its hall not fall

About the Fall Out Boy Fanficition video

I completely understand why people are upset but Fall Out Boy is really not trying to make fun of us. They think it’ll be a fun, entertaining video, like the FOB Fan Confessions one. Zack Hall explained what they’re actually trying to do on twitter:

To Fall Out Boy, their fans are part of their family, they would never intentionally try to hurt us. I understand that the fanfic writers feel it is an invasion of their privacy, but the fics were all posted on the internet for people to read and of course the band would find them, simply by looking or from people tweeting them about them, plus the writers’ names will not be read in the video so as to not “call them out.” This is supposed to be like the FOB Fan Confessions video, where, sure, some of the things they’re reading might be a bit weird, but it’s their reactions that are meant to be funny and entertaining, not what they’re reading. Please stop sending Zack Hall and all of Fall Out Boy hate for this, they’re just trying to come out with one last funny video before the album release. Also, the OP (jensenclan88 and the one hosting it) deleted the IG picture announcing, so they may be calling it off.

buckystummy answered your post: i feel like writing something hallowee…

chubby bucky and steve in some kind of ridiculous couple halloween costume that was bought months ago and doesnt fit bucky anymore!!! pls

“C'mon, Buck.” Steve adjusted his wig in the hall mirror. There was already a car waiting downstairs for them to whisk them off to whatever secret “spooky” location Tony had chosen for his Halloween gala. They had chosen their costumes months before, and Bucky’s was by far the less complicated, so Steve wasn’t really sure what was taking him so long. “We’re going to be late.”

He heard a loud huff from the bedroom. “I…fuck, Steve. I don’t know if I can go at all." 

Steve turned away from the mirror to frown back down the hall. "What are you talking about?”

“I just…you might as well see.” Bucky stepped out into the hall, and Steve swallowed hard.

The fall season with its casseroles and sweet treats and comfort foods had definitely been kind to Bucky. Steve knew that he’d put on some weight, but thanks to the equally ubiquitous chunky sweaters, he hadn’t really had a visual representation of how much.

But squeezed into the now skin-tight white t-shirt and vest that they’d bought when he was in the prime of his fitness, it was obvious. And it was a lot. His belly pushed against the t-shirt, leaving it stretched taut over the roundest curve of it with tense wrinkles in the sides where the fabric had less to contain. It swelled over the the thick belt into a little paunch, the handle of one the blaster at his hip obviously pressing into one of his new lovehandles.

“It doesn't fit,” Bucky said, sounding almost distraught.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Steve crossed over to lean in and give him a kiss. The fabric of his long white dress whispered against his legs and the carpet as he moved. “It looks great. You look great.”

“Yeah?” Bucky looked more relaxed already, giving Steve a little crooked smile. “Won’t be embarrassed to show up to the party with a fat Han Solo?”

“Hell no.” Steve grinned. “And if anyone gives you any shit, don’t forget I have a blaster of my own. I’m not some helpless princess.”