its greatly appreciated

i have literally little to none food in my house and i feel like im dying we dont even have canned food or cereal just empty boxes and bags + a fridge full of condiments can anyone paypal me spare change or anything because we dont get food stamps until a week from now and i dont know if one bag of ramen noodles can last me that long lmfao

not asking for a hundred bucks just looking for something to feed myself with until we get food stamps

if u can please send anything to me on paypal its greatly appreciated and please reblog i dont have a lot of followers!!!

composition help?

I’m in the first stage of completion of my second AS level composition (a miniature suite for saxophone quartet). I’m every lucky to have a sax quartet to play it through with and I’ve been through it all with them, and I was wondering if I were to post it on here if anyone would be willing to take a listen and offer any constructive criticism? The more eyes on it the better and more varied feedback and improvement :)


HEY guys, so I’m currently a student in UNI here in Aus trying to get a job. But as a hobby and own little business I’ve opened an Etsy store :)

All of my shirts go up to 3XL in sizing and are hand made! I have Tje 1975 designs, All Time Low designs (more to come) and some of my own with more lisitngs on their way. 

If this isn’t your thing or you don’t care awesome, im just tryna get the word out there! check it out if you’d like! Its greatly appreciated (also feel free to message me here of any designs or lyrics you may like) 

<3 <3 <3

Hi everyone!!! It’s that time again (albeit a tad last minute) to submit your beautiful artwork, faces, and bday messages for Amy’s birthday video! Not sure what that means? Check out last year’s video here

Below is what we’ll need, and everything is due to my music team’s email by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH.


You gloriously talented human beings, would you do me the honor of submitting your art? Any Amy-related / Root / Root x Shaw / POI drawings, sketches, comics, doodles, manips, ANYTHING will do! (and the more the better!!! :D) We’d like to put the art as a slideshow to the song. If your signature is not already on the art, please let us know how you’d like to be credited.


Take a photo of yourself with a short birthday message sign up wishing Amy a happy birthday. I’m sure she’d love to see all of your beautiful faces!!! (If you’d like your name to show, let us know what you’d like displayed and we can add it)


Since we want everyone to have a chance to contribute, you can also just submit a cute text message you would like to tell Amy. This will be something beyond just saying Happy Birthday. For example, I would write “Amy, you are my ray of sunshine. *Flies into the sun* Love, Ting.”

Again, please email it to by November 26th! If you also would like me to pull it myself from somewhere, please just shoot me a message on tumblr or twitter. Let me know if you have any questions! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

A big round of applause for all the artists who participated in the creation of this collection of fanart. Everyone put a lot of time and energy into their work and its greatly appreciated. Extra thank you to cyrilliart for helping me coordinate and put the final product together!

More information about how you can pre-order your copy of this limited edition art book can be found >>here<<. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be split among this year’s 6 1D Fans Give charity drives.


Participating artists:

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After many years of support and love on this site, I thought it was about time I share some of my real writing with you guys. Check out my new blog for a daily dose of fiction. All support is greatly appreciated!