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Hello Haikyuu fandom!

For this exchange, you will be given a fantasy/mythical creature or figure at random. This will be the creature your gift has to be based on. (We are still accepting creatures to be added to the list)

To sign up as a creator/receiver: Please fill out this FORM so we can keep track of the entries and pair people up. 

To sign up as a pinch server: Please fill out this FORM. These are the people who are willing to create an additional gift in case someone drops out, or if there’s an uneven number of participants. You do not have to participate in the event to join as a pinch server. 

Additional info, as well as rules and the types of gifts acceptable, can be found here

This exchange does require an email, it is strictly for contacting purposes and will not be shared with anyone. 

Some rules and guidelines:
1) We will try to pair you up as closely as possible to your interests. If for some reason you feel like you were not paired correctly, please contact us and we will try our best to fix it.
2) If you would like to change the creature you were given, please contact us and we will randomly select a new one for you. You can do this as many times you like.
3) Nsfw must be put under a ‘read more’ and be tagged as such.
4) Everything must be tagged appropriately.
5) Any and all questions will be answered, just go here, or contact us on our email (
6) The gifts will be due in October. Posting is scheduled to be October 15 to October 31. If there are any changes are made, we will contact all participants. 
7) If you cannot make the date, or want to drop out of the exchange, please tell us before August 18th. Please also tell us if you change your url during the duration of the exchange.
8) We will be tracking the tag #fantasyhaikyuuexchange so please make sure to have it in the first five (5) tags.

***EDIT: These forms will be open until June 1st so please reblog to spread the info! ****

(the ultimate) IASIP spreadsheet

Because I am incapable of liking things casually, I’ve been making a giant spreadsheet for a while now with a bunch of information about every sunny ep. I realized recently that a lot of you weren’t around when I first talked about it, so I figured I’d make a separate post for it! It keeps track of the major ships, common headcanons, side characters, running jokes and a few other things. The ratings are currently my own opinion, but I’m thinking about putting the IMBD ratings in at some point.

that spreadsheet is here!

anyone is welcome to use/bookmark for your own personal use, as a reference for meta, whatever you want! The goal is to have it be a resource for people. It is still in progress and changes a bit over time, but I’m always sort of working on filling it out.

I’m also still looking for people to help fill it out! just shoot me a message/ask if you’re interested. I probably won’t pick everyone, but as long as you’re willing to contribute you have a pretty good chance.

Feel free to ask questions/make suggestions! I’m always open to feedback!

Heya, my name is Audrey and im a schizophrenic trans woman. I was recently evicted from my apartment (over my seizures being triggering to my roommates) and forced to move in with a friend whose rent is higher than what my welfare can cover. Im already out of money for the month and owe my new roommate about 100$ for groceries they covered when my card bounced. I cannot go back into sex work right now because my mental health would absolutely deteriorate if i did. Ive been homeless for the majority of he last three years and im terrified at the prospect of living in a shelter again. Im looking for a job so that i can make rent, but in the meantime, could i get some help from you all? My paypal is, every dollar helps 💙💙💙. Thank you for reading and/or sharing this post, its greatly appreciated.

*Preview* (to be continued...)

Future Genre(s): ย Smut, Fluff, Angssst.

People: Y/n (you) x Kim Taehyung.

As a single mom who has worked her way up to the top in the broadcasting world, how exactly will you react when one of the most popular boys in K-Pop starts to take interest in your personal life? Better yet, when he wants to become more than just a boy, but a man towards you.

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Get to Know Mod Vic


So as you guys know I am the new mod. My names Vic or Victor (inside joke on my real name). I am basically a real life Noctis honestly emotions and all. Which is weird bc Noct is my favorite chocobro. If you guys want to follow my main blog that’s filled with all types of trash its victorquinnn. There’s really nothing else to know about me at this time and moment. Anyways back to rules and such.

I don’t have many rules just you know don’t be an asshole. I will get to you guys and I have classes for the next month or so and then I’ll be on summer vacation so I could get to more of you then. I’ll write anything really. NSFW, Angst, triggering things, fun fluff, G rated stuff, headcanons, fics, etc. If there’s anything in particular you want I can try to write it. I will be writing my own fics and you guys can literally ask me anything including if you’re trying to get to know me.

That’s pretty much it right now. I’m pretty boring honestly but I hope that I can write for you guys and make your day. Also before I forget everything I write will be tagged as Mod Vic that way if you want to find just my writings you can just search that tag. Both of my computers are out of commission so getting to everyone will be so much harder but I can manage. Well that’s it I hope you guys like me!

~Mod Vic

Queen of Peace: TWO

chapter one//story page//No Light (banner by eriza)

two: dissolving like the setting sun

Florence had the ability to look like she belonged no matter where she was. A tense meeting with the King of Asia? Completely at ease. A beachfront getaway? Stylish and carefree. Her soul mateโ€™s office? Perfectly at home.

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how they got here

revenge & redemption prequel

a glimpse into harry styles and emery gold’s almost 2 year relationship, pre-everything going to shit. 

coming soon

Currently taking any recommendations for any K-Dramas. Whether they be new or old ones doesn’t matter. Finished Hwarang and just finished Strong Woman Do Bong Soon…. any and all help is appreciated please and thank you 😭

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‘Best Friends, Apparently’ Part Seven: A Guy Like Me (Michael M x Reader)

yโ€™all know the drill, i live and breath solely bc of feedback, and its always Greatly Appreciated :-)

Word Count: 1918

Warnings: rape mention, swearing, physical violence

part one ย  part two ย  part three ย  part four ย  part five ย  part sixย ย  ย  ย part eight

You heard a car door slam outside, and you turned your head for a moment, before deciding it was probably one of your neighbors.

And then you heard someone trying to unlock your front door.

โ€œY/N, I thought your parents werenโ€™t coming home until tomorrow?โ€ Jeremy said, and you stared at the door, eyebrows drawing together.

โ€œThey arenโ€™t, I donโ€™t know who else would-โ€ You said, before you felt your blood run cold.

โ€œGabe took Michaelโ€™s key before he left yesterday,โ€ You whispered, and you felt Michaelโ€™s arm tighten around you.

Your front door swings open, hitting the wall beside it and you see Gabeโ€™s silhouette, outlined by a golden sunset that wouldโ€™ve been beautiful if not for the circumstances. He stormed toward the living room, and you could feel Michaelโ€™s heart begin to race.

You never did like storms.

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