Halloween. And even with the werewolf epiphany it was still fun - at least at first. Stiles thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Lydia’s first post-werewolf Halloween party. The best thing was Derek’s eyes almost falling out of his head, he was rolling them so hard. He came in his regular henley and jeans combo and claimed he was a vampire who couldn’t see himself in the mirror and thus couldn’t dress up, so Stiles definitely came out on top of that one.

But this year he just isn’t feeling it.

It’s been too many months of terror and death to enjoy a night of fake terror and death. And he doesn’t want to face happy little werewolves and vampires who’ll make him feel like the the grouchiest grouch of Halloween. So he hides in the one Halloween safe place he can think of: Derek’s loft. No kid is ever going to go trick or treating at Derek’s loft.

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gavin grinning from ear to ear when he asks what michael’s gonna be for halloween

michael shrugging and saying he’s probably going to throw something together, and gavin just keeps grinning and opens his mouth and jesus christ, here we fuckin’ go.

and gavin’s grin is threatening to turn into full blown laughter as he says “i think i know what you should go as.” and michael might as well humor him now instead of later, so he goes “what, gavin?” like gavin wants him to, and gavin does his approximation of a straight face and goes “you should go as my boyfriend.” before bursting into a blend of squeaking and giggling that’s uniquely gavin.

I wear dollar store Halloween socks every day of October. Not only is it a fun lowkey festivity but a great personality test because you’ll either hear “hey, fun socks!” or “?? today’s only october 4th…?..?” and that really lets you know who you’re dealing with

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eyyy i finally hit 750 so im gonna do a small giveaway

uhh idk thisll probably end on the 30th so i can do a prize by halloween or smth since i guess its sort of halloween themed

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the prize will be like this??? so a picture of ur character (or any character i guess??) in a halloween costume or as a monster or fairy tale creature or whatever (ill spend more time on it so its not as rushed and shitty as that tho aha)