its great)


“Even though it may not be traditionally or technically proficient, it’s just so crazy interesting to listen to. To me, I would think that Louis is more of a stylist. His singing a lot of the time is very passionate, very raspy, very emotional. And that’s all I care about when he’s singing, because when he sings there’s something that comes through that makes me feel what he’s feeling.”


Dr Glurf claimed it was an insect evaporator for those afraid of bugs and spiders.

It was in fact an enlarger

Dr Glurf is a massive troll.

My Cowardice au not heroic au


America First, Finland Second

psa: dear evan hansen is amazing, will roland is amazing, ben platt is amazing, mike faist is amazing, will roland is extraordinary, ben platt is extraordinary, mike faist is extraordinary, dear evan hansen is extraordinary, and the whole cast is amazing.

oh yeah and the whole cast is extraordinary.